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ThE Netherlands won the Betway World Cup of Darts for a third time as Michael van Gerwen and Raymond van Barneveld defeated Wales’ Gerwyn Price and Mark Webster 3-1 in Sunday’s final in Frankfurt.

The Dutch duo had begun the weekend in dramatic fashion when World Champion Van Gerwen emerged as a doubt with a foot injury – with Benito van de Pas travelling to Germany on stand-by. However, after the world number one declared himself fit, the two-time champions eased past the Czech Republic and then saw off the United States of America and Germany in Doubles deciders at the Eissporthalle.

Their title bid continued with a 2-0 semi-final win over reigning champions England – avenging last year’s defeat in the final – before they overcame Wales in a repeat of the 2010 final. Van Gerwen opened the final with a 4-0 whitewash of UK Open finalist Price, before Webster clinically saw off Van Barneveld 4-1 to level matters.

The Dutch raced into a 3-0 lead in the Doubles tie, before Price responded to Van Gerwen’s 107 checkout by taking out 100 with the aid of two double tops as Wales hit back, but double 16 sealed a 4-1 result. Van Barneveld then came from a leg down to defeat Price 4-2 in the final’s third Singles tie, hitting a 136 checkout in the process of sealing his World Cup hat-trick and a share of the £60,000 top prize.

Wales’ run to the final was their best finish in the tournament since Webster had been joined by Barrie Bates as they reached the 2010 decider, as they saw off Russia – for the loss of just one leg – and Belgium on Sunday.

Belgian duo Kim and Ronny Huybrechts had been bidding to emulate their run to the 2013 final as they saw off Singapore in a Doubles decider at the quarter-final stage. That win over Singapore included younger brother Kim’s stunning 121.97 average as he overcame Paul Lim 4-1 in the opening Singles tie of the day, recording the second highest televised average in history.

Host nation Germany took the Netherlands to a Doubles decider, with youngster Martin Schindler having led 2-0 before losing to Van Gerwen before Max Hopp overcame Van Barneveld 4-3, only for the Dutch to prevail 4-1 after pairing up once more.

Austria took England to a Doubles decider after Mensur Suljovic whitewashed Lewis in their opener, landing a 170 finish in the process, with Chisnall then seeing off Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-1 before the reigning champions edged through.

However, Lewis was made to pay for missing the bull to defeat Van Gerwen in their semi-final, before Van Barneveld’s 4-2 defeat of Chisnall ended England’s bid to win a fifth World Cup.






Prize Fund

Winners (Per Player) £30,000
Runner-Up (Per Player) £16,000
Semi-Finalists (Per Player) £10,000
Quarter-Finalists (Per Player) £7,000
Second Round Losers (Per Player) £4,000
First Round Losers (Per Player) £1,500
Total £300,000

Template - Date: Development Tour 11-12

THE PDC Unicorn Development Tour weekend at Halle 39 in Hildesheim concludes on Sunday with Event 11 and Event 12.

The year’s third weekend of Development Tour action had seen a double-header of £10,000 events take place on Saturday for players aged 16-23. Sunday will see Event 11 and Event 12 take place, with play in Event 11 commencing at 10.30am local time.

Games will be the best of seven legs up to, and including, the last 16 stage, with the quarter-finals, semi-finals and final being the best of nine legs. Results will be updated below at intervals during each event.

The current DTOoM Leader is Luke Humphries after 12 events. For the full and up to date table CLICK HERE

PDC Unicorn Development Tour – Event 11

Sunday May 28th Halle 39, Hildesheim

First Round
Sam Carter 4-0 Manuel Jennerjahn
Dan Read 4-3 Zak Cross
Mike Zuydwijk 4-0 Arron Fairweather
James Wilkinson 4-0 Justin Mueller
Callum Loose 4-0 Danny Key
Rhys Hayden 4-2 Zac Sanders
Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-0 Hendrik Eggermann
Nico Ziemann 4-1 Ryan Jones
Patrick van den Boogaard 4-1 Robert Ludlow
Conor Mayes 4-0 Mikkel Knudsen

Second Round
Ryan Meikle 4-1 Christopher Haensch
William Blackwell 4-2 Sam Carter
Luke Humphries 4-1 Ronnie Roberts
Dan Read 4-0 Casper Rasmussen
Aaron Rahlfs 4-1 Shane Reidy
Mike Zuydwijk 4-1 Eren Kilic
Timo Thomczik 4-1 Nico Schlund
Adam Hunt 4-3 Kurt Parry
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4-0 Kieran Smith
Jimmy Hendriks 4-0 Baki Krasniqi
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-1 Marc Legant
Arcangelo Tardio 4-2 Ashley Stanton
Rob Hewson 4-2 Sam Head
Rhys Griffin 4-0 Matthew Moore
Terry Webb 4-2 Shaun Lovett
Paul Reid 4-1 Jack Kerr
Sven Groen 4-0 Manuel Langer
David Carr 4-2 James Wilkinson
Sam Hewson 4-0 Daniel Cole
Callum Loose 4-0 Fokke Aalbers
Martin Schindler 4- 1 Pascal Herwig
Rhys Hayden 4-2 Marvin Wehder
Sebastian Pohl 4-1 Peter Fisher
Julian Volmerhaus 4-3 Sonny Johal
Dawson Murschell 4-0 Daniel Jensen
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-0 Ryan Hoggarth
Brian Raman 4-1 Ole Holtkamp
Connor Scutt 4-1 Ben Chance
Joshua Richardson 4-0 Jan Reuther
Nico Kurz 4-1 Baran Ozdemir
Andy Alker 4-1 Fabian Herz
Owen Maiden 4-2 Jack Dickinson
Harry Ward 4-0 Alfie Lazar-Woodward
Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-0 Jan Waldau
Berry van Peer 4-0 Christopher Florio
Joe Davis 4-1 Erik Laudin
John Brown 4-1 Justin Bradshaw
Nico Ziemann 4-0 Luciano Tardio
Kenny Neyens 4-0 Kristian Hughes
Bradley Brooks 4-1 Kevin Knopf
Nicolai Rasmussen 4-0 Samuel Kiessling
Simon Trommler 4-1 Andre Lentzen
Callum Matthews 4-1 Christian Bunse
Bradley Kirk 4-0 Richie Ijzermans
Nico Blum 4-0 Fredi Gsellmann
Josh Payne 4-0 Jose Mario Portela
Kevin de Vries 4-0 Lars Fransen
Maikel Verberk 4-0 Jon ten Heuvel
Adam Smith-Neale 4-3 Robin Hyna
Patrick van den Boogaard 4-3 Joe Twinn
Ted Evetts 4-2 Dylan van Beek
Thomas Lovely 4-0 Conor Mayes
Adam Howard 4-0 Christian Wagner
Dominik Steinmann 4-0 Pierre Gross
Thomas King 4-0 Kevin Troppmann
Brandon Walsh 4-2 Jim Moston
Geert Nentjes 4-2 Michel Funke
Reece Colley 4-1 Anton Salge
Benjamin Drue Reus 4-2 Valentin Wagner
Callum Goffin 4-0 Danny Kronenberg
Justin van Tergouw 4-0 Mike van Duivenbode
Mike De Decker 4-1 Rolf ten Heuvel
Viggo van der Kuijl 4-0 Tom Heldt
Callan Rydz 4-2 Tommy Wilson

Third Round
Ryan Meikle 4-1 William Blackwell
Luke Humphries 4-2 Dan Read
Mike Zuydwijk 4-0 Aaron Rahlfs
Adam Hunt 4-0 Timo Thomczik
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4-3 Jimmy Hendriks
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-0 Arcangelo Tardio
Rhys Griffin 4-2 Rob Hewson
Paul Reid 4-2 Terry Webb
Sven Groen 4-0 David Carr
Callum Loose 4-3 Sam Hewson
Martin Schindler 4-3 Rhys Hayden
Julian Volmerhaus 4-0 Sebastian Pohl
Dawson Murschell 4-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Brian Raman 4-1 Connor Scutt
Joshua Richardson 4-2 Nico Kurz
Owen Maiden 4-3 Andy Alker
Harry Ward 4-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Berry van Peer 4-3 Joe Davis
John Brown 4-3 Nico Ziemann
Kenny Neyens 4-3 Bradley Brooks
Nicolai Rasmussen 4-2 Simon Trommler
Bradley Kirk 4-3 Callum Matthews
Josh Payne 4-0 Nico Blum
Maikel Verberk 4-1 Kevin de Vries
Adam Smith-Neale 4-0 Patrick van den Boogaard
Ted Evetts 4-3 Thomas Lovely
Dominik Steinmann 4-3 Adam Howard
Brandon Walsh 4-3 Thomas King
Reece Colley 4-2 Geert Nentjes
Benjamin Drue Reus 4-2 Callum Goffin
Justin van Tergouw 4-2 Mike De Decker
Callan Rydz 4-2 Viggo van der Kuijl

Fourth Round
Ryan Meikle 4-3 Luke Humphries
Mike Zuydwijk 4-2 Adam Hunt
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-2 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Rhys Griffin 4-1 Paul Reid
Callum Loose 4-0 Sven Groen
Martin Schindler 4-2 Julian Volmerhaus
Dawson Murschell 4-1 Brian Raman
Owen Maiden 4-3 Joshua Richardson
Berry van Peer 4-1 Harry Ward
John Brown 4-1 Kenny Neyens
Bradley Kirk 4-0 Nicolai Rasmussen
Josh Payne 4-3 Maikel Verberk
Adam Smith-Neale 4-1 Ted Evetts
Brandon Walsh 4-3 Dominik Steinmann
Reece Colley 4-1 Benjamin Drue Reus
Justin van Tergouw 4-0 Callan Rydz

Fifth Round
Mike Zuydwijk 4-1 Ryan Meikle
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-1 Rhys Griffin
Callum Loose 4-2 Martin Schindler
Dawson Murschell 4-1 Owen Maiden
Berry van Peer 4-1 John Brown
Bradley Kirk 4-2 Josh Payne
Adam Smith-Neale 4-0 Brandon Walsh
Justin van Tergouw 4-1 Reece Colley

Jeffrey de Zwaan 5-3 Mike Zuydwijk
Dawson Murschell 5-0 Callum Loose
Bradley Kirk 5-1 Berry van Peer
Adam Smith-Neale 5-0 Justin van Tergouw

Jeffrey de Zwaan 5-4 Dawson Murschell
Bradley Kirk 4-5 Adam Smith-Neale

Jeffrey de Zwaan 5-2 Adam Smith-Neale

PDC Unicorn Development Tour – Event 12

Sunday May 28th Halle 39, Hildesheim

First Round
Andy Alker 4-2 Adam Howard
Christian Bunse 4-3 Justin Bradshaw
Nicolai Rasmussen 4-2 Andre Lentzen
John Brown 4-2 Zak Cross
Owen Maiden 4-0 Pierre Gross
Dawson Murschell 4-1 Ronnie Roberts

Second Round
Brandon Walsh 4-0 Richie Ijzermans
Kenny Neyens 4-0 Andy Alker
Berry van Peer 4-2 Sam Head
Brian Raman 4-3 Christian Bunse
Dominik Steinmann 4-3 Jose Mario Portela
Kurt Parry 4-0 Ashley Stanton
Geert Nentjes 4-1 Nico Blum
Matthew Moore 4-2 Shane Reidy
Mike van Duivenbode 4-3 Rob Hewson
Reece Colley 4-0 Terry Webb
Dylan van Beek 4-2 Adam Hunt
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-1 Aaron Rahlfs
Kieran Smith 4-1 Jack Dickinson
Rhys Hayden 4-1 Sebastian Pohl
Julian Volmerhaus 4-2 Callum Matthews
Joe Twinn 4-2 Christopher Haensch
Jon Ten Heuvel 4-0 Rolf Ten Heuvel
Bradley Kirk 4-1 Nicolai Rasmussen
Joshua Richardson 4-1 Paul Reid
Baki Krasniqi 4-2 John Brown
Marvin Wehder 4-1 Casper Rasmussen
Peter Fisher 4-2 Simon Trommler
Adam Smith-Neale 4-1 James Wilkinson
Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-3 Nico Kurz
Mike Zuydwijk 4-1 Viggo van der Kuijl
Sonny Johal 4-0 Kristian Hughes
Harry Ward 4-2 Shaun Lovett
David Carr 4-2 Christopher Florio
Ryan Jones 4-3 Tommy Wilson
Maikel Verberk 4-1 Martin Schindler
Eren Kilic 4-1 Samuel Kiessling
Arron Fairweather 4-2 Marc Legant
Benjamin Drue Reus 4-2 Pascal Herwig
Owen Maiden 4-3 Sam Carter
Bradley Brooks 4-1 Ryan Hoggarth
Fabian Herz Bye – Justin van Tergouw withdrew
Danny Key 4-1 Danny Kronenberg
Kevin de Vries 4-0 Fokke Aalbers
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4-0 Kevin Troppmann
Luke Humphries 4-0 Anton Salge
Sam Hewson 4-1 Baran Ozdemir
Erik Laudin 4-2 Callum Goffin
Ole Holtkamp 4-3 Lars Fransen
Jim Moston 4-2 Mikkel Knudsen
Jimmy Hendriks 4-0 Robert Ludlow
Conor Mayes 4-0 William Blackwell
Rhys Griffin 4-2 Josh Payne
Arcangelo Tardio 4-3 Hendrik Eggermann
Daniel Jensen 4-2 Callan Rydz
Thomas Lovely 4-2 Dawson Murschell
Jack Kerr 4-2 Fredi Gsellmann
Daniel Cole 4-1 Kevin Knopf
Ryan Meikle 4-3 Valentin Wagner
Jan Waldau 4-0 Christian Wagner
Nico Schlund 4-0 Zac Sanders
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-0 Justin Mueller
Luciano Tardio 4-1 Michel Funke
Connor Scutt 4-3 Ben Chance
Nico Ziemann 4-1 Callum Loose
Ted Evetts 4-0 Patrick van den Boogaard
Dan Read 4-1 Tom Heldt
Thomas King 4-0 Alfie Lazar-Woodward
Mike De Decker 4-3 Joe Davis
Sven Groen 4-1 Jan Reuther

Third Round
Kenny Neyens 4-2 Brandon Walsh
Brian Raman 4-3 Berry van Peer
Kurt Parry 4-3 Dominik Steinmann
Geert Nentjes 4-1 Matthew Moore
Mike van Duivenbode 4-2 Reece Colley
Dylan van Beek 4-1 Dimitri Van Den Bergh
Rhys Hayden 4-3 Kieran Smith
Joe Twinn 4-0 Julian Volmerhaus
Bradley Kirk 4-0 Jon ten Heuvel
Joshua Richardson 4-2 Baki Krasniqi
Marvin Wehder 4-3 Peter Fisher
Adam Smith-Neale 4-3 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Mike Zuydwijk 4-1 Sonny Johal
Harry Ward 4-2 David Carr
Maikel Verberk 4-2 Ryan Jones
Eren Kilic 4-1 Arron Fairweather
Benjamin Drue Reus 4-3 Owen Maiden
Bradley Brooks 4-2 Fabian Herz
Danny Key 4-0 Kevin de Vries
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4-0 Luke Humphries
Sam Hewson 4-3 Erik Laudin
Ole Holtkamp 4-2 Jim Moston
Conor Mayes 4-2 Jimmy Hendriks
Rhys Griffin 4-0 Arcangelo Tardio
Thomas Lovely 4-0 Daniel Jensen
Jack Kerr 4-3 Daniel Cole
Ryan Meikle 4-2 Jan Waldau
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-1 Nico Schlund
Luciano Tardio 4-3 Connor Scutt
Ted Evetts 4-1 Nico Ziemann
Dan Read 4-1 Thomas King
Sven Groen 4-2 Mike De Decker

Fourth Round
Kenny Neyens 4-1 Brian Raman
Kurt Parry 4-1 Geert Nentjes
Mike van Duivenbode 4-0 Dylan van Beek
Rhys Hayden 4-0 Joe Twinn
Bradley Kirk 4-3 Joshua Richardson
Adam Smith-Neale 4-2 Marvin Wehder
Harry Ward 4-1 Mike Zuydwijk
Maikel Verberk 4-1 Eren Kilic
Benjamin Drue Reus 4-3 Bradley Brooks
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4-3 Danny Key
Sam Hewson 4-1 Ole Holtkamp
Conor Mayes 4-2 Rhys Griffin
Thomas Lovely 4-2 Jack Kerr
Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-0 Ryan Meikle
Ted Evetts 4-3 Luciano Tardio
Sven Groen 4-2 Dan Read

Fifth Round
Kenny Neyens 4-3 Kurt Parry
Mike van Duivenbode 4-3 Rhys Hayden
Adam Smith-Neale 4-2 Bradley Kirk
Harry Ward 4-3 Maikel Verberk
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4-0 Benjamin Drue Reus
Conor Mayes 4-3 Sam Hewson
Thomas Lovely 4-3 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Ted Evetts 4-1 Sven Groen

Mike van Duivenbode 5-4 Kenny Neyens
Adam Smith-Neale 2-5 Harry Ward
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-1 Conor Mayes
Ted Evetts 5-2 Thomas Lovely

Mike van Duivenbode 2-5 Harry Ward
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-4 Ted Evetts

Harry Ward 1-5 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez

Prize Fund

Winner £2,000
Runner-Up £1,000
Semi-Finalists £500
Quarter-Finalists £300
Last 16 £200
Last 32 £100
Last 64 £50
Total £10,000

Template - Date: Development Tours 9-10

Mike van Duivenbode claimed his maiden title and Luke Humphries picked up his third PDC Unicorn Development Tour title of 2017 in Germany on Saturday.

