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RYAN HARRINGTON claimed his first PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour win with a 5-2 defeat of Mark Frost in the Event Five final in Barnsley.

The 26-year-old’s only previous career win had come in a Development Tour event in 2011, but he took the £2,000 first prize in his best run on the PDC’s second-tier circuit. Wins over Samuel Fuller, Rob Hewson, Alan Tabern, Justin Smith and Tony Martin moved Harrington into the quarter-finals, where he overcame left-hander Eddie Dootson 5-3.

He then saw off Allan Edwards 5-2 in the semi-finals before repeating the scoreline against experienced Frost in the decider. Frost – a three-time Challenge Tour winner in 2014 – followed up early whitewashes against James Young and Harry Ward with wins over Marc Dewsbury, Stuart Kellett, Luke Woodhouse, Aaron Dyer and Kevin McDine as he picked up £1,000 as runner-up.

Wolverhampton’s Wayne Jones won event 6 with a 5-1 win over Jason Wilson. Jones followed up his run to the quarter-finals of Event Five – his best finish in any event for almost 12 months – by going all the way to victory in the day’s second tournament.

The former European Championship finalist has dropped onto the Challenge Tour this year after losing his Tour Card, but claimed his first PDC title with the success as he overcame Jason Wilson 5-1 in the final.

Jones defeated Rusty-Jake Rodriguez, Mark Lawrence and Nathan Aspinall in the early rounds before whitewashing Eikichi Nakanishi, and then saw off Curtis Hammond, Stuart Kellett and Lee Evans in reaching the final.

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PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour

