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Michael van Gerwen clinched a second European Tour title of 2017 as he beat Mensur Suljovic in the final of the HappyBet European Darts Matchplay at the edel-optics.de Arena in Hamburg.

The World Champion was his typical rampant self and he started the game with a stunning 136 checkout after Suljovic missed a dart at D10 to break.

Suljovic also started brightly, and held his throw to level early on. Van Gerwen held himself, before clinching the first advantage as he landed his second 180 and a 25 checkout for a 3-1 lead.

A third 180 followed in the next leg as he landed a 32 checkout on D8 for a 4-1 lead. Suljovic got his second leg on the board, before van Gerwen moved to within one of victory at 5-2 with a 54 checkout.

The checkout of the final came as Suljovic stayed alive with a stunning 164 outshot, but that was where it ended for the Austrian as van Gerwen landed a 75 checkout for his 16th European Tour title and the £25,000 top prize.

The Premier League champion also had some kind words for his opponent, who made his second final in succession on the European Tour.

Van Gerwen’s run to the final started with a 6-3 victory over Mervyn King. In the Quarter-Finals, the Dutchman raced to a 5-0 lead over Peter Hudson, averaging nearly 119 before Hudson mounted an unlikely comeback – stringing together four straight legs before van Gerwen crawled over the line.

Up next, he faced Michael Smith – who was on the hunt for a second European Tour title in a row after winning the Gibraltar Darts Trophy. Van Gerwen was too strong once more, landing 66 per cent of his doubles as he won 6-3.

Suljovic started his run to the final by edging out Daryl Gurney in a last-leg decider. In the Quarter-Finals, he brushed aside Dave Chisnall 6-3 and then Spain’s Cristo Reyes by the same scoreline on his way to the £10,000 runner-up prize.

Earlier in the day, Stephen Bunting averaged 103, landed seven 180s and missed D12 for a nine-darter as he beat Kyle Anderson to book his place in the last 8, where he fell to Reyes. Joe Cullen reached the Quarter-Finals as he put an end to Vincent van der Voort’s strong run, before losing out to Smith.

The European Tour continues in two weeks with the Austrian Darts Open in Vienna.

Sunday June 11
Third Round
91.71 Mensur Suljovic 6-5 Daryl Gurney 90.72
94.02 Dave Chisnall 6-5 Ian White 97.26
103.05 Stephen Bunting 6-3 Kyle Anderson 94.52
102.02 Peter Wright 5-6 Cristo Reyes 103.24
88.89 Andy Hamilton 2-6 Michael Smith 100.56
103.18 Vincent van der Voort 4-6 Joe Cullen 97.89
80.64 Peter Hudson 6-3 Alan Norris 80.59
102.76 Michael van Gerwen 6-3 Mervyn King 92.36

96.57 Mensur Suljovic 6-3 Dave Chisnall 92.64
89.21 Stephen Bunting 3-6 Cristo Reyes 100.83
91.06 Michael Smith 6-2 Joe Cullen 90.20
91.48 Peter Hudson 4-6 Michael van Gerwen 106.10

99.25 Mensur Suljovic 6-3 Cristo Reyes 90.05
97.99 Michael Smith 3-6 Micharl van Gerwen 99.73

106.26 Mensur Suljovic 3-6 Michael van Gerwen 102.05

Friday/Saturday Results

HappyBet European Darts Matchplay
Saturday June 10
Second Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time)

88.55 Daryl Gurney 6-1 Jimmy Hendriks 82.31
81.62 Alan Norris 6-3 Marko Kantele 79.75
95.35 Mervyn King 6-2 Richard North 83.73
99.84 Michael Smith 6-1 Mike de Decker 92.67
93.86 Cristo Reyes 6-5 Nathan Aspinall 96.33
90.19 Kim Huybrechts 5-6 Peter Hudson 90.60
89.11 Ian White 6-3  Peter Jacques 84.63
96.69 Joe Cullen 6-2 Justin Pipe 90.59

Saturday June 10
Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time)

