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A total of 19 PDC Tour Cards will be on offer at the Robin Park Tennis Centre, with the final two players on each of the four days winning an automatic PDC Tour Card. In addition, players will earn ranking points per victory in each full round of the event (which does not include Byes), which will be used to form the UK Q School Order of Merit, from which the top 11 players will win Tour Cards.

Three-time World Champion John Part is among the players to have entered UK Qualifying School, along with televised title winner Kevin Painter and former PDC World Championship finalists Andy Hamilton and Kirk Shepherd. Former PDC televised finalists Wes Newton, Colin Osborne, Barrie Bates, Richie Burnett and Mark Walsh will also be competing, along with 2018/19 World Championship participants Aden Kirk and Stephen Burton.

A number of other experienced PDC stars will attempt to return to the PDC circuit, including former ranking event winners Jamie Caven, Andy Jenkins and Joe Murnan and former UK Open semi-finalists David Pallett and Andrew Gilding.

Three-time Lakeside Champion Glen Durrant heads the list of BDO players taking part, alongside two-time champion Scott Waites and they are joined by 2018 Grand Slam of Darts participants Mark McGeeney and Jim Williams.

Lisa Ashton and Anastasia Dobromyslova, former Lakeside Women’s Champions who also competed in the PDC World Championship last month, headline a list of female entrants which also includes three-time UK Open qualifier Deta Hedman and recent Lakeside runner-up Lorraine Winstanley.

International hopefuls in action in Wigan include four players who starred in the 2018/19 World Championship; Brazil’s Diogo Portela, Hong Kong’s Royden Lam, India’s Nitin Kumar and American Chuck Puleo.

With UK Qualifying School entries now confirmed, the top seven players from the European Qualifying School Order of Merit have secured Tour Cards. Follow DartConnect and pdc.tv from January 17-20 for live results from UK Qualifying School, which starts at 1030 GMT each day. All games are the best of nine legs.

The full entry list of 397 players is at the bottom of this page

NOTE > Guest Passes: 

Ahead of the forthcoming PDC UK Qualifying School, we can confirm that competing players will be able to bring ONE guest per day to the event.


  • CLICK HERE For the event brief, hotels and travel UK Q-School
  • CLICK HERE For the 2019 European Tour Qualifying information.
  • CLICK HERE For the 2019 UK Open information.

Registration at Q-School Thur 17th – Sun 20th January:

8.00am-9.30am – Doors will open at 8.00am to players and any guests and registration is open to all entrants.
9.30am – Registration closes, any player not registered by 9.30am will not be in the draw for the that day.
Play will start 30 minutes after draw is displayed in the venue, but will be no later than 10.30am


Following your confirmed entry, the PDPA will contact you via your registered email address to complete your PDPA Membership.


  • The UK Qualifying School will play down to the final two players on each day, to give eight automatic Tour Cards.
  • The European Qualifying School four automatic Tour Cards are Niels Zonneveld, Mike van Duivenbode, Cristian Bunse and Darius Labanaskas.

The remaining Tour Cards will be awarded to players based on positions in the Qualifying School Order of Merit on a pro-rata basis across the UK and European Qualifying Schools with 11 from the UK and 7 from Europe to complete the 128 PDC Tour Cards.

UK Qualifying School Entries

Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan
Carl Abbiss
Jerry Abbott
Lance Adams
Robert Adnams
David Adshead
David Airey
Cameron Anderson
Craig Anderson
Lisa Ashton
Dave Askew
Jason Askew 
Martin Atkins (Leeds)
Martin Atkins (Wigan)
Daniel Ayres
Matthew Bacon
Richard Baillie
Jamie Bain
Scott Baker
Mark Barilli
Jamie Barrowman
Chas Barstow
James Barton
Barrie Bates
Tom Baughan
Max Baulcomb 
Mark Baxter
Sean Bell
Christopher Bent
Darren Beveridge
Gary Blades
Nathan Boon
Sam Booth
William Borland
Philip Borthwick
Andy Boulton
John Bowles
Martin Bradbury
Kenneth Bramall
Derek Brand
Shaun Bridle
Rachel Brooks
Justin Broton
Anthony Brown
Darron Brown
Paul Brown
John Bryan
Lee Bryant
Lee Budgen
Adam Bull
Joshua Burksfield
Richie Burnett
Ben Burton
Stephen Burton
Mitch Butler
David Calvert
David Cameron
Aidan Campbell
Robert Canham
Sam Cankett
Phil Canty
Nathan Careless
Gavin Carlin
Francis Carragher
Shaun Carroll
Anthony Carter
Keith Carter
Aaron Castagnette
Jamie Caven
Andy Chalmers
Spencer Chapman
Aaron Chapple
Matt Clark
Ricky Clarke
Brett Claydon
Rob Clayton
Jake Clifford
John Cockburn
Jarred Cole
Tony Cole
Reece Colley
Robert Collins
Frankie Collopy
Stuart Comerford
William Cook
Jacob Cooksey
Richard Corner
Derek Coulson
Gary Court
Daniel Cox
Jordan Crabtree
Sam Cromwell
Logan Crooks
Zak Cross
John Crossley
Paul Croucher
Jason Cullen
Mark Cullen
Scott Dale
Scott Darbyshire
Antony Darlow
John Davey
Ben Davies
Darren Davies
Rhys Davies
Joe Davis
Paul Dawkins
Daniel Day
Matthew Dennant
Nathan Derry
Marc Dewsbury
Jack Dickinson
Anastasia Dobromyslova
Brian Doran
Kevin Dowling
Cameron Doyle
Dylan Duo
Glen Durrant
Stuart Dutton
Tony Dyke
Ritchie Edhouse
Dafydd Edwards
David Edwards
Kevin Edwards
Richie Edwards
Brad Ellis
Mark Esposito
David Evans
Kieran Evans
Lee Evans
Steve Evans
Dale Everett
George Fawcett
Michael Feasey
Steven Ferguson
Dean Finn 
Peter Fisher
Allan Fitzpatrick
Andrew Foster
Wayne France
Callum Francis
Mark Frost
Nick Fullwell
Adam Gallett
Matt Gallett
Billy Gallie
Stephen Gallimore
Kevin Garcia
Barry Gardner
George Gardner
Jonathan Gardner
Keith Geraghty
Glenn Gibson
John Gibson
Craig Gilchrist
Andrew Gilding
Kris Glass
Andrew Glover
Adrian Gray
Oliver Green
Robbie Green
Thomas Gregory
Rhys Griffin
Shaun Griffiths
Jamie Guilfoyle
John Guy
Rees Hall
Brian Hallas
Andy Hamilton
Carl Hamilton
Corrine Hammond
Curtis Hammond
Dan Hand
Paul Hanvidge
Ricky Harding
Stephen Harradine
Michael Harrison
Kelvin Hart
Christopher Harvey 
Rhys Hayden
Lee Hayes
Deta Hedman
Jamie Henry
Darren Herewini
Jonathan Hewitt
Sam Hewson
Mark Hickey
Ash Hilditch
Steve Hine
Aaron Holdstock
Ashley Holgate
Paul Holloway
Ryan Hope
Richie Howson
Adam Huckvale
Brian Hudson
Jamie Hughes
Sam Hunter
Michael Huntley
Ian Hurley
Andy Hutchings
Dean Hyde
Peter Jacques
Andy Jenkins
Dafydd Jenkins
Paul Jenkinson
Nick Jennings
Prakash Jiwa
Sonny Johal
Darren Johnson
Christopher Jones
Leighton Jones
Ryan Jones
Ian Jopling
Sean Jowers
Jon Jukes
Stuart Kellett
James Kempster
Ricky King
Aden Kirk
Veljko Knezevic
Nitin Kumar
David Ladley
Ting Chi Royden Lam
Jamie Landon
Kevin Lane
John Large
Daniel Lauby
Mark Lawrence
James Lawson
Daniel Lee
Ka Ho Leung 
Ian Lever
John Lieber
Teng Shia Lim
Tommy Lishman
Colin Littlecott
Tom Lonsdale
Callum Loose
Eddie Lovely
Thomas Lovely
Martin Lukeman
Barry Lynn
Patrick Lynskey
Kenneth MacNeil
Jack Main
Jon Mansell
Jason Marriott
Shaun Matthews
Daniel Maystone
Michael McBain
Michael Mccloskey
Kevin Mcdonnell
Ian McFarlane
Mark McGeeney
Andre Luke McGill
Mark McGrath
Shane McGuirk
Lewis McGurn
Jim McKevitt
Kyle McKinstry 
Jimmy McKirdy
Stephen McNally
Ian Meaker
Liam Meek
Cameron Menzies
Chris Millward
Peter Mitchell
Tony Mitchell
Barry Morgan
Craig Morgan
Joe Murnan
Jason Murphy
Ryan Murray
Coni Nagi
Eikichi Nakanishi
Terry Nash
Paul Neate
Andy Neocleous
Dion Newman
Wes Newton
Kelvin Nixon
Dean Norman
Andrew Northcott
Mike Norton
Martin O’Boyle
Damien O’Driscoll
Keith O’Neill
Colin Osborne 
Dean Owen
Matt Padgett
Kevin Painter
Joey Palfreyman
David Pallett
Ryan Palmer
Dyson Parody
John Part
David Patterson
Adam Paxton
Reece Pearse
Darren Penhall 
Paul Phillips
Chris Pick
Darryl Pilgrim
Darren Place 
Diogo Portela
Mario Portela
John Power
Andrew Poynton
Martin Pratt
Simon Preston
Lewis Pride
Dave Prins
Chuck Puleo
Christopher Quantock
Craig Quinn
Rohit Rabadia
Nathan Rafferty 
Paul Redfern
Dean Reynolds
Nathan Richards
Robert Rickwood
Ross Rimmer
Reece Robinson
Keith Rooney
Paul Rowley 
Sean Ryan
Callan Rydz
Roger Scrivens
Ronald Seddon
Jaikob Selby-Rivas
Adam Shanks
Kirk Shepherd
Fallon Sherrock
Kevin Simm
Joe Singleton
Damian Smith
Dennis Smith
Gavin Smith
James Smith
Justin Smith
Lee Smith
Steven Smith
Adam Stella
Aaron Stevens
Evander Stevenson 
David  Stokell
Stuart Stubbs
Hideyuki Sugita
Scott Sutton
Simon Tate
David Taylor
Scott Taylor
Ciaran Teehan
William Thexton
Kevin Thomas
Martin Thomas 
Robert Thomson
Vince Tipple
Mick Todd
Stephen Tompkins
Scott Towers
Nathan Treadgold
Martyn Turner
Chris Vaughan
Wayne Wadsworth
Scott Waites
Jim Walker
Paul Walker
Brandon Walsh
Darren Walsh
Mark Walsh
Richie Walsh
Harry Ward
Chris Ware
Kerry Way
Chris White
Conan Whitehead
Mike Whitehead
Grant Whittaker
Carl Wilkinson
Brad Williams
Darren Williams
Jim Williams
Lee Williams
Marc Williams
Paul Williams
Ricky Williams
David Wilson
Jason Wilson
Stu Wilson
Lorraine Winstanley
Ian Withers
Gary Witty
Terry Wood
James Woodhouse
Brian Woods
Jonathan Worsley

Template - Front page: European Q-School Final Tour Cards

MADARS RAZMA headlines the seven players who have secured PDC Tour Cards via the European Qualifying School Order of Merit, with entries for the UK Qualifying School now confirmed.

