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Suljovic, playing in his second consecutive final after winning the International Darts Open last weekend, looked to have the beating of van Gerwen until the world number one produced some breath-taking darts to clinch it in a last leg decider.

Having shared the opening two legs, an early break in the third looked to put van Gerwen in the driving seat. He was pegged back immediately by Suljovic, however, who then won the next two legs including a match-high 84 checkout for another break of throw and a 4-2 lead.

27-year-old van Gerwen dug deep with back-to-back 13-darters to level things up at 4-4, but still required a break to clinch the title. Suljovic moved onto the brink of victory at 5-4, but it was here that the Dutchman produced his best darts, with a 12-dart hold followed by an 11-dart break of throw in the decisive leg to snatch the victory.

On his way to the final, van Gerwen produced a similar feat in the semi’s as he overcame Kim Huybrechts by the same score line. The former World Champion was the aggressor this time over, and was leading 5-4 with the throw, only to see Huybrechts produce a stunning 103 checkout under pressure to level and swing the game back in his favour.

But van Gerwen again found a last leg break in the decider to squeeze through to set up the clash with Suljovic. The game of the day arguably came in van Gerwen’s 6-2 quarter-final clash with Jelle Klaasen however, as he averaged a tournament record 115.13 average in a 6-2 victory.


Klaasen was no slouch, and could otherwise count himself unlucky as he averaged 107 himself in a frantic affair that saw eight legs wrapped up in just 10 minutes 17 seconds. Van Gerwen also beat Keegan Brown the second round and Simon Whitlock in the third on his way to the title.

It was another superb week for Suljovic on the Oche as he made his second consecutive final. Having whitewashed Vincent Kamphuis in his opening game, he then registered a comfortable 6-3 win over Ian White to reach the Quarter-Finals. There he faced Peter Wright, a man he had failed to beat in all of their previous four meetings, but handled the task with aplomb as he raced to a 6-1 victory.

Standing in his way of a place in the last two was James Wade, but again Suljovic was measured in his approach and consistent doubling (60%), coupled with a 100 average saw him make it back-to-back finals with a 6-3 victory – before falling to van Gerwen’s brilliance. It was another good weekend for Huybrechts also. After losing out to Suljovic in the final at the International Darts Open a week ago.


HappyBet European Darts Trophy

Sunday September 11th
Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)
Third Round

98.01 James Wade 6-3 Andy Jenkins 88.03
100.91 Michael Smith 6-4 Robert Thornton 97.12
104.56 Ian White 3-6 Mensur Suljovic 103.39
89.20 Peter Wright 5-6 Joe Cullen 93.02
89.27 Kim Huybrechts 6-5 Terry Jenkins 85.59
100.90 Dave Chisnall 3-6 Gerwyn Price 98.22
101.34 Benito van de Pas 5-6 Jelle Klaasen 106.68
91.86 Michael van Gerwen 6-3 Simon Whitlock 87.60

100.54 James Wade 6-5 Michael Smith 92.14
99.17 Mensur Suljovic 6-1 Peter Wright 92.67
97.73 Kim Huybrechts 6-4 Gerwyn Price 94.97
107.11 Jelle Klaasen 3-6 Michael van Gerwen 115.13

100.52 James Wade 3-6 Mensur Suljovic 100.81
93.46 Kim Huybrechts 5-6 Michael van Gerwen 97.57

101.26 Mensur Suljovic 5-6 Michael van Gerwen 106.77

All games are the best of 11 legs.



Template - Date: PDC Challenge Tours 15-16

Rob Cross won this years PDC Challenge Tour Order of Merit on the final day of events at Robin Park, Wigan.

Cross won the first of the days events to win the tour prior to the last event with Searle winning the final event to secure second spot ahead of Richie Burnett.

Rob Cross


Both Cross and Searle win a 2 year PDC Tour Card with players up to number 8 securing a FREE PDC Q-School place.

Ryan Searle


Final PDC CTOoM Table

1 Cross, Rob £9,700 (Wins a 2 year PDC Tour Card)
2 Searle, Ryan £7,400 (Wins a 2 year PDC Tour Card)
3 Burnett, Richie £5,000 (Wins a FREE PDC Q-School Place)
4 Lynn, Barry £4,650 (Wins a FREE PDC Q-School Place)
5 Hunt, Adam £4,150 (Wins a FREE PDC Q-School Place)
6 Dudbridge, Mark £3,950 (Wins a FREE PDC Q-School Place)
7 Hoog, Bryan de £3,850 (Wins a FREE PDC Q-School Place)
8 Taylor, Scott £3,700 (Wins a FREE PDC Q-School Place)
For the whole table CLICK HERE

