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RICHIE BURNETT and Kelvin Hart both claimed maiden PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour triumphs at ArenaMK in Milton Keynes on Sunday.

Former Lakeside Champion Burnett won his first PDC title for almost five years with a 5-2 defeat of Ryan Searle in the final of Event 11 to scoop the £2,000 first prize.

The former World Matchplay finalist, who returned to action last month following an 18-month suspension, also saw off Adam Huckvale, Michael Burgoine, Mark Carter, fellow Welshman Barrie Bates and Peter Hudson on his path to glory.

Searle, who won Event Seven last month, continued his encouraging form with victories over Kevin Dowling, Evander Stevenson, Arron Monk, Callum Loose and Ben Green before edging out Richard North 5-4 in the semi-finals.

Somerset’s Hart won the second of Sunday’s double-header of events as he claimed his first Challenge Tour title with a 5-3 final victory against German ace Rene Eidams.

The 45-year-old reached his first PDC final by beating Andrew Howarth, Bryan de Hoog, Ian Walters, Saturday’s Event Ten runner-up Mark Dudbridge and former World Cup of Darts finalist Bates before seeing off 27-year-old Eidams to clinch the winner’s cheque.

Eidams claimed wins against both of Saturday’s winners – Matt Padgett and Rob Cross – during his run to the decider.

The German talent, who infamously gave world number one Michael van Gerwen a scare in the first round of the 2016 William Hill World Championship, edged out Samuel Fuller in his opener before defeating Cross 5-3.

He then won three consecutive games 5-4 to reach his first Challenge Tour final, pipping Adam Hunt, Arron Monk and Padgett respectively before losing out to Hart.

The year’s final PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour weekend will take place on September 10-11 at the Robin Park Tennis Centre in Wigan, as PDPA Associate Members compete in four £10,000 tournaments.


PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event 11

Sunday June 26th ArenaMK, Milton Keynes

Preliminary Round
Adam Hunt 5-4 Ian Withers
Steve Mason 5-4 Chris Skeates
Alan Wilkinson 5-2 Daniel Wood
Peter Hudson 5-2 Aaron Stevens
Michael Dawson 5-2 Scott Taylor
Richard Ballie Bye (Kevin Thomas timed out)
Vernon Sheppard 5-4 Nigel Daniels
Billy Holmes 5-2 Rohit Rabadia
Kevin Lane 5-0 Richie Howson
Dave Ladley 5-0 Jerry Hendriks
Kevin Simm 5-4 Danny Pinhorne
Dan Read 5-4 Peter Mitchell
Richard North 5-0 Stuart Stubbs
Michel van der Horst 5-4 Anthony Urmston-Toft
Jamie Branton 5-0 Jordan Johnston
Dave Place 5-4 Wayne Crossley
Colin Littlecott 5-2 Rob Cross

