Template - Date: PDPA Members Practice Area on DartConnect:

The PDPA and the PDC have made a special arrangement with DartConnect to provide all PDPA Members with dedicated online practice groups during this period of social distancing.


All current registered PDPA members are eligible to participate with their respective “tours”.

You can now compete at will, under the PDC banner, against fellow tour mates, while keeping your darting skills sharp, until in-person competition resumes.

This is a FREE program.

All you need is a FREE Guest account.

Important that you use your personal, non-shared email. This will need to match the email used with your PDPA account.

CLICK HERE to join.

Are You Using the Correct Email Address?


To access your PDC Practice Group, your DartConnect account must utilise the same email address that is on file with the PDPA, you can check this on the link once you are on the Dart Connect page.The email MUST be unique – you cannot use your Manager’s email or share it with another player