92.97 Simon Whitlock 1-6 Andy Hamilton 90.13
104.83 Dave Chisnall 6-4 James Wilson 93.19
90.79 Mensur Suljovic 6-5 Dirk van Duijvenbode 94.28
71.73 James Wade 2-6 Kyle Anderson 87.36
84-86 Jelle Klaasen 2-6 Stephen Bunting 95.29
101.33 Peter Wright 6-0 John Michael 91.34
97.44 Benito van de Pas 5-6 Vincent van der Voort 98.11
107.68 Michael van Gerwen 6-2 John Henderson 93.53

Friday June 9th

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time)

First Round (Last 48)
96.26 Peter Hudson 6-1 Brendan Dolan 88.87
88.03 Richard North 6-1 Mickey Mansell 83.04
96.81 Krzysztof Ratajski 4-6 Justin Pipe 98.52
84.49 Andy Hamilton 6-5 Martin Schindler 83.01
87.45 Lee Bryant 4-6 James Wilson 90.02
81.23 Marko Kantele 6-5 Antonio Alcinas 82.10
92.60 Mike de Decker 6-2 Max Hopp 83.36
91.44 Andy Jenkins 4-6 Jimmy Hendriks 91.97

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time)

First Round (Last 48)
86.66 Chris Quantock 3-6 Nathan Aspinall 88.41
87.76 Darren Webster 3-6 Dirk van Duijvenbode 87.40
93.84 John Henderson 6-4 Mike Holz 79.68
83.94 Peter Jacques 6-5 Chris Dobey 82.06
83.85 Kenny Neyens 3-6 Stephen Bunting 87.23
95.86 Vincent van der Voort 4-6 Adrian Lewis 97.64
80.35 Erik Tautfest 5-6 John Michael 83.06
91.75 Kyle Anderson 6-5 Christian Kist 87.52

Template - Date: Challenge Tours 15 & 16

The second day of the PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour weekend continues on Sunday from the Arena MK in Milton Keynes.

Associate members and Challenge Tour only players will battle in out for £10,000 per event with £2,000 for each winner. Yesterday, South Africa’s Warrick Scheffer and former Tour Card Holder Kevin McDine won the 13th and 14th event.

For the updated Challenge Tour Table ‘CTOoM’ and all the event information including event brief, hotels, travel >


PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour – Event 15

Sunday June 11th Arena MK, Milton Keynes

Preliminary Round
Darren Brown 5-3 Mark Forman
Ryan Harrington 5-1 Aaron Dyer
Alan Magee 5-1 Lewis McGurn
Nathan Derry 5-1 Simon Cassidy
Pip Blackwell 5-3 Kurt Parry
Damien O’Driscoll 5-3 Lee Moffat
Dan Read 5-3 David Wilson
Haruki Muramatsu 5-3 Andy Smith
Joe Davis 5-3 Daniel Russell
Barrie Bates 5-3 Ben Ward
Evander Stevenson 5-2 Gary Eastwood
Charlie Jackson 5-1 Kevin Simm
Nigel Birch 5-1 Kieran Evans
Edward Lovely 5-1 Barry Maclean
Jim Walker 5-3 Alan Bell
Lisa Ashton 5-1 Chris Skeates

