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Van den Bergh overcame Josh Payne in 2017 to take the £10,000 title, and a spirited title defence has seen him secure his place in the final.

He will return to the stage at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort on November 25 against German prospect Schindler, who powered his way into the decider during a competitive Last 96 in Wigan. The expanded £60,000 tournament saw a field of international qualifiers join players from the 2018 PDC Unicorn Development Tour Order of Merit to compete, with play initially in a round-robin group stage.

World Matchplay semi-finalist Jeffrey de Zwaan was the highest-profile player to be defeated in the group stage, alongside former finalist Rowby-John Rodriguez and Chinese World Cup ace Xiaochen Zong.

Top seed Luke Humphries, the Development Tour Order of Merit winner, was seen off by Callan Rydz in the last 32. Former World Youth Championship finalist Berry van Peer, Canada’s Dawson Murschell and JDC Junior World Champion Rusty-Jake Rodriguez also suffered last 32 defeats.

Martin Schindler & Dimitri Van den Bergh (PDC)

However, Van den Bergh overcame Melvin de Fijter 6-3, then saw off Thomas Lovely 6-3, Christian Bunse 6-3 and Ted Evetts 6-1 to book his place in the final. Schindler whitewashed both Rhys Hayden and Geert Nentjes in the latter stages, and also saw off Bradley Kirk 6-4 and Rydz 6-3 to reach the final.

The decider will be played at the Butlin’s Minehead Resort on Sunday November 25 between the semi-finals and final of the Players Championship Finals, and broadcast live on ITV4.

Alongside prize money of £10,000 for the winner and £5,000 for the runner-up, both Van den Bergh and Schindler are also in line to qualify for the 2019 Grand Slam of Darts.

PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship
Group One
(1) Luke Humphries
Carl Batchelor
Ryan Lynch

Carl Batchelor 5-0 Ryan Lynch
Luke Humphries 5-1 Ryan Lynch
Luke Humphries 5-3 Carl Batchelor

Qualifier: Luke Humphries

Group Two
(32) Joe Davis
Callan Rydz
Logan Crooks

Callan Rydz 5-3 Logan Crooks
Logan Crooks 5-3 Joe Davis
Callan Rydz 5-4 Joe Davis

Qualifier: Callan Rydz

Group Three
(16) Rob Hewson
Jarvis Bautista
Paolo Nebrida

Paolo Nebrida 5-2 Jarvis Bautista
Rob Hewson 5-0 Jarvis Bautista
Paolo Nebrida 5-4 Rob Hewson

Qualifier: Paolo Nebrida

Group Four
(17) Bradley Brooks
Tom Lonsdale
Hampus Norrstrom

Tom Lonsdale 5-4 Hampus Norrstrom
Bradley Brooks 5-2 Hampus Norrstrom
Tom Lonsdale 5-3 Bradley Brooks

Qualifier: Tom Lonsdale

Group Five
(8) Ryan Meikle
Alexander Faddel
Greg Ritchie

Greg Ritchie 5-0 Alexander Faddel
Ryan Meikle 5-1 Alexander Faddel
Ryan Meikle 5-2 Greg Ritchie

Qualifier: Ryan Meikle

Group Six
(25) Tommy Wilson
Adam Paxton
Sebastian Pohl

Adam Paxton 5-3 Sebastian Pohl
Tommy Wilson 5-0 Sebastian Pohl
Adam Paxton 5-4 Tommy Wilson

Qualifier: Adam Paxton

Group Seven
(9) Niels Zonneveld
Harry Ward
Fred Box

Harry Ward 5-2 Fred Box
Niels Zonneveld 5-2 Fred Box
Harry Ward 5-1 Niels Zonneveld

Qualifier: Harry Ward

Group Eight
(24) Rhys Griffin
Xiaochen Zong
Sven Hesse

Xiaochen Zong 5-1 Sven Hesse
Rhys Griffin 5-1 Sven Hesse
Rhys Griffin 5-4 Xiaochen Zong

Qualifier: Rhys Griffin

Group Nine
(5) Martin Schindler
Lukas Wennig
Declan Cox

Lukas Wennig 5-2 Declan Cox
Martin Schindler 5-1 Declan Cox
Martin Schindler 5-3 Lukas Wennig

