Template - Date: Challenge Tour 2019

Callan Rydz has won the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Order of Merit after all events concluded on Sunday and he qualifies for the William Hill World Championship and wins a 2 year PDC Tour Card.


On Sunday Kyle McKinstry won event 19 with a 5-1 win over Jason Cullen, in the final event of 2019 in event 20 Mark Barilli beat Ciaran Teehan. Jesus Noguera was runner up on the final table and also wins a 2 year PDC Tour Card and qualifies for the UK Open.

Players ranked No 3 to No 8 win a FREE Q-School place (Not Transferable) the top 8 also qualify for the UK Open, the final 8 names will be determined following the 2020 Q-School as some may win a Tour Card.

Top 8 on Final 2019 CTOoM

No 1-Callan Rydz £6,750
Qualifies for World Championship – Qualifies for UK Open -Wins a 2 year PDC Tour Card

No 2-Jesus Noguera £6,050
Wins a 2 year PDC Tour Card – Qualifies for UK Open

No 3-Cameron Menzies £5,800 – Free Q-School place
No 4-Stephen Burton £5,500 – Free Q-School place
No 5-Boris Koltzov £5,400 – Free Q-School Place
No 6-Andy Jenkins £4,800 – Free Q-School Place
No 7-Cody Harris £4,750 – Free Q-School Place
No 8-Kyle McKinstry £4,700 – Free Q-School Place

Sunday 29th September

Challenge Tour 20 – Wigan

Nick Fullwell 5-0 Boris Koltsov
Ciaran Tehan 5-4 Callum Francis
Mark Barilli 5-4 John Davey
David Evans 5-4 Andy Jenkins

Nick Fullwell 4-5 Ciaran Teehan
Mark Barilli 5-4 David Evans

Ciaran Teehan 3-5 Mark Barilli

Sunday 29th September

Challenge Tour 19 – Wigan

Erik Hol 3-5 Kyle McKinstry
Darren Johnson 4-5 Jack Main
Nick Fullwell 4-5 Jason Cullen
Martin Thomas 2-5 Callan Rydz

Kyle McKinstry 5-1 Jack Main
Jason Cullen 5-1 Callan Rydz

Kyle McKinstry 5-1 Jason Cullen

Saturday 28th September

Challenge Tour 18 – Wigan

Callan Rydz 5-3 Andrew Gilding
Aden Kirk 5-4 Patrick Lynskey
Matt Dennant 5-4 Martin Thomas
Cody Harris 5-1 Justin Smith

Callan Rydz 5-3 Aden Kirk
Matt Dennant 2-5 Cody Harris

Callan Rydz 5-1 Cody Harris

Challenge Tour 17 – Wigan

Shane McGuirk 5-1 Eddie Lovley
Ciaran Teehan 5-2 Nick Fullwell
William Borland 5-2 Patrick Lynskey
Berry van Peer 5-2 Kevin Dowling

Ciaran Teehan 5-2 Shane McGuirk
Berry van Peer 5-4 William Borland

Ciaran Teehan 5-2 Berry van Peer

Sunday 12th August

Challenge Tour 16 – Wolverhampton

Adam Huckvale 5-1 Steve Hine
Callan Rydz 5-2 Peter Mitchell
David Evans 5-0 Rhys Hayden
Justin Smith 5-3 Kevin Garcia

Adam Huckvale 3-5 Callan Rydz
David Evans 5-1 Justin Smith

Callan Rydz 5-2 David Evans

Challenge Tour 15 – Wolverhampton

Kyle McKinstry 5-2 James Lawson
Wes Newton 5-4 Martin O’Boyle
Ritchie Edhouse 5-4 Kevin Garcia
Jesus Noguera 5-4 Mark Walsh

Kyle McKinstry 5-2 Wes Newton
Ritchie Edhouse 2-5 Jesus Noguera

Kyle McKinstry 2-5 Jesus Noguera

Challenge Tour 14 – Wolverhampton

Scott Taylor 3-5 Dennis Nilsson
Patrick Lynskey 5-4 Craig Quinn
David Evans 5-2 Boris Koltsov
Wessel Nijman 5-2 Christian Goedl

Dennis Nilsson 2-5 Patrick Lynskey
David Evans 5-3 Wessel Nijman

Patrick Lynskey 5-2 David Evans

Challenge Tour 13 – Wolverhampton

Cameron Menzies 5-2 Eddie Lovely
Dennis Nilsson 0-5 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Cody Harris 1-5 Wessel Nijman
Scott Waites 5-4 Curtis Hammond

Cameron Menzies 5-2 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Wessel Nijman 5-4 Scott Waites

Cameron Menzies 5-2 Wessel Nijman

Challenge Tour 12 – Peterborough

Andy Jenkins 5-1 Simon Preston
Justin Smith 5-3 Michael Rasztovits
Boris Koltsov 5-0 Colin Osbourne
Jesus Noguera 5-2 Christian Goedl

Andy Jenkins 5-4 Justin Smith
Boris Koltsov 5-2 Jesus Noguera

Andy Jenkins 5-4 Boris Koltsov

Challenge Tour 11 – Peterborough

Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-4 David Adshead
Cameron Menzies 5-4 Andy Jenkins
Arjan Konterman 5-4 Mark Frost
Berry van Peer 5-4 Peter Mitchell

Cameron Menzies 5-2 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Berry van Peer 5-3 Arjan Konterman

Berry van Peer 5-2 Cameron Menzies

Challenge Tour 10 – Peterborough

Nick Fullwell 5-4 Kyle McKinstry
Shane McGuirk 5-4 Paul Rowley
Cody Harris 5-2 Scott Taylor
Nick Fulwell 5-2 Mareno Michels