The pair each enjoyed success at Halle 39 in Hildesheim, where a double header of £10,000 tournaments were played on the first of two days of action. Humphries continued his excellent progress in 2017 with a dominant performance throughout Development Tour Event Nine, which culminated in a 5-1 win over Dimitri Van Den Bergh.

22-year-old Humphries reached the last 16 without dropping a leg in wins against Christian Wagner, Samuel Kiessling and Ben Chance. There, he saw off Brian Raman 4-2 before defeating Dan Read 5-2 in the quarter-finals to set up a last four clash with Mike De Decker, which he won 5-2.

That was as close as anyone got to Humphries, who defeated eight-time Development Tour winner Van Den Bergh comfortably in the decider – as he followed up his maiden Challenge Tour triumph earlier this month with a fourth tournament victory of the year.

Belgian ace Van Den Bergh had beaten Van Duivenbode, Reece Colley, Ryan Hoggarth, Max Hopp, Berry Van Peer and Justin Van Tergouw to reach the final – but the 22-year-old was unable to add to the two titles he has already picked up so far in 2017.

Van Duivenbode bounced back from his first round defeat in the day’s first event to take the £2,000 first prize in the second, as he sealed a first Development Tour victory in style with a 5-0 final win against Adam Hunt.

The 18-year-old Dutchman began his route to glory in the tenth event of the year with a 4-0 success over Christoph Wittmis. He then defeated Nico Blum, Andy Alker, Jimmy Hendriks and Nico Kurz to reach the quarter-finals for the first time.

Van Duivenbode enjoyed a 5-2 success against Colley before edging out Kenny Neyens 5-4 to progress to the decider. There he completed a fantastic whitewash win against Hunt, who has won six titles combined between the PDC’s Development and Challenge Tours.

23-year-old Hunt, who had also lost out in round one of the earlier event, defeated Jack Dickinson, Arron Fairweather, Brandon Walsh, Geert Nentjes, Kurt Parry, Dawson Murschell and Van Tergouw in reaching the final.

17-year-old Dutch prospect Van Tergouw enjoyed a productive day, reaching the semi-finals in each of the two events.  Sunday will see Event 11 and Event 12 take place, with play in Event 11 commencing at 10.30am local time.

Table after DT 10

27-05-17 17:01




1 Humphries, Luke £7,300
2 Hunt, Adam £6,700
3 Bergh, Dimitri  Van Den £6,150
4 Neyens, Kenny £5,750
5 Lennon, Steve £3,350
6 Meikle, Ryan £3,250
7 Duivenbode, Mike van £2,550
8 Evetts, Ted £2,450
9 Decker, Mike De £2,050
10 Payne, Josh £1,600


PDC Unicorn Development Tour – Event Nine

Saturday May 27, Halle 39, Hildesheim

First Round
Justin Bradshaw Bye
Kevin Lutz Bye
Martin Schindler Bye
Sam Hewson 4-1 Luciano Tardio
Daniel Jensen Bye
Brian Raman Bye
Ole Holtkamp Bye
Robin Hyna 4-0 Lars Fransen
Luke Humphries Bye
Christian Wagner Bye
Samuel Kiessling Bye
Justin Mueller 4-0 Robert Ludlow
Ben Chance Bye
Andre Lentzen Bye
Julian Volmerhaus Bye
Geert Nentjes 4-0 James Wilkinson
David Carr Bye
Shane Reidy Bye
Florean Socha Bye
Kieran Smith 4-2 Owen Maiden
Pierre Gross Bye
Kevin Troppman Bye
Jan Reuther Bye
Thomas Lovely 4-1 Marc Legant
Matthew Moor Bye
Dan Read Bye
Zac Sanders Bye
Mikkel Knudsen Bye
Aaron Rahlfs Bye
Rolf Ten Heuvel Bye
Ted Evetts Bye
Zak Cross Bye
Tom Heldt Bye
Jim Moston Bye
Eren Kilic Bye
Bradley Kirk 4-2 Viggo Van Der Kuijl
Fabian Herz Bye
Kevin De Vries Bye
Christopher Haensch Bye
Marc Heller 4-0 Valentin Wagner
Danny Kronenberg Bye
Connor Scutt Bye
Christoph Garhammer Bye
Sven Groen 4-3 Adam Hunt
Sebastian Pohl Bye
Markus Redlin Bye
Janis Blank Bye
Adam Howard 4-0 Pascal Anger
Nico Blum Bye
Andy Alker Bye
Arcangelo Tardio Bye
Kenny Neyens 4-2 Jeffrey De Zwaan
Arron Fairweather Bye
Paul Reid Bye
Harry Ward Bye
Kristian Hughes Bye
Brandon Walsh Bye
Adam Smith-Neale Bye
Ryan Meikle Bye
Ronnie Roberts Bye
Jack Kerr Bye
Mike De Decker Bye
Joe Twinn Bye
Callan Rydz Bye
Peter Fisher Bye
Kurt Parry Bye
Scarven Meyer Bye
Callum Matthews 4-0 Baki Krasniqi
Manuel Langer Bye
Callum Goffin Bye
Justin Van Tergouw Bye
Sam Head 4-2 Benjamin Drue Reus
Manuel Jennerjahn Bye
Rhys Hayden Bye
Rob Hewson Bye
Ryan Jones 4-2 Shaun Lovett
Michel Funke Bye
Nico Schlund Bye
Anton Salge Bye
Tommy Wilson 4-1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Mike Zuydwijk Bye
John Brown Bye
Sam Carter Bye
Jimmy Hendriks 4-2 Christian Bunse
Nico Ziemann Bye
Bradley Brooks Bye
Josh Payne Bye
Callum Loose Bye
Daniel Cole Bye
Fredi Gsellmann Bye
Conor Mayes Bye
Casper Rasmussen Bye
Sonny Johal Bye
Marvin Wehder Bye
Hendrik Eggermann Bye
Jack Dickinson Bye
Kyan Proksch Bye
Danny Key Bye
Joshua Richardson Bye
Patrick Van Den Boogaard 4-0 Terry Webb
Joe Davis Bye
Berry Van Peer Bye
Dylan Van Beek Bye
Ashley Stanton 4-2 Dominik Siwenski
Jose Mario Portela Bye
Jon Ten Heuvel Bye
Timo Thomczik Bye
Pascal Herwig 4-2 Felix Franz
Erik Laudin Bye
Nicolai Rasmussen Bye
Rhys Griffin Bye
Dawson Murschell 4-2 Kevin Knopf
Dimitri Van Den Bergh Bye
Mike Van Duivenbode Bye
Reece Colley Bye
Thomas King 4-0 Baran Ozdemir
Dominik Steinmann Bye
Jan Waldau Bye
William Blackwell Bye
Ryan Hoggarth Bye
Jasper Rademaker Bye
Alfie Lazar-Woodward Bye
Rowby-John Rodriguez Bye
Fokke Aalbers Bye
Max Hopp Bye
Nico Kurz Bye
Richie Ijzermans Bye
Maikel Verberk Bye

Second Round
Justin Bradshaw 4-0 Kevin Lutz
Sam Hewson 4-0 Martin Schindler
Brian Raman 4-3 Daniel Jensen
Robin Hyna 4-1 Ole Holtkamp
Luke Humphries 4-0 Christian Wagner
Samuel Kiessling 4-0 Justin Mueller
Ben Chance 4-0 Andre Lentzen
Julian Volmerhaus 4-1 Geert Nentjes
David Carr 4-2 Shane Reidy
Kieran Smith 4-1 Florean Socha
Kevin Troppmann 4-0 Pierre Gross
Thomas Lovely 4-1 Jan Reuther
Dan Read 4-0 Matthew Moore
Zac Sanders 4-0 Mikkel Knudsen
Aaron Rahlfs 4-1 Rolf Ten Heuvel
Ted Evetts 4-0 Zak Cross
Jim Moston 4-1 Tom Heldt
Bradley Kirk 4-0 Eren Kilic
Kevin De Vries 4-1 Fabian Herz
Christopher Haensch 4-1 Marc Heller
Connor Scutt 4-3 Danny Kronenberg
Sven Groen 4-0 Christoph Garhammer
Sebastian Pohl Bye – Markus Redlin withdrew
Adam Howard 4-3 Janis Blank
Nico Blum 4-1 Andy Alker
Kenny Neyens 4-1 Arcangelo Tardio
Paul Reid 4-3 Arron Fairweather
Harry Ward 4-0 Kristian Hughes
Adam Smith-Neale 4-1 Brandon Walsh
Ryan Meikle 4-2 Ronnie Roberts
Mike De Decker 4-0 Jack Kerr
Callan Rydz 4-1 Joe Twinn
Kurt Parry 4-1 Peter Fisher
Callum Matthews 4-0 Scarven Meyer
Callum Goffin 4-1 Manuel Langer
Justin Van Tergouw 4-1 Sam Head
Rhys Hayden 4-0 Manuel Jennerjahn
Ryan Jones 4-2 Rob Hewson
Michel Funke 4-2 Nico Schlund
Anton Salge v Tommy Wilson
Mike Zuydwijk 4-1 John Brown
Jimmy Hendriks 4-2 Sam Carter
Bradley Brooks 4-2 Nico Ziemann
Josh Payne 4-0 Callum Loose
Fredi Gsellmann 4-1 Daniel Cole
Conor Mayes 4-1 Casper Rasmussen
Sonny Johal 4-1 Marvin Wehder
Jack Dickinson 4-1 Hendrik Eggermann
Danny Key 4-0 Kyan Prosch
Joshua Richardson 4-0 Patrick Van Den Boogaard
Berry Van Peer 4-1 Joe Davis
Dylan Van Beek 4-2 Ashley Stanton
Jon Ten Heuvel 4-2 Jose Mario Portela
Pascal Herwig 4-3 Timo Thomczik
Nicolai Rasmussen 4-2 Erik Laudin
Rhys Griffin 4-3 Dawson Murschell
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-0 Mike Van Duivenbode
Reece Colley 4-2 Thomas King
Dominik Steinmann 4-3 Jan Waldau
Ryan Hoggarth 4-1 William Blackwell
Jasper Rademaker 4-3 Alfie Lazar-Woodward
Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-0 Fokke Aalbers
Max Hopp 4-0 Nico Kurz
Maikel Verberk 4-2 Richie Ijzermans

Third Round
Justin Bradshaw 4-3 Sam Hewson
Brian Raman 4-3 Robin Hyna
Luke Humphries 4-0 Samuel Kiessling
Ben Chance 4-3 Julian Volmerhaus
Kieran Smith 4-3 David Carr
Kevin Troppmann 4-3 Thomas Lovely
Dan Read 4-1 Zac Sanders
Ted Evetts 4-0 Aaron Rahlfs
Bradley Kirk 4-0 Jim Moston
Christopher Haensch 4-1 Kevin De Vries
Sven Groen 4-2 Connor Scutt
Sebastian Pohl 4-1 Adam Howard
Kenny Neyens 4-3 Nico Blum
Harry Ward 4-0 Paul Reid
Adam Smith-Neale 4-2 Ryan Meikle
Mike De Decker 4-3 Callan Rydz
Kurt Parry 4-1 Callum Matthews
Justin Van Tergouw 4-2 Callum Goffin
Rhys Hayden 4-1 Ryan Jones
Tommy Wilson 4-0 Michel Funke
Jimmy Hendriks 4-3 Mike Zuydwijk
Josh Payne 4-0 Bradley Brooks
Conor Mayes 4-0 Fredi Gsellmann
Jack Dickinson 4-3 Sonny Johal
Danny Key 4-3 Joshua Richardson
Berry Van Peer 4-1 Dylan Van Beek
Jon Ten Heuvel 4-3 Pascal Herwig
Rhys Griffin 4-0 Nicolai Rasmussen
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-3 Reece Colley
Ryan Hoggarth 4-0 Dominik Steinmann
Rowby-John Rodriguez 4-2 Jasper Rademaker
Max Hopp 4-2 Maikel Verberk

Fourth Round
Brian Raman 4-0 Justin Bradshaw
Luke Humphries 4-0 Ben Chance
Kevin Troppmann 4-2 Kieran Smith
Dan Read 4-3 Ted Evetts
Bradley Kirk 4-0 Christopher Haensch
Sven Groen 4-1 Sebastian Pohl
Harry Ward 4-2 Kenny Neyens
Mike De Decker 4-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Justin Van Tergouw 4-2 Kurt Parry
Rhys Hayden 4-1 Tommy Wilson
Josh Payne 4-2 Jimmy Hendriks
Conor Mayes 4-2 Jack Dickinson
Berry Van Peer 4-0 Danny Key
Jon Ten Heuvel 4-0 Rhys Griffin
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-0 Ryan Hoggarth
Max Hopp 4-1 Rowby-John Rodriguez

Fifth Round
Luke Humphries 4-2 Brian Raman
Dan Read 4-2 Kevin Troppmann
Sven Groen 4-2 Bradley Kirk
Mike De Decker 4-1 Harry Ward
Justin Van Tergouw 4-0 Rhys Hayden
Josh Payne 4-1 Conor Mayes
Berry Van Peer 4-2  Rhys Griffin
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-3 Max Hopp

Luke Humphries 5-2 Dan Read
Mike De Decker 5-4 Sven Groen
Justin Van Tergouw 5-2 Josh Payne
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 5-2 Berry Van Peer

Luke Humphries 5-2 Mike De Decker
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 5-1 Justin Van Tergouw

Luke Humphries 5-1 Dimitri Van Den Bergh

PDC Unicorn Development Tour – Event Ten

Saturday May 27, Halle 39, Hildesheim

First Round
Thomas Lovely Bye
Julian Volmerhaus Bye
Hendrik Eggermann Bye
Brian Raman 4-0 Manuel Jennerjahn
William Blackwell Bye
Jan Reuther Bye
Ashley Stanton Bye
Kevin Troppmann 4-0 Terry Webb
Pierre Gross Bye
Dawson Murschell Bye
Ben Chance Bye
Bradley Kirk 4-0 John Brown
Danny Key Bye
Rhys Griffin Bye
Jack Kerr Bye
Ted Evetts 4-1 Joshua Richardson
Brandon Walsh Bye
Baran Ozdemir Bye
Arron Fairweather
Adam Hunt 4-0 Jack Dickinson
Scarven Meyer Bye
Tom Heldt Bye
Fredi Gsellman Bye
Geert Nentjes 4-2 David Carr
Marc Heller Bye
Rowby-John Rodriguez Bye
Nico Schlund Bye
Jim Moston Bye
Kurt Parry Bye
Luke Humphries Bye
Timo Thomczik Bye
Ole Holtkamp Bye
Paul Reid Bye
Martin Schindler Bye
Fokke Aalbers Bye
Justin Van Tergouw 4-1 Ryan Hoggarth
Shaun Lovett Bye
Daniel Cole Bye
Alfie Lazar-Woodward Bye
Zak Cross 4-2 Justin Bradshaw
Kristian Hughes Bye
Christopher Haensch Bye
Jose Mario Portela Bye
Rob Hewson 4-1 Anton Salge
Peter Fisher Bye
Kevin De Vries Bye
Nico Ziemann Bye
Adam Smith-Neale 4-0 Zac Sanders
Tommy Wilson Bye
Ryan Jones Bye
Shane Reidy Bye
Thomas King 4-2 Robin Hyna
Callum Loose Bye
Sven Groen Bye
Joe Davis Bye
Sam Head 4-0 Adam Howard
Berry Van Peer Bye
Dominik Steinmann Bye
Marvin Wehder Bye
Fabian Herz Bye
Sonny Johal Bye
Kyan Proksch Bye
Josh Payne Bye
Benjamin Drue Reus Bye
Felix Franz Bye
Dimitri Van Den Bergh Bye
Mikkel Knudsen Bye
Lars Fransen 4-3 Luciano Tardio
Arcangelo Tardio Bye
Justin Mueller Bye
Michel Funke Bye
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-1 Sebastian Pohl
Richie Ijzermans Bye
Bradley Brooks Bye
Kieran Smith Bye
Callum Goffin 4-0 Pascal Anger
Ryan Meikle Bye
Owen Maiden Bye
Callan Rydz Bye
Jan Waldau 4-0 Aaron Rahlfs
Daniel Jensen Bye
Patrick Van Den Boogaard Bye
Dennis Glanzer Bye
Connor Scutt 4-0 Baki Krasniqi
Kenny Neyens Bye
Valentin Wagner Bye
Marc Legant Bye
Jasper Rademaker Bye
Ronnie Roberts Bye
Samuel Kiessling Bye
Robert Ludlow Bye
Rusty-Jake Rodrigieuz Bye
Nicolai Rasmussen Bye
Pascal Herwig Bye
Andre Lentzen Bye
Harry Ward Bye
Nico Kurz Bye
Slobodan Arslan Bye
Mike De Decker Bye
Sam Hewson 4-2 Eren Kilic
Max Hopp Bye
Christian Bunse Bye
Dylan Van Beek Bye
Danny Kronenberg 4-2 Dan Read
Andy Alker Bye
Casper Rasmussen Bye
Nico Blum Bye
Mike Van Duivenbode 4-0 Christoph Wittmis
Kevin Lutz Bye
Manuel Langer Bye
Rolf Ten Heuvel Bye
Jimmy Hendriks 4-1 James Wilkinson
Christoph Garhammer Bye
Janis Blank Bye
Jon Ten Heuvel Bye
Sam Carter 4-2 Rhys Hayden
Conor Mayes Bye
Viggo Van Der Kuijl Bye
Christian Wagner Bye
Erik Laudin Bye
Maikel Verberk Bye
Dominik Siwenski Bye
Matthew Moore Bye
Kevin Knopf Bye
Reece Colley Bye
Joe Twinn Bye
Callum Matthews Bye
Mike Zuydwijk Bye