Event Five
Saturday April 15, Barnsley Metrodome

First Round

Alan Tabern Bye
Colin Littlecott Bye
Ryan Harrington 5-4 Samuel Fuller
Rob Hewson 5-0 Rachel Brooks
Ian Lever Bye
Chris Jackson Bye
Justin Smith 5-4 Lisa Ashton
Ian Jones 5-1 Ben Ward
Jon Jukes Bye
Stephen Gallimore Bye
Michael Dawson 5-1 Dean Owen
Alan Bell 5-3 Kieran Evans
Eikichi Nakanishi Bye
Brett Claydon Bye
Mareno Michels Bye
Tony Martin 5-2 Dan Read
Tim Hope Bye
Andrew Poynton Bye
Peter Mitchell Bye
Paul Coughlin 5-3 Andy Smith
Scott Rollings Bye
Barry MacLean Bye
Colin Fowler Bye
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Billy Gallie
Jim Moston Bye
Ricky Sudale Bye
Ian Withers Bye
Edward Lovely 5-1 Nathan Richards
Eddie Dootson Bye
Alex Roy Bye
Ryan Murray Bye
Mark Layton 5-0 Arjan Konterman
Richie Howson Bye
Stuart Dutton Bye
Robert Rickwood 5-4 Ben Simpson
Lee Budgen 5-2 Stuart Monaghan
Gary Butcher Bye
David Wilson Bye
Warrick Scheffer 5-2 Nigel Birch
Kevin Dowling 5-2 Ian Moss
David King Bye
David Evans Bye
Chris Hartrey 5-2 James Marcroft
Tony Lincoln 5-4 Derek Brand
Danny Bosch Bye
Joe Davis Bye
John Gibson Bye
Paul Harvey 5-0 Tom McIntosh
Ben Green Bye
Wayne Crossley Bye
James Hubbard Bye
Justin Bradhshaw 5-2 Rohit Rabadia
Greg Ritchie Bye
Josh Wills Bye
Coni Singh Nagi Bye
Allan Edwards 5-1 John Pacitti
Kevin Simm Bye
Aaron Stevens Bye
Matt Padgett Bye
Callum Loose 5-0 Jay Foreman
Nathan Derry Bye
Glen Parsons Bye
Charlie Jackson Bye
Pete Dyos 5-1 Mark Lawrence
Stuart Kellett Bye
Billy Holmes Bye
Peter Hudson 5-3 Chris Ware
Joshua Richardson 5-3 Jason Lovett
Marc Dewsbury Bye
Nolan Arendse Bye
Harry Ward 5-0 John Scott
Mark Frost 5-0 James Young
Alan Wilkinson Bye
Evander Stevenson Bye
Josh McCarthy 5-1 Mark Westgarth
Carl Wilkinson 5-1 Jim Walker
Douglas Low Bye
Rob Holroyd Bye
Luke Woodhouse Bye
Dean Stewart 5-1 Steve Hattersley
Danny Key Bye
Richard Baillie Bye
Kelvin Hart Bye
Barrie Bates 5-0 Sean Johnson
Aaron Dyer Bye
Shaun Matthews Bye
Craig Gilchrist Bye
Michael Barnard 5-3 Kevin Edwards
Ross Parsons Bye
Paul Milford Bye
Jack Todd Bye
Kevin Garcia 5-2 Nigel Pinchen
Peter Jacques Bye
Paul Reeve Bye
Alan Tabern Jnr Bye
Jamie Kelling 5-2 Paul Meyer
Nick Fullwell Bye
Scott Dale Bye
Jason Wilson 5-4 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Mark Carter 5-3 Mark Devon
Steve Maish Bye
Adam Smith-Neale Bye
Gary Eastwood 5-3 Curtis Hammond
Nathan Aspinall 5-1 Jamie Robinson
Daniel Cole Bye
Martin Lukeman Bye
Pip Blackwell Bye
Paul Phillips 5-3 Joey Palfreyman
Reece Robinson Bye
Max Baulcomb Bye
Lee Evans Bye
Wayne Jones 5-1 Nicholas Bloor
Barry Lynn Bye
John Brown Bye
Luke Humphries Bye
Stuart Stubbs 5-4 Kelvin Self
Steve McNally Bye
Sandy Morrison Bye
Mark Dudbridge Bye
Sean Ryan 5-0 Brian Hallas
Sam Head Bye
Darren Brown Bye
Steve Brown Bye
Bradley Brooks 5-4 Bryan De Hoog
Kevin Veenstra Bye
Martin Thomas Bye
Kevin McDine Bye
Michael Huntley 5-1 Lewis McGurn

