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Jeffrey de Zwaan, William O’Connor, Jamie Hughes and John Henderson enjoyed a European Tour qualifying double on Friday as they secured places in the European Darts Matchplay and International Darts Open.


The European Tour Card Holders Qualifier in Hildesheim saw six places on offer for European players in each of September’s tournaments, and eighteen from the UK.

If you qualify, please see your full event brief.

European Tour 11:

European Darts Matchplay, Mannheim, Germany 6th-8th September CLICK HERE
European Qualifiers (6)
Jeffrey de Zwaan, Kim Huybrechts, Dirk van Duijvenbode, Gabriel Clemens, Max Hopp, Maik Kuivenhoven.
UK Qualifiers (18)
Michael Smith, Simon Whitlock, Scott Taylor, Ryan Joyce, Bradley Brooks, William O’Connor, Bret Claydon, Matthew Edgar, Keegan Brown, Jamie Hughes, Mark McGeeney, Ryan Meikle, Steve Lennon, Simon Stevenson, Ross Smith, Robert Thornton, Wayne Jones, John Henderson.

European Tour 12:

International Darts Open, Riesa, Germany 13th-15th Sept CLICK HERE
European Qualifiers (6)
Davy van Baelen, Jeffrey de Zwaan, Danny Noppert, Benito van de Pas, Dimitri van den Bergh, Jelle Klaasen.
UK Qualifiers (18)
Reece Robinson,Brett Claydon, Jamie Hughes, Adam Hunt, Joe Murnan, John Henderson, James Richardson, Ritchie Edhouse, Luke Woodhouse, Kyle Anderson, Arron Monk, Mickey Mansell, William O’Connor, Steve West, Justin Pipe, Harry Ward, Richard North, Andy Boulton.