Second Round
Thomas Lovely 4-0 Julian Volmerhaus
Brian Raman 4-0 Hendrik Eggermann
William Blackwell 4-2 Jan Reuther
Kevin Troppmann 4-0 Ashley Stanton
Dawson Murschell 4-0 Pierre Gross
Bradley Kirk 4-1 Ben Chance
Rhys Griffin 4-0 Danny Key
Ted Evetts 4-1 Jack Kerr
Brandon Walsh 4-0 Baran Ozdemir
Adam Hunt 4-1 Arron Fairweather
Tom Heldt 4-0 Scarven Meyer
Geert Nentjes 4-1 Fredi Gsellmann
Marc Heller 4-2 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Nico Schlund 4-3 Jim Moston
Kurt Parry 4-2 Luke Humphries
Ole Holtkamp 4-0 Timo Thomczik
Martin Schindler 4-2 Paul Reid
Justin Van Tergouw 4-0 Fokke Aalbers
Daniel Cole 4-0 Shaun Lovett
Zak Cross 4-0 Alfie Lazar-Woodward
Christopher Haensch 4-1 Kristian Hughes
Rob Hewson 4-0 Jose Mario Portela
Kevin De Vries 4-0 Peter Fisher
Nico Ziemann 4-0 Adam Smith-Neale
Ryan Jones 4-1 Tommy Wilson
Shane Reidy 4-1 Thomas King
Sven Groen 4-3 Callum Loose
Sam Head 4-2 Joe Davis
Berry Van Peer 4-2 Dominik Steinmann
Marvin Wehder 4-0 Fabian Herz
Sonny Johal 4-0 Kyan Proksch
Josh Payne 4-1 Benjamin Drue Reus
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-0 Felix Franz
Mikkel Knudsen 4-3 Lars Fransen
Arcangelo Tardio 4-2 Justin Mueller
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-0 Michel Funke
Bradley Brooks 4-1 Richie Ijzermans
Callum Goffin 4-0 Kieran Smith
Ryan Meikle 4-0 Owen Maiden
Jan Waldau 4-1 Callan Rydz
Daniel Jensen 4-2 Patrick Van Den Boogaard
Connor Scutt 4-1 Dennis Glanzer
Kenny Neyens 4-1 Valentin Wagner
Marc Legant 4-0 Jasper Rademaker
Ronnie Roberts 4-1 Samuel Kiessling
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 4-0 Robert Ludlow
Nicolai Rasmussen 4-3 Pascal Herwig
Harry Ward 4-1 Andre Lentzen
Nico Kurz 4-0 Slobodan Arslan
Sam Hewson 4-2 Mike De Decker
Christian Bunse 4-2 Max Hopp
Dylan Van Beek 4-0 Danny Kronenberg
Andy Alker 4-0 Casper Rasmussen
Mike Van Duivenbode 4-2 Nico Blum
Manuel Langer 4-0 Kevin Lutz
Jimmy Hendriks 4-0 Rolf Ten Heuvel
Janis Blank 4-0 Christoph Garhammer
Jon Ten Heuvel 4-2 Sam Carter
Viggo Van Der Kuijl 4-2 Conor Mayes
Erik Laudin 4-0 Christian Wagner
Maikel Verberk 4-0 Dominik Siwenski
Kevin Knopf 4-3 Matthew Moore
Reece Colley 4-1 Joe Twinn
Mike Zuydwijk 4-2 Callum Matthews

Third Round
Brian Raman 4-0 Hendrik Eggermann
Kevin Troppmann 4-1 William Blackwell
Dawson Murschell 4-0 Bradley Kirk
Ted Evetts 4-1 Rhys Griffin
Adam Hunt 4-1 Brandon Walsh
Geert Nentjes 4-0 Tom Heldt
Marc Heller 4-2 Nico Schlund
Kurt Parry 4-0 Ole Holtkamp
Justin Van Tergouw 4-2 Martin Schindler
Daniel Cole 4-2 Zak Cross
Christopher Haensch v Rob Hewson
Kevin De Vries 4-0 Nico Ziemann
Ryan Jones 4-0 Shane Reidy
Sam Head 4-3 Sven Groen
Berry Van Peer 4-3 Marvin Wehder
Josh Payne 4-0 Sonny Johal
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 4-0 Michel Knudsen
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-1 Arcangelo Tardio
Callum Goffin 4-2 Bradley Brooks
Ryan Meikle 4-0 Jan Waldau
Daniel Jensen 4-3 Connor Scutt
Kenny Neyens 4-0 Marc Legant
Ronnie Roberts 4-1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Harry Ward 4-3 Nicolai Rasmussen
Sam Hewson 4-1 Nico Kurz
Dylan Van Beek 4-0 Christian Bunse
Mike Van Duivenbode 4-2 Andy Alker
Jimmy Hendriks 4-0 Manuel Langer
Janis Blank 4-0 Jon Ten Heuvel
Erik Laudin 4-1 Viggo Van Der Kuijl
Maikel Verberk 4-1 Kevin Knopf
Reece Colley 4-2 Mike Zuydwijk

Fourth Round
Brian Raman 4-2 Kevin Troppmann
Dawson Murschell 4-2 Ted Evetts
Adam Hunt 4-2 Geert Nentjes
Kurt Parry 4-1 Marc Heller
Justin Van Tergouw 4-3 Daniel Cole
Christopher Haensch 4-3 Kevin De Vries
Sam Head 4-3 Ryan Jones
Josh Payne 4-2 Berry Van Peer
Jeffrey De Zwaan 4-3 Dimitri Van Den Bergh
Callum Goffin 4-0 Ryan Meikle
Kenny Neyens 4-1 Daniel Jensen
Ronnie Roberts 4-1 Harry Ward
Nico Kurz 4-0 Dylan Van Beek
Mike Van Duivenbode 4-3 Jimmy Hendriks
Janis Blank 4-3 Erik Laudin
Reece Colley 4-3 Maikel Verberk

Fifth Round
Dawson Murschell 4-3 Brian Raman
Adam Hunt 4-1 Kurt Parry
Justin Van Tergouw 4-1 Christopher Haensch
Josh Payne 4-0 Sam Head
Callum Goffin 4-2 Jeffrey De Zwaan
Kenny Neyens 4-1 Ronnie Roberts
Mike Van Duivenbode 4-2 Nico Kurz
Reece Colley 4-1 Janis Blank

Adam Hunt 5-4 Dawson Murschell
Justin Van Tergouw 5-1 Josh Payne
Kenny Neyens 5-4 Callum Goffin
Mike Van Duivenbode 5-2 Reece Colley

Adam Hunt 5-0 Justin Van Tergouw
Mike Van Duivenbode 5-4 Kenny Neyens

Adam Hunt 0-5 Mike Van Duivenbode

Prize Fund
Winner £2,000
Runner-Up £1,000
Semi-Finalists £500
Quarter-Finalists £300
Last 16 £200
Last 32 £100
Last 64 £50

To see the full table CLICK HERE

Template - Date: Dubai Masters ‘World Series’

Gary Anderson retained his Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters title with a stunning 11-7 victory over three-time Champion Michael van Gerwen, as the first World Series event of 2017 came to a close.

The ‘Flying Scotsman’ averaged an outrageous 110.88 as he ended the Dutchman’s quest to win back the title Anderson took from him the year before at the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Stadium.

The match began with the pair hitting seven maximums in the opening five legs of the encounter as Van Gerwen opened up a 3-2 lead. Anderson restored parity in the tenth leg with an 11-dart break of throw pinning tops for a 41 finish.

Back-to-back 12-dart legs moved the Scot in to a 9-6 lead, with Anderson eventually going on to claim the title and seal a 11-7 victory. The match saw the first time a televised knockout tournament had seen both players average over 110, with Anderson hitting 12 maximums.

As in the previous year Anderson had to recover from being behind and believes that could give him an edge going forward. Earlier in the day Anderson battled his way in to the decider with a hard fought 11-8 over fellow Scotsman Peter Wright.

The opening five legs saw the pair miss 21 darts at doubles between them but it was Anderson who took advantage, breaking in the fifth leg. The 46-year-old then won four of the next five legs to move in to a 7-3 lead and seemingly close in on the victory.

Wright was not done there though, breaking the Anderson throw to close the gap. The decisive leg was the 18th, where Wright missed six darts to level the match at 9-9 before Anderson moved clear again, breaking in the final leg to seal the win.

The Scots opponent in the final, Michael van Gerwen booked his place in the final of the Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters with a ruthless 11-3 victory over Gerwyn Price. With the match on throw going in to the first break, Van Gerwen then returned to string together four consecutive legs to pull clear of his opponent.

A 97 average and four maximums for Van Gerwen but it was the skilful finishing that got the Dutchman over the line, hitting 61% of his attempts at a double. It was to be Anderson’s day though as he claimed his second Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters title.

The next PDC World Series of Darts event is the Shanghai Darts Masters from July 6-7 at the Pullman Hotel Shanghai South.

2017 Dubai Duty Free Darts Masters

Wednesday May 24th 6.30pm – 10.00pm 

Quarter-Finals (19)
Gerwyn Price 10-9 James Wade
Peter Wright 10-5 Dave Chisnall
Gary Anderson 10-3 Phil Taylor
Michael van Gerwen 10-5 Raymond van Barneveld

Thursday May 25th 7.00pm – 10.30pm

Semi-Finals (21)

96.91 Michael van Gerwen 11-3 Gerwyn Price 88.84
99.29 Gary Anderson 11-8 Peter Wright 91.91

Final (21)

110.46 Michael van Gerwen 7-11 Gary Anderson 110.88





2013 Michael van Gerwen   11-7 Raymond van Barneveld
2014 Michael van Gerwen   11-7 Peter Wright
2015 Michael van Gerwen   11-8 Phil Taylor
2016 Gary Anderson   11-9 Michael van Gerwen
2017 Gary Anderson   11-7 Michael van Gerwen

Template - Date: Players Championship 12

ROB CROSS won his second Players Championship title of 2017 in Milton Keynes on Sunday, continuing his superb emergence with a 6-5 defeat of Ian White in the final, as Dave Chisnall hits the 19th PDC 9 darter of the season.  

Former electrician Cross has been a sensation this year since joining the professional circuit, following up his brilliant PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour triumph in 2016 by claiming his maiden ProTour win in March.

He has also reached three European Tour quarter-finals in as many events, and followed up Saturday’s run to a Players Championship semi-final – where he lost out to Peter Wright – by going all the way 24 hours later.

A tight final against White saw Cross break in the opening leg before White hit back to level and then move 2-1 up, and the pair traded legs as the Stoke thrower took out 121 and 122 as he edged 5-4 up.

However, White missed the bull to claim victory in leg ten, before seeing a further four match darts go begging in the decider as Cross stepped in on double 18 to secure the £10,000 first prize. Cross had defeated Max Hopp and Tony Newell in his opening two games before seeing off world number six James Wade 6-2 to reach the last 16.

He then overcame number two seed Mensur Suljovic 6-4 and then dropped just one leg in each of his quarter-final and semi-final wins, as he swept aside Darren Webster and Kim Huybrechts.

White’s run on the day saw him reach his first final of 2017, as he defeated Stephen Burton, Ross Twell, Ronny Huybrechts, Richard North, world number three Wright and James Wilson in claiming £6,000 in prize money.

Players Championship 12

Sunday May 21, Arena MK, Milton Keynes

First Round
Peter Wright (1) Bye
Brendan Dolan 6-3 Matt Clark
Andy Hamilton 6-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh (32)
Richie Burnett 6-4 Alan Tabern
Keegan Brown 6-4 Steve West (16)
Berry van Peer 6-3 Dennis Smith
Mark Webster 6-4 Steve Beaton (17)
John Michael 6-1 Ritchie Edhouse
Alan Norris (8) 6-0 Simon Preston
Wayne Jones 6-2 Ricky Williams
Chris Dobey (25) 6-3 Jeffrey de Graaf
Richard North 6-1 Brian Woods
Ian White (9) 6-5 Stephen Burton
Ross Twell 6-4 John Part
Ronny Huybrechts 6-3 Terry Roach
Yordi Meeuwisse 6-5 Jim Brown
Michael Smith (5) 6-0 Martin Schindler
Ron Meulenkamp 6-4 Darren Johnson
Justin Pipe (28) 6-1 Matthew Dennant
John Bowles 6-4 Steve Hine
Vincent van der Voort 6-0 Stephen Bunting (12)
Andy Boulton 6-1 Robert Owen
James Wilson (21) 6-1 Diogo Portela
Bryan de Hoog 6-2 Luke Woodhouse
Benito van de Pas (4) Bye
Paul Rowley 6-2 Richie Corner
Jonny Clayton (29) 6-5 Vincent Kamphuis
Michael Barnard 6-3 Terry Temple
Zoran Lerchbacher 6-5 Cristo Reyes (13)
Jimmy Hendriks 6-2 Mike De Decker
Adrian Lewis (20) 6-2 Michael Rasztovits
Mickey Mansell 6-2 Simon Stevenson
Mensur Suljovic (2) Bye
Ryan Palmer 6-5 Sven Groen
Jermaine Wattimena (31) 6-3  Prakash Jiwa
Antonio Alcinas 6-2 Chris Quantock
James Wade (15) 6-2 Ryan Searle
Scott Taylor 6-3 Mark Walsh
Rob Cross (18) 6-4 Max Hopp
Tony Newell 6-5 Ted Evetts
Dave Chisnall (7) 6-1 Jan Dekker
Jamie Caven 6-4 Stuart Kellett
Darren Webster (26) 6-3 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Mick Todd 6-5 Jamie Bain
Daryl Gurney (10) 6-2 James Richardson
Aden Kirk 6-3 Jonathan Worsley
Robert Thornton (23) 6-5 Nathan Aspinall
Craig Gilchrist 6-5 Andy Jenkins
Kim Huybrechts (6) 6-2 Josh Payne
Wes Newton 6-4 Kevin Painter
Joe Murnan 6-5 Robbie Green (27)
Peter Jacques 6-1 John Norman Jnr
Joe Cullen (11) 6-5 Harry Robinson
Darron Brown 6-5 Ryan Meikle
Christian Kist (22) 6-2 Kirk Shepherd
Devon Petersen 6-5 Peter Hudson
Simon Whitlock (3) Bye
Ricky Evans 6-1 Scott Darbyshire
John Henderson (30) 6-5 Mark Barilli
David Pallett 6-2 Matthew Edgar
Mervyn King (14) 6-0 Jamie Lewis
Steve Lennon 6-4 Andrew Gilding
Paul Harvey 6-4 Kyle Anderson (19)
William O’Connor 6-1 Ronnie Baxter

Second Round
Peter Wright 6-0 Brendan Dolan
Andy Hamilton 6-4 Richie Burnett
Keegan Brown 6-1 Berry van Peer
John Michael 6-2 Mark Webster
Alan Norris 6-4 Wayne Jones
Richard North 6-3 Chris Dobey
Ian White 6-1 Ross Twell
Ronny Huybrechts 6-2 Yordi Meeuwisse
Michael Smith 6-4 Ron Meulenkamp
Justin Pipe 6-1 John Bowles
Andy Boulton 6-4 Vincent van der Voort
James Wilson 6-2 Bryan de Hoog
Benito van de Pas 6-5 Paul Rowley
Jonny Clayton 6-1 Michael Barnard
Zoran Lerchbacher 6-1 Jimmy Hendriks
Mickey Mansell 6-1 Adrian Lewis
Mensur Suljovic 6-4 Ryan Palmer
Antonio Alcinas 6-5 Jermaine Wattimena
James Wade 6-4 Scott Taylor
Rob Cross 6-1 Tony Newell
Dave Chisnall 6-0 Jamie Caven
Darren Webster 6-2 Mick Todd
Daryl Gurney 6-5 Aden Kirk
Robert Thornton 6-4 Craig Gilchrist
Kim Huybrechts 6-1 Wes Newton
Peter Jacques 6-2 Joe Murnan
Joe Cullen 6-0 Darron Brown
Christian Kist 6-5 Devon Petersen
Simon Whitlock 6-4 Ricky Evans
David Pallett 6-5 John Henderson
Steve Lennon 6-2 Mervyn King
William O’Connor 6-4 Paul Harvey

Third Round
Peter Wright 6-2 Andy Hamilton
Keegan Brown 6-2 John Michael
Richard North 6-2 Alan Norris
Ian White 6-1 Ronny Huybrechts
Justin Pipe 6-1 Michael Smith
James Wilson 6-2 Andy Boulton
Jonny Clayton 6-3 Benito van de Pas
Mickey Mansell 6-5 Zoran Lerchbacher
Mensur Suljovic 6-3 Antonio Alcinas
Rob Cross 6-2 James Wade
Darren Webster 6-3 Dave Chisnall – Dave Chisnall hits nine-dart finish.

