Template - Date: PDPA THRIVE APP for Members

The new PDPA THRIVE APP, is for all PDPA members & is specific to darts players’ lifestyles. It can be downloaded for FREE onto any mobile device or tablet from September 2017.

Thrive use App technology to make therapy more engaging, accessible & fun & will use clinically proven techniques to help you build resilience & teach you to prevent & manage stress, anxiety & other mental health conditions.

Thrive Apps are mental wellbeing aids not for the one in four of us who struggle, but for the four in four of us who sometimes find the pressures of life & sport too much; helping you to play better, recover faster & think smarter whilst being fun to use.

We have test driven this APP prior to its release and also given it to a few of our members who have tested it out with great feedback. It is a fun APP for our members use, don’t dwell download it now and try it for your self

The full instructions on how to download the APP will be sent to all PDPA members upon its release on the 1st September via your email address, if you have not received this please let us know by emailing info@pdpa.co.uk

We can also send you these details by text, if you send a text to 07946 478718 (PDPA Mobile) with your name we will send you the details via a text message.

Template - Date: Crohn’s & Colitis UK Charity Event at WMP

Danny ‘Elvis’ Sullivan and the team of volunteers initially asked us here at the PDPA and backed by the PDC to go ahead with another charity event during the BetVictor World Matchplay at the Winter Gardens.

Danny, who is also part of the Pro-Tour ‘Markers Scheme’ and know by all the players and officials put on a very successful event last year, as the spokesman for all the A Team’ of volunteers.

We had a great response ‘said Danny’ from all the PDC players, managers, the PDPA and the PDC who provided us with loads of prizes including signed shirts, photos, darts and merchandise. (Full list at bottom of page)

The 9 dart challenge was on, the stall set up and the decor kindly donated by the Chrohn’s and Colitis charity to make it more attractive added, even the elvis jumpsuit and wig which proved quite popular.

All challengers would have 9 Darts and whatever their score was would have a pre sealed envelope in a box with either the words unlucky try again or the name of one of our many prizes to be won.

Both myself and Peter Manley attended to show our support said ‘Alan Warriner-Little’ as did many others with a special mention to Nathan Richards. The prize for the highest score on the 9 dart challenge was a very impressive 365 from Mr George Fowler.

The total amount raised was: £2,694.38

The full list of kind volunteers were:

Rebecca Macdonald, Neil Macdonald, Di Wray, Danny & Julie sullivan, Karen Thompson
Donna Ross Smith, Andrea Darville, Scott Greenwood, Jayne Percival ,Peter Christian, James Christian.

Please all take a bow, you deserve it. Your efforts and the time you put in was tremendous, such wonderful and generous people.

The prizes ranged widely, a massive thank you to all the generous players and managers, and everyone else who contributed.

  • A signed shirt from Brendan Dolan
  • A signed Kim Huybrechts shirt
  • A shirt signed by Devon Peterson and Joe Cullen
  • A number of Alan “The Iceman” Warriner shirts
  • A number of Alan “The Iceman “Warriner darts in signed cases
  • A huge load more goodies supplied by Mr Warriner
  • A set of Ian “Diamond” White darts in a signed case
  • A set of Devon “The African Warrior” darts in a signed case
  • A signed darts case from Jamie “Jabba” Caven
  • A signed darts case from Justin Pipe
  • A whole host of goodies from Bob “The Limestone Cowboy” Anderson
  • Signed photo’s from Kim Huybrechts, Robbie Green, Diogo Portielo, Kyle Anderson, Dimitri Van Den Bergh, Mensur Suljovich, Big Thanks to Mark ‘Macca’ Elkin and Karl from A180 shop.
  • A signed MvG shirt (Big thanks to MvG & Jason) this was put up on a silent auction and eventually went for £301.

Danny said on behalf of his team ‘I have to mention that i am truly proud to be associated with and to know so many good people they are all a credit to the sport of darts. We look forward to next year if the PDC are kind enough to allow me the pleasure of running another fundraiser. It gives a warm feeling knowing that we can use our privileged position to raise much needed money for good causes.