Second Round

Alan Tabern 5-0 Colin Littlecott
Ryan Harrington 5-2 Rob Hewson
Chris Jackson 5-4 Ian Lever
Justin Smith 5-1 Ian Jones
Jon Jukes 5-4 Stephen Gallimore
Michael Dawson 5-3 Alan Bell
Brett Claydon 5-2 Eikichi Nakanishi
Tony Martin 5-3 Mareno Michels
Tim Hope 5-0 Andrew Poynton
Paul Coughlin 5-1 Peter Mitchell
Barry MacLean 5-4 Scott Rollings
Trevor Burkhill 5-2 Colin Fowler
Ricky Sudale 5-2 Jim Moston
Edward Lovely 5-4 Ian Withers
Eddie Dootson 5-2 Alex Roy
Ryan Murray 5-2 Mark Layton
Richie Howson 5-1 Stuart Dutton
Robert Rickwood 5-1 Lee Budgen
Gary Butcher 5-2 David Wilson
Warrick Scheffer 5-4 Kevin Dowling
David Evans 5-2 David King
Chris Hartrey 5-2 Tony Lincoln
Joe Davis 5-2 Danny Bosch
Paul Harvey 5-1 John Gibson
Ben Green 5-4 Wayne Crossley
Justin Bradshaw 5-4 James Hubbard
Greg Ritchie 5-2 Josh Wills
Allan Edwards 5-2 Coni Singh Nagi
Kevin Simm 5-3 Aaron Stevens
Matt Padgett 5-2 Callum Loose
Nathan Derry 5-1 Glen Parsons
Charlie Jackson 5-3 Pete Dyos
Stuart Kellett 5-0 Billy Holmes
Peter Hudson 5-0 Joshua Richardson
Marc Dewsbury 5-2 Nolan Arendse
Mark Frost 5-0 Harry Ward
Alan Wilkinson 5-2 Evander Stevenson
Carl Wilkinson 5-3 Josh McCarthy
Rob Holroyd 5-0 Douglas Low
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Dean Stewart
Richard Baillie 5-4 Danny Key
Barrie Bates 5-4 Kelvin Hart
Aaron Dyer 5-0 Shaun Matthews
Craig Gilchrist 5-2 Michael Barnard
Paul Milford 5-1 Ross Parsons
Jack Todd 5-4 Kevin Garcia
Peter Jacques 5-0 Paul Reeve
Jamie Kelling 5-2 Alan Tabern Jnr
Nick Fullwell 5-3 Scott Dale
Mark Carter 5-4 Jason Wilson
Adam Smith-Neale 5-2 Steve Maish
Nathan Aspinall 5-0 Gary Eastwood
Martin Lukeman 5-2 Daniel Cole
Paul Phillips 5-1 Pip Blackwell
Reece Robinson 5-1 Max Baulcomb
Wayne Jones 5-2 Lee Evans
John Brown 5-4 Barry Lynn
Luke Humphries 5-2 Stuart Stubbs
Steve McNally 5-1 Sandy Morrison
Mark Dudbridge 5-3 Sean Ryan
Darren Brown 5-3 Sam Head
Steve Brown 5-4 Bradley Brooks
Martin Thomas 5-4 Kevin Veenstra
Kevin McDine 5-3 Michael Huntley

Third Round

Ryan Harrington 5-3 Alan Tabern
Justin Smith 5-2 Chris Jackson
Jon Jukes 5-4 Michael Dawson
Tony Martin 5-2 Brett Claydon
Paul Coughlin 5-3 Tim Hope
Trevor Burkhill 5-3 Barry MacLean
Edward Lovely 5-3 Ricky Sudale
Eddie Dootson 5-0 Ryan Murray
Robert Rickwood 5-4 Richie Howson
Warrick Scheffer 5-2 Gary Butcher
David Evans 5-2 Chris Hartrey
Paul Harvey 5-2 Joe Davis
Justin Bradshaw 5-4 Ben Green
Allan Edwards 5-2 Greg Ritchie
Matt Padgett 5-1 Kevin Simm
Charlie Jackson 5-1 Nathan Derry
Stuart Kellett 5-2 Peter Hudson
Mark Frost 5-4 Marc Dewsbury
Carl Wilkinson 5-2 Alan Wilkinson
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Rob Holroyd
Barrie Bates 5-3 Richard Baillie
Aaron Dyer 5-0 Craig Gilchrist
Paul Milford 5-1 Jack Todd
Peter Jacques 5-0 Jamie Kelling
Nick Fullwell 5-3 Mark Carter
Nathan Aspinall 5-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Paul Phillips 5-4 Martin Lukeman
Wayne Jones 5-0 Reece Robinson
Luke Humphries 5-2 John Brown
Steve McNally 5-4 Mark Dudbridge
Steve Brown 5-4 Darren Brown
Kevin McDine 5-4 Martin Thomas
Losers £50

Fourth Round

Ryan Harrington 5-2 Justin Smith
Tony Martin 5-1 Jon Jukes
Trevor Burkhill 5-4 Paul Coughlin
Eddie Dootson 5-4 Edward Lovely
Warrick Scheffer 5-2 Robert Rickwood
Paul Harvey 5-2 David Evans
Allan Edwards 5-3 Justin Bradshaw
Charlie Jackson 5-2 Matt Padgett
Mark Frost 5-4 Stuart Kellett
Luke Woodhouse 5-2 Carl Wilkinson
Aaron Dyer 5-2 Barrie Bates
Paul Milford 5-3 Peter Jacques
Nathan Aspinall 5-0 Nick Fullwell
Wayne Jones 5-2 Paul Phillips
Steve McNally 5-0 Luke Humphries
Kevin McDine 5-2 Steve Brown
Losers £100