Daryl Gurney 6-3 Robert Thornton
Kim Huybrechts 6-5 Peter Jacques
Joe Cullen 6-5 Christian Kist
Simon Whitlock 6-2 David Pallett
Steve Lennon 6-5 William O’Connor

Fourth Round
Peter Wright 6-2 Keegan Brown
Ian White 6-5 Richard North
James Wilson 6-1 Justin Pipe
Jonny Clayton 6-3 Mickey Mansell
Rob Cross 6-4 Mensur Suljovic
Darren Webster 6-5 Daryl Gurney
Kim Huybrechts 6-5 Joe Cullen
Simon Whitlock 6-5 Steve Lennon

Peter Wright 3-6 Ian White
James Wilson 6-2 Jonny Clayton
Rob Cross 6-1 Darren Webster
Kim Huybrechts 6-3 Simon Whitlock

Ian White 6-3 James Wilson
Rob Cross 6-1 Kim Huybrechts

Ian White 5-6 Rob Cross

Prize Fund
Winner £10,000
Runner-Up £6,000
Semi-Finalists £3,000
Quarter-Finalists £2,250
Last 16 £1,500
Last 32 £1,000
Last 64 £500
Total £75,000

Template - Date: Players Championship 11

Peter ‘Snakebite’ Wright bounced back from his Betway Premier League disappointment to win Players Championship 11 in Milton Keynes on Saturday, defeating Daryl Gurney 6-3 with a brilliant performance in the final.

Wright had seen his hopes of Premier League glory slip away on Thursday when he missed six match darts in the final against Michael van Gerwen, before falling to an agonising 11-10 win. However, he regained his finishing touch to claim the £10,000 first prize in Saturday’s Players Championship, securing his eighth ranking win of a brilliant 2017 to date.

Ironically, having seen double 16 and double eight cause his woes on Thursday, the same beds were Wright’s bedrock as denied Gurney his second PDC title with a superb performance in the final. Wright won the opening four legs without reply with legs of 13, 14, 15 and 14 darts, before punishing two missed doubles from Gurney to claim a 5-0 advantage – with all ending on either double 16 or eight.

Gurney hit double 16 and took out 80 to keep his hopes alive with back-to-back legs, before a third successive leg pulled him back to 5-3, but Wright regained his composure to hit double five for the win. Wright’s day possibly peaked with a sensational semi-final performance as he overcame Rob Cross 6-3 with a stunning display, hitting a ten-dart finish, four 12-darters and a 14-dart leg as he booked his spot in the decider.

Cross had played his part in a thriller by sharing the first six legs, before Wright pulled clear with a run which included seven perfect darts in one leg. Having sneaked past Joe Murnan in a deciding leg, Wright then defeated Vincent van der Voort, Ryan Searle and Jeffrey de Graaf to book his semi-final place for the loss of only five further legs.

Gurney had been bidding to win his second Players Championship title of the year and continued his strong form with wins over Dennis Smith, Matt Clark and Josh Payne before edging out Premier League star Dave Chisnall 6-5 in the last 16.

The Northern Irish ace then dropped only one leg in the quarter-finals as he saw off Simon Whitlock, before defeating Andy Boulton 6-2 in the last four.

PDC Players Championship 11

Saturday 20th May 2017 – ArenaMK

First Round
Peter Wright (1) Bye
Joe Murnan 6-3 Scott Taylor
Darren Johnson 6-4 Jermaine Wattimena (32)
Vincent van der Voort 6-2 Diogo Portela
Ryan Searle 6- 4 James Wade (16)
Ted Evetts 6-2 Brian Woods
Steve Beaton (17) 6-3 William O’Connor
Prakash Jiwa 6-5 Ricky Williams
Alan Norris (8) 6-1 Craig Gilchrist
Richard North 6-1 Ryan Meikle
Ronny Huybrechts (25) 6-3 Matthew Dennant
Simon Stevenson 6-4 Andy Hamilton
Ian White (9) 6-1 Terry Roach
Mike De Decker 6-5 Jan Dekker
Aden Kirk 6-3 Darren Webster (24)
Jeffrey De Graaf 6-3 Andy Jenkins
Michael Smith (5) 6-4 Jim Brown
Adam Hunt 6-4 Jamie Bain
Robbie Green (28) 6-2 Peter Hudson
Tony Newell 6-5 RIchie Burnett
Cristo Reyes (12) 6-2 Mick Todd
Jamie Lewis 6-1 Kevin Painter
Rob Cross (21) 6-2 Matthew Edgar
Devon Petersen 6-4 Mick McGowan
Benito Van de Pas (4) 6-5 Stephen Burton
Zoran Lerchbacher 6-4 John Part
Jonny Clayton (29) 6-3 Michael Barnard
Andrew Gilding 6-3 David Pallett
Stephen Bunting (13) 6-4 Darron Brown
Ricky Evans 6-3 Scott Darbyshire
Mark Walsh 6-4 James Wilson (20)
Robert Owen 6-4 Mark Barilli
Mensur Suljovic (2) Bye
Peter Jacques 6-1 Simon Preston
John Henderson (31) 6-3 Yordi Meeuwisse
Rowby-John Rodriguez 6-2 Sven Groen
Mervyn King (15) 6-1 Berry Van Peer
John Michael 6-3 James Richardson
Kyle Anderson (18) 6-4 Wayne Jones
Dimitri Van Den Bergh 6-4 Jonathan Worsley
Kim Huybrechts (7) 6-1 John Norman Jnr
Bryan De Hoog 6-4 Brendan Dolan
Chris Quantock 6-3 Justin Pipe (26)
Michael Rasztovits 6-3 Paul Nicholson
Andy Boulton 6-5 Joe Cullen (10)
Ron Meulenkamp 6-4 Wes Newton
Steve Hine 6-2 Christian Kist (23)
Harry Robinson 6-5 Kirk Shepherd
Dave Chisnall (6) 6-0 Ryan Palmer
Jimmy Hendriks 6-5 Stuart Kellett
Chris Dobey (27) 6-4 Nathan Aspinall
Paul Harvey 6-0 Terry Temple
Daryl Gurney (11) 6-3 Dennis Smith
Matt Clark 6-5 Paul Rowley
Richie Corner 6-2 Robert Thornton (22)
Josh Payne 6-5 Antonio Alcinas
Simon Whitlock (3) 6-3 Ross Twell
Ritchie Edhouse 6-5 Jamie Caven
Mark Webster (30) 6-5 Martin Schindler
Mickey Mansell 6-2 Alan Tabern
Keegan Brown 6-4 Steve West (14)
Steve Lennon 6-2 Lee Bryant
John Bowles 6-5 Adrian Lewis (19)
Vincent Kamphuis 6-4 Ronnie Baxter

Second Round
Peter Wright 6-2 Vincent van der Voort
Ryan Searle 6-5 Steve Beaton
Richard North 5-6 Simon Stevenson
Mike De Decker 4-6 Jeffrey De Graaf
Michael Smith 6-1 Richie Burnett
Cristo Reyes 3-6 Rob Cross
Zoran Lerchbacher 5-6 Jonny Clayton
Stephen Bunting 2-6 Robert Owen
Mensur Suljovic 6-2 John Henderson
Mervyn King 1-6 Kyle Anderson
Bryan De Hoog 6- Michael Rasztovits
Andy Boulton 6-5 Steve Hine
Dave Chisnall 6-4 Chris Dobey
Daryl Gurney 6-1 Josh Payne
Simon Whitlock 6-3 Mickey Mansell
Steve Lennon 6-1 John Bowles

Third Round
Peter Wright 6-1 Ryan Searle
Simon Stevenson 3-6 Jeffrey De Graaf
Michael Smith 3-6 Rob Cross
Jonny Clayton 6-2 Robert Owen
Mensur Suljovic 6-2 Kyle Anderson
Bryan De Hoog 4-6 Andy Boulton
Dave Chisnall 5-6 Daryl Gurney
Simon Whitlock 6-4 Steve Lennon

Peter Wright 6-2 Jeffrey de Graaf
Rob Cross 6-2 Jonny Clayton
Mensur Suljovic 3-6 Andy Boulton
Daryl Gurney 6-1 Simon Whitlock

Peter Wright 6-3 Rob Cross
Andy Boulton 2-6 Daryl Gurney

Peter Wright 6-3 Daryl Gurney

Prize Fund
Winner £10,000
Runner-Up £6,000
Semi-Finalists £3,000
Quarter-Finalists £2,250
Last 16 £1,500
Last 32 £1,000
Last 64 £500
Total £75,000

Template - Date: ET 6 & 7 UK Qualifiers

EIGHT players, including former European Tour winners Adrian Lewis and Justin Pipe, secured places in both the HappyBet European Darts Matchplay and Austrian Darts Open in Friday’s UK Qualifier double-header in Milton Keynes.

Two-time World Champion Lewis secured his spot in June’s tournaments in Hamburg and Vienna by winning four matches on the night at Arena MK, seeing off John Part and Alan Tabern in the opening event before battling past Mick McGowan and Devon Petersen in the second knockout.

A brace of 6-2 wins, against John Norman Jnr and Ricky Evans, secured Pipe the chance to win his second Austrian Darts Open title – following his 2012 success – after he had earlier sealed a European Darts Matchplay spot by seeing off John Bowles and Andy Boulton. Former European Tour finalist John Henderson edged past Keegan Brown before defeating Tony Newell to seal his Hamburg place, and then overcame Ryan Palmer and Diogo Portela to qualify for the Vienna event.

Experienced former World Championship semi-finalist Andy Jenkins defeated Robbie Green twice on the night as he secured double qualification, while James Wilson saw off Scottish pair Jim Brown and Jamie Bain in the opening event before overcoming Alan Tabern and Adam Hunt. Youngster Chris Dobey edged out Ireland’s Steve Lennon as he secured a spot in Hamburg, before defeating Paul Nicholson and Jim Walker in tight matches to secure his place in Vienna.

Emerging York left-hander Chris Quantock also enjoyed double success, dropping only one leg in the opening qualifier with wins over Kevin Painter and Ross Twell, before following a 6-1 win over Peter Hudson with 6-2 defeats of Ronnie Baxter and Matthew Dennant in the second event. Lee Bryant, a Tour Card winner in January, secured his European Tour debut in Hamburg by defeating Steve West and Ritchie Edhouse, and then saw off Jim Brown and Darren Johnson to secure a spot in Vienna.

Former Lakeside Champion Stephen Bunting, 2012 World Championship finalist Andy Hamilton, Australia’s Kyle Anderson and Northern Irish pair Brendan Dolan and Mickey Mansell also qualified for the European Darts Matchplay. Peter Jacques, a Players Championship runner-up earlier this year, also qualified for the Hamburg event, alongside Darren Webster, Peter Hudson, Nathan Aspinall and Richard North.

Former Gibraltar Darts Trophy finalist Jamie Lewis secured his spot in Vienna at the expense of Stuart Kellett, with former European Championship runner-up Wayne Jones and fast-emerging Rob Cross – a Players Championship winner this year – also qualifying. English aces David Pallett, Adrian Gray, Tony Newell and Paul Rowley were joined by Scotland’s Jamie Bain and Welsh thrower Jonny Clayton in securing the final UK Qualifier spots in the Austrian Darts Open.

The HappyBet European Darts Matchplay will take place at the edel-optics.de Arena in Hamburg from June 9-11. The Austrian Darts Open will then be held at the Multiversum in Schwechat from June 23-25. Each £135,000 tournament will be broadcast online through PDCTV-HD via www.livepdc.tv, as well as through a series of bookmakers’ websites. For tickets, visit www.pdc-europe.tv.

HappyBet European Darts Matchplay UK Qualifier

Friday May 19th Arena MK, Milton Keynes
First Round

Ritchie Edhouse 6-3 Simon Stevenson
Alan Tabern 6-5 Wayne Jones
Jonathan Worsley 6-3 Mick McGowan
Aden Kirk 6-4 Josh Payne
Andy Hamilton 6-1 Dawson Murschell
Jamie Bain 6-5 Stuart Kellett
Richard North 6-0 Scott Taylor
Steve Lennon 6-3 Devon Petersen
Luke Woodhouse 6-5 Ted Evetts
Darren Johnson 6-4 Callan Rydz
Andy Boulton 6-4 Matt Clark
Nathan Aspinall 6-3 Matthew Dennant
Mickey Mansell 6-3 Craig Gilchrist
Kirk Shepherd 6-3 Paul Nicholson
Peter Jacques 6-1 Ryan Palmer
Brendan Dolan 6-2 David Pallett
Martin Lukeman 6-5 William O’Connor

Second Round
Stephen Bunting (1) 6-4 Stephen Burton
Steve Hine 6-5 Ronnie Baxter
Lee Bryant 6-4 Steve West (2)
Ritchie Edhouse 6-5 Adam Hunt
Adrian Lewis (3) 6-3 John Part
Alan Tabern 6-5 Mick Todd
Adrian Gray 6-5 Steve Beaton (4)
Peter Hudson 6-2 Jonathan Worsley
Kyle Anderson (5) 6-5 Wes Newton
John Norman Jnr 6-3 Aden Kirk
Robert Thornton (6) 6-1 Richie Corner
Andy Hamilton 6-5 Ryan Meikle
James Wilson (7) 6-3 Jim Brown
Jamie Bain 6-3 James Richardson
Rob Cross (8) 6-0 Robert Owen
Richard North 6-1 Callum Loose
Chris Dobey (9) 6-2 Paul Rowley
Steve Lennon 6-4 Andrew Gilding
Darren Webster (10) 6-5 Ricky Williams
Luke Woodhouse 6-1 Jim Walker
Andy Jenkins 6-3 Robbie Green (11)
Darren Johnson 6-1 Richie Burnett
Justin Pipe (12) 6-4 John Bowles
Andy Boulton 6-1 Ryan Searle
Mark Webster (13) 6-4 Ricky Evans
Nathan Aspinall 6-2 Mark Barilli
Jonny Clayton (14) 6-3 Paul Harvey
Mickey Mansell 6-3 Michael Barnard
John Henderson (15) 6-5 Keegan Brown
Tony Newell 6-5 Kirk Shepherd
Jamie Lewis 6-0 Jamie Caven (16)
Peter Jacques 6-4 Brian Woods
Joe Murnan (17) 6-4 Diogo Portela
Brendan Dolan 6-0 Darron Brown
Chris Quantock 6-1 Kevin Painter (18)
Ross Twell 6-4 Martin Lukeman

Board Finals
Stephen Bunting 6-1 Steve Hine
Lee Bryant 6-4 Ritchie Edhouse
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Alan Tabern
Peter Hudson 6-4 Adrian Gray
Kyle Anderson 6-1 John Norman jnr
Andy Hamilton 6-3 Robert Thornton
James Wilson 6-3 Jamie Bain
Richard North 6-3 Rob Cross
Chris Dobey 6-5 Steve Lennon
Darren Webster 6-0 Luke Woodhouse
Andy Jenkins 6-5 Darren Johnson
Justin Pipe 6-2 Andy Boulton
Nathan Aspinall 6-3 Mark Webster
Mickey Mansell 6-3 Jonny Clayton
John Henderson 6-1 Tony Newell
Peter Jacques 6-2 Jamie Lewis
Brendan Dolan 6-2 Joe Murnan
Chris Quantock 6-0 Ross Twell

Stephen Bunting, Lee Bryant, Adrian Lewis, Peter Hudson, Kyle Anderson, Andy Hamilton, James Wilson, Richard North, Chris Dobey, Darren Webster, Andy Jenkins, Justin Pipe, Nathan Aspinall, Mickey Mansell, John Henderson, Peter Jacques, Brendan Dolan, Chris Quantock.