The beginning of January saw 249 players compete at Halle 39 in Hildesheim, Germany, as Niels Zonneveld, Mike van Duivenbode, Christian Bunse and Darius Labanauskas won Tour Cards outright over the four days of competition.

A total of 397 players have entered the UK Qualifying School, which will be held from January 17-20 at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan, with the number of Tour Cards on offer divided on a pro-rata basis in relation to tournament entries.

There will be 19 Tour Cards on offer for UK Qualifying School and 11 for European Qualifying School, meaning the top seven players on the European Qualifying School Order of Merit will join the four already-qualified European players.

The European Qualifying School Order of Merit was topped by Latvia’s Razma, who reached the final of a Players Championship event in 2018. Experienced Finnish player Marko Kantele is joined by Dutch pair Yordi Meeuwisse and Vincent Van der Meer, while there is a return to the PDC circuit for Greek number one John Michael.

Portugal’s Jose De Sousa also competed at Alexandra Palace in December, with Maik Kuivenhoven sealing the seventh and final place to make it five Dutch additions to the PDC circuit in 2019.

Follow DartConnect and pdc.tv from January 17-20 for live results from UK Qualifying School, which starts at 1030 GMT each day.

Final Tour Card Winners from European Qualifying School Order of Merit

1 Madars Razma LAT 16
2 Marko Kantele FIN 12
2 Yordi Meeuwisse NLD 12
2 Vincent Van der Meer NLD 12
5 John Michael GRC 11
6 Jose De Sousa PRT 10
6 Maik Kuivenhoven NLD 10


Review of the 2019 European Qualifying School below:

Lithuanian Darius Labanauskas earned a PDC Tour Card as he won the final day of 2019 European Qualifying School on Sunday in Hildesheim.

Labanauskas, who famously defeated Raymond Van Barneveld last month at the William Hill World Championship, clinched glory in Hildesheim with a final victory over another Dutchman in Vincent Van der Meer.

The Lithuanian joined Niels Zonneveld, Mike Van Duivenbode and Christian Bunse in winning Tour Cards outright with tournament triumphs during the four day event, which had 249 entries. 

This was Labanauskas’ last chance at securing full-time status on the PDC circuit for the next two years, and only a win was required. The remaining players will form the QSOoM Table with the top players from this table also earning a Tour Card, the amount available will be confirmed on the UK Q-School deadline day ‘Tuesday 15th January 2pm’

For the 2019 European Tour Qualifying details
For the 2019 UK Open Information


Day 4 – Sunday 6th January

Darius Labanauskas won the final PDC Tour on Day 4

Quarter Finals
Toon Greebe 3-5 Vincent van de Meer
Jyhan Artut 2-5 Yordi Meeuwisse
Thibault Tricole 0-5 Darius Labanuaskas
Kevin Munch 2-5 Madars Razma

Semi Finals
Vincent van de Meer 5-3 Yordi Meeuwisse
Darius Labanuaskas 5-2 Madars Razma

Vincent van de Meer 3-5 Darius Labanuaskas
For the full results follow tv.dartconnect.com

Day 3 – Saturday 5th January

The third PDC Tour Card of the European Qualifying School went to German youth star Cristian Bunse, who beat Pavel Jirkalin in todays final from Germany.

The German youngster, who reached three finals on the PDC Unicorn Development Tour in 2018, secured full-time status on the PDC circuit by triumphing at Halle 39 on the day before his 24th birthday. 

Cristian Bunse Day 3 Tour Card Winner

Quarter Finals
Boris Koltsov 5-0 Niels Heinsøe
Cristian Bunse 5-2 Nico Blum
Kenny Neyens 5-1 Jose de Sousa
Pavel Jirkal 5-4 Jesús Noguera

Semi Finals
Boris Koltsov 3-5 Cristian Bunse
Kenny Neyens 2-5 Pavel Jirkal

Cristian Bunse 5-2 Pavel Jirkal
For the full results follow tv.dartconnect.com

Day 2 – Friday 4th January:

Following Thursday’s Day One success for Netherlands youth star Niels Zonneveld, another Netherlands youth player Mike van Duivenbode beat Latvias Madars Razma on a last leg decider 5-4.

He came back from 4-2 down. Van Duivenbode like Zonnerveld was another Development Tour winner last year. Canadas Jeff Smith and Finlands Markko Kantele were Semi Finalists

Mike van Duinvenbode Day 2 Tour Card Wineer

Quarter Finals
Marko Kantele 5-3 Karel Sedlacek
Mike van Duivenbode 5-0 Dragutin Horvat
Jeff Smith 5-3 Mike De Decker
Madars Razma 5-2 Yordi Meeuwisse

Semi Finals
Marko Kantele 3-5 Mike van Duivenbode
Jeff Smith 3-5 Madars Razma

Mike van Duivenbode 5-4 Madars Razma
For the full results follow tv.dartconnect.com

Day 1 – Thursday 3rd January:

Dutch youngster Niels Zonneveld secured the first PDC Tour Card available at the 2019 European Qualifying School in Hildesheim, Germany.

The 20-year-old, who won a PDC Unicorn Development Tour event in 2018, battled through a field of 249 players and averaged 99 as he beat Christian Goedl 5-1 in the final.

Zonneveld, from Uitgeest in the Netherlands, took out 115 in the opening leg before breaking throw in the second. Austrian Goedl responded in the third, but was then powerless to resist the Dutchman as he clinched the next three legs to secure his tour card.

Niels Zonneveld Day 1 Tour Card Winner

Quarter Finals
Nico Schlund 5-3 Madars Razma
Niels Zonneveld 5-3 Gergely Lakatos
Christian Goedl 5-2 John Michael
Hannes Schnier 5-3 Michael Rasztovits

Semi Finals
Nico Schlund 3-5 Niels Zonneveld
Christian Goedl 5-4 Hannes Schnier

Niels Zonneveld 5-1 Christian Goedl
For the full results follow tv.dartconnect.com

The Top 15= of the Final EUROPEAN QSOoM Table

1 Madars Razma 16
2 Marko Kantele 12
2 Yordi Meeuwisse 12
2 Vincent Van der Meer 12
5 John Michael 11
6 Jose De Sousa 10
6 Maik Kuivenhoven 10
8 Michael Rasztovits 9
8 Karel Sedlacek 9
8 Christian Goedl 9
8 Sebastian Steyer 9
8 Pavel Jirkal 9
8 Boris Koltsov 9
14 Kenny Neyens 8
15 Dragutin Horvat 7
15 Ryan De Vreede  7
15 Mike De Decker 7
15 Ricardo Pietreczko 7
15 Roxy James Rodriguez 7
15 Geert De Vos 7
15 Nico Schlund  7
15 Gergely Lakatos 7
15 James Bailey 7

Template - Front page: BetVictor Masters

BETVICTOR, one of Europe’s leading online gaming companies, has been unveiled as the title sponsor of the 2019 BetVictor Masters.


The event from ArenaMK from 1st – 3rd February will see Michael van Gerwen begin his bid to claim a fifth straight title against Jonny Clayton.


Tickets for the BetVictor Masters are available now from SeeTickets via this link. For full ticket information, please click here.


2019 BetVictor Masters – Draw Bracket

(1) Michael van Gerwen v (16) Jonny Clayton

(8) Mensur Suljovic v (9) Simon Whitlock

(5) Daryl Gurney v (12) Dave Chisnall

(4) Gary Anderson v (13) Darren Webster

(2) Rob Cross v (15) Joe Cullen

(7) Gerwyn Price v (10) James Wade

(6) Michael Smith v (11) Ian White

(3) Peter Wright v (14) Adrian Lewis


Friday February 1 (1900 GMT)

4x First Round

Daryl Gurney v Dave Chisnall

Mensur Suljovic v Simon Whitlock

Gary Anderson v Darren Webster

Michael van Gerwen v Jonny Clayton


Saturday February 2 (1900 GMT)

4x First Round

Gerwyn Price v James Wade

Rob Cross v Joe Cullen

Michael Smith v Ian White

Peter Wright v Adrian Lewis


Sunday February 3 (1300 & 1900 GMT)













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‘Mighty’ Michael van Gerwen claimed the 2018/19 World Championship and his third title with a 7-3 win over Michael Smith.  

Van Gerwen won the William Hill World Darts Championship for a third time with a 7-3 victory over Michael Smith at London’s Alexandra Palace on Tuesday. The culmination of darts’ biggest-ever event saw world number one Van Gerwen produce a dominant display in which he led throughout in the replay of the 2018 Premier League Final.

The Dutchman opened up four-set leads at 4-0 and 6-2, with a determined Smith unable to work his way back into the contest. In the first World Championship final since 1983 to feature two players under 30 years of age, Van Gerwen completed a 7-3 triumph to walk away with the £500,000 top prize and the coveted Sid Waddell Trophy.

Michael van Gerwen (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)
“Michael is a phenomenal player, he pushed me all the way and I am sure that one day he will win the World Championship.

“It means the world to me to win this trophy for a third time,” said Van Gerwen, who previously tasted victory in 2014 and 2017.“To win the biggest match of the year on this stage is the best feeling you can have, it’s incredible.

“I think I probably should’ve won more than three World Championship titles by now but it is a great feeling to be able to call myself a three-time World Champion. Now it’s time for a well-deserved holiday!”

Michael Smith (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)
“I’m gutted about how the game turned out, I just didn’t get going,” said Smith.

“I’m annoyed with myself for how I played, and if I took my chances then maybe it would’ve been a different game. “I tried way too hard but it’s my first World Championship final and I guarantee it won’t be my last. “I guarantee that one day I will lift this trophy.