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event 15

September 9th, Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Preliminary Round
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Jamie Bain
Mike Symes 5-3 Wayne Crossley
Eddie Dootson 5-1 Charlie Jackson
Martin Thomas 5-1 Anthony Hall
Mark Hylton 5-4 Ian Lever
Keith Moore 5-3 Paul Goodwin
Rob Cross 5-4 Fabian Herz
James Hajdar 5-3 Danny Moore
Andrew Johnson 5-2 Billy Holmes

First Round
Justin Bradshaw 5-4 Darren Walls
Martyn Turner 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Darren Brown 5-3 Alex Roy
Mike Symes 5-4 Kevin Dowling
Anthony Urmston-Toft 5-1 Nigel Boeg
Michael Baynham 5-4 Eddie Dootson
David Wilson 5-0 Kevin Bambrick
Callum Mackay 5-2 Jason Marriott
Mark Dudbridge 5-2 Barry Lynn
Peter Hudson 5-2 BJ Fairhurst
Richie Burnett 5-1 David Evans
Scott Taylor 5-1 Ben Ward
Danny Pinhorne 5-2 Kirk Shepherd
Karl Merchant 5-3 Bradley Williams
Mareno Michels 5-4 Colin Fowler
Philip Borthwick 5-4 Joshua Richardson
Jay Foreman 5-2 Chris Hartrey
Ian Moss 5-2 Martin Thomas
Coni Singh Nagi 5-2 Dan Russell
Mark Hylton 5-3 Roger Scrivens
Andrew Howarth 5-1 Michael Power
Adam Hunt 5-0 Derek Brand
Chris Quantock 5-3 Ashley Hykin
Trevor Burkhill 5-3 John Crossley
Marc Dewsbury 5-2 Rohit Rabadia
Michael Barnard 5-1 Adam Smith-Neale
Ricky Sudale 5-0 Ryan Harrington
Tatu Pehkonen 5-0 Scott Marsh
Mike Norton 5-3 Darren Latham
Wayne Thomas 5-3 Nigel Birch
Richard Hosey 5-1 Arron Monk
Evander Stevenson 5-4 Michael Burgoine
Diogo Portela 5-0 Sean Ryan
Chris Skeates 5-3 Keith Moore
Steven Cupitt 5-2 Stephen Butkeraitis
Rob Cross 5-0 Stuart Stubbs
Ben Simpson 5-2 Mark Forman
Harry Ward 5-1 Adam Huckvale
Callum Loose 5-0 Ross Parsons
Stephen Gallimore 5-3 Sam Head
John Newland 5-4 Gary Stone
Daniel Key 5-2 James Young
Michael Blake 5-2 Sean Johnson
Ian Withers 5-0 James Hubbard
Kelvin Hart 5-0 John Gibson
Ben Green 5-1 Alex Chubb
Eddie White 5-2 Dean Stewart
Lee Evans 5-4 Nick Fullwell
Jack Todd 5-1 Nigel Daniels
Bryan De Hoog 5-0 James Hajdar
Paul Coughlin 5-2 Terry Creed
Andrew Johnson 5-2 Shane Reidy
Aaron Stevens 5-0 Jonathan Fay
Mark Baxter 5-0 Jon Jukes
Michael Dawson 5-2 Mark Carter
Steve Maish 5-4Ian Walters
Reece Colley 5-4 Kevin Simm
Colin Littlecott 5-2 James Lane
Mark Lawrence 5-2 Alan Wilkinson
Ryan Searle 5-0 Kurt Parry
Jamie Landon 5-2 Steve Mason
Glen Parsons 5-4 Jamie Kelling
Daniel Ayres 5-2 Jamie Branton
Richard Baillie 5-3 Barrie Bates

Second Round
Martyn Turner 5-0 Justin Bradshaw
MIke Symes 5-2 Darren Brown
Michael Baynham 5-1 Anthony Urmston-Toft
David Wilson 5-3 Callum Mackay
Mark Dudbridge 5-4 Peter Hudson
Richie Burnett 5-1 Scott Taylor
Danny Pinhorne 5-1 Karl Merchant
Mareno Michels 5-4 Philip Borthwick
Ian Moss 5-4 Jay Foreman
Mark Hylton 5-1 Coni Singh Nagi
Adam Hunt 5-3 Andrew Howarth
Trevor Burkhill 5-2 Chris Quantock
Michael Barnard 5-4 Marc Dewsbury
Tatu Pehkonen 5-2 Ricky Sudale
Mike Norton 5-4 Wayne Thomas
Richard Hosey 5-3 Evander Stevenson
Diogo Portela 5-4 Chris Skeates
Rob Cross 5-0 Steven Cupitt
Harry Ward 5-2 Ben Simpson
Callum Loose 5-4 Stephen Gallimore
John Newland 5-3 Daniel Key
Michael Blake 5-3 Ian Withers
Ben Green 5-4 Kelvin Hart
Eddie White 5-2 Lee Evans
Bryan De Hoog 5-1 Jack Todd
Paul Coughlin 5-4 Andrew Johnson
Mark Baxter 5-1 Aaron Stevens
Michael Dawson 5-1 Steve Maish
Colin Littlecott 5-1 Reece Colley
Ryan Searle 5-3 Mark Lawrence
Jamie Landon 5-3 Glen Parsons
Richard Baillie 5-2 Daniel Ayres