CLICK HERE to go to the tournament info:


Austrian Darts Open UK Qualifier

Friday May 19th Arena MK, Milton Keynes
First Round

Jonathan Worsley 6-4 Andy Hamilton
William O’Connor 6-4 Steve Lennon
Jim Brown 6-5 Kirk Shepherd
Keegan Brown 6-3 Darron Brown
Ricky Evans 6-5 Steve Hine
John Bowles 6-3 Peter Jacques
Mick Todd 6-4 Aden Kirk
Diogo Portela 6-4 Martin Lukeman
Tony Newell 6-2 Mickey Mansell
Chris Quantock 6-1 Peter Hudson
Callan Rydz 6-5 Ted Evetts
Ritchie Edhouse 6-3 Ricky Williams
Jamie Bain 6-2 Luke Woodhouse

Second Round
Adrian Lewis (1) 6-4 Mick McGowan
Devon Petersen 6-4 Richard North
Stuart Kellett 6-5 Steve Beaton
Jamie Lewis 6-1 Josh Payne
Wayne Jones 6-5 Kyle Anderson
Michael Barnard 6-4 Mark Barilli
Robert Thornton (4) 6-4 Matt Clark
David Pallett 6-3 Robert Owen
James Wilson (5) 6-1 Alan Tabern
Adam Hunt 6-3 Scott Taylor
Rob Cross (6) 6-5 Nathan Aspinall
Paul Harvey 6-5 Jonathan Worsley
Chris Dobey (7) 6-4 Paul Nicholson
Jim Walker 6-3 William O’Connor
Darren Johnson 6-3 Darren Webster (8)
Lee Bryant 6-3 Jim Brown
Robbie Green (9) 6-5 Ryan Meikle
Andy Jenkins 6-3 Keegan Brown
Justin Pipe (10) 6-2 John Norman Jnr
Ricky Evans 6-4 Dawson Murshcell
Mark Webster (11) 6-1 John Part
Adrian Gray 6-1 John Bowles
Jonny Clayton (12) 6-3 Andy Boulton
Mick Todd 6-4 Richie Burnett
John Henderson (13) 6-3 Ryan Palmer
Diogo Portela 6-3 Craig Gilchrist
Callum Loose 6-1 Jamie Caven (14)
Tony Newell 6-5 Wes Newton
Matthew Dennant 6-4 Joe Murnan (15)
Chris Quantock 6-2 Ronnie Baxter
Paul Rowley 6-5 Kevin Painter (16)
Andrew Gilding 6-5 Callan Rydz
James Richardson (17) 6-2 Richie Corner
Ritchie Edhouse 6-1 Ross Twell
Brian Woods 6-3 Brendan Dolan (18)
Jamie Bain 6-2 Simon Stevenson

Third Round
Adrian Lewis 6-5 Devon Peterson
Jamie Lewis 6-3 Stuart Kellett
Wayne Jones 6-4 Michael Barnard
David Pallett 6-3 Robert Thornton
James Wilson 6-2 Adam Hunt
Rob Cross 6-0 Paul Harvey
Chris Dobey 6-5 Jim Walker
Lee Bryant 6-5 Darren Johnson
Andy Jenkins 6-2 Robbie Green
Justin Pipe 6-2 Ricky Evans
Adrian Gray 6-4 Mark Webster
Jonny Clayton 6-2 Mick Todd
John Henderson 6-1 Diogo Portela
Tony Newell 6-3 Callum Loose
Chris Quantock 6-2 Matthew Dennant
Paul Rowley 6-3 Andrew Gilding
Ritchie Edhouse 6-5 James Richardson
Jamie Bain 6-5 Brain Woods

Austrian Darts Open UK Qualifiers
Adrian Lewis, Jamie Lewis, Wayne Jones, David Pallett, James Wilson, Rob Cross, Chris Dobey, Lee Bryant, Andy Jenkins, Justin Pipe, Adrian Gray, Jonny Clayton, John Henderson, Tony Newell, Chris Quantock, Paul Rowley, Ritchie Edhouse, Jamie Bain

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Template - Date: Betway Premier League Play Offs O2

MICHAEL VAN GERWEN produced a heroic comeback to retain the Betway Premier League title with a stunning 11-10 win over Peter Wright, after the Scot had ended Phil Taylor’s hopes of a fairytale farewell to the tournament.

Legendary star Taylor, 56, will retire at the end of the year but was unable to mark his final appearance in the Premier League by claiming a seventh title. The Stoke legend did hit back from 4-0 down against Wright in their semi-final to lead 9-8, but missed one match dart before the world number three claimed the win.

Wright, though, did see Van Gerwen overturn a four-leg deficit in a thrilling final before the Dutch superstar punished six missed match darts from his rival to claim the £250,000 first prize and retain the prestigious trophy.

Betway Premier League Play-Offs

Thursday May 18, The O2, London

Semi-Finals (19)

(102.22) Michael van Gerwen 10-7 Gary Anderson (102.68)
(100.04) Peter Wright 10-9 Phil Taylor (97.62)

Final (21)

(104.76) Michael van Gerwen 11-10 Peter Wright (101.06)

Template - Date: Gibraltar Darts Trophy ET5

Smith, who was playing in his first final since the Austrian Darts Open last June, put in a solid display in the final as he claimed the £25,000 title to follow up his trio of previous wins in 2014 and 2015.

The 26-year-old averaged 96.33 and hit 50% of his attempts at double to overcome battling Austrian ace Suljovic at the Victoria Stadium. Smith raced into a 3-0 lead, including a 108 checkout, to take immediate control of the match.

Suljovic then produced a spirited fightback to break the throw of Smith twice and level the match, before holding throw to move in to a 4-3 lead. The Englishman then took out 81 on double 12 to level the contest, and it was the ninth leg that would prove to be decisive.

With Suljovic sat on 56 to hold throw and move within a leg of the title, the 26-year-old produced a breathtaking 132 finish on the bullseye to break the throw and edge 5-4 up. A miss at tops for the title in leg ten from Smith allowed the Austrian a dart at double 15 on a 110 finish to take the encounter to a decider.

Suljovic’s effort, though, was just inside the wire, allowing Smith to step in and seal the victory on double ten and secure the £25,000 top prize. “It’s a great feeling – I’m so chuffed,” said Smith. “I’d forgotten what it felt like to win a tournament and it feels like I’ve just won my very first tournament again.

“This year I’ve made two finals and I thought I was going to blow it again. The 132 to go 5-4 up won me the game, it was absolutely huge. I didn’t fancy the game going five-all because Mensur is amazing ”

Smith had to work hard to book his place in the final, requiring 11th leg deciders in each of his previous four matches in the tournament, starting with Saturday’s narrow defeat of Christian Kist. Sunday’s challenge began with a hard-fought win over Dimitri Van den Bergh, with Smith hitting a key 180 in the deciding leg as a 14-darter sealed his quarter-final spot.

In-form Rob Cross waited in the last eight where once again Smith required a last-leg maximum to give him the chance to take out 81 for a spot in the semi-finals. In-form world number three Peter Wright, a winner of three of the four European Tour events held so far in 2017, was Smith’s semi-final opponent.

Yet again Smith needed a deciding leg, and as with the previous two matches the world number 11 hit a 180 to put himself in control of the final leg before eventually going on to pin double ten for the win. Suljovic’s began Sunday with a 6-3 win over Cristo Reyes to claim a quarter-final spot, finishing six doubles from 11 attempts as mid-range checkouts of 76, 61, 86 and 64 helped seal his victory.

A scrappy 6-3 win over Sweden’s Magnus Caris – appearing in his first European Tour quarter-final – followed, as the number two seed moved in to the semi-finals to face Daryl Gurney. In a tight battle, The Northern Irishman missed four match darts in the deciding leg before Suljovic eventually hit tops to claim a spot in the final.

Wright fell at the semi-final stage in his bid to claim a fourth European Tour title of the year, and he now sets his sights on the Betway Premier League Play-Offs at The O2 in London on Thursday. Gurney’s run to the last four was his best finish on the European Tour so far this year, as he saw off Simon Whitlock and James Wilson on Sunday before losing out to Suljovic.

Cross reached his third European Tour quarter-final of the year as he continues his impressive start to live on the professional circuit, while Johnson and Caris were appearing in the last eight for the first time on the European Tour after battling through from Friday’s first round.

The next PDC European Tour event will be the HappyBet European Darts Matchplay from June 9-11 at the edel-optics.de Arena in Hamburg, Germany. For tickets, visit www.pdc-europe.tv.

2017 Gibraltar Darts Trophy

Schedule of Play

Friday May 12th

First Round

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)
84.88 Jeffrey de Zwaan 4-6 Alan Tabern 90.35
86.05 Jonny Clayton 6-5 Justin Pipe 87.38
90.61 Richie Corner 4-6 Darren Webster 94.70
79.37 Matthew Dennant 1-6 James Richardson 85.83
79.05 Justin Broton 3-6 Matt Clark 85.05
85.09 Martin Schindler 6-4 Callan Rydz 83.08
85.29 Magnus Caris 6-1 Dyson Parody 82.01
84.15 Paul Nicholson 5-6 Chris Quantock 84.20

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
75.74 Mario Robbe 0-6 Rob Cross 84.28
82.54 Rene Eidams 4-6 John Henderson 86.19
87.04 Ritchie Edhouse 3-6 Krzysztof Ratajski 90.79
99.29 Steve Beaton 6-4 Mike De Decker 86.94
89.35 James Wilson 6-1 Dylan Duo 71.63
85.30 Christian Kist 6-4 Ronny Huybrechts 86.58
73.00 Manuel Vilerio 1-6 Darren Johnson 92.89
86.17 Dimitri Van Den Bergh 6-2 Anthony Lopez 76.78

Saturday May 13th

Second Round

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)
96.66 Cristo Reyes 6-5 James Richardson 90.42
92.01 Daryl Gurney 6-3 Darren Webster 89.56
88.43 Alan Norris 6-5 Matt Clark 89.01
83.53 Benito van de Pas 6-1 Martin Schindler 80.35
94.78 Stephen Bunting 6-4 Chris Quantock 91.06
88.08 Jelle Klaasen 3-6 Magnus Caris 95.59
99.91 Michael Smith 6-5 Christian Kist 92.10
91.94 Joe Cullen 5-6 Rob Cross 93.83

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
92.84 Gerwyn Price 3-6 Darren Johnson 94.96
103.94 Mensur Suljovic 6-4 Alan Tabern 98.71
86.46 Dave Chisnall 6-4 Jonny Clayton 91.16
98.20 Peter Wright 6-3 Krzysztof Ratajski 94.47
94.36 James Wade 5-6 Dimitri Van Den Bergh 95.24
93.43 Kim Huybrechts 4-6 James Wilson 89.13
93.85 Ian White 6-3 John Henderson 86.51
102.21 Simon Whitlock 6-1 Steve Beaton 86.32

Sunday May 14th

Third Round

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)
98.02 Peter Wright 6-0 Stephen Bunting 83.66
90.87 Darren Johnson 6-3 Alan Norris 81.59
98.00 Dimitri Van den Bergh 5-6 Michael Smith 94.32
99.05 Dave Chisnall 2-6 Rob Cross 97.50
93.39 Mensur Suljovic 6-3 Cristo Reyes 89.69
90.00 Benito van de Pas 2-6 Magnus Caris 86.42
94.70 James Wilson 6-3 Ian White 90.93
98.94 Simon Whitlock 4-6 Daryl Gurney 98.08

Quarter Finals

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
101.01 Peter Wright 6-5 Darren Johnson 99.33
99.46 Michael Smith 6-5 Rob Cross 99.93
93.11 Mensur Suljovic 6-3 Magnus Caris 89.63
82.83 James Wilson 3-6 Daryl Gurney 85.48


92.35 Peter Wright 5-6 Michael Smith 93.84
94.11 Mensur Suljovic 6-5 Daryl Gurney 86.88


96.33 Michael Smith 6-4 Mensur Suljovic 99.00

Template - Date: PDC Challenge Tour 11-12

PETER JACQUES won his first PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour title with a narrow 5-4 win over Wayne Jones in Sunday’s opening event at Arena MK. Luke Humphries who is already a Development Tour winner took the title in the final event of the weekend with a close 5-4 win over the Pie Man Andy Smith. 

The Huddersfield ace Jacques, who reached a Players Championship final in February, followed up two previous Challenge Tour quarter-finals by going all the way to the £2,000 top prize in Event 11. The 44-year-old defeated Scott Rollings, Matthew Edgar, Tony Lincoln and Nathan Aspinall to reach the quarter-finals, where he whitewashed Peter Mitchell.

Jacques then saw off former World Youth Champion James Hubbard 5-2 in the semi-finals before sealing the title in a dramatic deciding leg against Jones. After racing into a 4-0 lead, Jacques squandered seven darts to seal a whitewash victory, with Jones then hitting back to level only to miss five darts to claim the title in the decider.

Jones’ bid to win a third Challenge Tour event of 2017 saw him overcome Rob Hewson, Curtis Hammond, Chris Hartrey, Michael Power, Nigel Heydon and Ian Jones in his run to the final. Hubbard’s semi-final appearance was his best finish on the PDC’s second-tier Challenge Tour, with Tipton’s Jones also reaching the last four for the first time.

The current CTOoM Table has been updated following yesterdays events, to view the updated table CLICK HERE

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour – Event 11

Sunday May 14th Arena MK, Milton Keynes

First Round
Evan Wilson 5-2 Adam Whieldon
Callum Loose 5-4 Kevin McDine
Mark Westgarth 5-2 Josh McCarthy
Richard Baillie 5-2 Kevin Edwards
Daniel Russell 5-4 John Scott
Terry Roach 5-3 Warrick Scheffer
Nathan Derry 5-2 Mark Dudbridge
Evander Stevenson 5-1 Ian Lever
Pip Blackwell 5-3 Nolan Arendse
Paul Meyer 5-0 Steven Harbert
Andy Smith 5-3 Tony Martin
Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Luke Humphries
Coni Singh Nagi 5-1 Justin Bradshaw
Diogo Portela 5-0 Paul Reeve
Lewis McGurn 5-2 Mark Farmer
Eddie White 5-3 David King
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-2 Martin Lukeman
Ben Green 5-3 Kevin Veenstra
Joshua Richardson 5-3 Steve Brown
David Evans 5-0 Roy Morris
Jim Walker 5-0 Ryan Harrington
Ricky Sudale 5-3 Kevin Dowling
Jason Wilson 5-0 Andrew Belton
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-3 Kevin McDonnell
Callum Mackay 5-3 Wayne Crossley
Nick Fullwell 5-4 Jay Foreman
Ian Jones 5-3 Robert Rickwood
Bradley Brooks 5-2 Max Baulcomb
Ian Withers 5-2 Michael Huntley
Charlie Jackson 5-2 Nigel Pinchen
Nigel Birch 5-0 Josh Wills
Mark Carter 5-2 Paul Phillips
Darren Brown 5-3 Gary Butcher
Aaron Stevens 5-4 Dan Read
Michael Barnard 5-3 Martyn Turner
Alan Bell 5-2 David Galloway
Colin Fowler 5-2 Steve Evans
David Wilson 5-1 Edward Lovely
Bryan de Hoog 5-1 Billy Holmes

Second Round
Ryan Murray 5-3 Matt Padgett
Callum Loose 5-2 Evan Wilson
Gary Stone 5-1 Chris Skeates
Richard Baillie 5-4 Mark Westgarth
Martin Thomas 5-3 Barry Lynn
Daniel Russell 5-3 Gary Eastwood
Brett Claydon 5-2 Sean Ryan
Terry Roach 5-3 Colin Littlecott
John Power 5-1 Brian Hallas
Nathan Derry 5-4 Craig Gilchrist
Alex Roy 5-0 Adam Smith-Neale
Evander Stevenson 5-1 Aaron Dyer
James Hubbard 5-3 Rachel Brooks
Pip Blackwell 5-2 Lewis Coult
Mark Frost 5-2 Jim Moston
Mark Forman 5-0 Paul Meyer
Kurt Parry 5-0 Mark Baxter
Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Andy Smith
Peter Hudson 5-1 Jamie Robinson
Diogo Portela 5-2 Coni Singh Nagi
Arjan Konterman 5-4 Ian Moss
Tony Lincoln 5-2 Lewis McGurn
Peter Jacques 5-1 Scott Rollings
Matthew Edgar 5-1 Eddie White
Peter Mitchell 5-0 Michael Kavanagh
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-0 James Marcroft
Stuart Dutton 5-4 Keith Arber
Mike Norton 5-3 Ben Green
Justin Smith 5-2 Mark Wilson
Joshua Richardson 5-1 Mareno Michels
Kevin Garcia 5-3 Jack Todd
David Evans 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Joe Davis 5-3 Eikichi Nakanishi
Ricky Sudale 5-3 Jim Walker
Barry Maclean 5-2 Dave Ladley
Jason Wilson 5-2 Radoslaw Szaganski
Steve McNally 5-3 Eddie Dootson
Danny Key 5-4 Callum Mackay
Michael Dawson 5-1 Chris Ware
Paul Harvey 5-3 Nick Fullwell
Richie Howson 5-3 Ben Ward
Ian Jones 5-4 Barrie Bates
Kelvin Self 5-3 Rob Holroyd
Bradley Brooks 5-3 Derek Brand
Mark Devon 5-2 Tony Cole
Ian Withers 5-2 Billy Gallie
Greg Ritchie 5-3 Sion Thomas
Wayne Thomas 5-2 Charlie Jackson
Dean Owen 5-0 John Brown
Nigel Birch 5-0 Mark Carter
Rohit Rabadia 5-4 Chris Jackson
Michael Power 5-2 Darren Brown
Daniel Cole 5-4 Nathan Rafferty
Chris Hartrey 5-4 Aaron Stevens
Wayne Jones 5-2 Rob Hewson
Curtis Hammond 5-2 Michael Barnard
Mark Hylton 5-4 Jon Jukes
Nigel Heydon 5-1 Alan Bell
Scott Dale 5-1 Dawson Murschell
Colin Fowler 5-1 Steve Douglas
Stephen Gallimore 5-1 John Gibson
David Wilson 5-2 Steve Perren
Sam Head 5-3 Kevin Simm
Bryan de Hoog 5-2 Sandy Morrison

Third Round
Callum Loose 5-3 Ryan Murray
Richard Baillie 5-2 Gary Stone
Martin Thomas 5-0 Daniel Russell
Brett Claydon 5-2 Terry Roach
John Power 5-3 Nathan Derry
Evander Stevenson 5-4 Alex Roy
James Hubbard 5-1 Pip Blackwell
Mark Frost 5-4 Mark Forman
Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Kurt Parry
Diogo Portela 5-3 Peter Hudson
Tony Lincoln 5-0 Arjan Konterman
Peter Jacques 5-4 Matthew Edgar
Peter Mitchell 5-1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Stuart Dutton 5-0 Mike Norton
Joshua Richardson 5-3 Justin Smith
Kevin Garcia 5-3 David Evans
Ricky Sudale 5-3 Joe Davis
Barry Maclean 5-3 Jason Wilson
Steve McNally 5-3 Danny Key
Paul Harvey 5-0 Michael Dawson
Ian Jones 5-1 Richie Howson
Kelvin Self 5-2 Bradley Brooks
Ian Withers 5-3 Mark Devon
Wayne Thomas 5-2 Greg Ritchie
Nigel Birch 5-2 Dean Owen
Michael Power 5-3 Rohit Rabadia
Chris Hartrey 5-4 Daniel Cole
Wayne Jones 5-2 Curtis Hammond
Nigel Heydon 5-1 Mark Hylton
Scott Dale 5-1 Colin Fowler
David Wilson 5-2 Stephen Gallimore
Sam Head 5-1 Bryan de Hoog