First Round
Bradley Kirk 5-4 Michael Barnard
Adam Hunt 5-4 Mark Hylton
Dan Russell 5-4 Mick Todd
Steve Mason 5-1 Ashley Hykin
James Young 5-3 Jamie Landon
Paul Rowley 5-1 Alan Wilkinson
Kurt Parry 5-4 Nigel Daniels
Peter Hudson 5-0 Eddie White
Karl Merchant 5-0 Andrew Mcallister
Michael Dawson 5-2 Coni Singh Nagi
Matt Padgett 5-3 Rob Modra
Nick Fullwell 5-0 Lee Shewan
Jamie Kelling 5-3 Andrew Johnson
Steve Hine 5-0 Roxy-James Rodriguez
Andreas Hajimina 5-4 John Newland
Nigel Birch 5-4 Justin Bradshaw
Gary Miles 5-1 Jay Foreman
Richard Ballie 5-3 Glenn Fitzpatrick
Stephen Gallimore 5-4 Paul Coughlin
Barrie Bates 5-0 Vernon Sheppard
Ryan de Vreede 5-1 Joe Croft
Matthew Golding 5-4 Billy Holmes
Colin Fowler 5-2 Glen Parsons
Michael Blake 5-2 Kevin Lane
Sam Head 5-4 Scott Marsh
Jack Todd 5-3 Mark Forman
Daniel Key 5-0 Ian Walters
Mark Carter 5-3 Mark Baxter
Jason Marriot 5-4 Richard Hosey
Michael Burgoine 5-2 Derek Brand
Richie Burnett 5-0 Adam Huckvale
Paul Amos 5-2 Bradley Williams
Eddie Dootson 5-0 Mike Norton
Dave Ladley 5-1 Darren Mawer
Chris Quantock 5-4 Jon Jukes
Kevin Simm 5-1 James Hajdar
Simon Cassidy 5-4 Samuel Fuller
Mick Hasse 5-2 Dan Read
Ritchie Edhouse 5-1 Mark Dudbridge
Richard North 5-1 Steve Perkins
Rene Eidams 5-3 Mareno Michels
Gary Blackwood 5-0 Lex Immers
Sven Groen 5-4 Kirk Shepherd
Barry Lynn 5-3 Dean Stewart
Lee Evans 5-4 David Evans
James Lane 5-4 Peter Evison
Martin Lukeman 5-0 Danny Moore
Harry Ward 5-2 Michael Power
Alex Roy v Ryan Harrington
Michel /van der Horst 5-0 Keith Moore
Joshua Richardson 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Jamie Branton 5-2 Ben Simpson
Martyn Turner 5-3 Charlie Jackson
Ben Green 5-0 Dave Place
Chris Hartrey 5-3 Diogo Portela
Marc Dewsbury 5-2 Colin Littecott
Bryan de Hoog 5-1 John Gibson
Kelvin Hart 5-1 Andrew Howarth
James Hubbard 5-1 Sheamus Hagan
Callum Loose 5-0 Robert Fuller
Arron Monk 5-2 Mike Symes
Steve Maish 5-0 Ross Parsons
Evander Stevenson 5-1 Ben Ward
Ryan Searle 5-2 Kevin Dowling

Second Round
Adam Hunt 5-2 Bradley Kirk
Dan Russell 5-4 Steve Mason
Paul Rowley 5-2 James Young
Peter Hudson 5-4 Kurt Parry
Karl Merchant 5-3 Michael Dawson
Nick Fullwell 5-0 Matt Padgett
James Kelling 5-1 Steve Hine
Nigel Birch 5-2 Andrea Hajimina
Gary Miles 5-4 Richard Baillie
Barrie Bates 5-1 Stephen Gallimore
Matthew Golding 5-3 Ryan de Vreede
Colin Fowler 5-1 Michael Blake
Sam Head 5-4 Jack Todd
Mark Carter 5-4 Daniel Key
Michael Burgoine 5-1 Jason Marriot
Richie Burnett 5-3 Paul Amos
Dave Ladely 5-2 Eddie Dootson
Chris Quantock 5-1 Kevin Simm
Mick Hasse 5-3 Simon Cassidy
Richard North 5-2 Ritchie Edhouse
Rene Eidams 5-3 Gary Blackwood
Barry Lynn 5-1 Sven Groen
Lee Evan 5-2 James Lane
Martin Lukeman 5-1 Harry Ward
Michel van der Horst 5-4 Alex Roy
Jamie Branton 5-4 Joshua Richardson
Ben Green 5-3 Martyn Turner
Marc Dewsbury 5-2 Chris Hartrey
Kelvin Hart 5-3 Bryan De Hoog
Callum Loose 5-3 James Hubbard
Arron Monk 5-2 Steve Maish
Ryan Searle 5-1 Evander Stevenson

