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The Austrian ace followed up nine previous ranking semi-finals by reaching his first final with wins over Dutch pair Jelle Klaasen, Yordi Meeuwisse and England’s James Wilson on Sunday. There, he looked to have thrown away his chance for victory when he saw Huybrechts come from 4-2 down to lead 5-4, before levelling to force a decider.

While Huybrechts was first to a finish, the Belgian missed seven match darts to allow Suljovic back into the leg, and the 44-year-old landed double 16 before dropping to his knees in celebration of his first PDC triumph and a £25,000 prize. “I’m overwhelmed,” said Suljovic. “I can’t believe what happened in the final and for Kim to miss so many match darts, but I’m over the moon to win my first event.”

Huybrechts, who was bidding to win his third PDC European Tour title, landed a 180 as he took the opening leg before Suljovic took the next two to edge 2-1 up. A brilliant 132 bull finish from Huybrechts saw him level, only for Suljovic to finish legs of 13 and 14 darts to move 4-2 up before the Belgian again nailed 132 for a 12-darter.


Huybrechts then finished a 13-darter and double 12 to move 5-4 up with three successive legs, but Suljovic levelled in leg ten before recovering from a shaky start to the deciding leg to snatch a dramatic triumph. Huybrechts had lost only five legs in his previous three games on Sunday as he overcame Robbie Green, Dragutin Horvat and Benito van de Pas, but had to settle for the £10,000 runner-up prize.

Wilson knocked out Terry Jenkins and Andy Boulton on Sunday as he won through to the semi-finals of a third successive ranking event, and his first last four appearance on the European Tour stage. Van de Pas, meanwhile, was bidding to go one better than in his previous visit to Riesa in 2015, when he was the runner-up to Michael Smith, only to lose out to Huybrechts in their repeat of last year’s semi-final.

Host Nation Qualifier Horvat became only the second German player to reach a European Tour quarter-final – after Max Hopp in Hamburg earlier this year – as he overcame Ian White 6-4 in a third round with a brilliant display. Scottish-based Boulton and Dutchman Meeuwisse also reached a European Tour quarter-final for the first time, while Australian ace Simon Whitlock joined them in the last eight with a superb 6-3 third round defeat of Peter Wright.

Wright’s top ten rivals Robert Thornton, Dave Chisnall and Jelle Klaasen also lost out in the third round, alongside newcomer Ryan Meikle, Jenkins, White and Green. Suljovic’s victory also puts him in line to claim a place in November’s SINGHA Beer Grand Slam of Darts in Wolverhampton, while he moves up to 14th on the PDC Order of Merit.

The weekend also saw a German record crowd for the European Tour of over 3,500 fans attend Saturday’s evening session in the first of three successive events to be held this month. Next weekend sees the HappyBet European Darts Trophy take place at the RWE Arena in Muelheim before the HappyBet European Darts Grand Prix is held from September 16-18 at the Glaspalast in Sindelfingen.


Sunday September 4th

Afternoon Session (1pm-5pm local time, 12pm-4pm BST)
Third Round
94.84 Ryan Meikle 2-6 Yordi Meeuwisse 100.49
90.41 Jelle Klaasen 5-6 Mensur Suljovic 98.14
93.58 James Wilson 6-4 Terry Jenkins 88.20
104.59 Dave Chisnall 5-6 Andy Boulton 98.15
107.19 Peter Wright 3-6 Simon Whitlock 103.30
90.66 Benito van de Pas 6-2 Robert Thornton 78.02
101.33 Ian White 4-6 Dragutin Horvat 99.41
93.12 Kim Huybrechts 6-2 Robbie Green 81.47

Evening Session (7pm-11pm local time, 6pm-10pm BST)
89.58 Yordi Meeuwisse 1-6 Mensur Suljovic 98.54
93.56 James Wilson 6-1 Andy Boulton 84.67
94.38 Simon Whitlock 5-6 Benito van de Pas 90.57
86.97 Dragutin Horvat 1-6 Kim Huybrechts 100.75

96.87 Mensur Suljovic 6-1 James Wilson 86.48
94.96 Benito van de Pas 2-6 Kim Huybrechts 95.95

95.15 Mensur Suljovic 6-5 Kim Huybrechts 93.89

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Riesa 2016

Template - Date: Development Tour 15-16

Current DTOoM leader and yesterdays first event winner Dean Reynolds won a double today by winning both events Development Tour 15 & 16 at Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan.