Fifth Round

Ryan Harrington 5-3 Tony Martin
Eddie Dootson 5-3 Trevor Burkhill
Paul Harvey 5-3 Warrick Scheffer
Allan Edwards 5-3 Charlie Jackson
Mark Frost 5-1 Luke Woodhouse
Aaron Dyer 5-3 Paul Milford
Wayne Jones 5-3 Nathan Aspinall
Kevin McDine 5-2 Steve McNally
Losers £200


Ryan Harrington 5-3 Eddie Dootson
Allan Edwards 5-4 Paul Harvey
Mark Frost 5-3 Aaron Dyer
Kevin McDine 5-4 Wayne Jones
Losers £300


Ryan Harrington 5-2 Allan Edwards
Mark Frost 5-1 Kevin McDine
Losers £500


Ryan Harrington 5-2 Mark Frost
Winner £2,000
Runner-Up £1,000


Event 6
Saturday April 15, Barnsley Metrodome

First Round

Stephen Gallimore Bye
Wayne Crossley Bye
Kevin McDine 5-3 Kelvin Self
Lisa Ashton 5-1 Kieran Evans
Nigel Birch Bye
Matt Padgett Bye
Josh McCarthy 5-2 Lewis McGurn
Ryan Murray 5-0 Steve Hattersley
Mark Carter Bye
Mark Devon Bye
Kevin Simm 5-2 Sean Johnson
Jim Walker 5-4 Allan Edwards
Samuel Fuller Bye
Daniel Cole Bye
Douglas Low 5-2 Aaron Stevens
Charlie Jackson v David Wilson
Luke Humphries Bye
Sandy Morrison Bye
Josh Wills Bye
Adam Smith-Neale 5-1 Nolan Arendse
Stuart Stubbs Bye
Andy Smith Bye
Pip Blackwell Bye
Marc Dewsbury 5-2 Shaun Matthews
Richard Baillie Bye
Alan Tabern Bye
Rob Holroyd Bye
Tim Hope 5-2 Evander Stevenson
Tony Lincoln Bye
Ian Withers Bye
Ryan Harrington Bye
Michael Dawson 5-4 Derek Brand
Andrew Poynton Bye
Max Baulcomb Bye
Nathan Derry 5-3 Chris Ware
Aaron Dyer 5-1 Gary Eastwood
Alex Roy Bye
Glen Parsons Bye
Jack Todd 5-3 Dean Owen
Ben Simpson 5-1 Luke Woodhouse
Mark Layton Bye
Martin Lukeman Bye
Rob Hewson 5-1 Danny Bosch
Peter Jacques 5-3 Trevor Burkhill
Joshua Richardson Bye
Paul Harvey Bye
Michael Barnard Bye
Jon Jukes 5-2 Paul Phillips
Brian Hallas Bye
Bryan De Hoog Bye
Kelvin Hart Bye
Kevin Veenstra 5-3 Alan Tabern Jnr
Barry MacLean Bye
Ian Moss Bye
Paul Reeve Bye
Eddie Dootson 5-1 Richie Howson
James Marcroft Bye
Chris Hartrey Bye
Danny Key Bye
Jason Wilson 5-4 Sam Head
Martin Thomas Bye
Callan Rydz Bye
Rachel Brooks Bye
Brett Claydon 5-0 Scott Rollings
Warrick Scheffer Bye
Jamie Kelling Bye
Sean Ryan 5-0 Steve Maish
Mark Frost 5-4 Robert Rickwood
Billy Holmes Bye
Paul Milford Bye
Colin Littlecott 5-0 Ben Ward
Stuart Kellett 5-2 Billy Gallie
Jay Foreman Bye
Tom McIntosh Bye
Peter Mitchell 5-4 John Brown
Jason Lovett 5-1 Bradley Brooks
Dean Stewart Bye
Mark Westgarth Bye
Rohit Rabadia Bye
Colin Fowler 5-2 John Pacitti
Dan Read Bye
Nick Fullwell Bye
James Young Bye
Justin Smith 5-4 Stuart Bousfield
Kevin Garcia Bye
Ricky Sudale Bye
Curtis Hammond Bye
Ian Lever 5-2 Coni Singh Nagi
Nathan Aspinall Bye
Joe Davis Bye
Mark Lawrence Bye
Wayne Jones 5-1 Rusty-Jake Rodriguez
Paul Meyer Bye
John Scott Bye
Stuart Monaghan Bye
Eikichi Nakanishi 5-0 Nicholas Bloor
Ben Green Bye
Joey Palfreyman Bye
Michael Huntley 5-4 John Gibson
Arjan Konterman v Callum Loose
Chris Jackson Bye
Nigel Pinchen Bye
Barrie Bates 5-3 Scott Dale
Tony Martin v Kevin Dowling
Lee Budgen Bye
Mark Dudbridge Bye
Mareno Michels Bye (Barry Lynn withdrew)
Justin Bradshaw v Stuart Dutton
Alan Bell Bye
Ian Jones Bye
Peter Hudson Bye
David Evans 5-3 Greg Ritchie
Paul Coughlin Bye
Craig Gilchrist Bye
Jim Moston Bye
Edward Lovely 5-4 Steve Brown
Harry Ward Bye
Reece Robinson Bye
Darren Brown Bye
Ross Parsons 5-3 David King
Pete Dyos Bye
Alan Wilkinson Bye
Lee Evans Bye
Jamie Robinson 5-0 Garath Illidge
Gary Butcher Bye
Carl Wilkinson Bye
James Hubbard Bye
Kevin Edwards 5-4 Steve McNally