Qualifier: Martin Schinder

Group Ten
(28) Rhys Hayden
Jack Faragher
Aaron Holdstock

Aaron Holdstock 5-2 Jack Faragher
Rhys Hayden 5-1 Jack Faragher
Rhys Hayden 5-1 Aaron Holdstock

Qualifier: Rhys Hayden

Group 11
(12) Nathan Rafferty
Nico Schlund
Conor Mayes

Nico Schlund 5-2 Conor Mayes
Conor Mayes 5-3 Nathan Rafferty
Nico Schlund 5-0 Nathan Rafferty

Qualifier: Nico Schlund

Group 12
(21) Bradley Kirk
Keane Barry
Sven Groen

Sven Groen 5-1 Keane Barry
Bradley Kirk 5-3 Keane Barry
Bradley Kirk 5-3 Sven Groen

Qualifier: Bradley Kirk

Group 13
(4) Geert Nentjes
Callum Matthews
Steve Fitzpatrick

Steve Fitzpatrick 5-3 Callum Matthews
Geert Nentjes 5-0 Callum Matthews
Geert Nentjes 5-1 Steve Fitzpatrick

Qualifier: Geert Nentjes

Group 14
(29) Brian Raman
John Brown
Mats Gies

Mats Gies 5-2 John Brown
Brian Raman 5-2 John Brown
Brian Raman 5-3 Mats Gies

Qualifier: Brian Raman

Group 15
(13) Berry van Peer
Jesus Macias
Danny Key

Danny Key 5-0 Jesus Macias
Berry van Peer 5-0 Jesus Macias
Berry van Peer 5-2 Danny Key

Qualifier: Berry van Peer

Group 16
(20) George Gardner
William Borland
Justin Smith

William Borland 5-4 Justin Smith
Justin Smith 5-1 George Gardner
George Gardner 5-1 William Borland

Qualifier: Justin Smith

Group 17
(2) Dimitri Van den Bergh
Patrik Kovacs
Keelan Kay

Keelan Kay 5-4 Patrik Kovacs
Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-4 Patrik Kovacs
Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-1 Keelan Kay

Qualifier: Dimitri Van den Bergh

Group 18
(31) Melvin de Fijter
Jaikob Selby-Rivas
Jack Vincent

Jack Vincent 5-3 Jaikob Selby-Rivas
Melvin de Fijter 5-2 Jaikob Selby-Rivas
Melvin de Fijter 5-2 Jack Vincent

Qualifier: Melvin de Fijter

Group 19
(15) Wessel Nijman
Sean Coohill
Thomas Lovely

Thomas Lovely 5-3 Sean Coohill
Sean Coohill 5-4 Wessel Nijman
Thomas Lovely 5-3 Wessel Nijman

Qualifier: Thomas Lovely

Group 20
(18) Jimmy Hendriks
Jack Main
Shane McGuirk

Jack Main 5-1 Shane McGuirk
Jimmy Hendriks 5-3 Shane McGuirk
Jack Main 5-3 Jimmy Hendriks

Qualifier: Jack Main

Group 21
(7) Rowby-John Rodriguez
Hendrik Eggermann
Mike van Duivenbode

Mike van Duivenbode 5-0 Hendrik Eggermann
Rowby-John Rodriguez 5-1 Hendrik Eggermann
Mike van Duivenbode 5-3 Rowby-John Rodriguez

Qualifier: Mike van Duivenbode

Group 22
(26) Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Maxim Aldoshin
Josh McCarthy

Maxim Aldoshin 5-3 Josh McCarthy
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-1 Josh McCarthy
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-1 Maxim Aldoshin

Qualifier: Rusty-Jake Rodriguez

Group 23
(10) Christian Bunse
Andrew Davidson
Levy Frauenfelder

Levy Frauenfelder 5-3 Andrew Davidson
Christian Bunse 5-3 Andrew Davidson
Christian Bunse 5-3 Levy Frauenfelder

Qualifier: Christian Bunse

Group 24
(23) Mike De Decker
Nico Blum
Adam Watson

Nico Blum 5-4 Adam Watson
Mike De Decker 5-1 Adam Watson
Mike De Decker 5-1 Nico Blum