Nick Fullwell 5-2 Cody Harris
Shane McGuirk 3-5 Nathan Rafferty

Nick Fullwell 5-1 Nathan Rafferty

Challenge Tour 9 – Peterborough

Cody Harris 5-2 Boris Koltsov
Jason Wilson 5-3 Andy Chalmers
Martin Atkins 5-4 Andrew Gilding
Andy Jenkins 5-4 Dave Ladley

Cody Harris 5-1 Jason Wilson
Martin Atkins 5-3 Andy Jenkins

Cody Harris 5-1 Martin Atkins

Challenge Tour 8 – Wigan

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event Eight

Patrick van den Boogaard 5-1 Ian Withers
Paul Rowley 4-5 Dave Prins
Kevin Garcia 5-1 Kevin Lane
Stephen Burton 5-4 Rhys Griffin

Patrick van den Boogaard 5-3 Dave Prins
Kevin Garcia 2-5 Stephen Burton

Patrick van den Boogaard 4-5 Stephen Burton

Challenge Tour 7 – Wigan

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event Seven

Arjan Konterman 5-1 Scott Taylor
Mark Walsh 5-2 James Barton
Jesus Noguera 5-1 Callan Rydz
Stephen Burton 5-1 Andy Jenkins

Arjan Konterman 3-5 Mark Walsh
Jesus Noguera 5-3 Stephen Burton

Mark Walsh 1-5 Jesus Noguera

Challenge Tour 5 – Wigan

Andy Jenkins 5-1 Berry van Peer
Darren Beveridge 5-4 Jason Cullen
Callan Rydz 5-4 Dennis Nilsson
Andy Chalmers 5-4 Kyle McKinstry

Andy Jenkins 1-5 Darren Beveridge
Callan Rydz 5-2 Andy Chalmers

Darren Beveridge 5-4 Callan Rydz

Challenge Tour 6 – Wigan

Tony Mitchell 5-4 Francis Carragher
Andrew Gilding 5-2 Danny van Trijp
Boris Koltsov 5-4 Berry van Peer
Cameron Menzies 5-1 Andy Jenkins

Andrew Gilding 5-3 Tony Mitchell
Cameron Menzies 5-2 Boris Koltsov

Cameron Menzies 5-2 Andrew Gilding

Challenge Tour 4

Danny van Trijp 2-5 Boris Koltzov
Jason Askew 5-4 Jerry Hendriks
Dave Radley 5-0 Rhys Griffin
Dave Prins 5-1 Darren Johnson

Boris Koltzov 5-2 Jason Askew
Dave Prins 5-1 Dave Ladley

Boris Koltzov 5-4 Dave Prins

Challenge Tour 3

Andrew Gilding 5-1 Mick Todd
Ritchie Edhouse 5-1 Jeffrey de Graaf
Dennis Nilsson 5-4 Anthony Brown
Scott Taylor 5-3 Andy Hamilton

Andrew Gilding 3-5 Ritchie Edhouse
Dennis Nilsson 1-5 Scott Taylor

Ritchie Edhouse 5-3 Scott Taylor

Challenge Tour 2

Diogo Portela 5-0 Mick Todd
Nathan Rafferty 5-2 Darren Herewini
Stephen Burton 5-2 Michael Rasztovits
Jason Wilson 5-4 Andrew Gilding

Diogo Portela 3-5 Nathan Rafferty
Stephen Burton 5-3 Jason Wilson

Nathan Rafferty 4-5 Stephen Burton

Challenge Tour 1

Patrick Lynskey 5-4 William Borland
Brett Claydon 5-3 Andrew Foster
Mick Todd 5-4 Ricky Williams
Shaun Carroll 5-2 Ritchie Edhouse

Patrick Lynskey 5-2 Brett Claydon
Mick Todd 4-5 Shaun Carroll

Patrick Lynskey 1-5 Shaun Carroll

Template - Date: Gibraltar Darts Trophy

Krzysztof Ratajski made history as he became the first Polish winner on the European Tour by defeating Dave Chisnall 8-2 in the Gibraltar Darts Trophy final on Sunday night.


Having never previously won past the quarter-finals on the European Tour, Ratajski saw off Joe Cullen, Ian White and Daryl Gurney to secure his spot in the decider in Gibraltar. Chisnall, who hit a nine-darter in his quarter-final clash with James Wade, took the opening two legs of the final, including a 117 finish to break the Pole’s throw.

Ratajski, however, then made no mistake in breaking straight back with an incredible 124 finish, followed by a hold of throw to level the scores at 2-2. From there the Polish ace took control of the match, reeling off a further six legs on the spin to claim the £25,000 title and make history for East European darts.

Ratajski (Luke Hewitt, PDC)

“It’s incredible, I still don’t believe it,” said Ratajski, who averaged 102.85 in the final. “I’ve won floor tournaments but this is the first one I’ve won in front of a crowd. “This is a great night for Polish darts and I’m just so happy to lift this title.”

Danish Darts Open Champion Chisnall cane close to adding a second European Tour title to his 2019 trophy haul. Chisnall defeated Jermaine Wattimena 6-4 in the third round before striking perfection in a 6-4 victory over Wade. It then took a last-leg decider to see Chisnall reach his second European Tour title of 2019 as he edged past Nathan Aspinall 7-6 in the semi-finals.