Third Round
Dan Russell 5-4 Adam Hunt
Peter Hudson 5-1 Paul Rowley
Karl Merchant 5-3 Nick Fullwell
Jamie Kelling 5-3 Nigel Birch
Barrie Bates 5-1 Gary Miles
Colin Fowler 5-1 Matthew Golding
Mark Carter 5-2 Sam Head
Richie Burnett 5-3 Michael Burgoine
Chris Quantock 5-2 Dave Ladley
Richard North 5-1 Mick Hasse
Barry Lynn 5-1 Rene Eidams
Martin Lukeman 5-2 Lee Evans
Michel van der Horst 5-3 Jamie Branton
Ben Green 5-1 Marc Dewsbury
Callum Loose 5-3 Kelvin Hart
Ryan Searle 5-0 Arron Monk

Fourth Round
Dan Russel 2-5 Peter Hudson
Karl Merchant 3-5 Jamie Kelling
Barrie Bates 5-2 Colin Fowler
Richie Burnett 5-0 Mark Carter
Chris Quantock 1-5 Richard North
Barry Lynn 5-3 Martin Lukeman
Ben Green 5-3 Michel van der Horst
Ryan Searle 5-1 Callum Loose

Peter Hudson 5-0 Jamie Kelling
Barrie Bates 3-5 Richie Burnett
Richard North 5-2 Barry Lynn
Ben Green 3-5 Ryan Searle

Peter Hudson 3-5 Richie Burnett
Richard North 4-5 Ryan Searle

Richie Burnett 5-2 Ryan Searle


PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour Event 12

Sunday June 26th ArenaMK, Milton Keynes

Preliminary Round
Bradley Kirk 5-1 Jay Foreman
Mark Hylton 5-4 Coni Singh Nagi
Barry Lynn 5-2 Evander Stevenson
Matt Padgett 5-4 Eddie Dootson
Kevin Simm 5-1 Darren Mawer
Dan Read 5-2 Dan Russell
Arron Monk 5-0 Paul Amos
Pete Dyos 5-1 Mark Carter
Michael Barnard 5-2 Robert Fuller
Alex Roy 5-3 Richard North
Adam Smith-Neale 5-2 Vernon Sheppard
Daniel Key 5-3 Mike Norton
Kevin Thomas v Mick Hasse
Michael Blake 5-4 Simon Cassidy
Mark Dudbridge 5-3 Richard Baillie

First Round
Eddie White 5-4 Luke Woodhouse
Bradley Kirk 5-1 Daniel Wood
Nigel Birch 5-2 Billy Holmes
Mark Hylton 5-3 Stephen Gallimore
Kevin Dowling 5-3 Callum Loose
Barry Lynn 5-3 Joe Croft
Richie Burnett 5-2 Charlie Jackson
Matt Padgett 5-0 Joshua Richardson
Diogo Portela 5-4 Gary Blackwood
Sheamus Hagan 5-1 James Hubbard
Jamie Landon 5-4 Kurt Parry
Ritchie Edhouse 5-1 James Young
Jack Todd 5-3 Ashley Hykin
Ryan de Vreede 5-4 Rob Modra
Paul Coughlin 5-0 Danny Moore
Bryan de Hogg 5-3 Chris Quantock
Colin Fowler 5-2 Kevin Lane
Jamie Kelling 5-2 Kevin Simm
Nigel Daniels 5-3 Stuart Stubbs
Dan Read 5-2 Keith Moore
Peter Mitchell 5-2 Adam Huckvale
Arron Monk 5-3 Ryan Searle
Sam Head 5-3 Sven Groen
Pete Dyos 5-1 Mike Symes
Rob Cross 5-1 Steve Mason
Rene Eidams 5-4 Samuel Fuller
Jamie Branton 5-1 Lex Immers
Steve Maish 5-1 Alan Wilkinson
Mick Todd 5-4 Ian Withers
Adam Hunt 5-1 Glenn Fitzpatrick
Gary Miles 5-2 Karl Merchant
Lee Evans 5-1 Matthew Golding
Andrew Howarth 5-0 Chris Skeates
Michael Barnard 5-4 Glen Parsons
Aaron Stevens 5-3 John Gibson
Danny Pinhorne 5-4 Alex Roy
Paul Rowley 5-3 Lee Shewan
Adam Smith-Neale 5-1 Ben Simpson
Dave Place 5-1 Jon Juke
Daniel Key 5-3 Mark Forman
Ben Ward 5-2 Steve Hine
Dave Ladley 5-3 Jordan Johnston
Bradley Williams 5-2 Michel van der Horst
Barrie Bates 5-3 Harry Ward
Dean Stewart 5-2 Ben Green
Andrew Johnson 5-4 Richie Howson
Richard Hosey 5-3 Nick Fullwell
James Hadjar 5-0 Michael Burgoine
Ian Walters 5-0 Anthony Urmston-Toft
Mick Hasse 5-1 Wayne Crossley
Kelvin Hart 5-4 Scott Taylor
Michael Power 5-1 Michael Blake
Andreas Hajimina 5-4 Derek Brand
Mark Dudbridge 5-0 Chris Hartrey
Kirk Shepherd 5-4 Michael Dawson
Peter Hudson 5-4 Mareno Michels
Jason Marriot 5-3 Colin Littlecott
John Newland 5-4 Jerry Hendriks
Ross Parsons 5-2 Andrew Mcallister
Ryan Harrington 5-3 Mark Baxter
Roxy-James Rodriguez 5-2 Scott Marsh
Martin Lukeman 5-2 Justin Bradshaw
David Evans 5-0 Peter Evison
James Lane 5-3 Marc Dewsbury

