Template - Date: FREE Dart Connect for Q-School Players

Free DartConnect Membership for Q-School Players:


The PDPA, PDC and Dart Connect have arranged for Q-School players to receive a FREE 3- Month Premium membership with DartConnect.

The official scorekeeping app of the PDC!  DartConnect will be used on EVERY board and enables your friends and fans to follow all of your matches with DartConnect TV’s FREE Fan Alerts.

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All players who have registered prior to Friday am will receive an email which will be delivered early Friday morning, to inform you of the free 3-month Premium Membership to DartConnect and also how their fans can follow them with the ‘Fan Alerts’ system.

So watch out for the email, players who register after Friday morning will receive an email from Dart Connect at some point later and prior to the start of the PDC Q-School

Here’s a link to a sample email: Click Here Players who had existing accounts with us will get a slightly different version.

Follow this link which also explains how the program works CLICK HERE