Template - Date: PDPA Partner Certis Insurance

Its not always the first thing on your mind, or something you always want to do. But if you can give yourself 10 minutes you can benefit from our official insurance partner and have the comfort and security of an internal insurance instead of someone we don’t know.

Certis Insurance have now been with the PDPA for a year and have many of our players benefitting from the CORRECT SPORTS INSURANCE needed as a professional darts player.

If you do not have the correct bespoke sports insurance as a professional darts player you are very likely to not be covered correctly.

Graham and Adam from Certis will be in attendance on Sunday at the PC in ArenaMK, Milton Keynes if you want to ask any questions, have any queries or even some advice. 

CLICK HERE to go to the area on our website which will give you all the information and contact details needed.