Sunday September 29th

Third Round
Michael van Gerwen 3-6 Nathan Aspinall
Peter Wright 6-3 Mensur Suljovic
James Wade 6-2 Kim Huybrechts
Dave Chisnall 6-4 Jermaine Wattimena
Ian White 6-4 Michael Smith
Krzysztof Ratajski 6-3 Joe Cullen
Daryl Gurney 6-1 Glen Durrant
Gerwyn Price 6-5 Rob Cross

Nathan Aspinall 6-3 Peter Wright
James Wade 4-6 Dave Chisnall
Ian White 3-6 Krzysztof Ratajski
Daryl Gurney 6-3 Gerwyn Price

Nathan Aspinall 6-7 Dave Chisnall
Krzysztof Ratajski 7-3 Daryl Gurney

Dave Chisnall 2-8 Krzysztof Ratajski

Template - Date: The PDPA Junior World Cup

The Netherlands’ victory in the PDPA Junior World Cup in Gibraltar was followed by a win for Keane Barry in the DartConnect Junior International Open and a place in the JDC World Championship where he will face Adam Gawlas.


The JDC staged a three-day festival of darts at the new Europa Point Arena, culminating on Thursday with the early rounds of the Scott Farms International Junior World Championship. Tuesday’s opening event saw the Netherlands A team – which included reigning Junior World Champion Jurjen van der Velde – win the final against Netherlands B by a 4-0 scoreline.

Van der Velde was joined in the Netherlands A team by Owen Roelofs – the runner-up in the 2017 Junior World Championship – Daan Bastiaansen and Luke van der Kwast. The quartet also defeated England A, Ireland A, Spain, USA, China A and England B during the 16-nation event, which saw 26 teams competing.


Keane Barry and Adam Gawlas saw off Daan Bastiaansen and Justin Hewitt respectively and will now play on the Alexandra stage to play the final in December. 

Barry has established himself in the past few weeks in particular as a real stand out. This has seen him secure his spot in the Tom Kirby Irish Matchplay final where he will face Liam Gallagher at the World Grand Prix and he also yesterday won the JDC Junior International Open.

This means that he will at least appear at the Alexandra Palace once this December with a Junior and Senior bow potentially on the cards.

Gawlas on the other hand despite not averaging at the heights of Barry has had a stunning few months including showing how good he is at the recent Austrian Darts Championship and the Czech ace will hope to show signs of the future when he faces the Irish ace later this year.

Quarter Finals:
Justin Hewitt 4-2 Jack Shepherd
Adam Gawlas 4-1 Tomas Houdlek
Daan Bastiaansen 4-2 Connor Pickett
Keane Barry 4-2 Luke Littler

Semi Finals
Justin Hewitt 3-5 Adam Gawlas
Daan Bastiaansen 2-5 Keane Barry

Adam Gawlas v Keane Barry (Date TBC)


New Zealand B – Denmark B – Spain – Gibraltar B – England A
India A – China B – Iceland – Gibraltar A – Netherlands B
England B – China A – USA – Netherlands A
India B – Czech Republic – Australia A – Wales B
Ireland A – New Zealand A – Australia B – Scotland
Wales A – Ireland B – Denmark A – Canada

New Zealand B 2-4 USA / Czech Republic 4-0 India A
Netherlands B 4-2 England B / Denmark A 2-4 Scotland
Netherlands A 4-0 Spain / Ireland A 4-0 Wales B
England A 4-0 Australia A / Gibraltar A 4-1 Wales A

USA 2-4 Czech Republic / Netherlands B 4-2 Scotland
Netherlands A 4-3 Ireland A / England A 4-1 Gibraltar A

Czech Republic 2-4 Netherlands B
Netherlands A 4-0 England A

Netherlands B 4-0 Netherlands A


Wednesday’s DartConnect International Open saw Irish teenager Barry come through a field of 129 players to claim the title, edging out Nathan Girvan 6-5 in a high-quality final.

He averaged 100.5 in the final, landing an 11-darter as he moved into a 4-2 lead before Scottish ace Girvan hit back to take the game into a deciding leg at five-all, only for Barry to snatch the title with a 13-dart leg.

Keane Barry (JDC)

Barry’s success is a further boost for the youngster, who will be competing in the Tom Kirby Memorial Irish Matchplay final in Dublin on Saturday October 12 against Liam Gallagher – with the winner securing a place in the William Hill World Darts Championship.

Adam Gawlas, who recently reached the third round of the Austrian Darts Championship on his European Tour debut, was a semi-finalist, alongside fellow Czech prospect Tomas Houdek.Van der Velde was defeated by Barry in the quarter-finals, while Keelan Kay’s run to  the last eight included a 105 average in his last 64 whitewash of Sankalp Salunke.

Thursday’s final day of action will see the players battling to secure spots in the Junior World Championship final, which will take place on Saturday December 21 at Alexandra Palace during the William Hill World Darts Championship.

World Cup Teams:

Host Nation Team GIBRALTAR: Jason Hewitt, Craig Galliano, Jerome Chipol, Sean Negrette, Dylon Duo jnr, Casey Dyer, Joseph Borge, Elton Victory – All of the Gibraltar Darts family send our best wishes to our junior team and the success of the event.

2018 Champions Team NETHERLANDS: Juren van der Velde, Daan Bastiaansen, Owen Roelofs, Luke van der Kwast, Danny Jansen, Marcel Bus, Kevin Lasker, Pim van Bijnen – World Champion and World No 1 Michael van Gerwen – Good luck to the reigning Junior World Champions Netherlands in Tuesdays PDPA Junior World Cup. Enjoy the experience and play hard for your country and your team. ‘MvG’

Team CANADA: Zach van Vliet, Devin Gross, Hayden Brown, Nathan Sherk – Three times World Champion John Part – To all of our great young players from Canada please go out and play darts like you know how. You will be measured by the success of your attitude more than your throw. Do us proud, and most importantly, enjoy!”