Semi Finals
Nathan Aspinall 3-6 (10) Michael Smith
(1) Michael van Gerwen 6-1 (4) Gary Anderson

Quarter Finals
(1) MvG v Ryan Joyce
(12) Dave Chisnall 2-5 (4) Gary Anderson
Luke Humphries 1-5 (10) Michael Smith
Nathan Aspinall 5-1 Brendan Dolan

Fourth Round (Last 16)
(1) MvG 4-1 (16) Adrian Lewis
Ryan Joyce 4-3 (9) James Wade
(28) Jamie Lewis 0-4 (12) Dave Chisnall
(4) Gary Anderson 4-3 (20) Chris Dobey
(2) Rob Cross (31) 2-4 Luke Humphries
Ryan Searle 1-4 (10) Michael Smith
Nathan Aspinall 4-3 Devon Petersen
(30) Benito van de Pas 1-4 Brendan Dolan

Third Round (Last 32)
(1) Michael van Gerwen 4-1 (32) Max Hopp
(16) Adrian Lewis 4-0 Darius Labanauskas
Ryan Joyce 4-3 (25) Alan Norris
(9) James Wade 4-3 Keegan Brown
(5) Daryl Gurney 3-4 (28) Jamie Lewis
(12) Dave Chisnall 4-0 (21) Kim Huybrechts
(4) Gary Anderson 4-3 (29) Jermaine Wattimena
Vincent van der Voort 3-4 (20) Chris Dobey
(2) Rob Cross 4-0 (31) Cristo Reyes
Dimitri van den Bergh 1-4 Luke Humphries
Ryan Searle 4-1 William O’Connor
(10) Michael Smith 4-2 (23) John Henderson
Nathan Aspinall 4-1 (27) Kyle Anderson
Devon Petersen 4-2 (22) Steve West
Toni Alcinas 2-4 (30) Benito van de Pas
Brendan Dolan 4-2 (19) Mervyn King

Second Round (Last 64)
(1) Michael van Gerwen 3-1 Alan Tabern
(32) Max Hopp 3-0 Danny Noppert
(16) Adrian Lewis 3-0 Ted Evetts
(17) Raymond van Barneveld 2-3 Darius Labanauskas
(8) Simon Whitlock 0-3 Ryan Joyce
(25) Alan Norris 3-2 Steve Lennon
(9) James Wade 3-2 Seigo Asada
(24) Jelle Klaasen 1-3 Keegan Brown
(5) Daryl Gurney 3-0 Ross Smith
(28) Jamie Lewis 3-2 Cody Harris
(12) Dave Chisnall 3-2 Josh Payne
(21) Kim Huybrechts 3-0 Daniel Larsson
(4) Gary Anderson 3-1 Kevin Burness
(29) Jermaine Wattimena 3-0 Michael Barnard
(13) Darren Webster 0-3 Vincent van der Voort
(20) Steve Beaton 0-3 Chris Dobey
(2) Rob Cross 3-1 Jeffrey de Zwaan
(31) Cristo Reyes 3-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez
(15) Jonny Clayton 1-3 Dimitri Van den Bergh
(18) Stephen Bunting 1-3 Luke Humphries
(7) Mensur Suljovic 1-3 Ryan Searle
(26) James Wilson 2-3 William O’Connor
(10) Michael Smith 3-1 Ron Meulenkamp
(23) John Henderson 3-2 Gabriel Clemens
(6) Gerwyn Price 2-3 Nathan Aspinall
(27) Kyle Anderson 3-1 Noel Malicdem
(11) Ian White 1-3 Devon Petersen
(22) Steve West 3-1 Richard North
(3) Peter Wright 1-3 Toni Alcinas
(30) Benito van de Pas 3-2 Jim Long
(14) Joe Cullen 0-3 Brendan Dolan
(19) Mervyn King 3-2 Jan Dekker

First Round (Last 96)
Alan Tabern 3-2 Raymond Smith
Danny Noppert 3-0 Royden Lam
Simon Stevenson 0-3 Ted Evetts
Matthew Edgar 1-3 Darius Labanauskas
Ryan Joyce 3-0 Anastasia Dobromyslova
Steve Lennon 3-0 James Bailey
Krzysztof Ratajski 2-3 Seigo Asada
Keegan Brown 3-0 Karel Sedlacek
Ross Smith 3-1 Paul Lim
Martin Schindler 2-3 Cody Harris
Josh Payne 3-2 Jeff Smith
Robert Thornton 1-3 Daniel Larsson
Paul Nicholson 0-3 Kevin Burness
Michael Barnard 3-2 Jose De Sousa
Vincent van der Voort 3-2 Lourence Ilagan
Chris Dobey 3-0 Boris Koltsov
Jeffrey de Zwaan 3-1 Nitin Kumar
Ricky Evans 1-3 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Dimitri Van den Bergh 3-0 Chuck Puleo
Luke Humphries 3-0 Adam Hunt
Ryan Searle 3-0 Stephen Burton
William O’Connor 3-0 Yordi Meeuwisse
Ron Meulenkamp 3-2 Diogo Portela
Gabriel Clemens 3-0 Aden Kirk
Nathan Aspinall 3-0 Geert Nentjes
Jeffrey de Graaf 2-3 Noel Malicdem
Wayne Jones 2-3 Devon Petersen
Richard North 3-2 Robert Marijanovic
Toni Alcinas 3-0 Craig Ross
Mickey Mansell 1-3 Jim Long
Brendan Dolan 3-0 Yuanjun Liu
Jan Dekker 3-1 Lisa Ashton

Prize Fund

Fourth Round Losers£35,000
Third Round Losers£25,000
Second Round Losers£15,000
First Round Losers£7,500

Template - Front page: John Lowe Awarded MBE

One of the elite group of darts players to become a three-time World Champion, Lowe’s achievements came across three decades with victories in 1979, 1987 and 1993.

Lowe, now 73, was also the World Masters champion twice and News of the World Championship winner, but is arguably best-known for his achievement in recording the first televised nine-darter at the 1984 MFI World Matchplay.

The famous footage of Lowe’s perfect leg against Keith Deller, commentated upon by Dave Lanning, continues to enjoy worldwide airplay as a landmark moment for the sport.

He retired from competing on the PDC circuit at the end of 2007, having been a semi-finalist in the World Championship, World Matchplay and World Grand Prix after being one of the founder players following darts’ split.

Lowe was inducted into the PDC Hall of Fame alongside great rival Eric Bristow MBE in 2005 and had enjoyed a 30-year professional career. “I was away in Cyprus on holiday when the letter arrived and my son passed on the message, and I couldn’t believe it to be quite honest,” said Lowe.

“It took a while to sink in and I think it will only become real when I go to the Palace and collect the award.”It’s such an honour for me and a wonderful thing to receive.” The nine-darter remains one of darts’ most famous moments, and Lowe added: “It’s still something people talk to be about and it’s tremendous.

“You hear that millions of people have seen it on YouTube, and although I’ve not been on TV for over a decade it keeps you remembered because fathers show it to their kids. “I don’t think it’s every going to be forgotten anyway because it was the first TV nine-darter and you always remember the first more than anything.

“It’s still mentioned now and another programme which keeps us players remembered is Bullseye, which is still being shown. “People stop me in the supermarket and tell me that they saw me on Bullseye the previous evening, and things like that are lovely.”

Lowe’s MBE comes at the end of the year which saw Bristow pass away, and he added that it was a poignant moment to be recognised alongside his close friend, who was awarded an MBE in 1989.

“We had a great rivalry and it’s the foundation of what we’ve got today,” said Lowe. “We didn’t do it purposely, it was just us being who we were. “That’s the tinge of sadness, that Eric is not here. We would have had the biggest party.

“Mike Watterson, who set up the World Championship originally with the BDO and also helped set up the World Snooker Championship, had proposed me but I know that Eric had supported that nomination, which means a lot.

“We played together all over the world, and are the most successful pair ever in darts – we won six World Cups, six European Cups, the British Open three times in a row without losing. “It would have been fitting if he was here to celebrate, but sadly he’s left us.”

Lowe continues to play darts on the exhibition circuit and in charity events, and recently visited China alongside fellow former World Champion Dennis Priestley.


“I’ve just come back from China, where I was with Dennis Priestley for a competition out there which was on TV, and there were 37 million viewers when we played,” he added.

“It’s quite amazing and to still be involved is incredible. I’ve not played competitively on TV for over ten years, so to be asked to go to China and to get such a reception was great.

“I’ve been there a few times and darts has taken me all over the world over the last four decades. It’s been an amazing journey.”

Lowe remains a huge fan of the sport and has been following the William Hill World Darts Championship avidly over the festive period.

He said: “Someone suggested to me recently that all past champions should receive an invitation to the World Championship, like they do in The Masters golf.

“I know that one golfer was 94 years old and he replied that he was honoured to be invited but declined. If I was asked to play in the PDC World Championship, I would probably decline.

“I watched the game between Gary Anderson and Chris Dobey and it was incredible, and you have got to consider that if you did accept, you would be in that company. “The game has progressed and everything about the game is bigger and better now.”

Template - Front page: Ladbrokes Players Championship Finals

An incredible finish to the £460,000 tournament saw Gurney show incredible resilience as he fought back from 9-8 down to win the final three legs for one of the biggest wins of his career.


There were tears of joy for emotional Gurney, who clinched the £100,000 title with a spectacular 85 checkout on the bullseye to end Van Gerwen’s three-year reign as champion in the event.

Daryl Gurney, Michael van Gerwen (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

“I’m over the moon with that win, it means to much to me,” said former World Grand Prix champion Gurney.

“That was the best bullseye I’ve ever hit in my life, I was determined to make sure we didn’t go to a deciding leg and I was relieved to see it go in.

“I knew I was playing well, I was hitting everything in practice and after a sticky start I straightened up my throw and I grew in confidence from there.

“To win this tournament is an unbelievable feeling and I’m going to enjoy this moment.”

A tight opening to the final saw the first 12 legs all won on throw, before Van Gerwen took out 88 for a first break of the contest, only for a tenacious Gurney to break straight back.

World number one Van Gerwen broke throw once again to go 9-8 up, only for Gurney to show nerves of steel, taking out 88 in two darts to level at 9-9.

Gurney took out 32 to hold throw and go within a leg of the title, before a stunning 85 finish on the bull sealed a sensational win for the world number five.

Michael van Gerwen (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

For Van Gerwen it was a first televised ranking final defeat in 15 matches, but the Dutchman was keen to acknowledge the achievement of his rival.

“I think he played a phenomenal game,” said Van Gerwen, who avenged his Grand Slam of Darts loss to Gary Anderson in the semi-finals.

“To be fair I think I let myself down and Daryl punished me because my performance was not 100 percent.”

A dramatic day at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort had also seen Gurney overcome Chris Dobey and Danny Noppert to book his spot in a third TV final.

Van Gerwen and Anderson produced a thriller in the semi-finals, while Stephen Bunting, Jonny Clayton and Steve Lennon – on his 25th birthday – were knocked out alongside Dobey in the quarter-finals.

Belgium’s Dimitri Van den Bergh also enjoyed success on the Minehead stage as he retained the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship title, defeating Martin Schindler 6-3 in the final.