Second Round
Bradley Kirk 5-0 Eddie White
Mark Hylton 5-4 Nigel Birch
Barry Lynn 5-1 Kevin Dowling
Matt Padgett 5-4 Richie Burnett
Diogo Portela 5-0 Sheamus Hagan
Jamie Landon 5-2 Ritchie Edhouse
Ryan de Vreede 5-2 Jack Todd
Paul Coughlin 5-4 Bryan de Hoog
Jamie Kelling 5-4 Colin Fowler
Dan Read 5-0 Nigel Daniels
Arron Monk 5-3 Peter Mitchell
Pete Dyos 5-0 Sam Head
Rene Eidams 5-3 Rob Cross
Steve Maish 5-2 Jamie Branton
Adam Hunt 5-3 Mick Todd
Lee Evans 5-1 Gary Miles
Andrew Howarth 5-3 Michael Barnard
Danny Pinhorne 5-3 Aaron Stevens
Paul Rowley 5-1 Adam Smith-Neale
Dave Place 5-2 Daniel Key
Dave Ladley 5-0 Ben Ward
Barrie Bates 5-1 Bradley Williams
Dean Stewart 5-4 Andrew Johnson
James Hajdar 5-3 Richard Hosey
Ian Walters 5-3 Mick Hasse
Kelvin Hart 5-4 Michael Power
Mark Dudbridge 5-3 Andrea Hajimina
Kirk Shepherd 5-2 Peter Hudson
Jason Marriot 5-2 John Newland
Ross Parsons 5-4 Ryan Harrington
Martin Lukeman 5-3 Roxy-James Rodriguez
David Evans 5-4 James Lane

Third Round
Bradley Kirk 4-5 Mark Hylton
Barry Lynn 3-5 Matt Padgett
Jamie Landon 5-3 Diogo Portela
Paul Coughlin 5-0 Ryan de Vreede
Jamie Kelling 5-2 Dan Read
Arron Monk 5-2 Pete Dyos
Rene Eidams 5-2 Steve Maish
Adam Hunt 5-2 Lee Evans
Andrew Howarth 5-1 Danny Pinhorne
Dave Place 5-4 Paul Rowley
Barrie Bates 5-4 Dave Ladley
Dean Stewart 5-1 James Hajdar
Kelvin Hart 5-2 Ian Walters
Mark Dudbridge 5-3 Kirk Shepherd
Jason Marriot 5-2 Ross Parsons
Martin Lukeman 5-0 David Evans