Team USA: Jamison Merritt, Kaden Anderson, PJ Stewart Jr, Buster Graves – USA’s finest Darin YoungI would like to wish the best of luck to the young men representing the USA at JDC World Cup in Gibraltar. Stay focused, play hard and enjoy the opportunity ! all the best Darin. 

Team AUSTRALIA: Ky Smith, Mitchell Beswick, Hayden Scott, Lachie Gleason, Cody Dewey, Erin Logan, Tyson Stow, Faith kainuku. – Aussie Legend Simon Whitlock – Hi guys, Simon Whitlock here wishing you all the very best for the JDC World Cup in September, what a great opportunity for you all to show your talent to the darts world. This is an amazing piece of history that the JDC/PDPA/PDC have created for young players not only in Oz but all over the world. Darts has been my life for 35 years and we never had these opportunities, so you should take them in both hands and relish the chances and experience this will bring to you. Wishing you all the best and bringing the Trophy home to Australia with very best wishes Simon Whitlock’

Team NEW ZEALAND: Lachy Rountree, Sam Harman, Tumihitai Te Whero, Renata Leach, Dominic Clements, Jack Sheppard, Irie Eyles, Cory Horne – New Zealand’s No1 Cody Harris – Good luck to New Zealand’s stars of the future in the PDPA Junior World Cup in Gibraltar. ‘Cody’

Team IRELAND: Keane Barry, Sean Cummins, Killian Heffernan, Katie Sheldon, Pearse Mackle, Ethan Willis, Sean Mckeon, Dylon Dowling, Jamie Lee Cummins – Ireland’s No1 William O’Connor – I would like to wish all the junior Irish World Cup Team all the very best for next weeks PDPA Junior World Cup ‘Give em Socks’

Team ENGLAND: Leighton Bennett, Harry Gregory, Keelan Kay, James Beeton, Henry Coates, Sean Craig, Joe Pitchford Morris, Mitchell McCarthy – Michael Smith World No5 – I would like to wish all the England Squad my best wishes in the World Cup, play hard, play for your team and enjoy the event. ‘Bully Boy’

Sebastian Bech, Robin Stegler, Sune Poulsen, Marius Bo Nielse -We are very proud to have the opportunity to send 4 players to JDC World Cup in Gibraltar. We hope that the players will get some experience and use it in future tournaments arranged by PDC.

It is a huge chance for all the players to learn how to play on a higher level, and create friendships around the world. And hopefully it will inspire them to follow there dreams to be a pro dartplayers for the future.

Im sure that they will give everything to make a great result for Denmark. PDCNB (Chairman – Michael Frydendahl & Jann Hoffmann)

Team WALES: Taylor Smolden, Cole Davey, Ieuan Halsall, Brynmor Thomas, Ben Carr, Nathan Hanrahan, Zaidley Evans, Liam Butler, Ethan Haymes, Tomos Jones – Former World Champion Mark Webster – Good Luck to all the Welsh Team at the PDPA Junior World Cup, its a great opportunity for you all ‘enjoy’ the experience. ‘Webby’

Nathan Girvan, Kyle Walker, Connor Mitchell, John Gallazzi – Scot’s Legend Gary Anderson – Good Luck to all the boys representing Scotland in the PDPA Junior World Cup in Gibraltar, I will be watching your progress, make Scotland proud of you.

Team ICELAND: Tomas Orri, Tomas Breki, Alex Mani, Alexander

Team CZECH REPUBLIC: Tomas Houdeck, Vilem Sedivy, Adam Gawlas, David Zaruba – Czech Star Karel Sedlacek Wishes all the Czech players at the Junior World Cup the very best of luck in Gibraltar. 

Team CHINA: Jiacheng Song, Jiale Dong, Zhengan Gu, Tao Jiang, Yile Liu, Xunxu Kuang, Yanxu Shi, Sheyuan Xue

Team INDIA: Nihar Baldha, Sankalp salunkhe, Anadh Suhagiya, Akshat Andhariya, Thavish Vivek, Hasti Savaliya, Aman Lathiya, Devam Jasani

Team SPAIN: Isaac Munoz Sevillano, Eloy Gonzales De La Viuda, Pedro Fernandez Rubio, David Rodriquez Garcia

Template - Date: European Tour 13 ‘Tour Card Qualifier’

Friday saw 24 players secure places in the 2019 Gibraltar Darts Trophy after two qualifying events took place at The Barnsley Metrodome.


18 UK based ‘Tour Card Holders’ and 6 European ‘Tour Card Holders’ qualified for this event on Friday afternoon.

If you qualify for the Gibraltar Darts Trophy, you need to book your flights and accommodation ASAP as this event is from the 27th of this month.

Click Here for the full event brief and tournament information including hotels and travel.


UK Tour Card Holders Qualifiers : Jamie Hughes, Ritchie Edhouse, Steve Beaton, Chris Dobey, Carl Wilkinson, Keegan Brown, Matt Clark, Paul Rowley, Tony Newell, William O’Connor, Justin Pipe, Darren Webster, Ryan Joyce, Scott Taylor, Ryan Meikle, Robert Thornton, Kirk Shepherd, Steve West

European Tour Card Holder Qualifiers: Darius Labanauskas, Dimitri van den Bergh, Danny Noppert, Kim Huybrechts, Jeffrey de Zwaan, Jose de Sousa.

European Championship:

The top 32 from the final ETOoM Table after event 13 will qualify for the European Championships from Gottingen, Germany from the 24th – 27th October live on ITV4. For the current ETOoM Table Click Here If you are on the APP go to ranking tables.