Attention on the PDC circuit now switches to the build-up to the William Hill World Darts Championship, which will begin on December 13 at London’s Alexandra Palace.

Sunday November 25th

Afternoon Session (12.45 GMT)
Daryl Gurney 10-2 Chris Dobey
Danny Noppert 10-7 Stephen Bunting
Gary Anderson 10-4 Jonny Clayton
Steve Lennon 3-10 MvG

Evening Session (19.00 GMT)
Daryl Gurney 11-3 Danny Noppert
Gary Anderson 9-11 MvG

Daryl Gurney v MvG

Ladbrokes Players Championship Finals Prize Fund

Winner: £100,000
Runner-Up: £40,000
Semi-Finalists: £23,000
Quarter-Finalists: £12,500
Second Round Losers: £8,000
Last 32 Losers: £5,000
First Round Losers: £2,500
Total: £460,000
Nine-Dart Finish Bonus: £5,000


First Round: Best of 11 legs
Second Round: Best of 11 legs
Third Round: Best of 19 legs
Quarter-Finals: Best of 19 legs
Semi-Finals: Best of 21 legs
Final: Best of 21 legs

Plus PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship Final:

Martin Schindler (Germany) 3-6 Dimitri Van den Bergh (Belgium)

DIMITRI VAN DEN BERGH became the first player to retain the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship with a 6-3 win over Martin Schindler in Sunday’s final at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort.

The pair had won through to the decider earlier in November when the last 96 faced off in the early rounds in Wigan, but it was Van den Bergh who clinched the £10,000 title.

Belgian youngster Van den Bergh, who hit a nine-dart finish at the Grand Slam of Darts, got off to a flying start, landing a stunning 151 finish to go 3-0 up, averaging 111 as he went half-way to retaining his title.

Schindler held his nerve with a last-dart-in-hand double five to keep the tie alive at 4-2 and also landed a 13-darter to stay in touch at 5-3.

Van den Bergh, though, was not to be stopped as he romped to the winning line, coming close to breaking his own record average in a World Youth Championship final with a 100.44 total as he kept hold of the trophy.

Dimitri van den Bergh (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

“It feels incredible.” said Van den Bergh. “I knew that I had the chance to make history and this is more beautiful than last year.

“Knowing that I’m back-to-back champion is something I will remember forever. I’m very, very happy that I played like I did because Martin is a fighter.

Van den Bergh, 24, will now concentrate solely on the senior circuit, and has set his sights on emulating last year’s run to the quarter-finals of the William Hill World Darts Championship at Alexandra Palace.

“In the World Youth Championship I’ve done my best and shown the young players that if you believe in yourself you can follow your dreams,” he added.

“I will be stronger now at the World Championship and will be focused on taking it step by step.”

Template - Front page: bwin Grand Slam of Darts

The Welsh ace had to battle back from behind against both Simon Whitlock and Mensur Suljovic just to reach the Wolverhampton final. He also trailed by three legs twice against Anderson, at 7-4 and 11-8, before hitting back to lift the Eric Bristow Trophy and claim the £110,000 title.

Price began the decider with a 120 finish, and after finding himself 4-2 down following a three-leg burst from Anderson, the Welshman finished 137 to pull back. Anderson, though, extended his advantage to 7-4 before seeing his rival claim four successive legs to regain the edge at 8-7.

The world number four found another gear to reel off four legs in a row as he moved back in front, levelling on tops, finishing 72 on the bull, 84 and 144 in taking an 11-8 advantage. Price finished 70 and 78 to respond before a 130 checkout saw him move within touching distance at 12-11.

Double ten saw Anderson move 13-11 up, but Price again dug in to win four successive legs as he turned the game on its head once again to move a leg away from glory, which was sealed on tops.

2018 bwin Grand Slam of Darts

Saturday November 17th (1900 GMT)

Quarter Finals
Michael Unterbuchner 6-16 Gary Anderson
Jonny Clayton 12-16 Michael van Gerwen

Sunday November 18th (1300 GMT)

Gerwyn Price 16-12 Mensur Suljovic
Michael van Gerwen 12-16 Gary Anderson

Evening Session (1930 GMT)

Gerwyn Price 16-13 Gary Anderson

Template - Front page: Challenge Tours 17-20


Sunday 11th November Peterborough
PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 19

Quarter Final
Darren Beveridge 5-Michael Barnard
Ted Evetts 5-Nick Fullwell
Andy Boulton 3-5 David Evans
Christopher Bent 4-5 Barry Lynn

Semi Final
Darren Beveridge 1-5 Ted Evetts
David Evans 5-0 Barry Lynn

Ted Evetts 5-4 David Evans

Full Results CLICK HERE

Sunday 11th November Peterborough
PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 20

Quarter Final
Michael Rasztovits 5-Michael Barnard
Nathan Rafferty 5-Barry Lynn
Reece Robinson 5-Robert Smith
Andy Boulton 5-Sean Ryan

Semi Final
Michael Rasztovits 5-4 Nathan Rafferty 
Reece Robinson 5-3 Andy Boulton

Michael Rasztovits 5-3 Andy Boulton

Full Results CLICK HERE


JONATHAN WORSLEY and David Evans claimed maiden PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour titles, while Cody Harris moved into a provisional qualifying place for the 2018/2019 William Hill World Championship in Peterborough on Saturday.

The opening day of the fifth and final Challenge Tour weekend of the year at the East of England Arena saw 2018 UK Open competitor Evans pocket the first £10,000 top prize thanks to a 5-2 win over Ryan Murray.

Welshman Worsley then became the second first-time Challenge Tour event winner of the day thanks to a 5-2 triumph over Harris in the final of Event 18, producing a 106 average in his quarter-final victory over Evans en route to the title.

Saturday 10th November Peterborough
PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 17

Quarter Final
Thomas Lovely 
5-Ted Evetts
Ryan Murray 5-Matthew Dennant
Andy Boulton 5-Martin Atkins (Wigan)
David Evans 5-Cody Harris

Semi Final
Ryan Murray 
5-Thomas Lovely
David Evans 5-Andy Boulton

David Evans 
5-Ryan Murray

Full Results CLICK HERE

Saturday 10th November Peterborough
PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour 18

Darren Beveridge 5-3 Mick Todd
David Evans 2-5 Jonathan Worsley
Cody Harris 5-0 Patrick Lynskey
Nathan Rafferty 5-Cameron Menzies

Semi Finals
Darren Beveridge 4-5 Jonathan Worsley
Cody Harris 5-1 Nathan Rafferty 

Jonathan Worsley 5-2 Cody Harris 

Full Results CLICK HERE

Final 2019 ct oom table top 40

For Full Table CLICK HERE

1 Barnard, Michael £11,600
2 Evetts, Ted £6,100
3 Harris, Cody £5,650
4 Menzies, Cameron £5,300
5 Ratajski, Krzysztof £4,200
6 Boulton, Andy £4,050
6 Atkins, Martin (Wigan) £4,050
8 Nilsson, Dennis £4,000
9 Evans, David £3,850
10 Preston, Simon £3,800
11 Huckvale, Adam £3,400
12 Hughes, Jamie £3,350
13 Rasztovits, Michael £3,150
14 Cullen, Jason £3,100
15 Portela, Diogo £3,050
15 Cole, Jarred £3,050
17 Worsley, Jonathan £2,900
18 Meeuwisse, Yordi £2,800
19 Frost, Mark £2,750
20 Dennant, Matthew £2,550
21 Beveridge, Darren £2,500
21 Davey, John £2,500
23 Budgen, Lee £2,400
24 Lowe, Jason £2,300
25 Murray, Ryan £2,250
25 Lynn, Barry £2,250
27 Jenkins, Andy £2,100
28 Todd, Mick £2,050
28 Mitchell, Peter £2,050
28 Rickwood, Robert £2,050
31 Koltsov, Boris £2,000
31 Pallett, David £2,000
33 Prins, Dave £1,950
34 Gray, Adrian £1,900
35 Kellett, Stuart £1,850
36 Rafferty,Nathan £1,750
36 Ward, Harry £1,750
38 Corner, Richie £1,700
39 Bates, Barrie £1,550
40 Griffin, Rhys £1,500


Template - Front page: bwin World Series Finals

Wade ended his four-year wait for a TV title at last weekend’s European Championship and wasted no time in claiming a ninth TV crown in Austria after surviving five match darts in a pulsating final leg.

The 35-year-old recently became a father for the first time and an emotional Wade once again dedicated his triumph to son Arthur.

Michael Smith, James Wade (Michael Braunschadel, PDC)

“This is another win for Arthur, I couldn’t be happier right now,” said Wade, who pocketed the £50,000 top prize. “I threw it away but then Michael did the same and I was very grateful for my second chance to win that game.

“Last week I had the biggest amount of luck in the world and I did again this week with players missing darts at double against me but I made the most of it again. “Going into the semi-final with Raymond [van Barneveld] I said to myself ‘come on, you are up for this’ and I kept that focus all the way through to win it.”

World Series of Darts Finals presentation (Michael Braunschadel, PDC)

Wade began the weekend with a win over Ross Smith before silencing the Austrian crowd in round two with a win over fans’ favourite Mensur Suljovic to reach the final day of action.

Sunday afternoon’s quarter-final saw the Aldershot thrower see off Jamie Lewis before a convincing 11-2 victory over Van Barneveld, who stunned world number one Michael van Gerwen in the quarter-finals, saw him reach the Vienna showdown.

Wade raced into a 3-0 lead before Smith battled back to level it up at 5-5 at the second break with a 100 checkout, with the St Helens star averaging 105.3. Smith levelled the tie once again with a stunning 170 checkout but Wade replied with a trademark 112 checkout to lead 8-7.

Smith landed an 87 checkout to lead for the first time at 9-8 only for Wade to turn the final back around as he broke the Smith throw to lead 10-9. An incredible end to the match saw Wade bust 121, allowing Smith to level at 10-10 before a gripping final leg saw Smith miss five darts for the title allowing Wade to find double 18 for the win.

2018 bwin World Series of Darts Finals

Sunday November 4th

Gerwyn Price 10-7 Simon Whitlock
Michael Smith 10-5 Dave Chisnall
Jamie Lewis 5-10 James Wade
Raymond van Barneveld 10-8 Michael van Gerwen

Gerwyn Price 8-11 Michael Smith
James Wade 11-2 Raymond van Barneveld

Michael Smith 10-11 James Wade

Template - Front page: Development Tour 2018

The Final 4 PDC Unicorn Development Tour events of 2018 are over this weekend from Robin Park, Wigan.

The top 2 players on this table win a PDC Tour Card for 2019/2020, with both these players also qualifying for there World Championship. Up to the top 74 players on the final DTOoM will also qualify for the World Youth Championship which is on Monday.