First Round
Rob Holdroyd 5-3 Kelvin Self
Darren Brown 5-3 Billy Gallie
Luke Humphries 5-3 Lee Evans
Mark Carter 5-2 Ryan Harrington
John Power 5-3 Jason Wilson
Martin Lukeman 5-2 Alan Magee
Nigel Pinchen 5-3 Brian Hallas
Michael Dawson 5-0 Nathan Derry
Robert Rickwood 5-0 Wayne Thomas
Michael Blake 5-4 Sandy Morrison
Michael Barnard 5-0 David Evans
Sam Head 5-3 Gary Butcher
Peter Mitchell 5-4 Justin Bradshaw
James Hubbard 5-4 Ian Jones
Jay Foreman 5-2 Chris Hartrey
Ian Lever 5-2 Paul Russell
Coni Singh Nagi 5-2 Kevin McDonnell
Mark Westgarth 5-3 Pip Blackwell
Nick Fullwell 5-1 Paul Phillips
Kevin McDine 5-2 Damien O’Driscoll
Mark Dudbridge 5-1 Rohit Rabadia
Dan Read 5-3 Stuart Dutton
Brett Claydon 5-1 Ian Moss
Haruki Muramatsu 5-1 Eikichi Nakanishi
Wayne Crossley 5-4 Diogo Portela
John Brown 5-3 Aaron Stevens
Pete Dyos 5-2 John Scott
Daniel Cole 5-4 John Gibson
Ryan Murray 5-1 Richard Onions
Jack Todd 5-2 Dave Ladley
Mark Frost 5-2 Ian Withers
Kevin Edwards 5-3 Colin Littlecott
Joe Davis 5-4 Roy Morris
Luke Woodhouse 5-4 David King
Barrie Bates 5-3 Mark Layton
Barry Lynn 5-4 Jon Jukes
Evander Stevenson 5-0 Kevin Veenstra
James Marcroft 5-2 Joshua Richardson
Charlie Jackson 5-1 Paul Meyer
Alan Tabern 5-1 Ben Green
Steve McNally 5-4 Wayne Jones
Harry Ward 5-2 Derek Brand
Kevin Dowling 5-4 Stephen Gallimore
Curtis Hammond 5-4 John Morris
Warrick Scheffer 5-1 Scott Dale
Marc Dewsbury 5-1 Nathan Richards
Callum Loose 5-3 Craig Gilchrist
James Hadjar 5-2 Eddie Dootson
Nigel Birch 5-4 Sean Ryan
Arjan Konterman 5-0 John Bryan
James Lane 5-3 Edward Lovely
Mark Wilson 5-0 Michael Huntley
Jim Walker 5-4 Nolan Arendse
Max Baulcomb 5-2 George Killington
Lisa Ashton 5-2 Matt Padgett
Thom Humphrey 5-2 Nicholas Bloor
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-0 Callum Mackay
Alex Roy 5-1 Steve Kingdon
Richie Hoswon 5-0 Adam Smith-Neale
Martin Thomas 5-3 Jim Moston
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-2 Josh McCarthy
Scott Rollings 5-3 Rocco Maes
Paul Milford 5-1 Rachel Brooks

Second Round
Rob Holdroyd 5-4 Darren Brown
Luke Humphries 5-3 Mark Carter
Martin Lukeman 5-3 John Power
Michael Dawson 5-2 Nigel Pinchen
Robert Rickwood 5-0 Michael Blake
Michael Barnard 5-2 Sam Head
James Hubbard 5-4 Peter Mitchell
Jay Foreman 5-3 Ian Lever
Mark Westgarth 5-4 Coni Singh Nagi
Kevin McDine 5-4 Nick Fullwell
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Dan Read
Brett Claydon 5-3 Haruki Muramatsu
Dean Owen 5-2 Wayne Crossley
Pete Dyos 5-3 John Brown
Ryan Murray 5-2 Daniel Cole
Mark Frost 5-3 Jack Todd
Kevin Edwards 5-3 Joe Davis
Barrie Bates 5-1 Luke Woodhouse
Barry Lynn 5-2 Evander Stevenson
Charlie Jackson 5-4 James Marcroft
Alan Tabern 5-1 Steve McNally
Harry Ward 5-2 Kevin Dowling
Curtis Hammond 5-4 Warrick Scheffer
Marc Dewsbury 5-4 Callum Loose
James Hajdar 5-3 Nigel Birch
Arjan Konterman 5-2 James Lane
Jim Walker 5-4 Mark Wilson
Lisa Ashton 5-1 Max Baulcomb
Thom Humphrey 5-1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Richie Howson 5-3 Alex Roy
Radosaw Szaganski 5-1 Martin Thomas
Scott Rollings 5-4 Paul Milford

Last 32
Luke Humphries 5-4 Rob Holdroyd
Michael Dawson 5-2 Martin Lukeman
Michael Barnard 5-2 Robert Rickwood
Jay Foreman 5-2 James Hubbard
Kevin McDine 5-2 Mark Westgarth
Mark Dudbridge 5-3 Brett Claydon
Pete Dyos 5-3 Dean Owen
Mark Frost 5-2 Ryan Murray
Kevin Edwards v Barrie Bates
Charlie Jackson 5-2 Barry Lynn
Alan Tabern 5-0 Harry Ward
Curtis Hammond 5-3 Marc Dewsbury
Arjan Konterman 5-2 James Hadjar
Lisa Ashton 5-1 Jim Walker
Richie Howson 5-1 Thom Humphrey
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-4 Scott Rollings