Second Round

Wayne Crossley 5-3 Stephen Gallimore
Kevin McDine 5-4 Lisa Ashton
Nigel Birch 5-2 Matt Padgett
Josh McCarthy 5-4 Ryan Murray
Mark Carter 5-4 Mark Devon
Jim Walker 5-2 Kevin Simm
Samuel Fuller 5-4 Daniel Cole
Charlie Jackson 5-0 Douglas Low
Luke Humphries 5-0 Sandy Morrison
Adam Smith-Neale 5-1 Josh Wills
Andy Smith 5-1 Stuart Stubbs
Pip Blackwell 5-4 Marc Dewsbury
Alan Tabern 5-3 Richard Baillie
Rob Holroyd 5-3 Tim Hope
Ian Withers 5-2 Tony Lincoln
Ryan Harrington 5-2 Michael Dawson
Max Baulcomb 5-4 Andrew Poynton
Aaron Dyer 5-2 Nathan Derry
Alex Roy 5-1 Glen Parsons
Ben Simpson 5-4 Jack Todd
Mark Layton 5-1 Martin Lukeman
Peter Jacques 5-3 Rob Hewson
Paul Harvey 5-1 Joshua Richardson
Jon Jukes 5-3 Michael Barnard
Bryan De Hoog 5-2 Brian Hallas
Kelvin Hart 5-4 Kevin Veenstra
Ian Moss 5-1 Barry MacLean
Eddie Dootson 5-0 Paul Reeve
James Marcroft 5-2 Chris Hartrey
Jason Wilson 5-4 Danny Key
Martin Thomas 5-2 Callan Rydz
Brett Claydon 5-0 Rachel Brooks
Warrick Scheffer 5-2 Jamie Kelling
Sean Ryan 5-4 Mark Frost
Paul Milford 5-1 Billy Holmes
Stuart Kellett 5-1 Colin Littlecott
Jay Foreman 5-0 Tom McIntosh
Peter Mitchell 5-4 Jason Lovett
Mark Westgarth 5-4 Dean Stewart
Colin Fowler 5-2 Rohit Rabadia
Nick Fullwell 5-4 Dan Read
Justin Smith 5-2 James Young
Kevin Garcia 5-3 Ricky Sudale
Curtis Hammond 5-4 Ian Lever
Nathan Aspinall 5-1 Joe Davis
Wayne Jones 5-4 Mark Lawrence
John Scott 5-3 Paul Meyer
Eikichi Nakanishi 5-1 Stuart Monaghan
Joey Palfreyman 5-2 Ben Green
Callum Loose 5-3 Michael Huntley
Chris Jackson 5-2 Nigel Pinchen
Kevin Dowling 5-1 Barrie Bates
Mark Dudbridge 5-3 Lee Budgen
Stuart Dutton 5-3 Mareno Michels
Alan Bell 5-3 Ian Jones
David Evans 5-2 Peter Hudson
Craig Gilchrist 5-3 Paul Coughlin
Edward Lovely 5-1 Jim Moston
Reece Robinson 5-2 Harry Ward
Ross Parsons 5-4 Darren Brown
Pete Dyos 5-2 Alan Wilkinson
Lee Evans 5-0 Jamie Robinson
Carl Wilkinson 5-0 Gary Butcher
James Hubbard 5-3 Kevin Edwards