The two players to qualify for the 2018/2019 William Hill World Darts Championship via the Unicorn Development Tour will be confirmed this weekend. Ted Evetts, who competed at last year’s World Championship, is in line for a return, while George Killington currently occupies the second qualification place.

For the full table CLICK HERE This table will be updated following Saturdays events and a final table will be announced after play on Sunday evening.

Sunday November 3rd Robin Park Leisure Centre, Wigan: Event 19

Quarter Final
John Brown 5-2 
Patrick van den Boogaard
Geert Nentjes 5-Jack Male
Jimmy Hendriks 5-William Borland
Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-Harry Ward

Semi Final
Geert Nentjes 
5-John Brown
Jimmy Hendriks 2-5 Dimitri Van den Bergh

Geert Nentjes 3-5 Dimitri Van den Bergh

Full Results Click Here

Sunday November 3rd Robin Park Leisure Centre, Wigan: Event 20

Quarter Final
Berry van Peer 5-1 Patrik Kovacs
Ted Evetts 5-Danny Van Trijp
Jeffrey de Zwaan 5-4 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Christian Bunse 5-Luke Humphries

Semi Final
Berry van Peer 2-5 Ted Evetts 
Jeffrey de Zwaan 3-5 Christian Bunse

Ted Evetts 5-4 Christian Bunse

Full Results Click Here

Final DTOoM Table Top 100

1 Humphries, Luke £8,000
1 Van den Bergh, Dimitri £8,000
3 Evetts, Ted £7,800
4 Nentjes, Geert £6,350
5 Schindler, Martin £5,950
6 Killington, George £5,300
7 Rodriguez, Rowby-John £5,200
8 Meikle, Ryan £4,450
9 Zonneveld, Niels £4,400
10 Bunse, Christian £4,350
11 Cole, Jarred £4,150
12 Rafferty, Nathan £3,750
13 Peer, Berry van £3,650
14 Neyens, Kenny £3,400
15 Nijman, Wessel £3,300
15 Hewson, Rob £3,300
17 Brooks, Bradley £3,000
18 Hendriks, Jimmy £2,800
18 Murschell, Dawson £2,800
20 Gardner, George £2,650
21 Kirk, Bradley £2,400
21 Tergouw, Justin van £2,400
23 De Decker, Mike £2,350
23 Griffin, Rhys £2,350
25 Wilson, Tommy £2,250
26 Rodriguez, Rusty-Jake £2,100
26 Budgen, Lee £2,100
28 Hayden, Rhys £2,050
29 Raman, Brian £2,000
29 Dale, Scott £2,000
29 Fijter, Melvin de £2,000
29 Davis, Joe £2,000
33 Borland, William £1,900
33 McCarthy, Josh £1,900
35 Rydz, Callan £1,800
36 Ward, Harry £1,750
37 Trijp, Danny van £1,700
37 Boyce, Jordan £1,700
39 Zwaan, Jeffrey de £1,650
40 Lonsdale, Tom £1,600
41 McGuirk, Shane £1,500
41 Pride, Lewis £1,500
41 Ritchie, Greg £1,500
44 Duivenbode, Mike van £1,350
45 Doets, Kevin £1,250
45 Blum, Nico £1,250
47 Boogaard, Patrick van den £1,200
48 Finn, Dean £1,150
49 Loose, Callum £1,050
50 Brown, John £1,000
50 Groen, Sven £1,000
50 Baxter, Mark £1,000
50 Verberk, Maikel £1,000
54 Lovely, Thomas £950
54 Batchelor, Carl £950
56 Smith, Justin £900
57 Eggermann, Hendrik £850
57 Selby-Rivas, Jaikob £850
59 Powell, Dylan £800
60 Jackson, Scott £750
60 Haensch, Christopher £750
60 Kelly, Jakob £750
63 Box, Fred £700
64 Male, Jack £650
64 Schlund, Nico £650
64 Paxton, Adam £650
64 Key, Danny £650
68 Mayes, Conor £600
68 Kay, Keelan £600
68 Pohl, Sebastian £600
68 Watson, Adam £600
68 Vincent, Jack £600
68 Davidson, Andrew £600
68 Cox, Declan £600
75 Main, Jack £550
75 Holdstock, Aaron £550
75 Matthews, Callum £550
75 Frauenfelder, Levy £550
75 Turner, Curtis £550
75 Moston, Jim £550
75 Maiden, Owen £550
75 Johnson, Sean £550
75 Thomas, Daniel £550
84 Singh, Jordan £500
84 Burksfield, Joshua £500
84 Atkinson, Adam £500
84 Read, Dan £500
84 O’Toole, James £500
84 Cromwell, Sam £500
84 Jolly, Rory £500
84 Barberan, Luis £500
92 Davies, Josh £450
92 Van den Bergh, Viani £450
92 Dickinson, Jack £450
92 Richardson, Joshua £450
92 Colley, Reece £450
92 Rosney, Stephen £450
92 Cheeseman, Ben £450
99 Fitzpatrick, Steven £400
99 Kovacs, Patrik £400
99 Rasmussen, Nicolai £400
99 Wenig, Lukas £400
99 Lishman, Tommy £400
99 Thexton, William £400
99 Kerr, Jack £400
99 Troppmann, Kevin £400
99 Ellis, Nicholas £400
99 Anderson, Cameron £400
99 Humpula, Frantisek £400

Full 2018 Development Tour Results

Saturday November 3rd Robin Park Leisure Centre, Wigan: Event 18

Berry van Peer 5-4 Geert Nentjes

Saturday November 3rd Robin Park Leisure Centre, Wigan: Event 17

Luke Humphries 5-Bradley Brooks

Sunday September 23rd – East of England Arena, Peterborough: Event 16

Jarred Cole 5-1 Christian Bunse

Jarred Cole (PDC)

Sunday September 23rd – East of England Arena, Peterborough: Event 15

Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-3 Lee Budgen

Saturday September 22nd – East of England Arena, Peterborough: Event 14

George Killington 5-3 Christian Bunse

Saturday September 22nd – East of England Arena, Peterborough: Event 13

Luke Humphries 5-4 Justin van Tergouw

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 12 Robin Park, Wigan

Ted Evetts 5-2 Dimitri van den Bergh

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 11 Robin Park, Wigan

Ryan Meikle 5-3 Rowby John Rodriguez

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 10 Robin Park, Wigan

Martin Schindler 5-1 George Gardner

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 9 Robin Park, Wigan

Martin Schindler 5-0 Dimitri van den Bergh

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 8 Hildesheim, Germany

Ted Evetts 5-2 Geert Nentjes

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 7 Hildesheim, Germany

Luke Humphries 5-Niels Zonneveld

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 6 Hildesheim, Germany

Kenny Neyens 5-2 Jarred Cole

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 5 Hildesheim, Germany

Rowby John Rodriguez 5-George Killington

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 4 Robin Park, Wigan

Niels Zonneveld 5-2 Joe Davis

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 3 Robin Park, Wigan

Rob Hewson 5-Melvin de Fijter

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 2 Robin Park, Wigan

Wessel Nijman 5-4 Bradley Brooks

PDC UNICORN Development Tour 1 Robin Park, Wigan

Nathan Rafferty 5-3 Dawson Murshell

2018 PDC Unicorn Development Tour Order of Merit:
1. Martin Schindler – £5,950 (qualified via ProTour Order of Merit)
2. Dimitri Van den Bergh – £5,700 (qualified via ProTour Order of Merit)
3. Ted Evetts – £5,700
4. Luke Humphries – £5,400 (qualified via ProTour Order of Merit)
5. Rowby-John Rodriguez – £4,750 (South-East Europe Qualifier)
6. George Killington – £4,600
7. Geert Nentjes – £4,100
8. Jarred Cole – £4,000
9. Ryan Meikle – £3,750
10. Niels Zonneveld – £3,700
11. Nathan Rafferty – £3,500
12. Kenny Neyens – £3,200
13. Christian Bunse – £3,150
14. Wessel Nijman – £3,150
15. Rob Hewson – £3,150
16. Dawson Murschell – £2,750
17. George Gardner – £2,500
18. Rhys Griffin – £2,250
19. Tommy Wilson – £2,150
20. Jimmy Hendriks – £2,100

Template - Front page: UNIBET European Championship

Wade survived missed match darts in both his quarter-final win over Gerwyn Price and a dramatic semi-final against German favourite Max Hopp.

The left-hander then ended Whitlock’s bid to win a second European Championship title as he scooped the £100,000 top prize – just 13 days after becoming a father for the first time to son Arthur. “That was for my son, Arthur,” said Wade. “I’m actually emotional about this – it’s an amazing feeling and I’m going to enjoy this win.

I’ve gone through some tough times but this is for Arthur. I’ve won TV titles before and never made the most of it, but I’m buzzing.

“It’s not often that I am lost for words but I am after this. I’ve shown that I’m dangerous and everyone needs to watch out. “Today I went into every game battling. I’ve been a lucky boy but perhaps that makes up for some of the misfortune I’ve had in recent years, and it’s a step in the right direction.”

Unibet European Championship (Kelly Deckers, PDC)

Whitlock also battled his way to the final in dramatic fashion, taking out 110 in the deciding leg of his last four clash with Joe Cullen after coming back from 10-7 down. The Australian, who began the final day of action at the Westfalenhalle with a 10-7 quarter-final defeat of Steve West, opened the final strongly with six perfect darts and led 3-1 early on.

Wade hit back to lead 5-4, but there was little to separate the pair as they remained locked following 16 legs. Wade, though, landed back-to-back 13-dart finishes to pull away to 10-8 before pinning double ten to seal glory.

Unibet European Championship

Sunday October 28th
Afternoon Session
(1345 local time, 1245 UK time)
Steve West 7-10 Simon Whitlock
Joe Cullen 10-8 Rob Cross
Darren Webster 5-10 Max Hopp
James Wade 10-9 Gerwyn Price
Best of 19 legs

Evening Session (2000 local time, 1900 UK time)
Simon Whitlock 11-10 Joe Cullen
Max Hopp 10-11 James Wade
Best of 21 legs

Simon Whitlock 8-11 James Wade
Best of 21 legs

Prize Fund

Winner £100,000
Runner-Up £40,000
Semi-Finalists £20,000
Quarter-Finalists £15,000
Second Round Losers £10,000
First Round Losers £5,000
Total £400,000
Nine-Darter Bonus £15,000

Template - Front page: Players Championship Update

KRZYSZTOF RATAJSKI made it back-to-back PDC titles with a 6-4 win over Adrian Lewis in the final of Players Championship 22 in Barnsley on Sunday.