Gerwyn Price retained the International Darts Open title in Riesa with a gritty comeback to defeat Rob Cross 8-6 in Sunday’s final.


The Welshman had claimed his maiden European Tour win at the Sachsenarena 12 months ago, and won a second £25,000 title with a memorable display. Cross enjoyed the better of the early stages in the final, leading 2-1 as a 12-darter broke throw before following a 13-darter with a sensational 148 checkout to move 4-2 up.

Price finished 121 to respond with a 12-darter, but tops saw Cross regain his two-leg cushion at 5-3. Price, though, produced some clutch third-dart doubling as he took the next three legs to move 6-5 up, punishing three misses from Cross in leg 11 as he moved back ahead.

Cross found another 13-darter as he levelled, but Price followed a 177 with an 88 finish to edge 7-6 up before taking out 108 on tops to secure the title.

Sunday September 15th

Daryl Gurney 6-5 Steve Beaton
Michael Rosenauer 3-6 Glen Durrant
Nathan Aspinall 6-5 Ricky Evans
Gerwyn Price 6-4 Joe Murnan
Peter Wright 6-3 Mensur Suljovic
Adrian Lewis 6-2 Jonny Clayton
Joe Cullen 0-6 Rob Cross
Richard North 6-5 Steve West

Daryl Gurney 4-6 Glen Durrant
Nathan Aspinall 4-6 Gerwyn Price
Peter Wright 6-0 Adrian Lewis
Rob Cross 6-1 Richard North

Glen Durrant 3-7 Gerwyn Price
Peter Wright 6-7 Rob Cross

FINAL (15)
Gerwyn Price 8-6 Rob Cross

Prize Fund:

Winner: £25,000
Runner-up: £10,000
Semi-Finalists: £6,500
Quarter-Finalists: £5,000
Last 16: £3,000
Last 32: £2,000
Last 48: £1,000
Total: £140,000 


2019 Gerwyn Price 8-6 Rob Cross
Gerwyn Price 8:3 Simon Whitlock
2017 Peter Wright 6:5 Kim Huybrechts
2016 Mensur Suljovic 6:5 Kim Huybrechts
2015 Michael Smith 6:3 Benito van de Pas


Harry Ward 6-4 Reece Robinson
William O’Connor 6-4 Benito van de Pas
Christian Jentschke 3-6 Justin Pipe
Arron Monk 5-6 Kyle Anderson
John Henderson 6-4 Brett Claydon
James Richardson 6-3 Mike Poge
Mickey Mansell 5-6 Danny Noppert
Mike De Decker 4-6 Michael Rosenauer
Richard North 6-5 Boris Koltsov
Daniel Larsson 3-6 Steve West
Ritchie Edhouse 6-2 Davyd Venken
Manfred Bilderl 1-6 Luke Woodhouse
Adam Hunt 3-6 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Andy Boulton 5-6 Steffen Siepmann
Joe Murnan 6-5 Jelle Klaasen
Davy Van Baelen 6-0 Ole Luckow

Nathan Aspinall 6-3 Justin Pipe
Krzysztof Ratajski 3-6 Michael Rosenauer
Glen Durrant 6-3 James Richardson
Rob Cross 6-1 John Henderson
Adrian Lewis 6-4 William O’Connor
Daryl Gurney 6-5 Danny Noppert
Steve Beaton 6-4 Luke Woodhouse
Gerwyn Price 6-4 Kyle Anderson
Ricky Evans 6-4 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Jamie Hughes 3-6 Steve West
Jonny Clayton 6-4 Steffan Siepmann
Jeffrey de Zwaan 3-6 Joe Murnan
Joe Cullen 6-5 Davy van Baelen
Ian White 5-6 Richard North
Mensur Suljovic 6-0 Harry Ward
Peter Wright 6-4 Ritchie Edhouse

Template - Date: PDPA Seminar

The fifth annual PDPA seminar takes place on Tuesday evening the 10th September from the Rigby Room, Barnsley Metrodome from 7.30pm, following the event during the day.


We are pleased to announce that this years seminar will feature ex-professional footballer and the founder of Sporting Chance; Tony Adams MBE.

Tony Adams will be joined by his wonderful team at Sporting Chance to deliver to our members the services they provide, and if you need any help it is there for you on a confidential basis.

Inspired by his own recovery whilst still playing professional football, he saw a need for sports people to have help when they needed it in a safe environment.

Also joining the evening is our official PDPA solicitor Mr Gareth Williams from GHW solicitors, as well as dealing with most legal issues. He specialises in Sports Law, particularly contracts and was a big part of the discussions with the PDC over the recent PDC Playing Contract.

So he will discuss with our members the issues surrounding contracts, including disputes, image rights and disciplinary matters.

Prosperity Wealth is our newest PDPA Partner, there services in wealth management and financial advice include, pensions, mortgages, investments and protection.

Trevor Willday, Matt Bell and Wayne Coombs will be in attendance to show our members the services they offer.

The PDPA will also offer updates on other current issues,

We look forward to seeing you all there!


Template - Date: PDC 2020 Calendar of events

The 2020 Professional Darts Corporation calendar has been confirmed, with over 150 days of darts to take place on the circuit next year including a first visit for the PDC European Tour to Hungary.


Another exciting year will begin with Qualifying School from January 16-19, with simultaneous events being held in the UK and Germany as players bid to secure coveted PDC Tour Cards to compete on the ProTour.

The Ladbrokes Masters sees the top 16 return to action in Milton Keynes from January 31-February 2 for the first televised event following the conclusion of the William Hill World Darts Championship on New Year’s Day.

