Template - Date: The New PDPA Darts APP

The new PDPA APP, will have all the current Race Tables, Rankings, Calendar, Deadline Notifications, Updated News/Information/Event Briefs, Direct link to Sportradar to do your entries.

This APP is now ready to download, details will be sent to all our members, registered managers, Development Tour and Day Members via email this week.



Below is your PDPA App homepage, to download the APP please follow the simple instructions below for iPhone and Android mobiles:

Go to the applicable App store for your mobile device and search PDPA Darts – click to ‘Get’ or ‘Install’ then open the App and create an account


Once you have downloaded the APP, you need to create an account. This refers to just your email address and a password. On some mobile phones the ‘Create an Account’ button at the bottom of the screen can be hidden behind the keyboard, to move the keyboard swipe down on the bottom right corner of the keyboard and it will disappear.

Once you have created an account, the APP will open up every time you click on it and go straight to the homepage.


Once you have downloaded the APP and created an account, you will have logged on and once this is done you can continue to go straight into the App whenever you tap it. Your profile (within the Settings Tab of Main Menu) has already been created with your email address and password, your password can be changed at anytime in this area.


In the notifications area (within the Settings Tab of Main Menu) you need to pick which PDC Tour you would like notifications for. All entry deadlines for the tour events you pick will appear on the homepage when you first log on.

Challenge Tour
Development Tour
Associate Member (This is specifically for European members for ET Qualifiers)

If you are only a Development Tour player, make sure that button is open. If you are on this tour and are also a tour card holder open both and so on.

If you are a manager/agent it is worth clicking all 4. If you are a Tour Card Holder, and just want those, keep that button open and close all others.

Basically click all buttons if any of those relate to a tour you are on. If you are unsure, click all 4 which is fine.

NOTE: All buttons are generally open for all 4 when you first log on, so if there is a tour you do not wish to get notifications for, close it.


As Shown.

(back to Main Menu for below Tabs)


This area will not just have the latest news and results but also the complete information on each tour for the season, it will also have the event briefs for each event prior to the event and any other specific or updated news.


This area has all the events and deadlines for the season. The ‘Events’ and the ‘Entry Deadline’ tabs below the calendar take you to each view. Below is the Events View and a list is also shown as you scroll down.

This is the Entry Deadlines view, and will also show them in a list as you scroll down including cut off dates for TV events. The next entry deadline will be shown as an ALERT on the homepage.


You can go to your Sportradar Account direct from this App, this is currently the previous link but will be a direct link shortly.


All the PDC Rankings are available in this area: OoM, PTOoM, PCOoM, ETOoM, DTOoM, CTOoM, simply swipe the titles of each table at the top of the screen to select the table you wish to view.


The Race Tables for the WC, WMP and WGP are in this area. Again swipe the titles at the top to view and then click each button to see either the OoM qualifiers (Left Button) or the PTOoM qualifiers (Right Button).