Players Championship 22 – Sunday 21st October

Metrodome, Barnsley

Luke Humphries 6-5 James Wilson
Adrian Lewis 6-4 James Wade
Krzysztof Ratajski 6-4 Michael Smith
Kyle Anderson 6-4 Mensur Suljovic

Semi Finals
Luke Humphries 3-6 Adrian Lewis
Krzysztof Ratajski 6-4 Kyle Anderson 

Adrian Lewis 4-6 Krzysztof Ratajski 

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 21 – Saturday 20th October

Metrodome, Barnsley

Krzysztof Ratajski 6-4 William O’Connor
Ricky Evans 5-6 Steve Beaton
Stephen Bunting 2-6 Chris Dobey
Mensur Suljovic 4-6 Martin Schindler

Semi Finals
Krzysztof Ratajski 6-5 Steve Beaton
Chris Dobey 6-4 Martin Schindler

Krzysztof Ratajski 6-2 Chris Dobey

Full Results CLICK HERE

Final PC OoM Table

21-10-18 18:00




1 White, Ian £52,500
2 Anderson, Gary £47,250
3 Gerwen, Michael van £45,500
4 Wright, Peter £43,000
5 Lewis, Adrian £42,500
6 Cross, Rob £37,000
7 Smith, Michael £33,250
8 Wade, James £31,750
9 Chisnall, Dave £29,750
10 Zwaan, Jeffrey de £28,000
11 Wilson, James £27,000
12 Noppert, Danny £26,750
13 Bunting, Stephen £24,500
14 Wattimena, Jermaine £23,750
14 Beaton, Steve £23,750
16 Gurney, Daryl £23,250
17 Payne, Josh £23,000
18 Henderson, John £22,750
19 Webster, Darren £22,500
19 Mansell, Mickey £22,500
19 King, Mervyn £22,500
22 Clemens, Gabriel £22,250
23 Evans, Ricky £22,000
24 Dobey, Chris £21,500
24 Aspinall, Nathan £21,500
26 Clayton, Jonny £20,750
27 Joyce, Ryan £20,250
28 Ratajski, Krzysztof £20,000
29 Hopp, Max £19,250
29 Brown, Keegan £19,250
31 Whitlock, Simon £16,500
32 Dolan, Brendan £16,250
33 Barnard, Michael £16,000
34 Anderson, Kyle £15,500
35 Suljovic, Mensur £15,000
35 West, Steve £15,000
35 Price, Gerwyn £15,000
38 Lennon, Steve £14,750
38 Webster, Mark £14,750
40 Schindler, Martin £14,250
41 Meulenkamp, Ron £13,750
41 Dekker, Jan £13,750
43 Gilding, Andrew £13,500
43 Stevenson, Simon £13,500
45 Razma, Madars £13,000
45 Graaf, Jeffrey de £13,000
47 Cullen, Joe £12,750
48 Searle, Ryan £12,500
49 Thornton, Robert £12,250
50 Huybrechts, Kim £12,000
50 Burton, Stephen £12,000
52 North, Richard £11,750
53 Rodriguez, Rowby-John £11,500
53 Van den Bergh, Dimitri £11,500
53 Klaasen, Jelle £11,500
56 Lewis, Jamie £11,000
57 Smith, Ross £10,500
57 Voort, Vincent van der £10,500
57 Reyes, Cristo £10,500
60 Hunt, Adam £10,250
60 Alcinas, Toni £10,250
62 Edgar, Matthew £10,000
62 Tabern Alan £10,000
64 Taylor, Scott £9,500


  • For the full 2018 Players Championship results Scroll Down
  • For the Current PCOoM Table CLICK HERE

FULL 2018 players championship RESULTS

Players Championship 1 – Saturday 17th February

Metrodome, Barnsley

Michael van Gerwen 
6-Dave Chisnall
Gerwyn Price 6-Ian White
Ryan Joyce 6-Ron Meulenkamp
James Wade 6-Rob Cross

Semi Finals
Michael van Gerwen 6-Gerwyn Price
James Wade 6-Ryan Joyce

Michael van Gerwen 6-James Wade

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 2 – Sunday 18th February

Metrodome, Barnsley

Michael van Gerwen 
6-2 Adrian Lewis
Simon Stevenson 6-5 Ryan Joyce
Ian White 6-4 Steve West
Corey Cadby 6-4 Gary Anderson

Semi Finals
Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Simon Stevenson
Corey Cadby 6-3 Ian White

Michael van Gerwen 6-1 Corey Cadby

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 3 – Saturday 11th March

Metrodome, Barnsley

Quarter Finals
Peter Wright 
6-Brendan Dolan
Jeffrey de Graaf 6-Richard North
Gary Anderson 6-Steve Hine
Jamie Lewis 6-Joe Cullen

Semi Finals
Peter Wright 6-Jeffrey de Graaf
Gary Anderson 6-Jamie Lewis 

Gary Anderson 6-Peter Wright

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 4 – Sunday 12th March

Metrodome, Barnsley

Quarter Finals
Jeffrey de Zwaan 
6-Jan Dekker
Adrian Lewis 6-Jamie Caven
Dave Chisnall 6-Stephen Bunting
Gary Anderson 6-Keegan Brown

Semi Finals
Jeffrey de Zwaan 6-Adrian Lewis
Gary Anderson 6-Dave Chisnall 

Gary Anderson 6-Jeffrey de Zwaan

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 5 – Saturday 17th March

ArenaMK, Milton Keynes

Quarter Finals
Michael van Gerwen 
6-Gary Anderson
James Wade 6-Mensur Suljovic
Chris Dobey 6-Gabriel Clemens
Ryan Searle 6-William O’Connor

Semi Finals
Michael van Gerwen 
6-James Wade
Chris Dobey 6-Ryan Searle

Michael van Gerwen 6-Chris Dobey

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 6 – Sunday 18th March

ArenaMK, Milton Keynes

Quarter Finals
Dave Chisnall 
6-Stephen Bunting
James Wilson 6-Rob Cross
Mervyn King 6-Dimitri Van den Bergh
Ian White 6-John Henderson

Semi Finals
Dave Chisnall 6-James Wilson
Ian White 6-Mervyn King 

Ian White 6-Dave Chisnall

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 7 – Saturday 7th April

Metrodome, Barnsley

Quarter Finals
Adrian Lewis 
6-Stephen Bunting
Jeffrey de Zwaan 6-Max Hopp
Michael Smith 6-James Wilson
Dave Chisnall 6-John Henderson

Semi Finals
Adrian Lewis 6-Jeffrey de Zwaan
Michael Smith 6-5 Dave Chisnall 

Adrian Lewis 2-6 Michael Smith

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 8 – Sunday 8th April

Metrodome, Barnsley

Quarter Finals
Simon Whitlock 6-Mark Webster
Adrian Lewis 6-James Wilson
Mickey Mansell 6-Gerwyn Price
Josh Payne 6-Toni Alcinas 

Semi Finals
Adrian Lewis 6-Simon Whitlock
Mickey Mansell 6-Josh Payne 

Mickey Mansell 
6-Adrian Lewis

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 9 – Saturday 28th April

Robin Park, Wigan

Last Eight
Michael van Gerwen 6-3 Jonny Clayton
Daryl Gurney 3-6 James Wade
Adrian Lewis 5-6 Jason Lowe
Scott Taylor 6-Gary Anderson

Semi Finals
Michael van Gerwen 6-4 James Wade
Jason Lowe 3-6 Scott Taylor

Michael van Gerwen 6-4 Scott Taylor

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 10 – Sunday 29th April

Robin Park, Wigan

Quarter Finals
Michael van Gerwen 4-6 Jonny Clayton
Stephen Bunting 6-4 Martin Schindler
Gabriel Clemens 6-1 Michael Mansell
James Wilson 3-6 Jeffrey de Zwaan

Semi Finals
Jonny Clayton 6-3 Stephen Bunting
Gabriel Clemens 3-6 Jeffrey de Zwaan

Jonny Clayton 5-6 Jeffrey de Zwaan

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 11 – Saturday 19th May

ArenaMK, Milton Keynes

Quarter Finals
Peter Wright 6-Ricky Evans
Gabriel Clemens 6-Brendan Dolan
Darren Webster 6-Michael Smith
Gary Anderson 6-Adrian Lewis

Semi Finals
Gabriel Clemens 6-Peter Wright
Gary Anderson 6-Darren Webster

Gary Anderson 6-Gabriel Clemens

Full Results CLICK HERE

Players Championship 12 – Sunday 20th May

ArenaMK, Milton Keynes

Quarter Finals
Brendan Dolan 6-4 Micky Mansell
Peter Wright 6-1 Ricky Evans
Ian White 6-5 Michael Smith
Josh Payne 6-2 Jonny Clayton

Semi Finals
Brendan Dolan 3-6 Peter Wright
Ian White 4-6 Josh Payne

Josh Payne 6-5 Peter Wright

Full Results CLICK HERE

PDC Players Championship 13 – Saturday 16th June

Robin Park, Wigan


Quarter Finals
Dirk van Duijvenbode 3-6 Ian White
Jermaine Wattimena 6-3 Peter Jacques
Stephen Bunting 6-2 Ricky Evans
Jonny Clayton 5-6 Rob Cross

Semi Finals
Ian White 6-5 Jermaine Wattimena
Stephen Bunting 1-6 Rob Cross

Ian White 4-6 Rob Cross

PDC Players Championship 14 – Sunday 17th June

Robin Park, Wigan


Quarter Finals
Peter Wright 6-Dimitri Van den Bergh
Jermaine Wattimena 6-Simon Whitlock
Rob Cross 6-Adam Hunt
Dave Chisnall 4-6 Michael Smith

Semi Finals
Peter Wright 6-5 Jermaine Wattimena 
Rob Cross 6-2 Michael Smith

Peter Wright 6-4 Rob Cross

PDC Players Championship 15 – Tuesday 25th June

Metrodome Barnsley


Quarter Finals
Mervyn King 6-4 Ian White
Mark Webster 6-4 Jarred Cole
Rob Cross 3-6 James Wade
Steve Beaton 6-3 Michael Smith

Semi Finals
Mervyn King 6-3 Mark Webster
James Wade 6-4 Steve Beaton

Mervyn King 6-2 James Wade

PDC Players Championship 16 – Wednesday 26th June

Metrodome, Barnsley


Quarter Finals
Ian White 6-4 Bradley Brooks
Steve Beaton 6-3 Dave Chisnall
Adrian Lewis 6-3 Brendan Dolan
Darren Webster 6-3 Danny Noppert

Semi Finals
Ian White 6-3 Steve Beaton
Adrian Lewis 5-6 Darren Webster 

Ian White 6-3 Darren Webster

PDC Players Championship 17 – Tuesday 4th September

Metrodome, Barnsley


*9 Darter* Vincent van der Voort v Rob Cross
*9 Darter* James Wade v Michael Smith

