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World Champion Gary Anderson backed up his World Series wins in Dubai and Aukland by claiming the Zipang Casino Tokyo Darts Masters title. This was his third win out of four World Series events, the other going to Michael van Gerwen in Shanghai.

It was the world number one who faced the ‘Flying Scotsman’ in the final and the pair put on a show for the noisy Japanese crowd. Both men averaged over 100 in a match that had gone with throw until the eleventh leg. Anderson hit tops to break the throw of van Gerwen and backed that up with a hold of throw to make the score 7-5.

van Gerwen, who was looking to make it back-to-back World Series titles, took the score to 7-6 where he had two darts at double 16 to take the match to a deciding leg. Anderson then took out 108 for the match: “I had two chances to break his throw but well played to Gary who was stronger tonight”, said the world number one. “It’s been a long tour for us and that 108 from Gary at the end was special.”

Anderson, who now heads to Blackpool for the World Matchplay, was delighted to come through a tough match: “I was really impressed with the Japanese guys this year, they’re getting better and it’s great to win here”, said Anderson. “The win gives me confidence but if I’m honest I’m just looking forward to going home to relax and prepare for Blackpool which should be a cracking tournament.”

Anderson started the evening with a very impressive 8-3 win over Raymond van Barneveld. The back-to-back World Champion averaged 103.00 and hit almost 60% of his attempts at doubles, leading from the first leg until the last. He then moved into the final of the Zipang Casino Tokyo Darts Masters with an 8-5 victory over Adrian Lewis.

The World Champion lost the opening two legs of the match before putting together a run of six in a row to put distance between himself and Lewis. The Englishman battled to get in to the match but Anderson was too far clear; the Scot finishing with an average of 104.71.

Finalist Michael van Gerwen faced a tough test from Dave Chisnall in the third quarter-final of the evening. The world number one averaged 101.91 to Chisnall’s 99.43 in one of the games of the tournament. Chisnall was 6/8 on his doubles and led the match 6-4. However, van Gerwen strung together a run of four legs in a row including some impressive big scoring to take the tie away from the Englishman.

The Dutchman secured his place in the final with a comfortable 8-3 win over James Wade. The world number one hit over 60% of his double attempts and two 180s as he lead from the first leg onwards to book his place in the final with Gary Anderson. In the evening’s other quarter-finals Adrian Lewis overcame Peter Wright in the evening’s second quarter-final, winning the match 8-6.

The pair traded breaks throughout the match but a 132 on the bull from Lewis at 6-5 swung the game in his favour: “That was massive. I hit the 25 and didn’t fancy it at all. When the treble 19 went in I fancied it even less! I moved across and in it went, massive moment!” said Lewis. Reigning Japan Masters Champions Phil Taylor was knocked out as he and James Wade produced a classic on the Tokyo stage.

Wade claimed a 8-7 last leg victory in a match he led only once and that was when the last dart was thrown. Both Wade and Taylor averaged over 100, 101.71 and 103.43 respectively, as Wade moved in to the semi-finals. The World Series of Darts returns in August when the players travel to Australia for back-to-back tournaments in Sydney (18th-20th) and Perth (25th-27th).

Zipang Casino Tokyo Darts Masters 2016

Thursday July 7th

Gary Anderson 8-3 Raymond van Barneveld
Adrian Lewis 8-6 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 8-6 Dave Chisnall
James Wade 8-7 Phil Taylor

Gary Anderson 8-5 Adrian Lewis
Michael van Gerwen 8-3 James Wade

Gary Anderson 8-6 Michael van Gerwen



(103) Gary Anderson 8-3 Raymond van Barneveld (95.90)

1-0 – Anderson straight in to gear, hitting a maximum then taking out 40 on double ten. 2-0 – Another 180 and another 40 checkout on double ten as Anderson breaks. 2-1 – An immediate break-back for van Barneveld who hits double eight. 3-1 – van Barneveld misses darts at doubles to level up before Anderson takes out 57 on tops. 3-2 – Back on throw as van Barneveld hits his first maximum followed by 81 on double 12. 4-2 – Another break of throw as Anderson hits tops for a 55 checkout. 5-2 – Anderson holds on tops for a three leg advantage. 5-3 – A hold for van Barneveld as he closes the gap to two. 6-3 – 76 on tops for Anderson after hitting his third 180. 7-3 – Anderson breaks again and is one leg away from the semi-finals. 8-3 – 103 average for Gary Anderson and a place in the semi-finals as he hits double 12 to seal the win.

(98.96) Adrian Lewis 8-6 Peter Wright (95.32)

0-1 – A maximum from Wright and double eight gives him an opening leg hold. 1-1 – Lewis hits double one after five misses at doubles to level up. 1-2 – Double 12 for Wright gives him the lead once again. 1-3 – Wright needs double one to give him the break of throw as lewis misses a dart to level the score. 2-3 – 100 on tops for Lewis to break back. 3-3 – The scores are level as Lewis hits tops again. 4-3 – Lewis leads for the first time taking out 56 on tops. Both players currently averaging 97. 4-4 – Wright hits double four to break back as Lewis misses two at double 16. 4-5 – 71 on double 16 for Wright as he regains the lead. 5-5 – Level again as Lewis hits double eight. 6-5 – Wright misses a dart at double 16 for a 104 finish and is punished by Lewis on double 12 to break the throw. 7-5 – Class from Lewis who hits the bull for a 132 finish when it looked as if he had blocked the target. 7-6 – Match darts come and go for Lewis and Wright hits double four to keep his hopes alive. 8-6 – A 12 dart leg on double six for Lewis to claim a place in the semi-final.

