Template - Date: DRA Announcement on Beta Blockers

 – Drug Testing in Darts Update on Beta Blockers


  • 1 – Below is the official announcement by the DRA on Beta Blockers
  • 2 – The DRA Rule 7.1.2 (ii)
  • 3 – User friendly terms of what this means for members


1- Since 6th January 2019 unapproved use of Beta-Blockers has been subject to disciplinary rules (as then amended).

Given the complexity of processing Therapeutic Use Exemption Applications and other technical procedures required which flow from these rule changes, the DRA has been in detailed communication with UK Anti-Doping (UKAD) to implement these changes. Unfortunately, we have been unable to finalise our procedures with UKAD and this has proved more difficult than originally anticipated. Accordingly, and so that testing can continue the DRA Board of Directors has made the following decision:

The application of section 7.1.2 (ii) of the DRA Rules is suspended until further notice. Please note that this suspension does not affect your obligation to inform the DRA if you are currently prescribed Beta-Blockers. It also does not affect your obligations in respect of other medications and TUEs.

We remind all players that it is your responsibility to have any medication you use checked to see if it or any of its ingredients are prohibited. If any player is unsure or has any questions regarding any medications (including Beta-Blockers), please contact us using the email addresses or a telephone number below.

You can also check your medication on the Global DRO website: CLICK HERE

If you need any further assistance or help, please contact us using the following email addresses: timo@moore-tibbits.co.uk and monikak@moore-tibbits.co.uk Alternatively, you can speak to Tim Ollerenshaw or Monika Krtenova using this following telephone number +44(0)1926 674544 – Dated 3rd June 2019

2 – DRA Rule 7.1.2 (ii)

For the purpose of these Disciplinary Rules the following shall amount to “Misconduct”: a breach of the DRA’s Rules and Regulations, including and in addition (without limitation):

(ii) the unauthorised use by a Player of Beta-Blockers [in or out of competition] for incidents occurring on or after 6th January 20191;

3 – What does this mean

Players will still need to check all Medications and will still need a TUE Certificate for all prohibited substances/medications.

If a player is on Beta Blockers, they are obliged to inform the DRA but can use this medication with a TUE form, We do not recommend their using Beta-Blockers, if there is an alternative medication available, but it will not be treated as a Disciplinary matter currently, if they are tested and found to have Beta-Blockers in their system.

They do not need a TUE Form for Beta-Blockers now as there is currently no procedure in place to deal with Beta-Blockers TUE Forms (this will obviously change once such a procedure has been adopted). At the moment, their only obligation in respect of Beta-Blockers is to inform the DRA.

If you have any issues, comments or queries please refer to the above correspondence or contact your PDPA