Quarter Finals
Peter Wright 6-5 Simon Whitlock
Martin Schindler 6-0 Kim Huybrechts
Rob Cross 5-6 Daryl Gurney
James Wade 6-3 Michael Smith

Semi Finals
Peter Wright 6-4 Martin Schindler
Daryl Gurney 6-3 James Wade

Peter Wright 6-2 Daryl Gurney

PDC Players Championship 18 – Wednesday 5th September

Metrodome, Barnsley


Quarter Finals
Nathan Aspinall 6-5 Steve Beaton
Ian White 6-5 Gerwyn Price
Ron Meulenkamp 6-3 John Henderson
Ryan Searle 6-4 Steve Lennon

Semi Finals
Nathan Aspinall 6-5 Ian White
Ron Meulenkamp 5-6 Ryan Searle

Nathan Aspinall 6-4 Ryan Searle

Players Championship 19 – Friday 28th September

City West, Dublin, Ireland

Full Results CLICK HERE

Michael van Gerwen 5-6 Madars Razma
Steve West 4-6 Andrew Gilding
James Wilson 6-2 Adrian Lewis
Jermaine Wattimena 5-6 Max Hopp

Semi Finals
Madars Razma 6-2 Andrew Gilding
James Wilson 3-6 Max Hopp

Madars Razma 3-6 Max Hopp

Max Hopp (PDC)

Players Championship 20 – Saturday 29th September

City West, Dublin, Ireland

Danny Noppert 6-3 Chris Quantock
Rob Cross 6-5 Kim Huybrechts
Ian White 6-1 Mensur Suljovic
Keegan Brown 6-5 Robert Thornton

Semi Finals
Danny Noppert 6-3 Rob Cross
Ian White 6-3 Keegan Brown 

Danny Noppert 6-4 Ian White

Full Results CLICK HERE

Danny Noppert (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Template - Front page: The Kilimanjaro Challenge Commences

Over the next 11 days PDPA Secretary; Zoe Banks and Brenda Warriner-Little will take on the challenge of trekking to the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

The pair who have been best friends for 14 years, have both experienced what Crohn’s and brain tumours do to a loved one and their families around them. Brenda and Alan’s son, Josh, has Crohn’s disease and suffered with symptoms for a long period before finally being diagnosed with Crohn’s in 2014

Both charities are at the forefront of their sector; aiming to reduce diagnosis times, improve the treatment options available to patients and ultimately research and find the causes so that cures can be found.

Crohn’s and Colitis UK
Is the leading charity in the battle against these and other forms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). We work to educate and research about the causes and treatments for Crohn’s and Colitis to improve diagnosis and the treatment of IBD.

The Brain Tumour Charity
Is at the forefront of the fight to defeat brain tumours, with pioneering research to find new treatments, improve understanding and diagnosis, increase survival rates and bring us closer to a cure.

Zoe lost her Mum ‘Lynn’ to a brain tumour in 1998 and saw first-hand the pain and suffering her Mum lived with during the six years of her illness, including the chemo and radiotherapy and all the symptoms she suffered with before she was eventually given her diagnosis.

Former PDPA Director David Pomfret also succumbed to a brain tumour in 2017 so was also in our thoughts as we selected our nominated charities for 2018.

Brenda and Zoe’s Kilimanjaro Challenge is to summit Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania; the highest free-standing mountain in the world at 5,895m or 19,341ft. Over 8 consecutive days they will trek for approximately 6 to 8 per day in varying climates and terrains. Their summit day will begin at midnight and will be approximately 10 to 12 hours of trekking and they will camp on the mountain each night in temperatures reaching as low as -15 degrees.

As they reach the higher levels of Kilimanjaro, they will have to deal with the effects of altitude which include nausea or vomiting, shortness of breath, headaches, feeling faint, rapid pulse, insomnia, or worse – acute mountain sickness or altitude sickness is the most common reason that trekkers fail to summit. If they are deemed too ill to continue they will be taken down the mountain and their challenge will be over.

They have set up separate JustGiving pages for each charity (as per JustGiving rules) but are completely committed to doing the climb as a team, for both charities equally, and so would appreciate that donations are pledged to both pages.

The Brain Tumour Charity


Crohn’s & Colitis UK


Follow their journey on Facebook


Template - Front page: MvG’s World Grand Prix Victory

MICHAEL VAN GERWEN lifted the Unibet World Grand Prix title for a fourth time with a 5-2 win over Peter Wright at the Citywest Convention Centre in Dublin on Saturday.

World number one Van Gerwen landed two vital ton-plus finishes and fired in seven 180s to notch up an 18th title of the year at the double-start event, which he first won in 2012.

Despite an edgy start, the Dutchman produced a 101 checkout to go 3-2 up in sets before reeling off the last two sets in impressive style to land the trophy and the £100,000 top prize.

Michael van Gerwen (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

“I had to fight really hard to win that one,” said Van Gerwen. “All credit to Peter, he made it difficult. “At the start of this game I didn’t play well but I showed winning instinct inside me to survive.

“Everyone wrote me off but I took the recent defeats on the chin and fought back even harder and played a phenomenal tournament. “I’m building my preparation for the World Championship and I’m growing in confidence with every win – they should all be afraid of me.”

Michael van Gerwen, Peter Wright (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Starring in his first Dublin final and bidding for a fourth title of the year, world number two Wright got off to a good start but was unable to convert his superior average into a lead.

Van Gerwen claimed a tight first set with a superb 110 finish in the deciding leg, before Wright claimed the second without reply courtesy of some superb darts. That pattern continued as Van Gerwen took the third in a fifth leg before Wright won the fourth 3-1.

With the pair tied at 2-2, the crucial moment of the match came at the end of the fifth set as Wright missed a set-dart and was punished by Van Gerwen who landed a stunning 101 checkout to take a 3-2 lead.

The Dutchman, who defeated Steve Lennon, Darren Webster, Dave Chisnall and Daryl Gurney en route to the final. found his groove in the final two sets to drop only one further leg as he ran out a worthy champion.

Peter Wright (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

“Michael is a fantastic player but he only won tonight because I let him off so much,” said Wright, who saw off Steve West, Jermaine Wattimena, James Wilson and Mensur Suljovic to reach the Citywest showdown.

“My form this year has been up and down, I had an awesome game against Mensur on Friday but unfortunately I couldn’t do it again in the final. “I enjoy my darts and I mix it with the best, maybe next time I will go all the way.”

Michael van Gerwen (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Photos courtesy of Lawrence Lustig.

Saturday October 6th (8pm SKY Sports)

Final (9)
Michael van Gerwen 5-2 Peter Wright

Preceded by Tom Kirby Memorial Irish Matchplay final

Winner qualifies for the World Championship
Kevin Burness 6-3 Mick McGowan

KEVIN BURNESS defeated Mick McGowan 6-3 to win the 2018 Tom Kirby Memorial Irish Matchplay final on Saturday, securing his William Hill World Darts Championship debut in the process.

Northern Irishman Burness was making his PDC big stage debut and was broken in the opening leg by Ireland’s McGowan, who was looking to lift the title for a record-breaking third time. Burness then found his groove and broke straight back to start a run of five successive legs and go within a leg of a first Alexandra Palace appearance.

McGowan survived a match dart and won the next two legs, but the comeback was short-lived as Burness sealed the biggest victory of his career. “It means everything to me to win this trophy,” said Burness.

Kevin Burness (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)


First Round – Best of three sets
Second Round – Best of five sets
Quarter-Finals – Best of five sets
Semi-Finals – Best of seven sets
Final – Best of nine sets

All sets are the best of five legs, and all legs must begin and end with a double.


Prize Money

Winner (1) £100,000
Runner-up (1) £45,000
Semi-finalist (2) £23,500
Quarter-finalist (4) £15,000
Second round losers (8) £8,500
First round losers (16) £5,000

Template - Front page: Dart Connect ‘Fans Alert’

Dear PDPA Member: DartConnect has made it easier than ever for you to engage with your friends and fans and make sure they can follow every single match you play on the PDC tours when it’s scored on DartConnect.

Introducing FREE DCTV Fan Alerts!


Your friends and fans can sign up to get a FREE email alert whenever you’re about to play on DartConnect with a direct link to the live scoreboard on DCTV. This weekend’s Players Championship is a great opportunity to try it out.


Tour Card Holders – The Premium DartConnect membership provided to you by the PDPA automatically makes you available to follow. Make sure you use your social media and other channels to send them to the sign up page CLICK HERE to get free alerts starting this weekend!

PDPA Members – If you’re not a Tour Card holder, sign up for a DartConnect Premium membership to allow your friends and fans to follow you. CLICK HERE

Template - Front page: European Tour 13 UK ‘Q’

Thursday’s qualifying event at the Citywest Hotel saw 18 spots on offer in the 13th and final European Tour event in Göttingen, Germany.

Former European Tour winner Beaton, multiple-TV finalist King and former Premier League star Bunting headed the list of players who sealed qualification for the £135,000 tournament which will take place from October 12-14. Beaton is among the players who are narrowly within the provisional qualification boundary for October’s Unibet European Championship.

Luke Humphries, Richard North, Ryan Joyce and Brendan Dolan are among a number players hoping to battle their way to qualification for the Dortmund event and they also booked their spots in the European Darts Trophy. Meanwhile, recent PDC Unicorn Development Tour winner George Killington continued his progress by securing his European Tour debut.

The European Darts Trophy will take place from October 12-14 at the Lokhalle, Göttingen, Germany. For all the tournament information, event brief and Hotels and Travel on this event please CLICK THE BANNER BELOW

European Tour 13 UK Qualifier

Thursday 27th September – City West, Dublin, Ireland

18 Qualifiers:
Mark Wilson, Mervyn King, Stephen Bunting, Steve West, John Henderson, Ricky Evans, Luke Humphries, Matthew Edgar, Steve Beaton, Keegan Brown, Luke Woodhouse, Mickey Mansell, Andrew Gilding, George Killington, Richard North, Ryan Joyce, Brendan Dolan, Simon Stevenson

Current ET13 Qualifiers:

16 Seeds:
1 Michael van Gerwen – 2 Peter Wright – 3 Rob Cross – 4 Ian White – 5 Michael Smith – 6 Mensur Suljovic – 7 Adrian Lewis – 8 James Wade – 9 Jonny Clayton – 10 Joe Cullen – 11 Daryl Gurney – 12 Simon Whitlock – 13 Darren Webster – 14 Gerwyn Price – 15 Dave Chisnall – 16 Max Hopp

UK Qualifiers x18:
Mark Wilson, Mervyn King, Stephen Bunting, Steve West, John Henderson, Ricky Evans, Luke Humphries, Matthew Edgar, Steve Beaton, Keegan Brown, Luke Woodhouse, Mickey Mansell, Andrew Gilding, George Killington, Richard North, Ryan Joyce, Brendan Dolan, Simon Stevenson

South & West Europe Qualifiers x8:
Jeffrey de Zwaan, Jelle Klaasen, Toni Alcinas, Vincent van der Voort, Jeffrey de Graaf, Danny Noppert, Jermaine Wattimena, Kim Huybrechts.