Fourth Round
Martin Thomas 5-0 Richard Baillie
James Hubbard 5-2 John Power
Peter Jacques 5-3 Nathan Aspinall
Peter Mitchell 5-4 Joshua Richardson
Paul Harvey 5-2 Barry Maclean
Ian Jones 5-4  Ian Withers
Wayne Jones 5-4 Michael Power
Nigel Heydon 5-2 Sam Head

James Hubbard 5-1 Martin Thomas
Peter Jacques 5-0 Peter Mitchell
Ian Jones 5-2 Paul Harvey
Wayne Jones 5-1 Nigel Heydon

James Hubbard 2-5 Peter Jacques
Ian Jones 2-5 Wayne Jones

Peter Jacques 5-4 Wayne Jones

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour – Event 12

Sunday May 14th Arena MK, Milton Keynes

First Round
Barrie Bates 5-4 Colin Littlecott
Kevin Edwards 5-2 Chris Jackson
Jack Todd 5-1 Danny Key
Michael Barnard 5-3 Matt Padgett
Lewis McGurn 5-3 Stuart Dutton
Dawson Murschell 5-3 Jason Wilson
Ricky Sudale 5-0 Sheamus Hagan
Brett Claydon 5-1 Michael Dawson
Steve Brown 5-3 Curtis Hammond
Jay Foreman 5-3 John Brown
Kevin Veenstra 5-3 Tony Lincoln
Wayne Jones 5-1 Callum Mackay
Joe Davis 5-4 Aaron Stevens
Paul Harvey 5-2 Richard Baillie
Gary Stone 5-4 Derek Brand
Mark Carter 5-4 Mark Westgarth
Craig Gilchrist 5-0 Josh Wills
Robert Rickwood 5-3 Kevin McDine
Justin Bradshaw 5-2 Billy Holmes
Warrick Scheffer 5-2 Kevin Simm
Bryan de Hoog 5-3 Justin Smith
Gary Eastwood 5-1 Tony Cole
Nigel Heydon 5-4 Barry Lynn
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-3 Rachel Brooks
Nathan Rafferty 5-3 Brian Hallas
Kevin Dowling 5-2 David Evans
Michael Power 5-3 Gary Butcher
Martyn Turner 5-0 Daniel Cole
Jim Walker 5-2 John Scott
James Marcroft 5-0 Steven Harbert

Second Round
Steve McNally 5-3 Mark Devon
Barrie Bates 5-4 Nigel Pinchen
Dean Owen 5-3 Colin Fowler
Kevin Edwards 5-1 Adam Smith-Neale
Joshua Richardson 5-0 Barry Maclean
Jack Todd 5-2 Darren Brown
Charlie Jackson 5-1 John Gibson
Michael Barnard 5-2 Sean Ryan
Josh McCarthy 5-0 Daniel Russell
Steve Evans 5-3 Lewis McGurn
Nolan Arendse 5-3 Nigel Birch
Rob Holroyd 5-4 Dawson Murschell
Kelvin Self 5-4 Scott Dale
Jon Jukes 5-3 Ricky Sudale
Mark Forman 5-2 Nathan Derry
Brett Claydon 5-0 Rob Hewson
Chris Hartrey 5-1 Sion Thomas
Diogo Portela 5-3 Steve Brown
Evan Wilson 5-4 Billy Gallie
Aaron Dyer 5-3 Jay Foreman
Ryan Murray 5-4 Alex Roy
Kevin Veenstra 5-2 Coni Singh Nagi
Stephen Gallimore 5-4 Ben Ward
Wayne Jones 5-4 Peter Hudson
Mark Hylton 5-2 Luke Woodhouse
Kurt Parry 5-2 Joe Davis
James Hubbard 5-0 Max Baulcomb
Paul Harvey 5-3 David Galloway
Mark Wilson Bye (Eddie White withdrew)
Martin Thomas 5-3 Gary Stone
Luke Humphries 5-3 Adam Whieldon
Mark Carter 5-3 Paul Meyer
Mark Dudbridge 5-1 John Power
Mareno Michels 5-3 Craig Gilchrist
Ian Lever 5-2 Andrew Belton
Robert Rickwood 5-0 Bradley Brooks
Matthew Edgar 5-2 Richie Howson
Ben Green 5-3 Justin Bradshaw
Steve Perren 5-1 Scott Rollings
Warrick Scheffer 5-3 Evander Stevenson
Ryan Harrington 5-4 Kevin Garcia
Roy Morris 5-3 Bryan de Hoog
Ian Moss 5-2 Jim Moston
Nick Fullwell 5-4 Gary Eastwood
Wayne Thomas 5-0 Steve Douglas
Nigel Heydon 5-0 Michael Kavanagh
Peter Mitchell 5-3 Nathan Aspinall
Callum Loose 5-0 Wayne Crossley
Pip Blackwell 5-2 Michael Huntley
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-3 Alan Bell
Eikichi Nakanishi 5-2 Ian Withers
Nathan Rafferty 5-1 Greg Ritchie
Peter Jacques 5-3 Sam Head
Kevin Dowling 5-0 Dan Read
Terry Roach 5-0 Eddie Dootson
Michael Power 5-0 Sandy Morrison
Paul Phillips 5-2 Chris Skeates
Martyn Turner 5-1 David Wilson
Mark Frost 5-3 Ian Jones
Jim Walker 5-3 Mike Norton
Arjan Konterman 5-4 Edward Lovely
James Marcroft 5-4 Dave Ladley
Keith Arber 5-3 David King
Andy Smith 5-1 Martin Lukeman

Third Round
Barrie Bates 5-2 Steve McNally
Dean Owen 5-1 Kevin Edwards
Joshua Richardson 5-3 Jack Todd
Michael Barnard 5-2 Charlie Jackson
Josh McCarthy 5-0 Steve Evans
Rob Holroyd 5-0 Nolan Arendse
Kelvin Self 5-2 Jon Jukes
Brett Claydon 5-3 Mark Forman
Diogo Portela 5-3 Chris Hartrey
Aaron Dyer 5-0 Evan Wilson
Ryan Murray 5-3 Kevin Veenstra
Wayne Jones 5-0 Stephen Gallimore
Kurt Parry 5-3 Mark Hylton
James Hubbard 5-1 Paul Harvey
Mark Wilson 5-3 Martin Thomas
Luke Humphries 5-2 Mark Carter
Mark Dudbridge 5-4 Mareno Michels
Robert Rickwood 5-3 Ian Lever
Ben Green 5-4 Matthew Edgar
Warrick Scheffer 5-3 Steve Perren
Ryan Harrington 5-1 Roy Morris
Nick Fullwell 5-4 Ian Moss
Nigel Heydon 5-3 Wayne Thomas
Peter Mitchell 5-4 Callum Loose
Pip Blackwell 5-3 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Eikichi Nakanishi 5-2 Nathan Rafferty
Peter Jacques 5-4 Kevin Dowling
Terry Roach 5-2 Michael Power
Paul Phillips 5-2 Martyn Turner
Mark Frost 5-3 Jim Walker
James Marcroft 5-4 Arjan Konterman
Andy Smith 5-3 Keith Arber

Fourth Round
Barrie Bates 5-0 Dean Owen
Joshua Richardson 5-1 Michael Barnard
Rob Holroyd 5-4 Josh McCarthy
Brett Claydon 5-0 Kelvin Self
Aaron Dyer 5-4 Diogo Portela
Wayne Jones 5-3 Ryan Murray
James Hubbard 5-4 Kurt Parry
Luke Humphries 5-2 Mark Wilson
Robert Rickwood 5-3 Mark Dudbridge
Warrick Scheffer 5-0 Ben Green
Nick Fullwell 5-3 Ryan Harrington
Peter Mitchell 5-3 Nigel Heydon
Pip Blackwell 5-0 Eikichi Nakanishi
Peter Jacques 5-1 Terry Roach
Mark Frost 5-2 Paul Phillips
Andy Smith 5-1 James Marcroft

Fifth Round
Joshua Richardson 5-2 Barrie Bates
Brett Claydon 5-3 Rob Holroyd
Aaron Dyer 5-2 Wayne Jones
Luke Humphries 5-1 James Hubbard
Warrick Scheffer 5-1 Robert Rickwood
Nick Fullwell 5-4 Peter Mitchell
Peter Jacques 5-0 Pip Blackwell
Andy Smith 5-2 Mark Frost

Joshua Richardson 5-4 Brett Claydon
Aaron Dyer 1-5 Luke Humphries
Warrick Scheffer 2-5 Nick Fullwell
Peter Jacques 2-5 Andy Smith

Joshua Richardson 1-5 Luke Humphries
Nick Fullwell 1-5 Andy Smith

Luke Humphries 5-4 Andy Smith

Prize Fund

Winner £2,000
Runner-Up £1,000
Semi-Finalists £500
Quarter-Finalists £300
Last 16 Losers £200
Last 32 Losers £100
Last 64 Losers £50
Total £10,000

Template - Date: PDC Challenge Tour 9-10

NATHAN ASPINALL and Robert Rickwood shared the victories in PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Events Nine and Ten in Milton Keynes on Saturday.

The year’s fourth double-header on the PDC’s second-tier tour began with two £10,000 tournments at Arena MK, with former World Youth Championship finalist Aspinall enjoying his first Challenge Tour victory in Event Nine.

Aspinall defeated Kevin Edwards, Danny Key, Andy Smith, Mark Frost, Bradley Brooks, Wayne Jones and Mark Dudbridge in a tough route to the final.

There, he overcame Polish-born Radoslaw Szaganski to pick up the £2,000 first prize and his maiden Challenge Tour win, adding to a Development Tour win two years ago.

Irish-based Szaganski – a two-time Tom Kirby Memorial Irish Matchplay finalist – overcame Barry Lynn, John Scott, Ian Lever, Martyn Turner, Dan Read and Kevin Dowling as he reached his first Challenge Tour final.

Former World Championship finalist Dudbridge, who hit a nine-darter as he won Challenge Tour Event Seven last month, reached the last four in Event Nine, alongside Coventry’s Dowling.

Burnley’s Rickwood, 45, enjoyed his best day in his maiden year on the PDC circuit with victory in Event Ten, as he saw off Jason Wilson 5-3 in the final.

A quarter-finalist in the day’s opening event, Rickwood defeated Richard Baillie, Ryan Murray, Scott Dale, Joe Davis, Peter Hudson and Alex Roy on his way to the decider, before picking up the £2,000 first prize.

Wilson bounced back from a first-game loss to Barry Lynn in Event Nine to see off Tony Martin, Michael Dawson, Jay Foreman, Luke Woodhouse, Nigel Birch and Dan Read on his way to his second Challenge Tour final of the year.

Read’s run to the last four saw him in the semi-finals for the second time on the Challenge Tour this year, while experienced star Roy went out at the same stage in his bid to win a second title on the Challenge Tour.

Event Ten was also notable for the father-versus-son contest in the first round, as Steve Brown defeated youngster John 5-3 as the met on the PDC circuit for the first time.

The PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour weekend in Milton Keynes concludes on Sunday with Event 11 and Event 12 at Arena MK.

The top 2 players on the merit table at the end of the season will both win a 2 year PDC Tour Card with players number 3 to number 8 winning a FREE PDC Q-School place.

For the full PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Table and information, please go to the Challenge Tour area on the website. CLICK HERE

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event Nine

Saturday May 13th Arena MK, Milton Keynes

First Round
Trevor Burkhill BYE
Chris Jackson BYE
Sam Head 5-3 Gary Butcher
Paul Harvey 5-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Christ HArtrey BYE
Mark Hylton BYE
Mark Carter 5-2 Mark Baxter
Ian Moss 5-0 Aaron Stevens
Sheamus Hagan BYE
Justin Smith BYE
John Gibson BYE
David Wilson 5-0 Nathan Richards
Kevin Self BYE
Paul Phillips BYE
Steve Brown BYE
Luke Woodhouse 5-0 Michael Kavanagh
Alan Bell BYE
Kevin Veenstra BYE
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez BYE
Barrie Bates 5-3 Nigel Burch
Derek Brand BYE
Daniel Cole BYE
Sion Thomas BYE
James Hubbard 5-4 James Lane
Michael Dawson BYE
Coni Singh Nagi BYE
John Brown BYE
Billy Gallie 5-2 Steven Harbert
Nigel Heydon BYE
Darren Brown BYE
Nathan Rafferty BYE
Kevin Dowling 5-2 Lewis McGurn
John Scott BYE
Bryan de Hoog BYE
Barry Lynn 5-2 Jason Wilson
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-3 Nolan Arendse
Rachel Brooks BYE
Jon Jukes BYE
Ian Lever 5-1 Billy Holmes
Stephen Gallimore 5-2 Wayne Crossley
Kevin McDonnell BYE
Nick Fullwell BYE
Pip Blackwell BYE
Ricky Sudale 5-1 Tony Martin
Terry Roach BYE
Colin Littlecott BYE
Martyn Turner BYE
Warrick Scheffer 5-0 Josh Wills
Ryan Murray BYE
James Marcroft BYE
Eikichi Nakanishi BYE
Barry Maclean 5-3 Arjan Konterman
Michael Huntley BYE
Brian Hallas BYE
Wayne Thomas BYE
Adam Whieldon 5-1 Paul Reeve
Chris Skeates BYE
Dan Read BYE
Daniel Russell BYE
Josh McCarthy 5-3 Sean Ryan
Mark Wilson BYE
John Power BYE
Greg Ritchie BYE
Colin Fowler 5-3 Richie Howson
Callum Mackay BYE
Sandy Morrison BYE
Edward Lovely 5-4 Dave Ladley
Diogo Portela 5-4 Mareno Michels
Roger Scrivens BYE
Ben Green BYE
Rohit Rabadia BYE
Bradley Brooks 5-1 Eddie Dootson
Aaron Dyer BYE
Roy Morris BYE
Mike Norton BYE
Mark Frost 5-0 Keith Robert Carter
Jim Moston BYE
Andy Smith BYE
Danny Key BYE
Nathan Aspinall 5-3 Kevin Edwards
Steve Douglas BYE
Keith Arber BYE
Stuart Dutoon BYE
Wayne Jones 5-0 Kevin McDine
Justin Bradshaw BYE
Steve Perren BYE
Luke Humphries BYE
Dean Owen 5-1 Rob Holroyd
David King BYE
Martin Thomas BYE
Dawson Murschell BYE
Gary Stone 5-1 Kevin Garcia
Ian Withers BYE
Curtis Hammond BYE
Matt Padgett BYE
Jamie Robinson 5-3 Scott Rollings
Joe Davis BYE
Peter Hudson BYE
Tony Lincoln 5-2 Evan Wilson
Mark Forman 5-4 Peter Mitchell
Michael Barnard BYE
Charlie Jackson BYE
Mark Dudbridge BYE
Gary Eastwood 5-2 Max Baulcomb
Ian Jones BYE
Martin Lukeman BYE
Ben Ward BYE
Steve Evans 5-2 Mark Devon
Mark Farmer BYE
Callum Loose BYE
Ryan Harrington BYE
Kurt Parry 5-2 Kevin Simm
Nigel Pinchen BYE
Craig Gilchrist BYE
Andrew Belton BYE
Alex Roy 5-0 Evander Stevenson
Robert Rickwood BYE
Jack Todd BYE
Richard Baillie BYE
Chris Ware 5-0 Mark Westgarth
Michael Power BYE
Joshua Richardson BYE
Steve McNally BYE
Scott Dale 5-2 Rob Hewson
David Evans BYE
Jay Foreman BYE
Lewis Coult BYE
Nathan Derry 5-2 Eddie White

Second Round
Trevor Burkhill 5-4 Chris Jackson
Sam Head 5-4 Paul Harvey
Mark Hylton 5-0 Chris Hartrey
Ian Moss 5-1 Mark Carter
Justin Smith 5-1 Sheamus Hagan
John Gibson 5-3 David Wilson
Paul Phillips 5-1 Kevin Self
Luke Woodhouse 5-3 Steve Brown
Alan Bell 5-1 Kevin Veenstra
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-2 Barrie Bates
Derek Brand 5-4 Daniel Cole
James Hubbard 5-0 Sion Thomas
Michael Dawson 5-1 Coni Singh Nagi
John Brown 5-3 Billy Gallie
Nigel Heydon 5-3 Darren Brown
Kevin Dowling 5-4 Nathan Rafferty
John Scott 5-1 Bryan de Hoog
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-4 Barry Lynn
Jon Jukes 5-2 Rachel Brooks
Ian Lever 5-2 Stephen Gallimore
Nick Fullwell 5-0 Kevin McDonnell
Ricky Sudale 5-3 Pip Blackwell
Terry Roach 5-3 Colin Littlecott
Martyn Turner 5-4 Warrick Scheffer
Ryan Murray 5-2 James Marcroft
Eikichi Nakanishi 5-3 Barry Maclean
Michael Huntley 5-2 Brian Hallas
Adam Whieldon 5-3 Wayne Thomas
Dan Read 5-1 Chris Skeates
Daniel Russell 5-4 Josh McCarthy
Mark Wilson 5-1 John Power
Colin Fowler 5-1 Greg Ritchie
Sandy Morrison 5-2 Callum Mackay
Diogo Portella 5-2 Edward Lovely
Ben Green 5-1 Roger Scrivens
Bradley Brooks 5-0 Rohit Rabadia
Aaron Dyer 5-3 Roy Morris
Mark Frost 5-3 Mike Norton
Andy Smith 5-0 Jim Moston
Nathan Aspinall 5-0 Danny Key
Keith Arber 5-3 Steve Douglas
Wayne Jones 5-3 Stuart Dutton
Steve Perren 5-3 Justin Bradshaw
Luke Humphries 5-3 Dean Owen
Martin Thomas 5-1 David King
Gary Stone 5-2 Dawson Murschell
Curtis Hammond 5-4 Ian Withers
Matt Padgett 5-1 Jamie Robinson
Peter Hudson 5-4 Joe Davis
Mark Forman 5-3 Tony Lincoln
Charlie Jackson 5-0 Michael Barnard
Mark Dudbridge 5-4 Gary Eastwood
Ian Jones 5-2 Martin Lukeman
Steve Evans 5-4 Ben Ward
Callum Loose 5-2 Mark Farmer
Ryan Harrington 5-1 Kurt Parry
Craig Gilchrist 5-1 Nigel Pinchen
Alex Roy 5-0 Andrew Belton
Robert Rickwood 5-3 Jack Todd
Chris Ware 5-2 Richard Baillie
Joshua Richardson 5-1 Michael Power
Scott Dale 5-1 Steve McNally
David Evans 5-3 Jay Foreman
Nathan Derry 5-0 Lewis Coult