Last 16
Mark Hylton 3-5 Matt Padgett
Jamie Landon 5-3 Paul Coughlin
Jamie Kelling 2-5 Arron Monk
Rene Eidams 5-4 Adam Hunt
Andrew Howarth 5-3 Dave Place
Barrie Bates 5-4 Dean Stewart
Kelvin Hart 5-3 Mark Dudbridge
Jason Marriot 5-2 Martin Lukeman

Matt Padgett 5-0 Paul Coughlin
Arron Monk 4-5 Rene Eidams
Andrew Howarth 4-5 Barrie Bates
Kelvin Hart 5-3 Jason Marriot

Matt Padgett 4-5 Rene Eidams
Barrie Bates 1-5 Kelvin Hart

Rene Eidams 3-5 Kelvin Hart

Template - Date: Shanghai Darts Masters

The world number one, a winner of four international events and last year’s World Series of Darts Finals, has missed out in Dubai and Auckland so far in 2016, but produced some of his best form as he claimed the inaugural title in Shanghai.

After battling past Singapore’s Paul Lim in Saturday’s first round, van Gerwen overcame fellow Dutchman Raymond van Barneveld 8-4 in the quarter-finals and then came from 4-1 down in his semi-final to defeat Dave Chisnall 8-5. Chisnall followed up his hard-fought 8-6 quarter-final win over Adrian Lewis with checkouts of 148 and 150 to take the initiative against van Gerwen, who responded with a 145 finish as he turned the game around with a run of four successive legs before claiming victory.

The Dutchman also opened the final with a 138 finish and a pair of tops checkouts gave him a 3-0 lead before Wade took out 116 to respond. A four-leg burst then moved van Gerwen into a 7-1 lead, and though Wade finished 116 in claiming back-to-back legs to keep his hopes alive, a missed bullseye in the next allowed the world number one in to post double 16 for the title.

Wade had won through to his second World Series of Darts final, matching his achievement at the Perth Darts Masters last year, by seeing off World Champion Gary Anderson 8-7 in the quarter-finals and Phil Taylor 8-6 in the semi-finals. Anderson had hit back from 5-1 down to force a deciding leg, but missed three match darts to complete his comeback as Wade followed a pair of earlier 118 checkouts by landing double five to edge through.

He then saw off Taylor in another tight contest, with the 16-time World Champion finishing 121 on the bull to open up a 4-2 lead before Wade claimed four in a row to put himself in command. Taylor had earlier produced a sensational comeback from 7-1 down to defeat Peter Wright 8-7 in their quarter-final, and kept up the pressure on Wade with a 138 checkout before the left-hander eventually sealed his place in the final.

ITV4’s delayed coverage in the UK will be broadcast at 7.30pm on Sunday evening. The PDC World Series of Darts continues with the Zipang Casino Tokyo Darts Masters on July 6-7, with the eight PDC stars set to take on eight Japanese qualifiers across two days at the Yoyogi Olympic Hall. For tickets, visit www.pdj.co.jp


Shanghai Darts Masters

Sunday June 26th

Gary Anderson 7-8 James Wade
Phil Taylor 8-7 Peter Wright
Michael van Gerwen 8-4 Raymond van Barneveld
Adrian Lewis 6-8 Dave Chisnall

James Wade 8-6 Phil Taylor
Michael van Gerwen 8-5 Dave Chisnall

James Wade 3-8 Michael van Gerwen

All games on Sunday are the best of 15 legs and played in draw bracket order as above.