Qualifier: Mike De Decker

Group 25
(6) George Killington
Mark Baxter
Christopher Haensch

Mark Baxter 5-3 Christopher Haensch
George Killington 5-0 Christopher Haensch
Mark Baxter 5-4 George Killington

Qualifier: Mark Baxter

Group 26
(27) Lee Budgen
Danny van Trijp
Jeffrey de Zwaan

Jeffrey de Zwaan 5-2 Danny van Trijp
Lee Budgen 5-0 Danny van Trijp
Lee Budgen 5-3 Jeffrey de Zwaan

Qualifier: Lee Budgen

Group 27
(11) Jarred Cole
Maikel Verberk
Patrick van den Boogaard

Maikel Verberk 5-3 Patrick van den Boogaard
Jarred Cole 5-3 Patrick van den Boogaard
Jarred Cole 5-2 Maikel Verberk

Qualifier: Jarred Cole

Group 28
(22) Justin van Tergouw
Callum Loose
Dean Finn

Callum Loose 5-4 Dean Finn
Justin van Tergouw 5-3 Dean Finn
Justin van Tergouw 5-0 Callum Loose

Qualifier: Justin van Tergouw

Group 29
(3) Ted Evetts
Kevin Doets
Jack Male

Kevin Doets 5-4 Jack Male
Ted Evetts 5-0 Jack Male
Ted Evetts 5-2 Kevin Doets

Qualifier: Ted Evetts

Group 30
(30) Scott Dale
Nicolai Rasmussen
Jordan Boyce

Jordan Boyce 5-2 Nicolai Rasmussen
Scott Dale 5-2 Nicolai Rasmussen
Scott Dale 5-0 Jordan Boyce

Qualifier: Scott Dale

Group 31
(14) Kenny Neyens
Scott Jackson
Lewis Pride

Scott Jackson 5-1 Lewis Pride
Kenny Neyens 5-3 Lewis Pride
Scott Jackson 5-3 Kenny Neyens

Qualifier: Scott Jackson

Group 32
(19) Dawson Murschell
Tomoya Goto
Dylan Powell

Tomoya Goto 5-3 Dylan Powell
Dawson Murschell 5-2 Dylan Powell
Dawson Murschell 5-2 Tomoya Goto

Qualifier: Dawson Murschell

Last 32
Callan Rydz 6-2 Luke Humphries
Paolo Nebrida 6-4 Tom Lonsdale
Ryan Meikle 6-2 Adam Paxton
Harry Ward 6-3 Rhys Griffin
Martin Schindler 6-0 Rhys Hayden
Bradley Kirk 6-2 Nico Schlund
Geert Nentjes 6-4 Brian Raman
Justin Smith 6-1 Berry van Peer
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-3 Melvin de Fijter
Thomas Lovely 6-1 Jack Main
Mike van Duivenbode 6-4 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Christian Bunse 6-4 Mike De Decker
Lee Budgen 6-4 Mark Baxter
Jarred Cole 6-3 Justin van Tergouw
Ted Evetts 6-1 Scott Dale
Scott Jackson 6-4 Dawson Murschell

Last 16
Callan Rydz 6-2 Paolo Nebrida
Harry Ward 6-3 Ryan Meikle
Martin Schindler 6-4 Bradley Kirk
Geert Nentjes 6-2 Justin Smith
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-2 Thomas Lovely
Christian Bunse 6-5 Mike van Duivenbode
Lee Budgen 6-3 Jarred Cole
Ted Evetts 6-0 Scott Jackson

Callan Rydz 6-5 Harry Ward
Martin Schindler 6-0 Geert Nentjes
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-3 Christian Bunse
Ted Evetts 6-2 Lee Budgen

Martin Schindler 6-3 Callan Rydz
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-1 Ted Evetts

Martin Schindler v Dimitri Van den Bergh
To be played Sunday November 25 at Butlin’s Minehead Resort
Best of 11 legs

Prize Fund
Winner: £10,000 + qualifying place in 2018/2019 World Championship & 2019 GSoD
Runner-Up: £5,000 + qualifying place in 2019 GSoD
Semi-Finalists: £2,500
Quarter-Finalists: £1,600
Last 16: £1,000
Last 32: £500
Second in Group: £300
Third in Group: £250
Total: £60,000