Third Round
Sam Head 5-4 Trevor Burkhill
Ian Moss 5-4 Mark Hylton
Justin Smith 5-1 John Gibson
Paul Phillips 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Alan Bell 5-1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
James Hubbard 5-4 Derek Brand
John Brown 5-1 Michael Dawson
Kevin Dowling 5-3 Nigel Heydon
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-1 John Scott
Ian Lever 5-1 Jon Jukes
Nick Fullwell 5-4 Ricky Sudale
Martyn Turner 5-3 Terry Roach
Ryan Murray 5-4 Eikichi Nakanishi
Michael Huntley 5-3 Adam Whieldon
Dan Read 5-2 Daniel Russell
Colin Fowler 5-2 Mark Wilson
Diogo Portella 5-3 Sandy Morrison
Bradley Brooks 5-2 Ben Green
Mark Frost 5-3 Aaron Dyer
Nathan Aspinall 5-2 Andy Smith
Wayne Jones 5-1 Keith Arber
Luke Humphries 5-1 Steve Perren
Martin Thomas 5-4 Gary Stone
Matt Padgett 5-0 Curtis Hammond
Mark Forman 5-1 Peter Hudson
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Charlie Jackson
Ian Jones 5-2 Steve Evans
Ryan Harrington 5-4 Callum Loose
Alex Roy 5-2 Craig Gilchrist
Robert Rickwood 5-2 Chris Ware
Joshau Richardson 5-3 Scott Dale
David Evans 5-2 Nathan Derry

Fourth Round
Sam Head 5-1 Ian Moss
Justin Smith 5-2 Paul Phillips
James Hubbard 5-4 Alan Bell
Kevin Dowling 5-3 John Brown
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-2 Ian Lever
Martyn Turner 5-3 Nick Fullwell
Ryan Murray 5-2 Michael Huntley
Dan Read 5-4 Colin Fowler
Bradley Brooks 5-4 Diogo Portela
Nathan Aspinall 5-3 Mark Frost
Wayne Jones 5-1 Luke Humphries
Martin Thomas 5-4 Matt Padgett
Mark Dudbridge 5-4 Mark Forman
Ian Jones 5-4 Ryan Harrington
Robert Rickwood 5-2 Alex Roy
David Evans 5-3 Joshua Richardson

Fifth Round
Justin Smith 5-3 Sam Head
Kevin Dowling 5-4 James Hubbard
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-3 Martyn Turner
Dan Read 5-4 Ryan Murray
Nathan Aspinall 5-4 Bradley Brooks
Wayne Jones 5-0 Martin Thomas
Mark Dudbridge 5-1 Ian Jones
Robert Rickwood 5-4 David Evans

Justin Smith 5-6 Kevin Dowling
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-0 Dan Read
Nathan Aspinall 5-3 Wayne Jones
Mark Dudbridge 5-1 Robert Rickwood

Kevin Dowling 3-5 Radoslaw Szaganski
Nathan Aspinall 5-3 Mark Dudbrige

Radoslaw Szaganski 1-5 Nathan Aspinall


PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event Ten

Saturday May 13th Arena MK, Milton Keynes

First Round
Kevin Dowling BYE
Rob Holyroyd BYE
Adam Whieldon 5-3 Michael Kavanagh
Charlie Jackson v Paul Harvey
Colin Littlecott BYE
Keith Arber BYE
Luke Humphries 5-2 Rohit Rabadia
John Power v John Scott
Peter Hudson BYE
Billy Holmes BYE
Mark Dudbridge BYE
Nathan Aspinall 5-4 Steve Perren
Michael Barnard BYE
Aaron Stevens BYE
Mark Hylton BYE
Steve Evans 5-1 Billy Gallie
Warrick Scheffer BYE
Daniel Russell BYE
Danny Key BYE
Joe Davis 5-4 Ryan Harrington
Edward Lovely BYE
Curtis Hammond BYE
Ben Ward BYE
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Max Baulcomb
Chris Hartrey BYE
Ryan Murray BYE
Robert Rickwood BYE
Richard Baillie 5-2 Martin Lukeman
David King BYE
Scott Dale BYE
David Wilson BYE
Eddie White 5-4 Ricky Sudale
Kevin McDine BYE
Kevin Veenstra BYE
Aaron Dyer 5-3 Matt Padgett
Craig Gilchrist v Ben Green
Kevin Simm BYE
Ian Withers BYE
Mark Frost 5-0 Keith Robert Carter
Nigel Heydon 5-2 Derek Brand
Dawson Murschell BYE
Kevin Garcia BYE
Martyn Turner BYE
Terry Roach 5-1 Nolan Arendse
Ian Moss BYE
Sion Thomas BYE
Wayne Thomas BYE
Chris Ware 5-0 Jon Jukes
Barry Maclean BYE
Sandy Morrison BYE
Gary Butcher BYE
Michael Power 5-2 Daniel Cole
Justin Smith BYE
Mark Forman BYE
Mark Devon BYE
Paul Phillips 5-1 John Gibson
Kevin Edwards BYE
Colin Fowler BYE
Darren Brown BYE
Wayne Jones 5-0 Dave Ladley
Alex Roy BYE
Adam Smith-Neale BYE
Greg Ritchie BYE
Nigel Pinchen 5-4 Nick Fullwell
Bradley Brooks BYE
Sam Head BYE
David Evans 5-3 Mark Westgarth
Mark Carter v Roger Scrivens
Peter Mitchell BYE
Justin Bradshaw BYE
Pip Blackwell BYE
Steve McNally 5-4 Stuart Dutton
Michael Huntley BYE
Callum Mackay BYE
Jack Todd BYE
Mark Baxter 5-4 Eddie Dootson
Sean Ryan BYE
Brian Hallas BYE
Rob Hewson BYE
Coni Singh Nagi 5-2 Wayne Crossley
Andy Smith BYE
James Hubbard BYE
Radoslaw Szaganski BYE
Josh McCarthy 5-1 Chris Jackson
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez BYE
James Marcroft BYE
Ian Jones BYE
Steve Brown 5-3 John Brown
Nathan Derry BYE
Evan Wilson BYE
Josh Wills BYE
David Galloway 5-0 Paul Reeve
Dan Read BYE
Richie Howson BYE
Barry Lynn BYE
Martin Thomas 5-0 Kevin McDonnell
Joshua Richardson BYE
Jay Foreman BYE
Kelvin Self 5-1 Bryan de Hoog
Nathan Rafferty 5-1 Lewis McGurn
Tony Martin BYE
Jason Wilson BYE
Michael Dawson BYE
Callum Loose 5-3 Sheamus Hagan
Nathan Richards BYE
Ian Lever BYE
Arjan Konterman BYE
Barrie Bates 5-4 Tony Lincoln
Mark Wilson BYE
Stephen Gallimore BYE
Lewis Could BYE
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Rachel Brooks
Jim Moston BYE
Gary Eastwood BYE
Nigel Birch BYE
Mike Norton 5-3 James Lane
Eikichi Nakanishi BYE
Chris Skeates BYE
Dean Owen BYE
Roy Morris 5-4 Mareno Michels
Kurt Parry BYE
Evander Stevenson BYE
Alan Bell BYE
Gary Stone 5-3 Scott Rollings
Andrew Belton BYE
Mark Farmer BYE
Steve Douglas BYE
Digo Portella 5-0 Steven Harbert

Second Round
Kevin Dowling 5-2 Rob Holroyd
Charlie Jackson 5-1 Adam Whieldon
Keith Arber 5-3 Colin Littlecott
Luke Humphries 5-3 John Power
Peter Hudson 5-1 Billy Holmes
Nathan Aspinall 5-1 Mark Dudbridge
Michael Barnard 5-3 Aaron Stevens
Mark Hylton 5-2 Steve Evans
Warwick Scheffer 5-1 Daniel Russell
Joe Davis 5-1 Danny Key
Curtis Hammond 5-4 Edward Lovely
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Ben Ward
Ryan Murray 5-0 Chris Hartrey
Robert Rickwood 5-0 Richard Baillie
Scott Dale 5-2 David King
Eddie White 5-3 David Wilson
Kevin McDine 5-3 Kevin Veenstra
Craig Gilchrist 5-3 Aaron Dyer
Kevin Simm 5-4 Ian Withers
Mark Frost 5-2 Nigel Heydon
Kevin Garcia 5-2 Dawson Murschell
Terry Roach 5-3 Martyn Turner
Ian Moss 5-2 Sion Thomas
Wayne Thomas 5-4 Chris Ware
Barry Maclean 5-4 Sandy Morrison
Gary Butcher 5-3 Michael Power
Justin Smith 5-2 Mark Forman
Paul Phillips 5-2 Mark Devon
Kevin Edwards 5-3 Colin Fowler
Wayne Jones 5-2 Darren Brown
Alex Roy 5-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Greg Ritchie 5-3 Nigel Pinchen
Bradley Brooks 5-0 Sam Head
David Evans 5-3 Mark Carter
Peter Mitchell 5-2 Justin Bradshaw
Pip Blackwell 5-2 Steve McNally
Callum Mackay 5-3 Michael Huntley
Jack Todd 5-1 Mark Baxter
Sean Ryan 5-3 Brian Hallas
Rob Hewson 5-2 Coni Singh Nagi
Andy Smith 5-3 James Hubbard
Radoslaw Szaganski 5-3 Josh McCarthy
Rusty-Jake Rodriguez 5-2 James Marcroft
Steve Brown 5-3 Ian Jones
Nathan Derry 5-2 Evan Wilson
David Galloway 5-0 Josh Wills
Dan Read 5-0 Richie Howson
Barry Lynn 5-4 Martin Thomas
Jay Foreman 5-1 Josh Wills
Nathan Rafferty 5-1 Kelvin Self
Jason Wilson 5-4 Tony Martin
Michael Dawson 5-3 Callum Loose
Ian Lever 5-0 Nathan Richards
Barrie Bates 5-2 Arjan Konterman
Stephen Gallimore 5-1 Mark Wilson
Luke Woodhouse 5-0 Lewis Coult
Gary Eastwood 5-2 Jim Moston
Nigel Birch 5-4 Mike Norton
Chris Skeates 5-4 Eikichi Nakanishi
Dean Owen 5-4 Roy Morris
Kurt Parry 5-2 Evander Stevenson
Gary Stone 5-1 Alan Bell
Mark Farmer 5-3 Andrew Belton
Diogo Portela 5-0 Steve Douglas

Third Round
Charlie Jackson 5-0 Kevin Dowling
Luke Humphries 5-1 Keith Arber
Peter Hudson 5-1 Nathan Aspinall
Michael Barnard 5-4 Mark Hylton
Joe Davis 5-1 Warrick Scheffer
Trevor Burkhill 5-2 Curtis Hammond
Robert Rickwood 5-3 Ryan Murray
Scott Dale 5-4 Eddie White
Craig Gilchrist 5-1 Kevin McDine
Kevin Simm v Mark Frost
Kevin Garcia 5-2 Terry Roach
Wayne Thomas 5-1 Ian Moss
Gary Butcher 5-3 Barry Maclean
Paul Phillips 5-2 Justin Smith
Wayne Jones 5-3 Kevin Edwards
Alex Roy 5-4 Greg Ritchie
Bradley Brooks 5-3 David Evans
Peter Mitchell 5-3 Pip Blackwell
Jack Todd 5-2 Callum Mackay
Sean Ryan 5-0 Rob Hewson
Andy Smith 5-2 Radoslaw Szaganski
Steve Brown 5-2 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Nathan Derry 5-4 David Galloway
Dan Read 5-3 Barry Lynn
Jay Foreman 5-2 Nathan Rafferty
Jason Wilson 5-0 Michael Dawson
Ian Lever 5-4 Barrie Bates
Luke Woodhouse 5-2 Stephen Gallimore
Nigel Birch 5-2 Gary Eastwood
Dean Owen 5-1 Chris Skeates
Gary Stone 5-3 Kurt Parry
Mark Farmer 5-4 Diogo Portela

Fourth Round
Charlie Jackson 4-5 Luke Humphries
Peter Hudson 5-3 Michael Barnard
Joe Davis 5-4 Trevor Burkhill
Robert Rickwood 5-2 Scott Dale
Craig Gilchrist 5-3 Mark Frost
Wayne Thomas 5-4 Kevin Garcia
Gary Butcher 5-3 Paul Phillips
Alex Roy 5-4 Wayne Jones
Peter Mitchell 5-4 Bradley Brooks
Jack Todd 5-4 Sean Ryan
Steve Brown 5-4 Andy Smith
Dan Read 5-4 Nathan Derry
Jason Wilson 5-2 Jay Foreman
Luke Woodhouse 5-3 Ian Lever
Nigel Birch 5-0 Dean Owen
Gary Stone 5-4 Mark Farmer

Fifth Round
Peter Hudson 5-4  Luke Humphries
Robert Rickwood 5-3 Joe Davis
Craig Gilchrist 5-4 Wayne Thomas
Alex Roy 5-1 Gary Butcher
Jack Todd 5-4 Peter Mitchell
Dan Read 5-1 Steve Brown
Jason Wilson 5-2 Luke Woodhouse
Nigel Birch 5-2 Gary Stone

Peter Hudson -5 Robert Rickwood
Craig Gilchrist 3-5 Alex Roy
Jack Todd 2-5 Dan Read
Jason Wilson 5-1 Nigel Birch

Robert Rickwood 5-4 Alex Roy
Dan Read 1-5 Jason Wilson

Robert Rickwood 5-3 Jason Wilson

Prize Fund

Winner £2,000
Runner-Up £1,000
Semi-Finalists £500
Quarter-Finalists £300
Last 16 Losers £200
Last 32 Losers £100
Last 64 Losers £50
Total £10,000

Template - Date: Betway Premier League Aberdeen

MICHAEL VAN GERWEN defeated Gary Anderson 7-4 to top the Betway Premier League table for a fifth successive season, as Phil Taylor claimed the final Play-Off place on Thursday in Aberdeen.

Peter Wright’s 7-1 win over Raymond van Barneveld at the GE Oil & Gas Arena had left Van Gerwen needing to defeat Anderson if the Dutchman was to claim the £25,000 League Winner’s Bonus. The world number one rose to the challenge in a scintillating game with Anderson, taking command early on by moving into a 3-1 lead before holding off the Scot’s fightback, which included a 145 checkout.

Taylor had earlier come from 5-3 down to defeat Adrian Lewis 7-5 as he claimed the final spot in the league table ahead of Dave Chisnall, whose Play-Off hopes were ended with a six-all draw against James Wade. Those results mean that Van Gerwen and Anderson will clash again at the semi-final stage in next Thursday’s Play-Offs, as the pair continue their search for a third Premier League title.

Van Gerwen, though, leaves Aberdeen celebrating his achievement in topping the regular season’s league table for a fifth successive year since he entered the tournament. Wright produced another clinical display as he prepared for his first-ever Premier League Play-Offs challenge with a superb 7-1 defeat of Van Barneveld.

The Scot landed 180s in each of the first two legs, with the latter being a 14-dart break, before an 80 checkout moved him 3-0 up. Van Barneveld replied on double ten, but Wright posted another 180 as he regained his edge, punished misses from the Dutchman to break again, took out a 14-darter to move 6-1 up and then sealed the win with a 116 finish.

Taylor secured qualification for the Play-Offs in his final Premier League season with a 7-5 win over Stoke rival Lewis . Lewis missed double 12 for a nine-dart finish early in the game but led 4-2 with the aid of a 122 bull checkout, only to see Taylor win five of the next six legs – despite a 114 finsh from his rival – for victory.

Earlier, Chisnall’s draw with Wade ended the 2015 semi-finalist’s bid to snatch a top-four finish, despite finishing the season with a seven-game unbeaten run. Chisnall had to secure a big win to put the pressure on Taylor, but saw Wade capitalise on his missed doubles to move 3-1 up, with the aid of a clinical 71 finish. Wade then hit his fourth 180 as he moved into a 6-2 lead to secure at least a point from the contest.