Daniel Cole also hit a 9 Darter in a 4-2 loss to Berry van Peer in round three.

PDC Unicorn Development Tour Event 15

Preliminary Round
Carlo van Peer 4-1 Thomas Briggs
Nathan Rafferty 4-3 Dan Read
Mike De Decker 4-2 Shaun Lovett
Kacey Jones 4-2 Sean Ryan
Rhys Donnell 4-2 Morgan Smith
Kieran Smith 4-1 Rick Pellow
Adam Smith-Neale 4-0 Nathan Richards
Nicholas Day 4-3 Andy Kent
Matthew Shaw 4-1 Jordan Copland
Brian Raman 4-0 Jordan Matthews
Cas Hogenhout 4-2 Eelco Sieperda
Callum Loose 4-0 Josh McCarthy
Adam Hunt 4-0 Matt Deller
Lee Budgen 4-2 Josh Clough
Harry Ward 4-1 Craig Reeves

First Round
Lee Whitworth 4-1 Douglas Thomas
Kurt Parry 4-1 Carlo van Peer
John de Kruijf 4-0 Harvey Glover
Nathan Rafferty 4-1 Stephen Mallams
Aaron Dyer 4-0 Joe Gardam
Mike De Decker 4-0 Luke Humphries
Jack Vincent 4-1 Dan Ladley
Liam DeVries 4-0 Kacey Jones
Jimmy Hendriks 4-2 Jamie Branton
Declan Salter 4-0 Greg Ritchie
Toine Leidelmeijer 4-2 James Wilkinson
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-3 Joshua Richardson
Reece Colley 4-2 George Edwards
Fabian Herz 4-2 Tony Field
Ronnie Roberts 4-2 Sam Head
Sam Carter 4-3 Andrew Beauchamp
Rhys Griffin 4-0 Jack Kerr
Aden Kirk 4-0 Rhys Donnell
Charlie Beaumont 4-0 Dylon Smith
Kieran Smith 4-0 Kishan Jiwa
Ross Twell 4-2 Sean Johnson
Aiden Cope 4-3 Adam Smith-Neale
Curtis Turner 4-0 Jack Main
Justin Smith 4-1 Nicholas Day
Ryan Jones 4-1 Callum Matthews
Charlie Symons 4-3 Shane Reidy
Jack Dickinson 4-2 Rhys Jackson
Connor Bowler 4-3 Thomas Lovely
Zak Cross 4-2 Jordan Lister
Dean Finn 4-2 Sam Chance
Adam Howard 4-0 George Jones
Arron Fairweather 4-3 Rhys Hayden
James Lane 4-3 Jeremy Derksen
Thomas Sykes 4-2 Matthew Shaw
Ted Evetts 4-1 Ben Oldroyd
Brian Raman 4-0 Kevin De Vries
James Young 4-2 Mark Baxter
Rhys Julian 4-2 Cas Hogenhout
Stephen Rosney 4-0 Ben Chance
Sven Groen 4-1 Callum Loose
Bradley Brooks 4-3 Jack Warner
Chris Gower 4-2 Ciaran Teehan
Jim Moston 4-0 Thomas King
James Hubbard 4-2 Fredi Gselmann
Nathan Barrett 4-1 Stephen Naisbitt
Zac Sanders 4-3 Scott Dale
Daniel Jensen 4-3 Jack Todd
Ryan De Vreede 4-1 Adam Paxton
Nick van Duijvenboden 4-3 Christophe Snyders
Matthew Dicken 4-3 Adam Hunt
Josh Payne 4-0 Declan Cox
Lee Budgen 4-0 Joshua Church
Daniel Cole 4-3 Jack Seymour
Harry Ward 4-1 Joost Geurts
Steve Lennon 4-1 Luke Nelson
Berry van Peer 4-1 Cain Unwin
Robert Ludlow 4-3 Liam Carlyon
Tommy Lishman 4-1 Sion Thomas
Dean Reynolds 4-0 Jill Desmedt
Shane Underwood 4-2 Jamie Banks
Lewis Pride 4-2 Matthew Hayes
Dylan van Beek 4-2 Callan Rydz
Luciano Tardio 4-2 Ryan Hoggarth
Sonny Johal 4-2 Jack Faragher

