Template - Date: FAQ During Covid-19


1 – When will we get back to playing Pro-Tour events in 2020, and how will they be run? We are working alongside the PDC on a daily basis, looking at guidance and planning for the immediate future. Guidance continues to evolve, and we are obviously subject to government and health advice which is of paramount importance. As soon as any events are possible, details will be released including any restrictions that may need to be adhered to.

2 – How will the rankings work in terms of money coming off and TV event qualification due to no events taking place since mid-March? We have looked at and continue to look at all options as the current restrictions continue to progress and develop. As the situation is changing constantly, all ideas and plans require constant revision and any decisions reached by ourselves and the PDC will take all considerations into account.

3 – The PDPA financial support funds cover April, May and June, what help financially will there be if events are not up and running by July? We initially set up the Emergency and Hardship funds to help our members through the first three months of event cancellations/postponements (April-June). If disruption to the PDC calendar continues past this period, we will assess the options available to us in order to help our members.

4 – If, when PDC events restart, players cannot travel to them due to their country’s restrictions, what protocols will be put in place to ensure fairness for competition for all members? As with Question one above, we work with the PDC daily, looking at guidance and planning for future possibilities with government and health advice at the forefront of our thoughts. As soon as any events are possible, details will be released including any restrictions that may need to be adhered to.

5 – I am struggling with my Mental Health due to the current Covid-19 situation, is there any help available? Yes, we have our partnership with Sporting Chance. Contact with their teams is available 24/7, follow THIS LINK for their information.

6 – There are currently a lot of online darts events and tournaments due to the Coronavirus pandemic; as a Tour Card Holder can I play in these?  You cannot play in events that are streamed online which are not sanctioned or organised by the PDC. Online events with live data are generally fine, but streamed images are not. If you are unsure, ask! Contact us or the PDC to make sure participation in the event(s) will not be putting you in breach of the PDC Rules or your PDC Contract.

7 – Where can I get financial information to help me through these uncertain times Our Accountancy and Taxation partner Adrian Grainger of Griffiths & Pegg is available for any of our members, whether he is your accountant or not. CLICK HERE for contact information. Our Wealth Management partners at Prosperity Wealth are also available for any of our members, including mortgage and savings advice. CLICK HERE for contact information.

8 – I qualified for a European Tour event before the restrictions, will I have to qualify again if these events eventually take place in 2020? Until we get events up and running again, we simply do not know. Players who have already qualified for a postponed event will be informed once we know the restart date for PDC events and can confirm an answer.