(97.28) Gary Anderson 7-8 James Wade (99.01) 0-1 – Wade finishes double top at the first time of asking to break throw immediately. 0-2 – Anderson wires the bull to take out 170 and also misses two darts at double 12 before Wade steps in to land tops and double his advantage. 1-2 – Wade fires in a 171 score to leave 36, but Anderson posts double ten to win his opening leg. 1-3 – Wade’s flawless finishing continues as he takes out 118 on tops. 1-4 – The pair trade 180s before Anderson misses more darts at doubles. Wade moves in to punish the World Champ on tops. 1-5 – More quality from Wade who takes out another 118. 2-5 – Anderson finally finds range on the doubles to reduce the deficit. 3-5 – Wade’s turn to miss darts at the double as Anderson moves in to cut the gap to two. 4-5 – Game on as Anderson makes it three in a row on double 18. 4-6 – A third missed dart at the Bull for Anderson allows Wade to move in a take out the double six. 5-6 – Both starting to find the doubles now as Anderson takes out 88 on double 14. 5-7 – Wade one away from the semi-final as he hits tops. 6-7 – Two match darts missed by Wade as Anderson moves to within one of his opponent. 7-7 – We’re going to a decider as Anderson pins double two. 7-8 – Both miss match darts but it’s James Wade who holds his nerve to take out the winning double and move in to the semi-final.


(100.47) Phil Taylor 8-7 Peter Wright (94.42) 0-1 – Early nerves as both miss darts at double but it’s Peter Wright who breaks in the first leg. 0-2 – More missed double attempts for Taylor and Wright again punishes him, this time on double eight. 0-3 – It’s another break and more missed darts by Taylor. Wright takes out 94 to move three ahead. 1-3 – Eight missed darts at a double for Peter Wright and Taylor gets himself on the scoreboard on double 16. 1-4 – A majestic 147 checkout from Wright gives him a 4-1 lead. 1-5 – Two maximums from Wright allow him to complete an 11 dart leg and move four in front. 1-6 – Superb again from Wright who takes out 130 on double five. 1-7 – The Scot now one leg away from a huge win against Phil Taylor as he nails double ten. 2-7 – Taylor keeps the match alive, hitting double three to reduce the deficit to five. 3-7 – Another leg back for Taylor hitting double 16 at the first attempt. 4-7 – An 11 dart leg for Taylor who is getting closer. 5-7 – Two missed match darts by Wright and again Taylor moves in to punish the Scot. 6-7 – Three more match darts come and go for Peter Wright and Taylor is now just one back. 7-7 – Six legs in a row for Taylor and we go to a decider. 8-7 – Taylor survives five match darts and comes back from 7-1 down to make his way in to the semi-final.


Michael van Gerwen 8-4 Raymond van Barneveld 1-0 – Great start for van Gerwen who hits double 14 for a twelve dart leg. 1-1 – Van Barneveld hits straight back with a 61 finish on double four. 1-2 – Van Barneveld lands a 180 before finishing double eight to move ahead. 2-2 – Van Gerwen and van Barneveld trade maximums but it’s MVG who hits double 16 to level the match. 3-2 – A 70 checkout moves van Barneveld 3-2 ahead. 3-3 – Level again as the world number one hits double 12. 4-3 – A superb 138 finish gives van Gerwen the break and moves him 4-3 in front. 5-3 – Van Barneveld misses the bull for a 161 finish before van Gerwen moves in for double 8 to complete a 76 finish. 6-3 – Missed darts by van Barneveld punished and its a three leg gap now. 7-3 – Van Gerwen one away as he takes advantage of more mistakes from van Barneveld, taking out 60 on tops. 7-4 – Van Barneveld finally finds the range on the doubles and reduces the deficit to three with double six. 8-4 – It’s Michael van Gerwen who moves in to the semi-final beating fellow Dutchman, Raymond van Barneveld.