Second Round
Kurt Parry 4-3 Lee Whitworth
John de Kruijf 4-3 Nathan Rafferty
Aaron Dyer 4-2 Mike De Decker
Jack Vincent 4-1 Liam DeVries
Jimmy Hendriks 4-0 Declan Salter
Dimitri Van den Bergh 4-0 Toine Leidelmeijer
Fabian Herz 4-3 Reece Colley
Ronnie Roberts 4-0 Sam Carter
Aden Kirk 4-2 Rhys Griffin
Charlie Beaumont 4-1 Kieran Smith
Ross Twell 4-2 Aiden Cope
Curtis Turner 4-2 Justin Smith
Ryan Jones 4-1 Charlie Symons
Jack Dickinson 4-2 Connor Bowler
Dean Finn 4-3 Zak Cross
Arron Fairweather 4-0 Adam Howard
James Lane 4-2 Thomas Sykes
Ted Evetts 4-2 Brian Raman
James Young 4-3 Rhys Julian
Sven Groen 4-1 Stephen Rosney
Bradley Brooks 4-3 Chris Gower
James Hubbard 4-2 Jim Moston
Zac Sanders 4-1 Nathan Barrett
Daniel Jensen 4-3 Ryan De Vreede
Nick van Duijvenboden 4-3 Matthew Dicken
Josh Payne 4-1 Lee Budgen
Daniel Cole 4-2 Harry Ward
Berry van Peer 4-1 Steve Lennon
Tommy Lishman 4-1 Robert Ludlow
Dean Reynolds 4-1 Shane Underwood
Dylan van Beek 4-0 Lewis Pride
Sonny Johal 4-3 Luciano Tardio

Third Round
John de Kruijf 4-2 Kurt Parry
Jack Vincent 4-3 Aaron Dyer
Jimmy Hendriks 4-3 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Ronnie Roberts 4-1 Fabian Herz
Aden Kirk 4-1 Charlie Beaumont
Ross Twell 4-0 Curtis Turner
Ryan Jones 4-1 Jack Dickinson
Arron Fairweather 4-3 Dean Finn
James Lane 4-2 Ted Evetts
Sven Groen 4-3 James Young
James Hubbard 4-1 Bradley Brooks
Daniel Jensen 4-3 Zac Sanders
Josh Payne 4-1 Nick van Duijvenboden
Berry van Peery 4-2 Daniel Cole – Daniel Cole hits nine-dart finish
Dean Reynolds 4-3 Tommy Lishman
Dylan van Beek 4-0 Sonny Johal

Fourth Round
John de Kruijf 4-0 Jack Vincent
Ronnie Roberts 4-2 Jimmy Hendriks
Ross Twell 4-1 Aden Kirk
Ryan Jones 4-1 Arron Fairweather
Sven Groen 4-2 James Lane
James Hubbard 4-1 Daniel Jensen
Josh Payne 4-3 Berry van Peer
Dean Reynolds 4-1 Dylan van Beek