Last 16
Luke Humphries 5-0 Michael Dawson
Michael Barnard 5-2 Jay Foreman
Mark Dudbridge 5-4 Kevin McDine
Mark Frost 5-0 Pete Dyos
Kevin Edwards 5-2 Charlie Jackson
Alan Tabern 5-1 Curtis Hammond
Lisa Ashton 5-2 Arjan Konkterman
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-3 Richie Howson

Quarter Finals
Luke Humphries 5-3 Michael Barnard
Mark Dudbridge 5-0 Mark Frost
Kevin Edwards 5-4 Alan Tabern
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-3 Lisa Ashton

Luke Humphries 2-5 Mark Dudbridge
Kevin Edwards 5-1 Radoslaw Szaganski

Mark Dudbridge 5-4 Kevin Edwards

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour – Event 16

Sunday June 11th Arena MK, Milton Keynes

Preliminary Round
Alan Tabern 5-0 Kevin Simm
Diogo Portela 5-2 Eddie Dootson
Kurt Parry 5-2 Kevin Edwards
David Wilson 5-3 Lewis McGurn
Andy Smith 5-2 Michael Huntley
Thom Humphrey 5-2 Michael Blake
Scott Rollings 5-1 James Hubbard
Chris Hartrey 5-2 Rocco Maes
John Power 5-4 Sandy Morrison
Paul Russell 5-3 Jon Jukes
Aaron Dyer 5-2 Marc Dewsbury
Matt Padgett 5-2 Simon Cassidy

First Round
Pip Blackwell 5-2 Arjan Konterman
Alan Tabern 5-1 Evander Stevenson
Stuart Dutton 5-2 Jim Moston
Nathan Derry 5-2 Diogo Portela
Sean Ryan 5-4 Colin Littlecott
Kurt Parry 5-2 Ian Moss
Ian Jones 5-0 Billy Gaillie
John Scott 5-2 Joshua Richardson
Mark Layton 5-4 Alan Bell
Edward Lovely 5-2 Richard Onions
Barrie Bates 5-1 Jamie Robinson
Roy Morris 5-0 Justin Bradshaw
Scott Dale 5-2 David Evans
Derek Brand 5-3 Sam Head
Barry Lynn 5-0 Chris Skeates
James Hajdar 5-2 Mark Frost
Joe Davis 5-4 Dan Read
Jack Todd 5-3 David Wilson
Richie Howson 5-1 Wayne Crossley
Nolan Arendse 3-5 Andy Smith
Callum Loose 5-3 Jason Wilson
Martin Lukeman 5-3 Thom Humphrey
Lee Moffat 5-3 Nick Fullwell
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Harry Ward
Jim Walker 5-3 Luke Woodhouse
Martin Thomas 5-4 John Brown
Kevin McDine 5-1 Rob Holdroyd
Pete Dyos 5-1 Paul Phillips
Charlie Jackson 5-4 James Lane
Daniel Cole 5-3 Mark Carter
Wayne Jones 5-2 Michael Dawson
Michael Barnard 5-2 Lisa Ashton
Craig Gilchrist 5-3 James Marcroft
Scott Rollings 5-4 Luke Humphries
Dave Ladley 5-2 Stephen Gallimore
Chris Hartrey 5-1 Steve Kingdon
Josh McCarthy 5-2 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Wayne Thomas 5-0 John Power
Kevin Dowling 5-1 Mark Westgarth
Kelvin Self 5-2 Roxy-James Rodriguez
Brett Claydon 5-1 George Killington
Nigel Birch 5-1 Brian Halas
Gary Eastwood 5-1 Coni Singh Nagi
Ryan Harrington 5-3 Lee Evans
Alex Roy 5-2 Aaron Stevens
Gary Butcher 5-4 Peter Mitchell
Robert Rickwood 5-2 Mark Forman
Ben Green 5-3 Rachel Brooks
Matthew Edgar 5-2 Steve McNally
Paul Russell 5-3 Nigel Pinchen
Daniel Russell 5-4 Paul Meyer
Aaron Dyer 5-1 Barry Maclean
Haruki Muramatsu 5-2 Mark Wilson
David King 2-5 Matt Padgett
Dean Owen 5-0 Eikichi Nakanishi
Ian Withers 5-2 John Bryan
Ben Ward 5-2 Nicholas Bloor
Jay Foreman 5-4 Curtis Hammond
Darren Brown 5-1 John Morris
Steve Brown 5-0 Max Baulcomb
Warrick Scheffer 5-4 Ryan Murray
Adam Smith-Neale 5-2 Peter Manley
Kevin Veenstra 5-3 John Gibson
Paul Milford 5-1 Ian Lever