Adrian Lewis 6-8 Dave Chisnall 0-1 – An early break for Dave Chinsall who takes out 85 on the bull. 1-1 – Lewis immediately breaks back with 16 on double four. 2-1 – A lovely 110 checkout from Lewis puts him in front for the first time. 2-2 – Back to back 180s from Chisnall and he takes out 40 on double ten to level up. 2-3 – Another break for Chisnall who takes out 82 on double 16.2-4 – A lovely 174 leaves tops for Chisnall, which he takes out at the second attempt.  3-4 – 85 on double eight for Lewis who reduces the gap to one. 4-4 – A 12 darter from Lewis means we are level once again. 5-4 – Three legs in a row for Lewis who hits double eight to lead again. 5-5 – Level again as Chisnall hits tops. 6-5 – Three missed darts at a double for Chisnall to break before Lewis hits double ten to lead again. 6-6 – 80 on tops for Chisnall as he draws level again. 6-7 – Big time to break for Chisnall as he hits tops to move within one of the semi-final. 6-8 – Double 18 gives Dave Chisnall the win over Adrian Lewis. He’ll face Michael van Gerwen in the semi-final.


(98.79) James Wade 8-6 Phil Taylor (95.13) 1-0 – Wade hits two maximums and lands tops to break the Taylor throw. 1-1 – Wade misses five darts to move two in front and Taylor punishes him on tops. 1-2 – More misses at tops and tens for Wade and Taylor moves in front for the first time. 2-2 – 101 on tops from Wade to level up. 2-3 – Taylor ahead again averaging 90. 2-4 – Taylor breaks the throw with a superb 121 on the bull. 3-4 – Wade breaks straight back with 76 on double eight. 4-4 – A hold of throw for Wade, hitting double ten to bring the scores level again. 5-4 – A break for Wade who now leads for the first time since leg one. 6-4 – Four consecutive legs for James Wade as he hits tops. 6-5 – A miscount from Taylor leaves him on double 17 but he takes it out at the third attempt. 7-5 – Wade one away from the final hitting tops to move within sight of victory. 7-6 – 138 from Taylor to keep the match alive. 8-6 – James Wade in to the final hitting tops again to knock out Taylor.


(101.36) Michael van Gerwen 8-5 Dave Chisnall (93.85) 0-1 – What a start for Chisnall, who takes out 148 in the opening leg. 0-2 – A two leg lead for Chisnall on double one. 1-2 – Van Gerwen on the board taking out 56 on tops. 1-3 – Chisnall hits double ten at the first attempt to move two in front. 1-4 – Another huge checkout from Chisnall to break again. He takes out 150 on double 18. 2-4 – A good response from van Gerwen who pins tops to get one leg back. 3-4 – Van Gerwen’s turn to hit the big checkout. 145 for the world number one. 4-4 – 54 checkout from van Gerwen to level the scores. 5-4 – Double eight for van Gerwen as he moves ahead for the first time. 5-5 – Van Gerwen misses tops and allows Chisnall in to level the match. 6-5 – 100 finish from van Gerwen who leads again. 7-5 – One away for van Gerwen how takes out 25 on double eight after missing the bull for the 170 finish. 8-5 – Double 12 for MVG, he faces James Wade in the final.


(94.69) James Wade 3-8 Michael van Gerwen (100.54) 0-1 – A 138 finish from Michael van Gerwen to start the final in style. 0-2 – A 97 now from van Gerwen who breaks the Wade throw. 0-3 – A blistering start from the world number one who takes a three leg lead on tops. 1-3 – Wade takes out 116 to get his first leg on the board. 1-4 – Wade misses tops to break back before van Gerwen pins double one to lead by three. 1-5 – Van Gerwen hits double eight this time to break the Wade throw again. 1-6 – The bull missed by van Gerwen for the 170 but he gets another chance and takes the remaining 25 out on double eight. 1-7 – Wade misses tops again to allow van Gerwen to hit double eight to move within one of the title. 2-7 – Two match darts missed by van Gerwen as Wade mops up 20 on double ten to give himself a chance. 3-7 – 116 on double 18 for Wade. He’s not giving up yet. 3-8 – It’s Michael van Gerwen’s title. He hits double 16 to beat James Wade and win in Shanghai.