Last 32
Martyn Turner 5-2 Mike Symes
Michael Baynham 5-3 David Wilson
Richie Burnett 5-3 Mark Dudbridge
Mareno Michels 5-3 Danny Pinhorne
Mark Hylton 5-1 Ian Moss
Trevor Burkhill 5-0 Adam Hunt
Tatu Pehkonen 5-0 Michael Barnard
Richard Hosey 5-3 Mike Norton
Rob Cross 5-1 Diogo Portela
Callum Loose 5-3 Harry Ward
John Newland 5-4 Michael Blake
Eddie White 5-3 Ben Green
Paul Coughlin 5-3 Bryan De Hoog
Michael Dawson 5-2 Mark Baxter
Ryan Searle 5-3 Colin Littlecott
Jamie Landon 5-3 Richard Baillie

Last 16
Martyn Turner 5-2 Michael Baynham
Richie Burnett 5-3 Mareno Michels
Trevor Burkhill 5-1 Mark Hylton
Richard Hosey 5-2 Tatu Pehkonen
Rob Cross 5-4 Callum Loose
Eddie White 5-3 John Newland
Michael Dawson 5-0 Paul Coughlin
Ryan Searle 5-3 Jamie Landon

Martyn Turner 5-2 Richie Burnett
Trevor Burkhill 5-2 Richard Hosey
Rob Cross 5-1 Eddie White
Ryan Searle 5-1 Michael Dawson

Martyn Turner 5-2 Trevor Burkhill
Rob Cross 5-0 Ryan Searle

Rob Cross 5-0 Martyn Turner

PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event 15

Sunday September 11, Robin Park Tennis Centre, Wigan

Preliminary Round
Michael Blake 5-2 Chris Skeates
Tatu Pehkonen 5-0 Daniel Key
Mareno Michels 5-1 Ian Walters
Peter Hudson 5-3 Darren Walls
Richard Baillie 5-0 Chris Hartrey
Chris Quantock 5-1 Michael Burgoine
James Hubbard 5-1 Ashley Hykin

First Round
Kevin Simm 5-3 Dan Russell
Scott Marsh 5-1 Chris Skeates
Ricky Sudale 5-4 Nick Fullwell
Anthony Urmston-Toft 5-3 Tatu Pehkonen
Harry Ward 5-3 Ian Withers
David Wilson 5-2 Terry Creed
Nigel Birch 5-2 Eddie White
Evander Stevenson 5-0 James Hadjar
Mark Forman 5-1 Rohit Rabadia
Nigel Daniels 5-2 Michael Power
Stuart Stubbs 5-1 Nigel Boeg
Steve Mason 5-3 Callum Mackay
Ryan Searle 5-0 James Young
Bryan De Hoog 5-3 Karl Merchant
Ben Ward 5-4 Ben Simpson
Kirk Shepherd 5-2 Reece Colley
Richard Hosey 5-4 Gary Stone
Shane Reidy 5-4 Mareno Michels
Ian Level 5-1 David Evans
Peter Hudson 5-2 Alex Roy
Darren Latham 5-0 Roger Scrivens
Marc Dewsbury 5-2 Alan Wilkinson
Jack Todd 5-0 Danny Moore
Paul Coughlin 5-3 Kurt Parry
Derek Brand 5-0 Anthony Hall
Barry Lynn 5-2 Mike Norton
Mark Baxter 5-4 James Lane
Michael Baynham 5-3 John Crossley
Jason Marriott 5-3 Adam Huckvale
Rob Cross 5-1 John Gibson
Bradley Williams 5-2 Daniel Ayres
Colin Littlecott 5-1 Keith Moore
Philip Borthwick 5-4 Lee Evans
Richard Baillie 5-0 Billy Holmes
Luke Woodhouse 5-1 Wayne Crossley
Chris Quantock 5-1 Adam Smith-Neale
Jamie Kelling 5-1 Mark Dudbridge
Barrie Bates 5-3 Justin Bradshaw
Ian Moss 5-2 Aaron Stevens
Mark Carter 5-2 Alex Chubb
Jonathan Fay 5-4 Steve Maish
Stephen Gallimore 5-4 Steven Cupitt
Michael Dawson 5-3 Diogo Portela
Wayne Thomas 5-0 BJ Fairhurst
Jay Foreman 5-3 Charlie Jackson
Michael Barnard 5-1 Eddie Dootson
Dean Stewart 5-2 Sam Head
Jamie Bain 5-1 Martyn Turner
James Hubbard 5-3 Ben Green
Glen Parsons 5-4 Darren Brown
Joshua Richardson 5-2 Andrew Howart
Danny Pinhorne 5-4 Trevor Burkhill
Callum Loose 5-0 Stephen Butkeraitis
Mike Symes 5-4 Kevin Bambrick
Scott Taylor 5-2 Arron monk
John Newland 5-2 Ross Parsons
Kelvin Hart 5-3 Paul Goodwin
Adam Hunt 5-3 Andrew Johnson
Mark Lawrence 5-2 Jon Jukes
Fabian Herz 5-2 Sean Ryan
Sean Johnson 5-4 Jamie Landon
Coni Singh Nagi 5-2 Mark Hylton
Martin Thomas 5-3 Richie Burnett