The Unibet Premier League season then begins on Thursday February 6 at the new P&J Live arena in Aberdeen, beginning the 17-night tour of the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany.

The tournament will then move to Nottingham, Cardiff and Dublin during the remainder of February before the visit to Westpoint Exeter on Thursday March 5, which is followed by further league nights in Liverpool and Newcastle and a double-header at Rotterdam Ahoy on March 25-26, which includes Judgement Night.

The remaining players will then compete across the final seven league nights in a bid to secure Play-Off places, beginning on Thursday April 2 in Belfast before moving to Sheffield, Manchester, Berlin, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds to conclude the regular season, with the Play-Offs seeing the destiny of the title confirmed on Thursday May 21 with the semi-finals and final at The O2 in London.

2020 PDC Calendar

Another exciting year will begin with Qualifying School from January 16-19, with simultaneous events being held in the UK and Germany as players bid to secure coveted PDC Tour Cards to compete on the ProTour.

The Ladbrokes Masters sees the top 16 return to action in Milton Keynes from January 31-February 2 for the first televised event following the conclusion of the William Hill World Darts Championship on New Year’s Day.

The Unibet Premier League season then begins on Thursday February 6 at the new P&J Live arena in Aberdeen, beginning the 17-night tour of the UK, Ireland, Netherlands and Germany.

The tournament will then move to Nottingham, Cardiff and Dublin during the remainder of February before the visit to Westpoint Exeter on Thursday March 5, which is followed by further league nights in Liverpool and Newcastle and a double-header at Rotterdam Ahoy on March 25-26, which includes Judgement Night.

The remaining players will then compete across the final seven league nights in a bid to secure Play-Off places, beginning on Thursday April 2 in Belfast before moving to Sheffield, Manchester, Berlin, Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds to conclude the regular season, with the Play-Offs seeing the destiny of the title confirmed on Thursday May 21 with the semi-finals and final at The O2 in London.

The 30 Players Championship events to be held in 2020 will begin with three double-headers during February ahead of the Ladbrokes UK Open, which will take place from March 6-8 at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort.

The European Tour kicks off in March with events in Sindelfingen and Leverkusen, with April’s event in Munich followed in May with tournaments in Graz and Riesa either side of the first visit to Hungary as Budapest plays host to a tournament from May 8-10.

Following a first event in Trier, Germany from June 26-28, the European Tour will then return to Hildesheim and Jena on the first two weekends of July. Dutch city Leeuwarden will also host the European Tour for the first time from September 11-13, ahead of the annual visit to Gibraltar a fortnight later.

The venue for the 12th European Tour event will be confirmed in due course, while both Prague and Copenhagen remain potential future venues after staging European Tour events in 2019.

The World Cup of Darts will be held from June 18-21 in Hamburg, before the hugely popular Betfred World Matchplay takes place from July 18-26 in Blackpool.

Both the Paddy Power Champions League of Darts and World Series of Darts Finals will move forward in the calendar to September, ahead of the BoyleSports World Grand Prix in Dublin in October.

The European Championship will return to Dortmund from October 29-November 1, with the Grand Slam of Darts taking place from November 14-22 in Wolverhampton.

The Ladbrokes Players Championship Finals at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort takes place from November 27-29, with the dates for the 2020/2021 William Hill World Darts Championship to be confirmed during 2020.

The European Tour event in Leeuwarden in September will be followed by a Players Championship double-header, with Barnsley, Wigan, Hildesheim and Dublin continuing to host ProTour events during 2020.

Both the Challenge Tour and Development Tour circuits will again see five weekends take place, each featuring four events per weekend, during the year. Four weekends on each tour will be held in Wigan, with Hildesheim also hosting the Development Tour and Milton Keynes hosting the Challenge Tour.

“We’ve enjoyed some remarkable growth in recent years and 2020 will be another exciting year on the PDC circuit,” said PDC Chairman Barry Hearn. “As always, the year begins with Qualifying School and this really is the land of opportunity for ambitious darts players.

“It’s encouraging to see another new country, Hungary, joining the European Tour circuit alongside new destinations within Germany and the Netherlands, and the 30 Players Championship events will form the backbone of the ProTour in giving all players their chance to qualify for our televised tournaments.

“In addition, we will continue to support our affiliated tours worldwide as the sport maintains its incredible worldwide growth, while we also look ahead with excitement to the 2020 World Series of Darts.”

Details of 2020 World Series of Darts events will be confirmed in due course for the international events to be held throughout the year around the world, having visited America, Germany, Australia and New Zealand during 2019.

Tickets for the 2020 Unibet Premier League will go on sale in October 2019, with a Priority Sale period for PDCTV-HD Annual Subscribers from Thursday October 3 and General Sale from Thursday October 10.

Ticket information for the 2020 Ladbrokes Masters will be announced in due course.

Weekend Break Packages for the Ladbrokes UK Open at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort can be booked through www.bigweekends.com.

Ticket information for all events will be confirmed at www.pdc.tv/tickets once finalised.

Entry information for the 2020 PDC Qualifying Schools will be announced in due course at www.pdc.tv/QSchool.

* All dates and venues are correct at time of publication. Any changes would be advertised at www.pdc.tv and made in accordance with advertised PDC rules.

Template - Date: 2020 Unibet Premier League Dates & Venues:

The 2020 Unibet Premier League season will begin at the new P&J Live arena in Aberdeen on Thursday February 6 to open a 17-night tour for the sport’s widest-reaching event.


Aberdeen has been a sell-out destination for the Premier League for over a decade, welcoming capacity crowds to the AECC complex.