Second Round
Pip Blackwell 5-4 Alan Tabern
Stuart Dutton 5-2 Nathan Derry
Kurt Parry 5-3 Sean Ryan
JohN Scott 5-4 Ian Jones
Makr Layton 5-4 Edward Lovely
Barrie Bates 5-1 Roy Morris
Scott Dale 5-2 Derek Brand
James Hadjar 5-3 Barry Lynn
Jack Todd 5-3 Joe Davis
Andy Smith 5-2 Richie Howson
Callum Loose 5-2 Martin Lukeman
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Lee Moffat
Martin Thomas 5-2 Jim Walker
Kevin McDine 5-2 Pete Dyos
Charlie Jackson 5-3 Daniel Cole
Wayne Jones 5-4 Michael Barnard
Scott Rollings 5-4 Craig Gilchrist
Dave Ladley 5-2 Chris Hartrey
Josh McCarthy 5-4 Wayne Thomas
Kelvin Self 5-3 Kevin Dowling
Nigel Birch 5-1 Brett Claydon
Ryan Harrington 5-1 Gary Eastwood
Alex Roy 5-2 Gary Buthcer
Robert Rickwood 5-4 Ben Green
Matthew Edgar 5-2 Paul Russell
Aaron Dyer 5-1 Daniel Russell
Matt Padgett 5-2 Haruki Muramatsu
Ian Withers 5-3 Dean Owen
Jay Foreman 5-2 Ben Ward
Steve Brown 5-3 Darren Brown
Adam Smith-Neale 5-2 Warrick Scheffer
Paul Milford 5-1 Kevin Veenstra

Last 32
Pip Blackwell 5-1 Stuart Dutton
Kurt Parry 5-4 John Scott
Barrie Bates 5-4 Mark Layton
James Hadjar 5-4 Scott Dale
Joe Davis 5-4 Andy Smith
Callum Loose 5-2 Mark Dudbridge
Kevin McDine 5-2 Martin Thomas
Wayne Jones 5-1 Charlie Jackson
Scott Rollings 5-4 Dave Ladley
Josh McCarthy 5-1 Kelvin Self
Ryan Harrington 5-3 Nigel Birch
Alex Roy 5-3 Robert Rickwood
Matthew Edgar 5-2 Aaron Dyer
Matt Padgett v Ian Withers
Steve Brown 5-3 Jay Foreman
Paul Milford 5-4 Adam Smith-Neale

Last 16
Kurt Parry 5-4 Pip Blackwell
Barrie Bates 5-1 James Hadjar
Joe Davis 5-1 Callum Loose
Wayne Jones 5-3 Kevin McDine
Josh McCarthy 5-3 Scott Rollings
Alex Roy 5-4 Ryan Harrington
Matthew Edgar 5-2 Ian Withers
Steve Brown 5-1 Paul Milford

Barrie Bates 5-4 Kurt Parry
Joe Davis 5-3 Wayne Thomas
Aex Roy 5-3 Josh McCarthy
Matthew Edgar 5-0 Steve Brown

Barrie Bates 5-2 Joe Davis
Alex Roy 2-5 Matthew Edgar

Barrie Bates 2-5 Matthew Edgar