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ALAN NORRIS claimed his first ever European Tour title and booked his spot in the Grand Slam of Darts, as he beat Jelle Klaasen 6-5 in the final of the HappyBet German Darts Championship.

The final began with Klaasen, who was also appearing in his first European Tour final, in scintillating form. The Dutchman opened with a 11 dart hold of throw before going on to break in the next leg with a 132 finish on the bull.

Klaasen then moved in to a 3-1 lead taking out 134 to open up a two leg gap. The 31-year-old then had three chances to make it 4-1 but it was Norris who closed the gap on double ten.
The Englishman, who won his first PDC title on the Pro Tour earlier in the year, levelled the match in the eighth leg checking out 90 on tops to get back in to the match.

The pair then traded holds of throw to take the match in to a deciding leg where Norris took at 72 on double four to claim the title. ‘Chuck’ who was beaten in the World Championship quarter-final by Klaasen spoke highly of his opponent:

“It’s nice to get one back over Jelle after Ally Pally, but I’m sure he’ll be disappointed as he’s probably played the best darts this weekend.” Said the 44-year-old. “He’s incredible, I was leaving finishes and he was taking out massive checkouts, so I’m really pleased to win this.” Norris Added.


The day started for Norris with victory over Ian White. White raced in to a 4-1 lead before Norris fought back to win the next five legs. Steve West waited in the quarter-final where Norris secured his spot in the last four with a 6-2 win.

The eventual winner then needed a last leg decider against Mensur Suljovic to book his place in the final of the HappyBet German Darts Championship. At 5-4 the Austrian missed a match dart before Norris broke the throw. In the decider Norris hit two 140s to put the pressure on Suljovic before eventually going on to hit double ten to secure his spot in his first European Tour Final.

Jelle Klaasen beat Cristo Reyes and Joe Cullen 6-2 and 6-4 respectively to secure a semi-final spot against Dave Chisnall, where he had to come back from 4-1 down. Klaasen fought back to level the score at 4-4 where Dave Chisnall then missed six darts to hold throw and move within a leg of the final. It was the Dutchman though who closed out the ninth leg before going on to hold throw and move in to the final.

The HappyBet German Darts Championship concludes the 2016 European Tour which has seen Michael van Gerwen scoop a record six titles, whilst Mensur Suljovic and Alan Norris picked up debut wins. The European Champions takes place is Hasselt, Belgium from October 28-30.

Hildesheim 2016

2016 HappyBet German Darts Championship

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)

Third Round
96.82 Dave Chisnall 6-3 Justin Pipe 91.25
93.02 Mark Webster 6-5 Terry Jenkins 89.67
103.11 Cristo Reyes 2-6 Jelle Klaasen 102.86
90.37 Peter Wright 3-6 Joe Cullen 96.33
93.24 Ian White 4-6 Alan Norris 92.15
95.39 Kim Huybrechts 5-6 Steve West 91.65
91.72 Mensur Suljovic 6-4 David Pallett 91.49
102.02 Michael van Gerwen 4-6 Daryl Gurney 96.67

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)

98.51 Dave Chisnall 6-2 Mark Webster 92.06
99.75 Jelle Klaasen 6-4 Joe Cullen 93.64
92.13 Alan Norris 6-2 Steve West 88.93
96.34 Mensur Suljovic 6-4 Daryl Gurney 91.17