Third Round

Kevin McDine 5-0 Wayne Crossley
Josh McCarthy 5-1 Nigel Birch
Mark Carter 0-5 Jim Walker
Charlie Jackson 5-1 Samuel Fuller
Adam Smith-Neale 5-1 Luke Humphries
Andy Smith 5-1 Pip Blackwell
Alan Tabern 5-2 Rob Holroyd
Ryan Harrington 5-2 Ian Withers
Aaron Dyer 5-2 Max Baulcomb
Alex Roy 5-1 Ben Simpson
Peter Jacques 5-4 Mark Layton
Jon Jukes 5-4 Paul Harvey
Bryan De Hoog 5-1 Kelvin Hart
Eddie Dootson 5-3 Ian Moss
Jason Wilson 5-1 James Marcroft
Brett Claydon 5-4 Martin Thomas
Sean Ryan 5-3 Warrick Scheffer
Stuart Kellett 5-2 Paul Milford
Peter Mitchell 5-4 Jay Foreman
Colin Fowler 5-1 Mark Westgarth
Nick Fullwell 5-3 Justin Smith
Curtis Hammond 5-2 Kevin Garcia
Wayne Jones 5-1 Nathan Aspinall
Eikichi Nakanishi 5-3 John Scott
Callum Loose 5-3 Joey Palfreyman
Kevin Dowling 5-2 Chris Jackson
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Stuart Dutton
David Evans 5-4 Alan Bell
Craig Gilchrist 5-0 Edward Lovely
Reece Robinson 5-2 Ross Parsons
Lee Evans 5-3 Pete Dyos
Carl Wilkinson 5-3 James Hubbard
Losers £50

Fourth Round

Josh McCarthy 5-3 Kevin McDine
Charlie Jackson 5-4 Jim Walker
Adam Smith-Neale 5-3 Andy Smith
Ryan Harrington 5-3 Alan Tabern
Alex Roy 5-2 Aaron Dyer
Peter Jacques 5-4 Jon Jukes
Eddie Dootson 5-1 Bryan De Hoog
Jason Wilson 5-2 Brett Claydon
Stuart Kellett 5-4 Sean Ryan
Peter Mitchell 5-4 Colin Fowler
Curtis Hammond 5-3 Nick Fullwell
Wayne Jones 5-0 Eikichi Nakanishi
Kevin Dowling 5-4 Callum Loose
David Evans 5-4 Mark Dudbridge
Craig Gilchrist 5-4 Reece Robinson
Lee Evans 5-3 Carl Wilkinson
Losers £100