John de Kruijf 4-3 Ronnie Roberts
Ross Twell 4-1 Ryan Jones
James Hubbard 4-1 Sven Groen
Dean Reynolds 4-1 Josh Payne

John de Kruijf 4-3 Ross Twell
Dean Reynolds 4-0 James Hubbard

John de Kruijf 3-4 Dean Reynolds


PDC Unicorn Development Tour Event 16

Preliminary Round
Lewis Pride 4-2 Jack Dickinson
Joshua Richardson 4-0 Jeremy Derksen
Ronnie Roberts 4-2 John Bryan
Jim Moston 4-1 Matt Deller
Dean Reynolds 4-0 Luke Nelson
Jamie Branton 4-2 Robert Ludlow
Liam DeVries 4-1 Charlie Symons
Sven Groen 4-1 Callum Matthews
Fredi Gselmann 4-1 Chris Gower
Dean Finn 4-1 Nathan Rafferty
Lee Budgen 4-1 Stephen Naisbitt
Morgan Smith 4-1 Thomas King
Arron Fairweather 4-3 Cas Hogenhout
Stephen Mallams 4-0 Matthew Hayes
Lee Whitworth 4-1 Shane Underwood
Brian Raman 4-0 Craig Reeves

First Round
Charlie Beaumont 4-0 Greg Ritchie
Lewis Pride 4-0 Joost Geurts
Thomas Sykes 4-0 James Young
Joshua Richardson 4-3 James Hubbard
Jack Warner 4-3 Thomas Lovely
Ronnie Roberts 4-1 Jordan Copland
Jack Todd 4-0 Sam Chance
Jim Moston 4-2 George Edwards
Carlo van Peer 4-0 Kishan Jiwa
Adam Hunt 4-0 Declan Cox
Daniel Cole 4-1 Dan Ladley
Harry Ward 4-0 Josh McCarthy
Justin Smith 4-2 Adam Smith-Neale
Daniel Jensen 4-1 Jack Kerr
Kurt Parry 4-2 Ben Oldroyd
Reece Colley 4-2 Sean Ryan
Mike De Decker 4-3 Ciaran Teehan
Dean Reynolds 4-2 Rhys Julian
Ryan Hoggarth 4-3 Stephen Rosney
Jamie Branton 4-3 Sam Carter
Fabian Herz 4-0 Jill Desmedt
Liam DeVries 4-2 Jack Faragher
Shaun Lovett 4-3 Tommy Lishman
Sven Groen 4-0 Rhys Jackson
Douglas Thomas 4-2 Joshua Church
Ted Evetts 4-3 Scott Dale
Josh Payne 4-3 Curtis Turner
Mark Baxter 4-2 Kacey Jones
Steve Lennon 4-0 Cain Unwin
Berry van Peer 4-0 Eelco Sieperda
Jack Vincent 4-0 Harvey Glover
Connor Bowler 4-0 Andrew Beauchamp
Aiden Cope 4-0 George Jones
Fredi Gselmann 4-1 Zak Cross
Aden Kirk 4-0 Jack Main
Dean Finn 4-2 Matthew Shaw
Matthew Dicken 4-1 Thomas Briggs
Lee Budgen 4-3 Rhys Hayden
Jordan Lister 4-3 Jack Seymour
Morgan Smith 4-2 Adam Paxton
Rhys Griffin 4-1 Sion Thomas
Dylon Smith 4-1 Declan Salter
Tony Field 4-1 Toine Leidelmeijer
Aaron Dyer 4-2 Dimitri Van den Bergh
Sonny Johal 4-1 Ben Chance
James Lane 4-3 Zac Sanders
Luciano Tardio Bye (Jamie Banks)
Dylan van Beek 4-2 Callan Rydz
Sean Johnson 4-0 Christophe Snyders
Arron Fairweather 4-1 Rhys Donnell
Rick Pellow 4-3 Dion van Everdingen
Stephen Mallams 4-0 Nathan Barrett
Luke Humphries 4-1 Ryan De Vreede
Lee Whitworth 4-1 James Wilkinson
Jordan Matthews 4-1 Nick van Duijvenboden
Kieran Smith 4-2 Brian Raman
Callum Loose 4-3 Dan Read
Nicholas Day 4-1 Joe Gardam
John de Kruijf 4-3 Adam Howard
Sam Head 4-0 Shane Reidy
Jimmy Hendriks 4-1 Josh Clough
Bradley Brooks 4-3 Ross Twell
Ryan Jones 4-2 Andy Kent
Kevin De Vries 4-0 Liam Carlyon