A move to the P&J Live arena – part of a new event complex close to Aberdeen airport – will see the Premier League season open in style on Thursday February 6 in front of a record crowd for the event in the city.

2020 Unibet Premier League dates (PDC)

The tournament will then move to Nottingham, Cardiff and Dublin during the remainder of February before the visit to Westpoint Exeter on Thursday March 5 ahead of the UK Open.

Further league nights in Liverpool and Newcastle will be followed by a double-header at Rotterdam Ahoy on March 25-26, the second of which will be Judgement Night, as the popular Dutch venue welcomes back the Premier League.

The remaining players will then compete across the final seven league nights in a bid to secure Play-Off places, beginning on Thursday April 2 in Belfast.

Sheffield and Manchester then host further league nights before the Premier League visits Berlin for a third successive year on Thursday April 23, with German fans having flocked to the Mercedes-Benz Arena during 2017 and 2018.

League nights in Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds follow to conclude the regular season, with the Play-Offs then seeing the destiny of the title confirmed on Thursday May 21 with the semi-finals and final at The O2 in London.

2020 Unibet Premier League Schedule

Night One
Thursday February 6
P&J Live, Aberdeen

Night Two
Thursday February 13
Motorpoint Arena, Nottingham

Night Three
Thursday February 20
Motorpoint Arena, Cardiff

Night Four
Thursday February 27
3Arena, Dublin

Night Five
Thursday March 5
Westpoint Exeter

Night Six
Thursday March 12
M&S Bank Arena, Liverpool

Night Seven
Thursday March 19
Utilita Arena, Newcastle

Night Eight
Wednesday March 25
Rotterdam Ahoy

Night Nine
Thursday March 26
Rotterdam Ahoy

Night Ten
Thursday April 2
The SSE Arena, Belfast

Night 11
Thursday April 9
FlyDSA Arena, Sheffield

Night 12
Thursday April 16
The Manchester Arena

Night 13
Thursday April 23
Mercedes-Benz Arena, Berlin

Night 14
Thursday April 30
Arena Birmingham

Night 15
Thursday May 7
The SSE Hydro, Glasgow

Night 16
Thursday May 14
First Direct Arena, Leeds

Thursday May 21 The O2, London

Template - Date: European Darts Matchplay ‘ET11’

The Bradford ace claimed the third ranking title of his career in brilliant fashion as he overcame World Champion Van Gerwen with a clinical and confident showing.


Having never previously won past the semi-finals on the European Tour, Cullen saw off William O’Connor, Glen Durrant and James Wade on Sunday to book his spot in the decider at the Maimarkthalle. He showed no nerves against the World Champion, opening the final with a 180 and claiming four of the opening five legs to move 4-1 up, including a 14-darter to break throw.

Van Gerwen responded in the sixth, only to see Cullen power home a 170 checkout to bring the German crowd to their feet as he opened up a 5-2 lead. Van Gerwen showed his class with three legs in a row to level the final, but Cullen regained the edge with success 13-darters to lead 7-5 – punishing misses from the Dutchman to break – before an 88 finish for a 14-darter secured the £25,000 title.

Joe Cullen (PDC Europe)

“To beat Michael in the final is amazing,” said Cullen, who averaged over 101 in the final.“It’s the biggest moment in my career, it’s great.

A four-time European Tour winner in 2019, Van Gerwen saw his bid to add further honours ended in the final for a second successive week, having lost out to Mensur Suljovic in the Austrian Darts Championship last Sunday.

Van Gerwen had avenged that loss by seeing off Suljovic 6-4 in the third round, before edging out Krzysztof Ratajski in the quarter-finals and then storming past Dave Chisnall with a 7-1 semi-final win.

Michael van Gerwen (PDC Europe)

Wade survived a missed match dart against Wayne Jones in the third round before seeing off Jonny Clayton 6-4 in the quarter-finals, but lost out in his bid for a second European Darts Matchplay title to Cullen.

Chisnall, June’s Danish Darts Open winner, saw his hopes of a second European Tour title of the year ended in crushing style by Van Gerwen in the last four after he had seen off Ricky Evans and Rob Cross on the day.

Durrant averaged 110 in an outstanding 6-3 third round win over Gerwyn Price earlier on Sunday, while Ratajski survived a missed match dart from Adrian Lewis in their last 16 tie. Cullen’s success sees him move back into the world’s top 16 as he jumps three places to 15th following the Mannheim triumph.

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Sunday September 8th

Afternoon Session (12.00 BST)

Michael van Gerwen 6-4 Mensur Suljovic
Adrian Lewis 5-6 Krzysztof Ratajski
Daryl Gurney 4-6 Rob Cross
Dave Chisnall 6-1 Ricky Evans
Ian White 5-6 Jonny Clayton
James Wade 6-5 Wayne Jones
William O’Connor 3-6 Joe Cullen
Gerwyn Price 3-6 Glen Durrant

Evening Session (18.15 BST)

Michael van Gerwen 6-5 Krzysztof Ratajski
Rob Cross 5-6 Dave Chisnall
Jonny Clayton 4-6 James Wade
Joe Cullen 6-2 Glen Durrant

Michael van Gerwen 7-1 Dave Chisnall
James Wade 5-7 Joe Cullen

FINAL (15)
Michael van Gerwen 5-8 Joe Cullen

Prize Fund:

Winner: £25,000
Runner-up: £10,000
Semi-Finalists: £6,500
Quarter-Finalists: £5,000
Last 16: £3,000
Last 32: £2,000
Last 48: £1,000
Total: £140,000 