Chisnall, though, took leg nine to keep his hopes in the match alive, before finishing a brilliant 129 and a 13-darter to force a deciding leg, in which he hit two 180s in an 11-dart finish to snatch a share of the spoils. Chisnall ended the game with seven 180s, but admitted that a slow start against Wade cost him.

Van Gerwen’s clash with Anderson – which is also a repeat of the World Grand Prix, World Championship and Masters finals of the past year – will open next Thursday’s Play-Offs, before Wright takes on six-time Premier League champion Taylor.

The tournament will then conclude with the final at The O2, with a £250,000 prize on offer for the eventual champion. Tickets for the Betway Premier League Play-Offs can be purchased by calling 0844 856 0202 or online via www.axs.com .

Van Gerwen is the 4/7 favourite with sponsors Betway to win the Premier League title next Thursday, with Wright 9/2, Anderson 5/1 and Taylor rated at 11/1.

Betway Premier League
Night 15
Thursday May 11, GE Oil & Gas Arena, Aberdeen

Dave Chisnall 6-6 James Wade
Phil Taylor 7-5 Adrian Lewis
Peter Wright 7-1 Raymond van Barneveld
Michael van Gerwen 7-4 Gary Anderson

Thursday May 18, The O2, London

Michael van Gerwen v Gary Anderson
Peter Wright v Phil Taylor
Best of 19 legs

Van Gerwen/Anderson v Wright/Taylor
Best of 21 legs

Tickets: 0844 856 0202 or via www.axs.com

Final League Table







Michael van Gerwen (Q) 16 10 4 2 +32 24
Peter Wright (Q) 16 10 3 3 +30 23
Phil Taylor (Q) 16 8 3 5 +7 19
Gary Anderson (Q) 16 7 4 5 +12 18
Dave Chisnall 16 6 4 6 -5 16
Raymond van Barneveld 16 6 2 8 -10 14
James Wade 16 5 3 8 -13 13
Adrian Lewis 16 6 1 9 -14 13
Jelle Klaasen (E) 9 1 1 7 -16 3
Kim Huybrechts (E) 9 0 3 6 -23 3

Prize Money Breakdown

Winner £250,000
Runner-Up £120,000
Semi-Finalists £80,000
League Leader’s Bonus £25,000
Fifth Place £65,000
Sixth Place £55,000
Seventh Place £50,000
Eighth Place £45,000
Ninth Place £30,000
Tenth Place £25,000
Total £825,000

Template - Date: Mental Health Awareness Week

Every year, thousands of supporters across the UK take part in Mental Health Awareness Week. This year the week will take place from 8th-14th May on the theme of surviving or thriving?


Good mental health is more than the absence of a mental health problem. This year, rather than ask why so many people are living with mental health problems, we will seek to uncover why too few of us are thriving with good mental health.

Hold an event

Think about ways you can bring people together and start conversations around mental health. Some suggestions could be to:

Host a wellbeing walk – with friends, colleagues or people in your community. Set up a stand in your local hospital, community centre, library or supermarket. Hold a series of lectures or talks on mental health – make it interactive as possible and get the audience involved!

Our fundraising team have got you covered with more event ideas for the workplace, schools and your communities. Don’t forget to add your event to our activity map – you can also see what other people are planning during the week.

Spread the word

During the week we will be posting stories and information on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please follow us to help us share our messages and to join in the discussion. You can also let us know what you’re getting up to by using the tag #MHAW17.

Share your story

If you have a personal story about surviving or thriving and would like to share it with us, please send through 400 words to stories@mentalhealth.org.uk.

We all have mental health. Good mental health is an asset that helps us to thrive. This is not just the absence of a mental health problem, but having the ability to think, feel and act in a way that allows us to enjoy life and deal with the challenges it presents. Yet it can be easy to assume that ongoing stress is the price we have to pay to keep our lives on track. It is time to challenge that assumption.

In March 2017, commissioned by the Mental Health Foundation, NatCen conducted a survey amongst its panel members in England, Scotland and Wales. This aimed to understand the prevalence of self-reported mental health problems, levels of positive and negative mental health in the population, and the actions people take to deal with the stressors in their lives. 2,290 interviews were completed, with 82% online and 18% by phone.

Key findings

  • Only a small minority of people (13%) report living with high levels of good mental health.
  • People over the age of 55 report experiencing better mental health than average.
  • People aged 55 and above are the most likely to take positive steps to help themselves deal better with everyday life – including spending time with friends and family, going for a walk, spending more time on interests, getting enough sleep, eating healthily and learning new things.
  • More than 4 in 10 people say they have experienced depression
  • Over a quarter of people say they have experienced panic attacks.
  • The most notable differences are associated with household income and economic activity – nearly 3 in 4 people living in the lowest household income bracket report having exprienced a mental health problem, compared to 6 in 10 of the highest household income bracket.
  • The great majority (85%) of people out of work have experienced a mental health problem compared to two thirds of people in work and just over half of people who have retired.
  • Nearly two-thirds of people say that they have experienced a mental health problem. This rises to 7 in every 10 women, young adults aged 18-34 and people living alone.

Template - Date: Obituary Mr David Pomfret

It is with great sadness and regret that we have to inform everyone that our PDPA director and company secretary Mr David Pomfret has passed away. 

David passed away in the early hours of this morning whilst in palliative care in Leicestershire with his family around him. David, who has been our company secretary since his retirement from the Federation of Sport and Play in Leamington Spa, where the PDPA originally held its offices.

Since our move up to Carlisle David has run the finances and remained as a director of the association, he was also a former director of the PDC.

David, pictured at a recent PDC Awards with his stepson Andrew and Wife Julie. He will be missed by us all.

All our thoughts are with his family and friends.

Mr David Pomfret RIP

Davids funeral will be on Thursday the 25th May at 12.00 noon at the South Leicetershire Memorial Park and Crematorium, Foston Road, Countesthorpe, Leics LE8 5QP. Donations for brain tumour research will be welcome. A celebration of Davids life will follow at Shearsby Bath, Bruntingthorpe Road, Shearsby, Leics LE17 6PP

Template - Date: Wright wins European Darts Grand Prix

PETER WRIGHT produced a simply breath-taking display to whitewash Michael van Gerwen and win the HappyBet European Darts Grand Prix at the Glaspalast in Sindelfingen.

In a re-run of the 2016 Final, Wright proved too hot to handle as averaged just under 105 and landed 75% of his doubles on his way to a third European Tour title in just four events this year. A brilliant 11-dart leg kicked things off for Wright, as he broke the Dutchman’s throw to gain a crucial early advantage.

The Scot then capitalised on the first Van Gerwen mistake as he went inside on D16, allowing Wright to land 52 for 2-0. And despite landing two maximums in the third leg, Van Gerwen’s trouble on 16’s continued as he missed twice more.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t expecting what came next – a truly incredible 161 checkout from Wright to break once more and raise the roof of the 3,000 seater arena. That hurt Van Gerwen, and Wright quickly moved 4-0 ahead before seizing on another missed dart to break for a third time and step into a 5-0 lead. And the world number three landed a beautiful 170 to set up a 31 checkout to scoop the £25,000 prize fund.

Wright had played stunning darts throughout the tournament, and started day three by brushing aside Daryl Gurney 6-4. In the quarter-finals he faced Jan Dekker, who was enjoying one of his finest runs on the European Tour and had displayed expert finishing throughout – but Wright’s scoring power was too strong in a 6-2 victory.

Standing in his way of a Final was Jelle Klaasen, with the Dutchman having reached the final four in every European Tour event so far this year. Again Wright was clinical on his doubles, and raced into a 4-1 lead with two early breaks. The Dutchman was struggling there on as Wright breezed into the final, making it now nine games in a row that he has beaten Klaasen.

Van Gerwen’s route to the final started with a comfortable 6-2 third round victory over Finnish debutant Ulf Ceder, before beating compatriot Benito van de Pas 6-1 in the quarter-finals. In a breath-taking Semi-Final, the Dutchman was staring defeat in the face against the in-form Dave Chisnall.

After Van Gerwen stretched to a 4-2 lead with a beautiful 146 checkout, Chisnall found his groove and clinched three-legs in a row to turn the tie in his favour at 5-4. But as the World Number One regularly does, he dug deep in the deciding leg to capitalise on some slack darts from Chisnall to break and reach a 20th European Tour final.

It was a bitter pill to swallow for Chisnall, who had seen off Adrian Lewis in the third round before blowing away Rob Cross and missing D12 for a nine-darter in the quarter-finals. The checkout of the tournament come in the quarter-final stage as Klaasen showed nerves of steel against Joe Cullen.

With Cullen leading 4-3 and missing D16 for a two-leg advantage, Klaasen landed a stunning 170 checkout sucker-punch to break throw and level the game, before taking victory in a decider. The European Tour continues on May 12-14 with the Gibraltar Darts Trophy at the Victoria Stadium.

HappyBet European Darts Grand Prix

May 5th-7th Glaspalast, Sindelfingen, Germany

Schedule of Play
Friday May 5th
First Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)

86.60 Steve Beaton 2-6 Ulf Ceder 94.28
90.78 Steve Lennon 2-6 Krzysztof Ratajski 99.52
95.33 James Richardson 6-2 Paul Rowley 84.12
88.44 Matt Clark 6-4 Rene Berndt 82.16
96.31 Rob Cross 6-3 Luke Woodhouse 93.02
85.86 Jeffrey de Graaf 4-6 Keegan Brown 86.79
89.92 Christian Kist 2-6 Jonny Clayton 96.81
79.75 Gabriel Clemens 3-6 Joe Murnan 85.61

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
108.12 Jan Dekker 6-3 James Wilson 89.60
90.82 Steve West 6-2 Chris Dobey 89.07
94.88 Dirk van Duijvenbode 6-5 Jermaine Wattimena 87.44
81.56 Mark Webster 6-4 Bernd Roith 83.57
96.86 Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-4 Mervyn King 96.76
90,70 Ron Meulenkamp 5-6 John Henderson 89.24
84.15 Stephen Bunting 2-6 Adrian Lewis 96.30
95.49 Max Hopp 6-4 Zoran Lerchbacher 85.76

Saturday May 6th
Second Round
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)

92.13 Alan Norris 5-6 Jan Dekker 91.36
83.70 Cristo Reyes 3-6 Ulf Ceder 82.35
81.57 Jelle Klaasen 6-2 Dirk van Duijvenbode 73.68
94.71 Simon Whitlock 3-6 Rob Cross 95.93
112.25 Dave Chisnall 6-3 Matt Clark 95.65
95.28 Joe Cullen 6-1 Jonny Clayton 92.44
89.87 Benito van de Pas 6-5 Joe Murnan 92.16
92.12 Kim Huybrechts 6-3 Max Hopp 85.63

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
89.33 James Wade 5-6 Mark Webster 89.13
96.67 Gerwyn Price 6-3 Dimitri Van den Bergh 90.39
101.88 Michael Smith 5-6 Steve West 93.70
99.57 Daryl Gurney 6-4 John Henderson 89.41
98.47 Mensur Suljovic 6-4 Krzysztof Ratajski 91.03
100.65 Peter Wright 6-2 James Richardson 97.96
97.05 Michael van Gerwen 6-2 Keegan Brown 90.88
92.63 Ian White 4-6 Adrian Lewis 96.74

Sunday May 7th
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)

Third Round

101.44 Mensur Suljovic (3) 5-6 Joe Cullen (14) 101.21
92.94 Mark Webster 1-6 Jelle Klaasen (11) 97.74
93.44 Kim Huybrechts (7) 4-6 Jan Dekker 95.75
100.38 Peter Wright (2) 6-4 Daryl Gurney (15)  99.46
103.32 Rob Cross 6-1 Steve West 100.62
99.02 Dave Chisnall (5) 6-3 Adrian Lewis 94.41
94.63 Benito van de Pas (8) 6-2 Gerwyn Price (9) 90.84
97.12 Michael van Gerwen (1) 6-2 Ulf Ceder 91.90

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
91.53 Joe Cullen (14) 5-6 Jelle Klaasen (11) 94.91
Jan Dekker 2-6 Peter Wright (2)
91.70 Rob Cross 3-6 Dave Chisnall (5) 95.80
89.16 Benito van de Pas (8) 1-6 Michael van Gerwen (1) 104.05

90.26 Jelle Klaasen (11) 3-6 Peter Wright (2) 99.42
97.15 Dave Chisnall (5) 5-6 Michael van Gerwen (1) 105.85

104.86 Peter Wright (2) 6-0 Michael van Gerwen (1) 99.56

Template - Date: Betway Premier League Sheffield

GARY ANDERSON secured a Betway Premier League Play-Off place with a 7-3 win over James Wade on Thursday, as Phil Taylor overcame Michael van Gerwen with a memorable victory at The Sheffield Arena.

Peter Wright ended Adrian Lewis’ Play-Off hopes with a 7-2 victory as he prepared for his own appearance in the semi-finals with a ninth win of the season. Legs of 13 and 14 darts gave Wright an early 2-0 lead, despite a pair of maximums from Lewis, before the 2011 runner-up hit back to level.

Wright, though, landed a 180 of his won as he took th e fifth and pounced on two missed doubles from Lewis to break and take a 4-2 lead, before reeling off the next three legs to complete the win. Dave Chisnall continued his brilliant form by extending his unbeaten run to six matches with a 7-5 win over Raymond van Barneveld, averaging over 109 as he kept up his bid for a Play-Off spot.

Van Barneveld defied two 180s to win the game’s opening leg, hitting a maximum of his own, and also led 2-1 before Chisnall took three in a row to push himself clear, with the burst including a superb 142 checkout.

A pair of double eight finishes pulled Van Barneveld level, but Chisnall took the next two to move 6-4 up and secure a point, and though the Dutchman finished 70 to send the match into a decider, a 64 finish continued the St Helens ace’s Play-Off challenge.

The visit to Sheffield saw Taylor deny Van Gerwen the chance to secure top spot in the league table with a 7-3 win which also sees the six-time champion maintain his fourth place in the race for Play-Off spots.

After missing three doubles to win the opening leg, Van Gerwen hit back to lead 2-1 only for Taylor to seize the initiative with a superb 96 finish of single 20, double 18 and double top to level.

Taylor then took the next four in a run which included an 11-darter and a 90 finish following three further misses from Van Gerwen, who rallied briefly with an 11-dart finish of his own before the Stoke legend completed the win.

Taylor now sits in fourth place, two points clear of Dave Chisnall going into next week’s final league night in Aberdeen – meaning that he needs just a point from his game with Adrian Lewis to secure qualification for the Play-Offs in his farewell season.

Chisnall’s push for a semi-final spot continued as he extended his unbeaten run to six games by defeating Raymond van Barneveld 7-5, averaging over 109 in the process.

Van Barneveld defied two 180s to win the game’s opening leg, hitting a maximum of his own, and also led 2-1 before Chisnall took three in a row to push himself clear, with the burst including a superb 142 checkout.

A pair of double eight finishes pulled Van Barneveld level, but Chisnall took the next two to move 6-4 up and secure a point, and though the Dutchman finished 70 to send the match into a decider, a 64 finish continued the St Helens ace’s Play-Off challenge.

Wright, meanwhile, sits just a point behind Van Gerwen in the battle to claim the £25,000 League Winner’s Bonus after he ended Lewis’ Play-Off hopes with a 7-2 victory. Legs of 13 and 14 darts gave Wright an early 2-0 lead, despite a pair of maximums from Lewis, before the 2011 runner-up hit back to level.

Wright, though, landed a 180 of his own as he took the fifth and pounced on two missed doubles from Lewis to break and take a 4-2 lead, before reeling off the next three legs to complete his ninth win of the season.

The final league night at The GE Oil & Gas Arena in Aberdeen next week will see Chisnall face Wade before Taylor takes on Lewis in matches which will decide the fourth qualifier for the Play-Offs.

Wright then takes on Van Barneveld, before reigning Premier League champion Van Gerwen meets Anderson in a repeat of January’s World Championship final.

Betway Premier League

Night 14 – Thursday May 4th

The Sheffield Arena

(100.53) Peter Wright 7-2 Adrian Lewis (92.80)
(100.65) Raymond van Barneveld v Dave Chisnall (109.36)
(87.35) James Wade 3-7 Gary Anderson (94.32)
(102.99) Michael van Gerwen 3-7 Phil Taylor (100.41)

Night 15 – Thursday May 11
GE Oil & Gas Arena, Aberdeen
Dave Chisnall v James Wade
Phil Taylor v Adrian Lewis
Peter Wright v Raymond van Barneveld
Michael van Gerwen v Gary Anderson
Tickets: 08444 77 9000 or via www.ticketmaster.co.uk/AECC

Play-Offs – Thursday May 18
The O2, London
Tickets: 0844 856 0202 or via www.axs.com
For tickets, visit www.pdc.tv/tickets

League Table after night 14








Michael van Gerwen (Q) 15 9 4 2 +29 34 22
Peter Wright (Q) 15 9 3 3 +24 28 21
Gary Anderson (Q) 15 7 4 4 +15 35 18
Phil Taylor 15 7 3 5 +5 32 17
Dave Chisnall 15 6 3 6 -5 25 15
Raymond van Barneveld 15 6 2 7 -4 26 14
Adrian Lewis 15 6 1 8 -12 25 13
James Wade 15 5 2 8 -13 23 12
Jelle Klaasen (E) 9 1 1 7 -16 15 3
Kim Huybrechts (E) 9 0 3 6 -23 11 3