(101.91) Michael van Gerwen 8-6 Dave Chisnall (99.43)

0-1 – Chisnall holds in the opening leg to take the lead. 1-1 – van Gerwen misses the bull for a 161 but takes the leg in the end. 1-2 – van Gerwen misses tops for the break and Chisnall punishes him on double eight to hold. 2-2 – Another hold for van Gerwen and we’re level again. 2-3 – The bull missed again by van Gerwen for a 130 finish. Chisnall then hits double 16 to hold his throw. 3-3 – Still going with throw as van Gerwen takes out 32 on double 16. 3-4 – 44 on double 16 gives Chisnall the lead again. Both players averaging over 100 at this point. 4-4 – The pair trade maximums but it’s van Gerwen who takes the leg, hitting double 16 for a 32 finish. 4-5 – Three missed darts from van Gerwen to break before Chisnall moves in to hit tops for the hold. 4-6 – 6 out of 8 on the doubles for Chisnall as he claims the first break of throw, checking out 66 on tops. 5-6 – van Gerwen straight back with the break, taking out 98. 6-6 – An 11 dart leg from van Gerwen levels the tie. Taking out 100 on tops. 7-6 – Chisnall misses a dart at tops for a 125 finish and is punished by van Gerwen who takes out 36 on double 18. 8-6 – A 101.91 average from van Gerwen ends a good challenge from Chisnall who faded towards the end of the match.

(101.71) James Wade 8-7 Phil Taylor (103.43)

0-1 – Taylor breaks in the first leg of the match. 0-2 – Taylor’s first one 180 of the match allows him to land double 16 for a 2-0 lead. 1-2 – Wade on the board with 107 on double 18. 1-3 – Another 180 from Taylor who again takes out 32 on double 16. 2-3 – Double ten for James Wade to move within one, Taylor still has the break. 2-4 – Taylor hits a 177 to leave 24, wade then misses the bull for a 124 checkout before Taylor lands double 12 at the third attempt. 3-4 – A superb 141 checkout from Wade again puts the pressure on Taylor. 4-4 – 98 on double 19 from Wade levels the match. 4-5 – Wade stranded on 36 as Taylor takes out 123 on the bull. 4-6 – Double 16 for Taylor moves him two clear of Wade. 5-6 – Both players miss darts at doubles but it’s Wade who lands double three to move back within one. 6-6 – Level again as Wade hits tops. 6-7 – A 180 each, Wade misses double ten for a 140 finish and Taylor breaks on double 16. 7-7 – Superb from Wade. 120 on tops to take us to a decider. 8-7 – Taylor misses three at tops for the match before Wade hits double four to lead for the first time and claim the victory.


(104.71) Gary Anderson 8-5 Adrian Lewis (95.41)

0-1 – A nervy start from both players as they miss doubles but it’s Lewis who pins double ten to break in the first leg. 0-2 – Lewis hits his first 180 of the night and moves two in front. 1-2 – A maximum from Anderson, who then hits double 16 to get a leg on the board. 2-2 – A 174 from Anderson leaves 36, which he takes out at the first attempt to break back. 3-2 – Double eight gives Anderson his third leg in a row. 4-2 – Four in a row for the World Champion who breaks the Lewis throw. 5-2 – 40 on double five for Anderson to move three clear of Lewis. 6-2 – A 102 average from Anderson who wins his sixth leg in a row. 6-3 – Lewis stops the rot hitting double ten to break the Anderson throw. 6-4 – Lewis back to within two of Anderson as he hits double eight for a 76 finish. 7-4 – Anderson one away from the final taking out 85 on tops. 7-5 – Lewis hits double two, Anderson will now throw for the match. 8-5 – Anderson in to the final averaging 104.71, hitting double five for the win.

(101.67) Michael van Gerwen 8-3 James Wade (91.45)

1-0 – van Gerwen breaks in the opening leg of the match. 2-0 – The world number one backs up the break by holding his throw for a two leg lead. 2-1 – 51 on double ten gets Wade on the board. 3-1 – 65 on tops for van Gerwen as he moves two clear again. 3-2 – Wade holds on double ten with van Gerwen stranded on 40. 4-2 – A hold of throw for van Gerwen now who restores his two leg lead. 5-2 – Double eight for van Gerwen who takes out 70. 6-2 – Four clear for van Gerwen who takes out 104 on double 14. 6-3 – A hold for Wade who hits his second 180 of the match. 7-3 – Michael van Gerwen one leg away from another final. 8-3 – van Gerwen will face Gary Anderson as he hit double eight for the match.


(103.72) Gary Anderson 8-6 Michael van Gerwen (101.90)

0-1 – van Gerwen opens up with a 180 before taking out 100 on double ten for the opening leg. 1-1 – 40 on tops for Anderson as he levels the match. 1-2 – A 168 from van Gerwen leaves 36, which he takes out on double nine. 2-2 – Anderson hits tops again to checkout 70. 2-3 – Still with throw as van Gerwen hits double 18. 3-3 – Incredible from Anderson who hits the bull for a 161 finish. 3-4 – 45 on double 16 as van Gerwen goes in to the break 4-3 up. 4-4 – Level again as Anderson holds throw with 88 on double seven. 4-5 – 112 on tops from van Gerwen with Anderson waiting to pounce on 82. 5-5 – Level once more as Anderson hits double four for a 68 finish. 6-5 – 11 legs in and we have our first break. Anderson takes out 100 on tops. 7-5 – van Gerwen misses a dart at double 16 to allow Anderson to hit tops and move one away from the win. 7-6 – van Gerwen puts the pressure on Anderson, hitting double four for 68. 8-6 – Anderson is the CHAMPION! van Gerwen misses two at double 16 allowing Anderson to move in and take out 108 on tops.

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