Template - Date: Accounting and Taxation Guidance for PDPA Members

We at the PDPA recognise the many challenges facing our members during the COVID-19 pandemic and are continuously working hard to make sure we provide as much information and support as possible during this period.



Adrian Grainger, of the PDPA’s Official Accountant Partner Griffiths & Pegg, has provided some helpful information regarding accounting and taxation for our members: Professional Darts players, like many sports players who are not under an employed contract, have seen their income streams come to an unexpected halt.

Through our partnership with the PDPA, Griffiths & Pegg is happy to provide information and guidance on any matters relating to tax and accounting in this unprecedented period and beyond. The options available to PDPA members depend upon the legal status that they trade under. I have briefly outlined these options for the two most common statuses below but encourage any PDPA member of any nationality or employment status to contact me for a free consultation.

1) Through a Limited Company

You are able to lay yourself off (together with any other employees) via The Job Retention Scheme. This is called being furloughed.

As long as you are not “trading” (including earning prize money) you can claim 80% of the income that you declare through your monthly PAYE scheme.

This can be backdated to the day after you last played in a professional tournament.
Income drawn as dividends does not count as part of this grant claim.
This scheme launched on 20th April.

Contact AGrainger@griffiths-pegg.co.uk for a free consultation or more information.

2) As a Sole Trader

The Self Assessed Income Support Scheme is a similar grant for non-employees, who are entitled to claim 80% of their average monthly profits over the two years up to April 5, 2019.
Submitted tax returns will show these figures already.
This is available to UK tax-paying self-employed players with a trading profit up to £50,000 a year. The maximum claim is £2,500 a month.
This is unlikely to be paid until June with HMRC contacting all Sole Traders very soon.

In addition, self-employed players who were due to pay tax on July 31, 2020 will have this deadline deferred until January 31, 2021.

Contact AGrainger@griffiths-pegg.co.uk for a free consultation or more information.

The financial impact of COVID-19 is affecting everyone, and it is important that PDPA members are aware of the additional support that may be available.

Universal Credit

The Government has confirmed that self-employed workers (including professional sportspeople) will be able to access Universal Credit via the Universal Credit website, dependent upon individual circumstances.

PDPA Emergency and Hardship Funds
The PDPA have announced two financial support initiatives to help players in need of help.

The PDPA Emergency Fund is a non-repayable grant available to any PDC Tour Card Holder with an immediate and desperate need of financial support.
The PDC & PDPA Hardship Fund is a repayable advance against future prize money to help ease the burden of the impact of COVID-19 and is also available to any PDC Tour Card Holder in need of financial support.

Free Consultation

Each individual’s circumstances and status are different, and their specific situation should be discussed with a tax adviser.
As part of our commitment to the PDPA, we are pleased to offer a FREE consultation to any existing client or non-client to discuss any of the above issues or any other questions.

Please contact AGrainger@griffiths-pegg.co.uk or call 01384  566188 for a free consultation or more information.

Template - Date: PDPA’s Chris Murphy meets Tony Adams

Tony Adams to PDPA members: ‘If you are really struggling, call us at Sporting Chance.’


Former England and Arsenal FC Captain Tony Adams MBE joins Chris Murphy to discuss the support available for professional darts players through the PDPA’s partnership with Sporting Chance. The charity which Adams founded to support professional sportspeople struggling with addiction, mental health and emotional wellbeing issues.

CLICK IMAGE BELOW for the interview/video and press PLAY.

If you are a PDPA member and are in need of support with any mental health, emotional wellbeing or mental health issue please call 07780 00 88 77 or email support@sportingchanceclinic.com

Template - Date: PDPA Announcement

The PDPA fully supports the PDC’s plans for a return to tournament play in July.

PDPA Chairman Peter Manley has issued a statement reaffirming his support following his comments in a recent broadcast interview:

I would like to categorically state that I am fully supportive of the PDC’s intention to return to tournament play next month as represented in the PDPA’s statement on June 12th, which was agreed and authorised by myself.

I would also like to apologise to the PDC and PDPA members for some misjudged comments I made in a recent interview that do not reflect the views of the PDPA or my own personal opinions.

In the interview I failed to effectively portray my views as the PDPA Chairman and would like to take this opportunity to make them clear.

In addition to being personally supportive of the return to tournament play, this is also the overwhelming view of the PDPA and our membership.

I was delighted with the response of our recent ‘return to play survey’ which was completed by the majority of Tour Card Holders, largely expressing a desire to return to PDC tournament play as soon as possible in a safe environment.

Any concerns raised by our membership have been discussed with the PDC and I am extremely satisfied that the PDC has considered all potential risks ahead of announcing its intention to stage the World Matchplay and Summer Series in July.

Darts as a sport has led the way in its response to the COVID-19 crisis. It is a response we can all be proud of.

The PDPA and PDC worked together on providing financial support packages for professionals who had been severely impacted economically by the effects of the pandemic.

As a sport we have remained connected with our players through various initiatives such as PDPA Coffee Mornings and the PDC Home Tour, which gave our members something to participate in and earn from while other sportspeople were unable to do anything related to their profession.

The PDC has also been very supportive around our work with regard to the health and wellbeing of our members.

I am absolutely satisfied that the PDC has achieved the safest and most sensible solution currently possible in terms of a return to tournament play.

Communications between the PDPA and the PDC have been continuous and productive throughout this challenging period and I do not intend for a few careless comments to invalidate my actual views which have been made unequivocally clear in this statement and in recent communications by the PDPA.

Peter Manley,
PDPA Chairman

Template - Date: PDPA Announcement

The PDPA are delighted to announce the appointment of Chris Murphy as Communications Manager on an initially temporary basis during the COVID-19 crisis.


Murphy brings with him a wealth of experience, having worked in professional darts for the last decade. The 33-year-old PDC.TV commentator is a former press officer and content manager for MODUS Sports Management and their players, including world number one Michael van Gerwen.

A graduate from the University of Huddersfield at a BA Hons in Sports Journalism, Murphy now also has a prominent role in the education department for Sporting Chance – an official partner of the PDPA, providing mental health and emotional wellbeing services for members.

“I’m proud and grateful to be joining the PDPA team,” said Murphy, whose position will primarily involve media and public relations operations. “I’m looking forward to combining my professional experience with my passions for both darts and welfare.

“In current uncertain times it is more important than ever that the players know they have support from their association and I will be helping to raise awareness to both the public and, most importantly, the players of the important assistance that the PDPA continues to provide.

“The recently announced PDPA Hardship and Emergency Funds have been a good example of the proactiveness of the organisation and the great work that they do, which often goes under the radar. “We will collectively work to ensure that every PDPA member is fully aware of the wide range of support systems available throughout the coronavirus crisis and beyond.”

Alan Warriner-Little, CEO of the PDPA said: “Having Chris as part of the PDPA team during this unprecedented period in our sport will be invaluable. “His experience in media and more recently wellbeing is in no doubt and fresh ideas are always welcome so we look forward to working with Chris for further benefit to our members.”

PDPA Chairman Peter Manley added: “The PDPA have always followed Chris Murphy’s career, he has worked within darts for a number of years and often deputises for the PDC“Now involved with Sporting Chance it is our pleasure to give Chris the opportunity to promote the PDPA to our members and the outside world throughout the Covid-19 crisis and hopefully beyond.”

More information and advice for PDPA members around COVID-19 is available at www.pdpa.co.uk For more information on this press release or any media or public relations enquiries please e-mail chris@pdpa.co.uk