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The PDPA fully supports the PDC’s plans for a return to tournament play in July.

PDPA Chairman Peter Manley has issued a statement reaffirming his support following his comments in a recent broadcast interview:

I would like to categorically state that I am fully supportive of the PDC’s intention to return to tournament play next month as represented in the PDPA’s statement on June 12th, which was agreed and authorised by myself.

I would also like to apologise to the PDC and PDPA members for some misjudged comments I made in a recent interview that do not reflect the views of the PDPA or my own personal opinions.

In the interview I failed to effectively portray my views as the PDPA Chairman and would like to take this opportunity to make them clear.

In addition to being personally supportive of the return to tournament play, this is also the overwhelming view of the PDPA and our membership.

I was delighted with the response of our recent ‘return to play survey’ which was completed by the majority of Tour Card Holders, largely expressing a desire to return to PDC tournament play as soon as possible in a safe environment.

Any concerns raised by our membership have been discussed with the PDC and I am extremely satisfied that the PDC has considered all potential risks ahead of announcing its intention to stage the World Matchplay and Summer Series in July.

Darts as a sport has led the way in its response to the COVID-19 crisis. It is a response we can all be proud of.

The PDPA and PDC worked together on providing financial support packages for professionals who had been severely impacted economically by the effects of the pandemic.

As a sport we have remained connected with our players through various initiatives such as PDPA Coffee Mornings and the PDC Home Tour, which gave our members something to participate in and earn from while other sportspeople were unable to do anything related to their profession.

The PDC has also been very supportive around our work with regard to the health and wellbeing of our members.

I am absolutely satisfied that the PDC has achieved the safest and most sensible solution currently possible in terms of a return to tournament play.

Communications between the PDPA and the PDC have been continuous and productive throughout this challenging period and I do not intend for a few careless comments to invalidate my actual views which have been made unequivocally clear in this statement and in recent communications by the PDPA.

Peter Manley,
PDPA Chairman