Template - Date: 2017 Memberships & Q-School

Information below on PDPA Memberships and Q-School:

Please note:

The PDPA office will be closed for periods over Christmas and the New Year so any Q-School entries may not be processed immediately.

Please make sure you fill in the correct PDPA form NOT BOTH.
Either the PDPA contacts update form if you are a current PDPA member CLICK HERE OR the new members membership form CLICK HERE

Q-School> As long as you have paid your Q-School entry of £280 via Servasport and filled in the correct form you are entered into the 2017 PDC Q-School, if your name has not yet appeared on the online entry list it will be due to not yet being processed, this will be done ASAP.

FREE Q-School> If you have won a FREE Q-School place, you only need to pay your DRA Sanction Fee and complete a contacts update form.

2017 Membership Fees> If you are a current PDPA Tour Card Holder and not playing in the World Championship you need to pay your 2017 Membership (£500 Membership & DRA Fee £30) and complete a contacts update form:

If you are in the World Championship, you only need to fill in your contacts update form.

For all PDPA Memberships and Q-School information, please go to this area on the website which gives you all the information you need.


PDPA Membership and DRA Sanction Fees CLICK HERE
PDPA Membership Contacts Update Form CLICK HERE