Template - Date: Update on PDC Venue Changes 2016

All players must note any amendments which have occurred recently on 2 venues and an update on all other changes to the original calendar this season:


  • PDC Unicorn Challenge Tour events 9-12 on Saturday 25th & Sunday 26th June 2016 is now at ArenaMK, Milton Keynes RECENT AMENDMENT 
  • PDC Development Tour events 13-16 on Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th September 2016 is now at Robin Park, Wigan. RECENT AMENDMENT

These below had previously been announced earlier in the year.

  • PDC Players Championship events 14-16 in Barnsley is midweek Tuesday 20th to Thursday 22nd September 2016. 
  • Unicorn Development Tour events 17-19 & the PDC World Youth Championship Last 64 is on Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th October. 
  • PDC Players Championship events 19-20 are on Friday 21st October & Saturday 22nd October followed by the GSoD & WS Qualifiers on Sunday 23rd October. 

ADDITION Championship League of Darts, Cardiff: BBC Saturday 24th & Sunday 25th September 2016

Link to full PDC Calendar including event brief, hotel and travel information for these and all other events CLICK HERE


Template - Date: PDC Unicorn Development Tour 5-8 Muelheim, Germany

Entries are still available up to Friday at 2pm to enter the PDC Unicorn Development 5-8 in Muelheim, Germany which takes place on the 23rd & 24th April from the Harbecke Sporthalle, Mülheim an der Ruhr.

The PDC Unicorn Development Tour enables players aged from 16-23 to compete, with each weekend featuring four tournaments worth £10,000 apiece. Players can compete from the day that they turn 16, with an upper limit of players needing to be aged 23 or under on January 1 2016.

The final merit table will also be the table used for qualification to the PDC World Youth Championship. In the first Development Tour Weekend, Adam Hunt, Callum Loose, Josh Payne and Steve Lennon were victors in Wigan in the first 4 events.

For the current DTOoM Table CLICK HERE


Nearest Airport:

Düsseldorf International Airport is 25km (16m) to the hotel/venue.

All the travel information including flights to Dusseldorf, train from Dusseldorf to Muelheim and the hotel and how to book are available on the event brief area CLICK HERE


Current Players:

Entry is open to ANY darts player, other than players inside the top 32 of the PDC Order of Merit as of the 1st January 2016. Players who have previously entered PDC tournaments would enter as normal through the PDC Online Entry System CLICK HERE

New Players:

New players would need to first register their details with the PDC Online Entry System CLICK HERE before entering. Once you have registered, you will receive your servasport log on details and you will then be able to enter any of the events.

  • Entry costs £25 per tournament
  • £10,000 per event available in prize money.
  • £2,000 for each winner
  • Paid out to last 64

All games in PDC Unicorn Development Tour events are the best of seven legs. With two events per day being held across 32 boards, both PDC Unicorn Development Tour events will be staged as follows:

8.30am-10am – Registration for the day’s first event. Players entered into both events will be registered for both events on arrival.
11.00am – Start of first event
Before 1.00pm – Players competing only in the day’s second event must register. The start of the second event, to begin as soon as possible after the first event ends.

Entry Information:

PDC Unicorn Development Tour events are open to any player aged from 16-23 from outside of the top 32 of the PDC Order of Merit. Players can play from the day they turn 16, while players aged 23 or younger on January 1 2016 can enter all tournaments during 2016.

Entry will cost £25 per player per event, and entries will close at 2pm on the Friday immediately before each Development Tour weekend.

Players who have previously entered events online through the PDC’s Online Entry System will use their existing Username and Password to login and enter online. If you have forgotten your login details please contact the PDC to receive these again.

You will retain the same Username and Password details for entries throughout the year so please note these down!