Scott Taylor 6-5 Matthew Edgar
Bradley Brooks 6-4 Mark McGeeney
Ryan Meikle 6-3 Brett Claydon
Dennis Nilsson 3-6 Marvin Wehder
Cody Harris 6-4 Ross Smith
Dirk van Duijvenbode 6-5 Krzysztof Kciuk
John Henderson 6-3 Ryan Joyce
Gabriel Clemens 6-2 Steffen Siepmann
Florian Hempel 3-6 Simon Stevenson
Jamie Hughes 6-5 Wesley Plaisier
Keegan Brown 6-3 Simon Whitlock
Maik Kuivenhoven 3-6 Karsten Koch
Robert Thornton 5-6 Kim Huybrechts
Michael Smith 6-3 Steve Lennon
Max Hopp 5-6 William O’Connor
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-6 Wayne Jones

Dave Chisnall 6-2 Ryan Meikle
Jonny Clayton 6-4 Scott Taylor
James Wade 6-2 Bradley Brooks
Adrian Lewis 6-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Glen Durrant 6-3 Cody Harris
Daryl Gurney 6-4 John Henderson
Gerwyn Price 6-3 Simon Stevenson
Rob Cross 6-0 Marvin Wehder
Ricky Evans 6-3 Karsten Koch
Ian White 6-3 Gabriel Clemens
Krzysztof Ratajski 6-5 Keegan Brown
Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Michael Smith
Mensur Suljovic 6-1 Kim Huybrechts
Peter Wright 5-6 William O’Connor
Nathan Aspinall 3-6 Wayne Jones
Joe Cullen 6-3 Jamie Hughes

Template - Date: Austrian Darts Championship ‘ET10’

Mensur Suljovic defeated Michael van Gerwen 8-7 to win the Austrian Darts Championship in Vienna.


Home hero Mensur Suljovic took glory in the Austrian Darts Championship in Vienna with a rousing comeback from 6-3 down to win the final against Michael van Gerwen 8-7 on Sunday night.

Suljovic having never previously won a stage match in his home city, the Austrian number one rose to the challenge as he claimed his third PDC European Tour title, scooping a £25,000 top prize.

Van Gerwen played his part in a hugely entertaining final, taking a 2-0 lead and then landing a brilliant ten-darter as he moved 3-2 up. Suljovic capitalised on three missed doubles to level in leg six, only for Van Gerwen to take the next three as he moved 6-3 up.

Four missed doubles in leg ten from the World Champion allowed Suljovic to hit back, and he then took out 121 and 86 to delight the Vienna crowd by pulling level.

A miss at double 15 for a 150 checkout in the next allowed Van Gerwen to move a leg away from the title at 7-6, with Suljovic taking the game to a decider.

A timely 180 from Van Gerwen saw him be first to a finish in the final leg, but he missed the bull to take out 84 before Suljovic took out 70 on his favoured double 14 to claim a momentous victory.

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Sunday September 1st

(Afternoon Session)

Gerwyn Price 1-6 Vincent van der Voort
Adrian Lewis 2-6 Cameron Menzies
Mensur Suljovic 6-2 James Wilson
Ian White 6-2 Keegan Brown
Rowby-John Rodriguez 6-5 Mike De Decker
Peter Wright 6-5 Joe Cullen
Dave Chisnall 3-6 Ricky Evans
Michael van Gerwen 6-3 Jeffrey de Zwaan

(Evening Session)

Vincent van der Voort 6-4 Cameron Menzies
Mensur Suljovic 6-4 Ian White
Rowby-John Rodriguez 5-6 Peter Wright
Ricky Evans 0-6 Michael van Gerwen

Vincent van der Voort 4-7 Mensur Suljovic
Peter Wright 6-7 Michael van Gerwen

FINAL (15)
Mensur Suljovic 8-7 Michael van Gerwen

Prize Fund:

Winner: £25,000
Runner-up: £10,000
Semi-Finalists: £6,500
Quarter-Finalists: £5,000
Last 16: £3,000
Last 32: £2,000
Last 48: £1,000
TOTAL: £140,000


William O’Connor 4-6 Brendan Dolan
James Wilson 6-2 Gavin Carlin
Adam Gawlas 6-5 Ross Smith
Ted Evetts 3-6 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Cameron Menzies 6-1 Kevin Munch
Dietmar Burger 6-3 Cor Dekker
Justin Pipe 4-6 Vincent van der Voort
Jermaine Wattimena 5-6 Christian Bunse
Alex Steinbauer 4-6 Kirk Shepherd
Mark Webster 3-6 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Luke Humphries 6-5 Jamie Hughes
Hannes Schnier 5-6 Keegan Brown
Mike De Decker 6-5 Chris Dobey
Rowby-John Rodriguez 6-5 Josh Payne
Jeffrey de Zwaan 6-3 Christian Goedl
Kyle Anderson 6-4 Stephen Bunting

Steve Beaton 5-6 James Wilson
Simon Whitlock 4-6 Vincent van der Voort
Gerwyn Price 6-4 Brendan Dolan
Dave Chisnall 6-2 Dietmar Burger
Ricky Evans 6-1 Kirk Shepherd
Michael Smith 2-6 Cameron Menzies
Ian White 6-1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Adrian Lewis 6-4 Christian Bunse
Nathan Aspinall 4-6 Keegan Brown
Daryl Gurney4-6 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Jonny Clayton 3-6 Mike De Decker
Peter Wright 6-5 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Mensur Suljovic 6-2 Adam Gawlas
Joe Cullen 6-2 Luke Humphries
Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Kyle Anderson
Darren Webster 4-6 Jeffrey de Zwaan