90.52 Dave Chisnall 4-6 Jelle Klaasen 94.79
93.96 Alan Norris 6-5 Mensur Suljovic 97.23

89.19 Jelle Klaasen 5-6 Alan Norris 97.48

All games are the best of 11 legs

Hildesheim 2016

1 Gerwen, Michael van £160,500
2 Suljovic, Mensur £60,500
3 Wright, Peter £51,500
4 Wade, James £41,000
5 Huybrechts, Kim £38,500
6 Chisnall, Dave £38,000
7 Norris, Alan £37,500
8 Klaasen, Jelle £31,500
8 Smith, Michael £31,500
10 Pas, Benito van de £26,500
11 Taylor, Phil £25,000
12 Jenkins, Terry £23,000
12 White, Ian £23,000
14 Bunting, Stephen £21,000
15 Gurney, Daryl £20,500
16 Whitlock, Simon £18,500
17 Price, Gerwyn £16,500
17 Cullen, Joe £16,500
19 Anderson, Gary £14,000
20 Anderson, Kyle £12,000
20 Thornton, Robert £12,000
22 King, Mervyn £11,500
23 West, Steve £10,500
24 Wilson, James £10,000
24 Wattimena, Jermaine £10,000
24 Petersen, Devon £10,000
24 Hopp, Max £10,000
28 Reyes, Cristo £9,500
28 Pipe, Justin £9,500
30 Dobey, Chris £9,000
30 Richardson, James £9,000
32 Caven, Jamie £8,500


Template - Date: PDC World Youth Championship

COREY CADBY and Berry van Peer will contest the PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship final in Minehead next month after winning through Sunday’s early rounds in Wigan.

The pair came through to the decider as the Last 64 took place at the Robin Park Tennis Centre, where a series of 16 international qualifiers and two Junior Darts Corporation representatives were joined by qualifiers from the 2016 PDC Unicorn Development Tour Order of Merit.

In a result which shows the increasing global strength of the sport, the final will not feature a UK-based player for the first time since its inception in 2011 after all four semi-finalists came from overseas.

Reigning champion Max Hopp saw his title defence ended in the second round by fellow German Martin Schinder, who was then defeated by Australian qualifier Cadby durnig the 21-year-old’s run to the final.

Cadby has shot to prominence on the DPA Australian Grand Prix circuit this year and currently sits second in the domestic standings, while he also made two World Series of Darts appearances in August, losing to Phil Taylor in Sydney before gaining revenge the following week in Perth.

The Tasmania-born ace then won a Development Tour event on Saturday to warm up for the World Youth Championship in style, and defeated John de Kruijf 6-1, Luke Humphries 6-3 and Schindler 6-2 to reach the quarter-finals.

There, he saw off JDC number one John Brown 6-2 before a 6-3 win over Belgian prospect Dimitri Van den Bergh secured his place in the final.

Van Peer, a 20-year-old from Sprundel in south-west Netherlands, defeated Austria’s Nico Mandl 6-3 in the first round and then whitewashed Thomas Sykes before edging out both Kurt Parry and Steve Lennon in a deciding leg.

He then secured a second whitewash of the event, overcoming Belgian youngster Kenny Neyens 6-0 in the semi-finals to secure his place in the final as he bids to become the first Dutch champion in the event.

Van Peer had earlier reached the final of Development Tour Event 19 in the year’s final ranking event, but saw his bid for a third title at that level – following his two wins in 2015 – ended by Mike De Decker.

Belgian pair Neyens and Van den Bergh picked up £2,500 as they reached the semi-finals, while the quarter-finalists included Austria’s Rowby-John Rodriguez and England’s Ted Evetts, who both travelled to Wigan after competing in the European Tour event in Hildesheim on Friday and Saturday.

English youngster Brown, the son of PDC professional Steve, showed his talent with wins over former World Youth Champion James Hubbard, Chinese qualifier Xiaochen Zong and Development Tour runner-up Ross Twell as he also reached the last eight.

Irish ace Lennon, the number four seed, defeated Sam Head, Josh McCarthy and Russia’s Anton Kolesov in his run to the quarter-finals before being narrowly defeated by van Peer.

Number one seed Dean Reynolds, who won six of the 19 Development Tour events this year to top the Order of Merit, whitewashed 16-year-old Justin van Tergouw and then defeated Adam Smith-Neale before losing out ina deciding leg to Neyens in the last 16.

The PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship final will be broadcast live on ITV4 on Sunday November 27 and played between the semi-finals and final of the Cash Converters Players Championship Finals at the Butlins Minehead Resort.