Second Round
Scott Marsh 5-0 Kevin Simm
Ricky Sudale 5-1 Anthony Urmston-Toft
Harry Ward 5-2 David Wilson
Nigel Birch 5-2 Evander Stevenson
Mark Forman 5-0 Nigel Daniels
Steve Mason 5-3 Stuart Stubbs
Ryan Searle 5-2 Bryan De Hoog
Kirk Shepherd 5-2 Ben Ward
Richard Hosey 5-3 Shane Reidy
Ian Lever 5-2 Peter Hudson
Darren Latham 5-0 Marc Dewsbury
Paul Coughlin 5-4 Jack Todd
Barry Lynn 5-0 Derek Brand
Michael Baynham 5-2 Mark Baxter
Rob Cross 5-0 Jason Marriott
Colin Littlecott 5-3 Bradley Williams
Richard Baillie 5-2 Philip Borthwick
Luke Woodhouse 5-3 Chris Quantock
Barrie Bates 5-3 Jamie Kelling
Ian Moss 5-4 Colin Fowler
Jonathan Fay 5-1 Mark Carter
Michael Dawson 5-3 Stephen Gallimore
Wayne Thomas 5-4 Jay Foreman
Dean Stewart 5-3 Michael Barnard
Jamie Bain 5-1 James Hubbard
Glen Parsons 5-3 Joshua Richardson
Callum Loose 5-3 Danny Pinhorne
Scott Taylor 5-1 Mike Symes
John Newland 5-2 Kelvin Hart
Adam Hunt 5-2 Mark Lawrence
Fabian Herz 5-0 Sean Johnson
Martin Thomas 5-1 Coni Singh Nagi

Last 32
Scott Marsh 5-1 Ricky Sudale
Harry Ward 5-2 Nigel Birch
Mark Forman 5-3 Steve Mason
Ryan Searle 5-0 Kirk Shepherd
Richard Hosey 5-4 Ian Lever
Paul Coughlin 5-3 Darren Latham
Barry Lynn 5-1 Michael Baynham
Rob Cross 5-0 Colin Littlecott
Richard Baillie 5-2 Luke Woodhouse
Barrie Bates 5-2 Ian Moss
Michael Dawson 5-2 Jonathan Fay
Dean Stewart 5-0 Wayne Thomas
Jamie Bain 5-2 Glen Parsons
Scott Taylor 5-2 Callum Loose
Adam Hunt 5-2 John Newland
Martin Thomas 5-3 Fabian Herz

Last 16
Harry Ward 5-3 Scott Marsh
Ryan Searle 5-2 Mark Forman
Paul Coughlin 5-3 Richard Hosey
Rob Cross 5-2 Barry Lynn
Barrie Bates 5-3 Richard Baillie
Michael Dawson 5-3 Dean Stewart
Scott Taylor 5-3 Jamie Bain
Martin Thomas 5-4 Adam Hunt

Ryan Searle 5-1 Harry Ward
Paul Coughlin 5-3 Rob Cross
Barrie Bates 5-4 Michael Dawson
Scott Taylor 5-3 Martin Thomas

Ryan Searle 5-2 Paul Coughlin
Barrie Bates 5-2 Scott Taylor

Ryan Searle 5-1 Barrie Bates