Fifth Round

Charlie Jackson 5-2 Josh McCarthy
Ryan Harrington 5-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Peter Jacques 5-3 Alex Roy
Jason Wilson 5-2 Eddie Dootson
Stuart Kellett 5-2 Peter Mitchell
Wayne Jones 5-4 Curtis Hammond
David Evans 5-0 Kevin Dowling
Lee Evans 5-1 Craig Gilchrist
Losers £200


Charlie Jackson 5-3 Ryan Harrington
Jason Wilson 5-3 Peter Jacques
Wayne Jones 5-2 Stuart Kellett
Lee Evans 5-1 David Evans
Losers £300


Charlie Jackson 4-5 Jason Wilson
Wayne Jones 5-4 Lee Evans
Losers £500


Jason Wilson 1-5 Wayne Jones
Winner £2,000
Runner-Up £1,000

Template - Date: BETWAY Premier League Liverpool

ADRIAN LEWIS landed his fifth televised nine-dart finish as he recorded a 7-4 Betway Premier League win over Raymond van Barneveld at the Echo Arena, Liverpool on Thursday.

The Stoke superstar put himself in line for a £15,000 bonus as he achieved perfection for the fifth time on TV – and third time against Van Barneveld on the big stage – with a moment of magic at the Echo Arena. Lewis had already taken out a 140 finish as he led 2-0, with Van Barneveld having taken out 128 to reply in leg three before opening the fourth with a 180.

Lewis replied in kind before adding another maximum, and then took out the 141 finish to complete another historic achievement. Van Barneveld pulled back from 4-1 down to 5-3, but Lewis went on to seal his sixth win of the season by taking out 81 on the bull, ending the match with a season-best 111.52 average.

In the night’s opening game, Anderson snatched a draw with Dave Chisnall in a dramatic deciding leg – as the Merseyside thrower missed seven darts for victory. had hit back from 3-1 down with four straight legs to lead 5-3, only for Chisnall to hit two 180s in an 11-darter to respond and finishes of tops and 74 to move 6-5 up.

Chisnall then scored 180, 121 and 180 to leave 20 after nine darts in the final leg, only to miss seven darts at doubles for the win, allowing Anderson back in to hit double ten and share the points. “I thought the game deserved to be a draw,” said Chisnall. “Gary missed a few doubles earlier on and I did at the end – I could have nicked it, but that’s darts.

“It’s swings and roundabouts in this game, and if you don’t hit the double you don’t win. It was just that one leg at the end that cost me. “I’m happy with a point and I still believe I can qualify – there’s five games left and if I win all them and the other results go my way then you never know.” Anderson said: “At 5-3 I was feeling alright but Dave came back. I scraped it but I’m happy with a point.”

Betway Premier League

Night 11 – Thursday April 13th

Echo Arena, Liverpool

101.46 Gary Anderson 6-6 Dave Chisnall 98.98
103.48 Michael van Gerwen 6-6 Peter Wright 99.79
111.52 Adrian Lewis 7-4 Raymond van Barneveld 99.29 (9 Darter Lewis)
98.96 Phil Taylor 5-7 James Wade 93.88
103.85 Peter Wright 2-7 Gary Anderson 113.44
Tickets: 0844 8000 400 or via www.echoarena.co.uk

League Table 








Michael van Gerwen 11 7 3 1 +21 26 17
Peter Wright 12 6 3 3 +11 21 15
Gary Anderson 12 5 4 3 +11 28 14
Raymond van Barneveld 12 6 2 4 +6 24 14
Phil Taylor 11 5 3 3 +7 26 13
Adrian Lewis 11 6 1 4 +7 22 13
James Wade 12 4 2 6 -8 20 10
Dave Chisnall 11 3 2 6 -16 17 8
Jelle Klaasen (E) 9 1 1 7 -16 15 3
Kim Huybrechts (E) 9 0 3 6 -23 11 3