2016 PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship
First Round

Dean Reynolds (1) 6-0 Justin van Tergouw
Adam Smith-Neale 6-2 Nick Kenny
Keegan Brown 6-1 Reece Colley
Kenny Neyens 6-3 Fabian Herz
Rowby-John Rodriguez (8) 6-0 Jim Moston
Scott Dale 6-2 Ronnie Roberts
Jimmy Hendriks 6-4 Jack Faragher
Jaime Nunez Cortes 6-0 Chris Coulter
Sven Groen 6-5 Adam Hunt (5)
Kurt Parry 6-3 Liam Gallagher
Thomas Sykes 6-0 Lee Whitworth
Berry van Peer 6-3 Nico Mandl
Steve Lennon (4) 6-4 Sam Head
Josh McCarthy 6-1 Dongju Lee
Anton Kolesov 6-5 James Young
Aaron Dyer 6-4 Daniel Jensen
Ross Twell (2) 6-4 Charlie Beaumont
Kay Smeets 6-1 Matthew Dicken
Xiaochen Zong 6-5 Dylan van Beek
John Brown 6-5 James Hubbard
Max Hopp 6-1 Josh Payne (7)
Martin Schindler 6-4 Dirk van Duijvenbode
Corey Cadby 6-1 John de Kruijf
Luke Humphries 6-2 Robbie King
Callum Loose (6) 6-3 Arron Fairweather
Liam Devries 6-1 Harry Ward
Aaron Knox 6-3 Avery Bozzetti
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-5 Callan Rydz
Mike De Decker 6-1 Aden Kirk (3)
Ted Evetts 6-2 Kevin De Vries
Bradley Kirk 6-5 Ryan Meikle
Jeffrey de Zwaan 6-3 Ryan De Vreede
Losers £250

Second Round
Dean Reynolds 6-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Kenny Neyens 6-3 Keegan Brown
Rowby-John Rodriguez 6-1 Scott Dale
Jimmy Hendriks 6-4 Jaime Nunez Cortes
Kurt Parry 6-3 Sven Groen
Berry van Peer 6-0 Thomas Sykes
Steve Lennon 6-1 Josh McCarthy
Anton Kolesov 6-2 Aaron Dyer
Ross Twell 6-3 Kay Smeets
John Brown 6-5 Xiaochen Zong
Martin Schindler 6-5 Max Hopp
Corey Cadby 6-3 Luke Humphries
Callum Loose 6-4 Liam Devries
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-5 Aaron Knox
Ted Evetts 6-2 Mike De Decker
Jeffrey de Zwaan 6-5 Bradley Kirk
Losers £500

Third Round
Kenny Neyens 6-5 Dean Reynolds
Rowby-John Rodriguez 6-4 Jimmy Hendriks
Berry van Peer 6-5 Kurt Parry
Steve Lennon 6-2 Anton Kolesov
John Brown 6-4 Ross Twell
Corey Cadby 6-2 Martin Schindler
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-5 Callum Loose
Ted Evetts 6-1 Jeffrey de Zwaan
Losers £1,000

Kenny Neyens 6-4 Rowby-John Rodriguez
Berry van Peer 6-5 Steve Lennon
Corey Cadby 6-2 John Brown
Dimitri Van den Bergh 6-4 Ted Evetts
Losers £1,500

Berry van Peer 6-0 Kenny Neyens
Corey Cadby 6-3 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Losers £2,500

Berry van Peer v Corey Cadby
Final to be played on Sunday November 27 at Butlins Minehead Resort, live on ITV4 during final session of Cash Converters Players Championship Finals.
Winner £10,000 plus place in 2016/2017 William Hill World Darts Championship
Runner-Up £5,000

PDC Unicorn World Youth Championship
Pre-qualified players: Xiaochen Zong (China), Corey Cadby (Australia), Robbie King (Australia), Avery Bozzetti (USA), Chris Coulter (Canada), Fabian Herz (Germany), Martin Schindler (Germany), Kay Smeets (Netherlands), Justin van Tergouw (Netherlands), Nico Mandl (Austria), Jaime Nunez (Spain), Dongju Lee (South Korea), Aaron Knox (Finland), Jack Faragher (Ireland), Liam Gallagher (Ireland), Anton Kolesov (Russia), Jim Moston (England), John Brown (England).