Second Round
Charlie Beaumont 4-3 Lewis Pride
Thomas Sykes 4-3 Joshua Richardson
Ronnie Roberts 4-0 Jack Warner
Jack Todd 4-3 Jim Moston
Adam Hunt 4-2 Carlo van Peer
Harry Ward 4-2 Daniel Cole
Daniel Jensen 4-3 Justin Smith
Reece Colley 4-3 Kurt Parry
Dean Reynolds 4-1 Mike De Decker
Ryan Hoggarth 4-3 Jamie Branton
Liam DeVries 4-2 Fabian Herz
Sven Groen 4-3 Shaun Lovett
Ted Evetts 4-0 Douglas Thomas
Josh Payne 4-3 Mark Baxter
Steve Lennon 4-1 Berry van Peer
Connor Bowler 4-1 Jack Vincent
Fredi Gselmann 4-1 Aiden Cope
Aden Kirk 4-2 Dean Finn
Matthew Dicken 4-3 Lee Budgen
Morgan Smith 4-3 Jordan Lister
Rhys Griffin 4-1 Dylon Smith
Aaron Dyer 4-1 Tony Field
James Lane 4-1 Sonny Johal
Dylan van Beek 4-1 Luciano Tardio
Sean Johnson 4-3 Arron Fairweather
Stephen Mallams 4-2 Rick Pellow
Luke Humphries 4-0 Lee Whitworth
Jordan Matthews 4-3 Kieran Smith
Callum Loose 4-0 Nicholas Day
Sam Head 4-3 John de Kruijf
Bradley Brooks 4-2 Jimmy Hendriks
Ryan Jones 4-1 Kevin De Vries

Third Round
Thomas Sykes 4-3 Charlie Beaumont
Ronnie Roberts 4-3 Jack Todd
Adam Hunt 4-0 Harry Ward
Reece Colley 4-3 Daniel Jensen
Dean Reynolds 4-0 Ryan Hoggarth
Liam DeVries 4-1 Sven Groen
Josh Payne 4-3 Ted Evetts
Steve Lennon 4-1 Connor Bowler
Aden Kirk 4-3 Fredi Gselmann
Matthew Dicken 4-0 Morgan Smith
Aaron Dyer 4-1 Rhys Griffin
Dylan van Beek 4-3 James Lane
Sean Johnson 4-0 Stephen Mallams
Jordan Matthews 4-3 Luke Humphries
Callum Loose 4-2 Sam Head
Ryan Jones 4-1 Bradley Brooks

Fourth Round
Ronnie Roberts 4-0 Thomas Sykes
Adam Hunt 4-2 Reece Colley
Dean Reynolds 4-1 Liam DeVries
Steve Lennon 4-2 Josh Payne
Aden Kirk 4-2 Matthew Dicken
Aaron Dyer 4-0 Dylan van Beek
Jordan Matthews 4-2 Sean Johnson
Ryan Jones 4-1 Callum Loose

Ronnie Roberts 4-2 Adam Hunt
Dean Reynolds 4-0 Steve Lennon
Aden Kirk 4-2 Aaron Dyer
Jordan Matthews 4-2 Ryan Jones

Ronnie Roberts 2-4 Dean Reynolds
Aden Kirk 4-1 Jordan Matthews

Dean Reynolds 4-1 Aden Kirk

Aden Kirk DT