Host Nation Qualifiers x4:
October 11, Göttingen

East Europe Qualifier:
Krzysztof Ratajski

PDCNB Qualifier:
Marko Kantele

Template - Front page: Paddy Power Champions League

The two-time World Champion made it four televised titles for the year thanks to a series of spectacular displays throughout the weekend at The Brighton Centre as he clinched the £100,000 top prize.

Anderson avenged his 2017 Champions League final defeat to Mensur Suljovic with an 11-4 triumph in the semi-final before seeing off his fellow Scot by the same scoreline in the final.

Having survived two missed match darts against Michael van Gerwen in their final group game earlier in the day which would have eliminated the World Matchplay winner, Anderson recovered to fire in three ten-darters during a dominant display in the final.

Gary Anderson (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Sunday September 23rd

Final Group Games
Mensur Suljovic 10-1 Simon Whitlock (B)
Peter Wright 10-3 Rob Cross (B)
Daryl Gurney 10-7 Dave Chisnall (A)
Gary Anderson 10-9 Michael van Gerwen (A)

Gary Anderson 11-4 Mensur Suljovic
Peter Wright 11-9 Michael van Gerwen

Gary Anderson 11-4 Peter Wright

Prize Fund

Winner £100,000
Runner-Up £50,000
Semi-Finalists £25,000
Third In Group £15,000
Fourth In Group £10,000
Total £250,000

“I’m over the moon to win, it was a hard weekend and I struggled at times but came good in the end,” said Anderson, who has also won the UK Open, World Matchplay and US Darts Masters in 2018. “I just turn up and play my game but it’s going alright so far this year. It’s been a good weekend.”

Anderson also landed seven perfect darts in his bid for a nine-darter which would have earned the Brighton crowd a share of a £50,000 prize offered by sponsors Paddy Power. “I had a good go at the nine-darter, I really tried for the fans all weekend,” he added. “Now I’m looking forward to having a few days at home – my little man [son Tai] will love this trophy!”

Gary Anderson, Peter Wright (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Anderson flew out of the blocks in the final, breaking the Wright throw three times as he raced into a commanding 6-1 lead. Wright, who came from 8-5 down to defeat Van Gerwen 11-9 in the semis, fought hard to stay in the game but a 4-7 deficit was as close as he came to halting his World Cup of Darts teammate’s march to glory.

Anderson reeled off the next four legs in typically quick fashion, ending the game with three ten-dart legs and a 65% checkout rate to land his maiden Champions League title.

Peter Wright, Gary Anderson (Lawrence Lustig, PDC)

Despite falling at the final hurdle, it was a positive weekend for Wright, who had previously failed to make it out of the group stage in the previous two years of the event.

“I think I just ran out of steam,” Wright admitted. “I played really well but I had nothing left in the final. “Gary is the man to beat at the moment and I believe I lost to the best player of the weekend.

“It was a pleasure to play in front of such an amazing crowd.” Sunday afternoon’s final group matches had seen Wright join Suljovic in progressing from Group B with a 10-3 win over World Champion Rob Cross.

A disappointed Cross said: “I didn’t play anywhere near my best. I was so determined to play well but it didn’t happen for me.

“It wasn’t good enough this weekend and I’ve got to take it on the chin. We’ve got lots of big events coming up and I know what I’ve got to work on to put it right.”

Northern Ireland’s Daryl Gurney, meanwhile, agonisingly missed out in Group A, with his 10-7 win over Dave Chisnall coming in vain when Anderson edged past Van Gerwen by taking out 140 in the deciding leg of their contest.

Gurney conceded: “I couldn’t have done much more. I gave it my all and to win two games out of three in a group like that is a good achievement.”

Focus on the PDC circuit now moves to the Unibet World Grand Prix, which will be played at the Citywest Hotel, Dublin from September 30-October 6 and will be shown live on Sky Sports with tickets available at www.ticketmaster.ie.

Template - Front page: PDPA World Championship Tour Card Qualifier

Please note: This qualifier is for Tour Card Holders Only


Entry to this event is now available, and can only be done via you servasport account only. Not via The PDPA website as in previous years.

Players must also note, some players have already entered incorrectly and must check there entry is valid and via this PDPA WC Qualifier only….

Date: Monday November 26th
Venue: Arena MK, Stadium Way, Milton Keynes, MK1 1ST, England
Registration: 09.00hrs – 11.00hrs
Draw: 11.00hrs
Start Time: 12.00noon
Entry Deadline: 20th November at 2pm
To Enter: Entry only available through Servasport Click here to login
Entries: Entry is FREE and for PDC Tour Card Holders ONLY
Info: For further info on the event CLICK HERE 

Format TBC:

  • First Round to Quarter Finals – Best of 11 legs.
  • Quarter Finals – Best of 13 legs.
  • Semi Finals – Best of 15 legs.
  • Final – Both players Qualify.

The 32 International Qualifiers as below:

  • Two PDPA Qualifiers (26th November)
  • 2018 PDC Asian Tour Top Four (Concludes 12th October)
  • 2018 PDC Unicorn World Youth Champion (25th November)
  • 2018 PDC Unicorn DTOoM top two (Concludes 4th November)
  • 2018 PDC Unicorn CTOoM winner (Concludes 11th November)
  • PDC Nordic & Baltic Top Two (Concludes 7th October)
  • EADC Champion (18th October)
  • Oceanic Masters Champion (30th October)
  • DPA Order of Merit Winner (Raymond Smith)
  • DPNZ Qualifier (Tahuna Irwin)
  • German Superleague Champion (18th November)
  • South East Europe Qualifier (6th October)
  • South West Europe Qualifier (20th October)
  • West Europe Qualifier (7th October)
  • East Europe Qualifier (22nd September)
  • PDC China Qualifier (November TBC)
  • Tom Kirby Memorial Irish Matchplay Champ (6th Oct Mick McGowan v Kevin Burness)
  • North American Championship Winner (Jeff Smith)
  • CDC Top Ranked American Player (Chuck Puleo)
  • CDC Top Ranked Canadian Player (Jim Long)
  • PDJ Japanese Qualifier (7th October)
  • African Qualifier (TBC)
  • South American Qualifier (Diogo Portela)
  • UK & Ireland Ladies Qualifier (25th November)
  • Rest of the World Ladies Qualifier (17th November)
  • Indian Qualifier (TBC)

Template - Front page: International Darts Open ‘ET12’

GERWYN PRICE claimed his first European Tour title by defeating Simon Whitlock 8-3 in the final of the International Darts Open in Riesa.

Price was visibly delighted to be lifting his first PDC crown since May 2016 as he became the fourth new winner on the continent in 2018, despite continuing his recovery from a ruptured Achilles tendon.

The £135,000 tournament at SACHSENarena saw runner-up Whitlock reach his second European Tour final of the year, but it was Price’s weekend as the Welsh ace reeled off the last six legs in emphatic style to clinch the £25,000 top prize.

I turn up to every tournament expecting to win “I’m thrilled to win in front of this unbelievable crowd,” said Price, who was starring in his second European Tour final.

Price began his run to glory in East Germany with a 6-3 defeat of John Henderson on Saturday before surviving three match darts in his 6-5 win over Daryl Gurney to progress to the quarter-finals.

There, the former UK Open finalist posted an impressive 101.63 average to see off Ryan Searle 6-2 and held his nerve in the semi-final, edging out Steve West 7-6 in a thrilling contest.

The final began with an early break of throw for Whitlock before Price broke straight back with a 14-dart leg and then held throw for a 2-1 lead.

Whitlock held and then found double 12 with his last dart in hand to regain the lead at 3-2, but that was as good as it got for the Australian who was blown away by six stunning legs from Price.

Sunday September 16th

Third Round
James Richardson 6-4 Ian White
Simon Whitlock 6-3 Steve Beaton
Darren Webster 6-5 Joe Cullen
Danny Noppert 6-4 Mensur Suljovic
Steve West 6-5 Jonny Clayton
Adrian Lewis 6-2 Stephen Bunting
Gerwyn Price 6-5 Daryl Gurney
Ryan Searle 6-3 Martin Schindler

James Richardson 5-6 Simon Whitlock
Darren Webster 5-6 Danny Noppert
Steve West 6-4 Adrian Lewis
Gerwyn Price 6-2 Ryan Searle

Simon Whitlock 7-2 Danny Noppert
Steve West 6-7 Gerwyn Price

Simon Whitlock 3-8 Gerwyn Price

Template - Front page: Dutch Darts Championship ‘ET11’

IAN WHITE lifted his first European Tour title after defeating Ricky Evans 8-5 in the final of the Dutch Darts Championship in Maastricht.

White was playing in his 63rd European Tour event, more than any other player, and was left in tears as he became the third new winner on the continent this year.

The £135,000 tournament at MECC saw runner-up Evans reach his first European Tour final, but it was White’s weekend as the Stoke star found double top with his last dart in hand to clinch the £25,000 top prize.

Ian White (Kelly Deckers, PDC)

It’s just magical to finally win one


“It’s been a long time coming, I’m getting older so it’s just magical to finally win one,” said White, who now has ten PDC titles to his name.

“I was so pleased to see that double top go in to get me over the winning line because I got a bit nervy towards the end.

“Now I’ve won one hopefully there will be a few more to come – it’s just a magnificent feeling to win a title on stage at last. 

“I’m playing well and enjoying the game and I want to start going far in TV events and maybe win one but right now I’m going to enjoy this moment.”

Ian White, Ricky Evans (Kelly Deckers, PDC)

2018 Dutch Darts Championship

Sunday September 9th

Third Round
Ricky Evans 6-2 William O’Connor
Joe Cullen 6-4 Daryl Gurney
Ritchie Edhouse 6-2 Ross Smith
Kyle Anderson 6-1 Jeffrey de Graaf
Peter Wright 6-1 Dave Chisnall
Simon Whitlock 6-4 Darren Johnson
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Josh Payne
Ian White 6-2 Mervyn King

Ricky Evans 6-5 Joe Cullen
Ritchie Edhouse 6-4 Kyle Anderson
Peter Wright 6-4 Simon Whitlock
Ian White 6-1 Adrian Lewis

Ricky Evans 7-5 Ritchie Edhouse
Peter Wright 4-7 Ian White

Ricky Evans 5-8 Ian White