Template - Date: PDPA Announcement on Mobile Devices

We are pleased to announce that following discussions with the PDC and the DRA we can confirm the following update for the use of Mobile Devices at Development & Challenge Tours, European Tour TCH Qualifiers and Players Championship events.


Internet Browsing/Calls:
For the benefit of competing players and their guests, mobile phones must be turned onto silent before entering the playing area. You are now allowed to use mobile phones within the playing area to text, message and browse the internet.

The making or receiving of calls in the playing area is forbidden, this includes the bar area.

If you need to make a phone call you must leave the playing area and go outside the venue. It is also forbidden for Players and/or their guests to take photographs within the playing area.

Where a Player or Registered Agent fails to comply with this rule it will lead to a referral to the Darts Regulation Authority for possible disciplinary action. Guests who breach this rule will be asked to leave the Arena.

Please note that Players are responsible for their guests at all time when they are attending an event.